Australia: Child protection agencies REJECT $7...

Australia: Child protection agencies REJECT $7.8m national sex offender registry as a 'waste' of taxpayers' money - saying it won't protect kids but will give power to vigilante paedophile hunters

Child protection agencies have rejected plans for a national child sex offender registry, claiming the list will not protect children and will only give power to vigilante paedophile hunters.
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton revealed his plans to introduce the $7.8million measure during the federal Budget on Tuesday night.
He claimed the registry, where paedophiles' names, aliases, photos, and the nature of the crimes would be made public, will help reduce child sex offences across the country.
The proposal, however, has raised concerns among child safety advocates who feel the idea could backfire.

The founder of child protection organisation Bravehearts, Hetty Johnston has called the law 'flawed' and 'waste' of taxpayers' money.
Ms Johnston told Daily Mail Australia the register was not supported by research and would only capture a minute number of paedophiles.
'If these people are so dangerous that we need to spend $7.8 million of taxpayers' money to tell us what suburb they live in, they shouldn't even be on our streets,' said Ms Johnston, who is campaigning to represent Queensland in the Federal Senate.
'I want to know where child sex offenders are and that is behind bars where they can never have access to children again.
'There is no research anywhere in the world that says the proposed model works and, worse still, it gives people a false sense of security.'
She highlighted a number of 'flaws' in the proposed registry such as, only having access to the identity of registered child sex offenders - which are only a small percentage of paedophiles that are ever known to police.
She also pointed out that the majority of offenders are often people trusted by a child such as relatives or family friends.
'I understand why people want this, I want to know where they are too,' Ms Johnston told Daily Mail Australia.

'But we've researched it and found it does not work. I'm really unsure why the minister has chosen a model that does not work.'
She urged the Federal Government to adopt Western Australia's register model, which is based on the UK's 'Sarah's Law' - allowing the community to contact police if they are concerned about a person in their child's life.
'This disclosure process is a proven effective response to community concerns about child sex offenders and has my full support rather than wasting $7.8 million on a register that will never see the light of day because the states won't support a failed model.
According to Ms Johnston, most child sex offenders have an 85 per cent chance of re-offending and not getting caught once released, and suggested tightening the laws to keep paedophiles behind bars.
If elected, founder said she will push for legislation to not release sex offenders back into the community.
Ms Johnston previously stated she believes the move could be politically motivated.
Cathy Kezelman, president of the Blue Knot Foundation which assists survivors of child abuse, said the registry may not work on low-risk offenders and could encourage vigilante behaviour.

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Oh no, those poor pedos. Such a persecuted minority!!! We must give pedos rights and make consensual paedophilia legal.

Zig Forums doesn't care.

In the sense that they believe pedos are so mentally ill they won't feel less inclined to touch kids even when their peers are being impaled alive on street corners, or that they believe the dead pedos themselves will rise from their graves to touch kids in the witching hours?

They are entirely correct and they are protecting the pedos like they are paid/'forced' to do by the masons

Don't for one second think these are normal, rational people you are dealing with, these are mindfucked cunts that will burn in hell for eternity

Are both of you being retarded?
Its Ausfailia, You can be put on that list for 2D loli thumbnails, not to mention how often 17 + 21 year old couples happen.
All this list would do is get people killed, make pedos kill the people they abuse for getting caught and get innocent anons attacked albeit those anons are shitposters so its only deserving that they die

make pedos kill the people they abuse to stop them from getting caught*

Utterly stupid argument, also used against death penalty.

In addition, there is a weird obsession with pedophilia-related crimes, and I mean even actual crimes. They are horrible, but they are also rare, whereas minority violent crime is ubiquitous and reported locally then quickly forgotten.

Here is a fairly recent story about black students forcibly sodomizing white kids at a Maryland high school.

The Aussies want to protect the Muslim rape cells that are active and raping thousands of white girls throughout the country. That is why they don't want this. That and they don't want to be held accountable by the population for encouraging the rapes

Lefty bureaucrats suddenly become concerned about wasting taxpayers' money.

epic keks.

If I watch this I'll become so enraged I'll damage my teeth from grinding them so I'll pass.

Do not listen to any human laws anymore. Build clans, arm yourself, become self sustaining and go on full blown defense mode. They are instigating a race war you cannot evade. Anyone that threatens the core of your clan, the woman and children, must be put down without any form of hesitation. Grab them, hold them over a block of wood, decapitate them and hold the head up for all to see. Draw a bloody line in the sand and defend it with your life. That is the only way to survive, because running away is not an option this time. If you want to do any form of offense, ignore all the symptoms as best as you can and destroy the bloodline of evil.

This is Australia, they don't have a death penalty
Not because of that reasoning, but rather that so many people kept getting falsely charged and executed.
It didnt help that the government was (and still is) corrupt at the time.

But still, pedophilia in a lot of cases isn't deserving of death because jailbait is a thing.
The truth is there is an overwhelming larger amount of people attracted to 17 years olds than there are people attracted to children and under. That means that the majority of people who will be killed by this the death squads will be people who groped jailbait. (al alternatively watched jailbait porn)

Meanwhile people are getting arrested for watching gookeyed ecchi animays with no sex or nudity only because it contained underage students.
I wouldn't mind if this law was brought in detailed specifically for why they were put on the registry, but I do not expect Ausfailia to fuck it up.

Its only natural to be attracted to girls in their late-teens and when they try to actively troll you by saying they are 18 when they are NOT 18 is nothing really serious for the guy untill people go “nonce” hunting like in the UK.

Jailbailing is common in Australia and the cops don’t always punish the girls for tricking the men into thinking they are old enough to have the legal sex so the girls can blackmail the men for shekels. You have no idea how common it is in Australia. It’s important not to have sex with the girls who says that they are adult. Don’t ever believe their bullshits. Always ask birth certificate and watch their reactions.

I'm pretty sure you can get off with this for as long as you claim that they told you so
However women tend to be significantly more cuntish than men, so i wouldn't be surprised if there ended up being groups of teenage girls specifically going out, sleeping with the guy and telling the authorities that you told them you were 17

I mean think about it, Pretend you're a ceo and you have some kind of business rival/enemy, bribe an underage girl (around 17 and 300+days old) to go and sleep with an enemy business ceo for around 40-50k$ and then tell them to tell the guy that they were actually 17 just before he finishes.
Either the guy brings out footage of an underage girl performing sexual acts with him, or he goes to jail for fucking a child.

I don't know about you, but you wouldn't believe the amount of sluts in school who would sleep for that much money.

why would they? they pretty much have to arrest people to keep their high paying jobs, arresting some random nobody for some ambiguous claim by some girl is something that actively benefits them. Hell every time the guy can't prove that the girl was lying is a bonus for them.

Wrong, they get a lot of money from speed tickets. It’s why they often park their cop cars with speed camera in it along the roads and left them on. I see them a lot without the cops in the parked cop cars. Aussie police agencies earn millions dollars from the speed tickets.

The age is not the problem is the society we live in that is. You talk about natural attraction, but there is nothing natural in our way of living. The term jailbait was created by jews as a means to control sexual urges. It's a lie. Our societies are full of lies, your perception of sexuality is based on lies, our laws are all based on lies. The truth can only be found in real nature, because you cannot corrupt these laws. Sex is a means of procreation aka life, lust is a temptation towards death. What naturally dictates the means for procreation is the age in which the state of fertility is reached. That is not a fixed age. If you're motivated by lust than you are suicidal, and if you're motivated by procreation then you're evil, because you enforce the lie that an older man and a young girl are in any way the preferred form for healthy offspring. The perfect natural state for procreation is always two equal partners in the early stages of fertility and guess what? Nobody gives a shit if two 15 year olds bang each other and create a baby, it's healthy, just restricted by the enslavement to money. So all the laws against having sex with underage children are aimed at older people, because these are lustful demons who hurt both the child and the offspring with their selfish, self destructive behavior.

They still have quotas user, but the rest of what you say is mostly correct. They do make a huge profit from speed cameras

Thats actually wrong, nowdays they put them in cars that are specifically not cop cars to stop people from slowing down by 5km/h on a road that used to be 10km/h only a year ago
Which is fucking shit, as I've seen them parked up on busy roads pushing all the traffic to the side and fucking causing traffic congestion.
Who's going to give them a parking ticket? even if they do it wouldn't compare to the amount of money they gain from fucking up the road for speed tickets.

NT numbers are bullshit, NT is full of Abbos who like nothing better than getting pissed, sniffing petrol, bashing their women and fucking their kids. Check out the VD rates in Abbo infants and children in NT. sub human Abbos . anyone else but christcuck englanders would have exterminated them on sight when they discovered this shitposting paradise.

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I never said it was, it just said that there was a difference between fucking 17 jailbait and fucking a toddler that a registry wont help.
I didnt
the term jailbait was created because there were girls who went around and got people arrested by lying about there age or straight up not informing them about it
I don't, and technically its healthier for both parents to be younger, however women tend to hit old age harder, its much better for the man to be older than the woman.
nobody normal that is
Teenage pregnancies aren't that bad if they're 15+
but 10 year old parents is fucked up. (and actually possible)
because older people tend to be more mentally developed and have money while kids have shit all?

I feel like you're put all this metaphorical philosophic bullshit in place of actually listing the reason (((they))) say they are.

Well, then we need to record the conversation and force them to proven themselves to be legal and permit the sex to occur to prevent from ourselves from getting jailbailed or blackmailed for shekels.

to be fair, almost everyone carries around a driving license or some equivalent.
If you just take a picture of it with you're phone and you should be golden, even if it is distasteful

That's why I responded to two anons.

And where did you hear about it? MSM, the Internet? Guess what? jews. It's called social engineering by poisoning the pool. In this case with the poison that is lies, missconceptions and assumptions that come from the term "jailbait". A bait is natural temptation weaponized by humans, it is created to lure people in. That's why they used this specific word in a playful way on the edge of legality, to make it extra enticing. With tricks like that they control entire civilizations, by steering them every which way.

You do, because it's the law of nature and if you don't follow it you're already in the downward spiral towards self destruction. A human law aiming to cut procreation off at a certain age, is a means of control to target the ones that are unnatural, self destructive and and destructive to the ones they engage with. Like I said…these laws don't give a fuck about teenager banging their brains out. That is a completely different level of morality, that is in the hands of parents, education and money. (It's also corrupted to the core).

Now you're getting desperate. What you're saying is that we somehow have a problem with procreation so that it would be preferable for older man to go after kids. It's the opposite…procreation is either completely out of control (3rd world), or socially oppressed (1st world). And that is the kosher description of it because in reality the 3rd world poverty population explosion is of course controlled and steered and weaponized, but that's another issue.

How often does that happen naturally? Without a much older partner taking advantage or the surroundings being so toxic that children in that age start fucking each other (think warzones). kids don't normally fuck each other, they experiment sexually out of curiosity, until puberty hits and then it's about attraction, which is normal, but that doesn't happen at ten, unless the pharma industry has your kids you fully hooked on drugs.

So now you're white knighting moral superiority to save a procreation cycle that isn't in any need of saving. That's a lie. You are just horny and you even have the immoral audacity to bring money into your excuse. You're trying the groom my opinion with money just like you would groom a child into obedience to your lust. That's a mental illness, user.

I go strictly by natural laws. No human lies involved. Test me.

That's a poor argument. I expected them to say that paedophiles could hijack these agencies and completely obliterate whatever protection the kids have left.

They are probably just afraid that all the pedos find the guts to come together to overtake the world…oh wait, that already happened.

Adding to this…the idea behind keeping these names protected is to put an extra layer of protection in between the low class pedo scum, and the high profile child sacrificing monsters. Also pedophilia is protected by law because it's the number one blackmail reason that holds modern politics together. In other words…the lawmaker create laws to protect themselves from criminal persecution.

This is actually pretty funny, just the other day i was reading something about pedo-phishing scams becoming a whole lot more popular

Are you thinking about the lad who claimed Jeffrey Epstein was a pawn of the jews to suck politicians onto his pedo island and tape them defiling kids so that Mossad can meddle with international politics?

Nah, I'm thinking about a piece in the herald sun i read a few days ago

Can I anonymously add to the list,
I got raped as a kid but don't feel comfortable going public about it

Read this. It's all way more complex than that.

That's what forums like these are made for…to give you someone to talk to, whenever you're in need of it. Just don't make the mistake of giving away any personal information about you, or you will be attacked for it, because a collective sees that as a weakness. So instead of starting with "I'm a victim", create a 3rd person to hide your story behind or make a greentext, while pretending to be the person that abused you. This way you can tell exactly what happened, but keep yourself save from further attacks.

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So….Create a private sex offender registry and issue subscriptions to paedo hunters instead?

Or just use the local list of politicians free of charge and take down two problems with one hit.

Huh. I don't usually think of Aussie government as having its shit together.

Why does this cost $8 million anyway? Surely it's more straightforward than that

Because criminal rackets are extremely efficient to steal ever growing sizes of wealth, and in case of NASA it only took some hush-money for Kubrick, and some material and advertisement costs for 60 years of stolen income in return.

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can we somehow meme this into:
"whoever wants to register pedos in a blacklist is an antisemithe"
it would surelly ruffle some jimmies if we suicceded

No, if it was legal to kill pedos in the street, I guarantee you that you will have less offenders.

Just take the world map and point out which place takes in the most pedophiles facing legal persecution. That's your meme right there.

On the flip-side you create even more vicious pedos, who would rather kill the child then facing public persecution.

Wise choice. The same goes for most of this news. It really only damages our mental health, hearing about every piece of poison and insanity happening around the world that we can't affect.

we could correlate this with the (((place))) these (((child protection services))) get their (((financial backing))) from then follow it up with the word: "coincidence?"
the word jew is alrready synonymous with usury and communism in the mind of even the most blue pilled normie
it's time we meme pedophilia into a jewsish synonymous as well

How come Israelis aren't outraged by that? Don't they feel uncomfortable with pedos running around a lot closer to their kids?

Nice. Fuck the australian government and fuck their programs.

Whatcha doin' there, Solomon?

Just legalize it you dumb moronic trolls. It's simply a moral law, nothing more than that.

The US has already proved it doesn't work. They end up with so many people on the registry that no one can keep track of them or care one way or the other after the first few months. What's is more useful is police notifications to the public in the cases where an offender is believed likely to re-offend.

Do a little research on how widespread domestic abuse is in israel and you get the picture.

It was never meant to work. It was outrage propaganda to keep the flames of the witchhunt burning, while the jews used the public pressure to strengthen the copyright laws, so that they could use them to take control over the internet with censorship.

Just another kosher sandwich.

Dont worty though, moralfags. Instagram and primitive A.I. will make sure all attractive young girls will get allocated to only the top 5% of clownworld douchebags. You can sleep comfortable now knowing un-sexy bèta's wont have access to your little girls at the innocent age of 17. Only the finest groid, kike and chad stallions will mount her as a virtual concubine, ensuring non of those 'average'(really degenerate and weak) beta genetics contaminate your loli's womb.
Hey, we might lose the demographic battle while our girls are sexcattle for the cyber selected nwo studs, but at least we will win the moral battle. Imagine the shame on our Noble aryan race If our women were 'property', lol. What kind of beta needs that kind of security anyway? Are you just insecure that hypersexy eugenic guys will Limit your sexual options to zero? So that in turn you can get mocked by ZOG agents for being irrelevant? Awww poor little pedo, just go back to your faggy anime. The boomers and jewish elite know whats right for us, not you. Are you a virgin btw? As If anything you have to say matters, you dont even have a horsecock like the studs who our little girls deserve and WILL end up with under the current paradigm.

What the fuck?

Truth hurts, user.

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7.8 Million Dollarydoos seems pretty cheap compared to the other expenses that a Western Government can typically make.

So you support the same government that disarmed aussies?
The same government that is importing the third world into australia?
The same government that is selling all their natural resources to the chinks?

Fuck the government and fuck any program they come up with.

Pedophilia just speaks more to the emotions than normal violence.

The course of action is clear: form vigilante pedophile hunter squads to kill all pedophiles in your country. Start by killing all politicians that rejected this registry.

Still rare, compared to other crimes.

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Pedo lives are worth more than Jewish lives, tbh.

No you're both equally without worth.


She's a kike.

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they afraid it is all going to be Abbos and immigrants? kek


These 'niggers' should be killed.

Can you imagine your son or daughter held down by these UGLY FUCKING CHIMPS AND SODOMIZED?
wtf I love niggers now

lets go watch them frolic and play with their balls.

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This development might be positive in the long run. As sensible an option as a register sounds, the authorities would misuse it to eliminate opponents and we already have an issue with the incorrect classification of people as 'pedophiles' when the 'victim' is a teenager; not to mention that they misuse the word pedophile to begin with, but that is another issue.

I approve of not spending money on registries.
I also approve of keeping pedos off the streets forever.

I don't approve of this.

is right tho.

Makes me wanna go shoot some hoops.

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Can we do a kickstarter or gofundme? If the cash is raised how can they object. If they do object we can spend the cash on gassing mosques


Are there any known "cells" in the US? For educational purposes, of course.