Schoolgirl, 12, 'suffers sex attack by six men in their 20s on the top deck of bus driving through Birmingham'

Schoolgirl, 12, 'suffers sex attack by six men in their 20s on the top deck of bus driving through Birmingham'

A 12-year-old schoolgirl says she was sexually assaulted after a group of six men in their early 20s approached her on the top deck of a bus.
Travelling to Birmingham city centre with three friends the schoolgirl told her mother the men approached the group as the bus was in Finchley Road, Kingstanding.
She said her friends had been assaulted and ran down the stairs leaving her alone with the men who then sexually assaulted her.

'No words can describe how I felt when she phoned me,' said the victim's mum, who has issued a plea for information.
'I felt useless as I wasn't there when she needed me the most.
'Police officers are yet to come out to see us. We've only spoken to them over the phone.
'She was really shaken up; there were about six of them.
'The top of the bus was empty, but they went and approached my daughter and her mates.
'My daughter's friends were assaulted and they ran downstairs and off the bus. My daughter was left upstairs with them.'
According to the victim's mum, the gang eventually left the bus in the city centre.
The girls were on the top deck of the No.33 bus - which runs from Pheasey to Birmingham - on Saturday, March 16.
West Midlands Police said: 'Police are investigating reports a 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on a bus in Finchley Road, Kingstanding, just before 3pm on 16 March.'
Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact West Midlands Police.

She was travelling into the city with two of her friends - aged 12 and 13 - before being approached by a group of around six men, who have been described as tanned, of Eastern European descent with black hair and aged in their early 20s.

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Part and parcel.

Neo-nazi skinheads are a real problem on buses. Unfortunately, the racist media refuses to discuss it.

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It would sure be interesting if someone mapped out all the local mosques and what a weird and tragic coincidence it would be if something happened to said mosques after the fact

What kind of retarded libshit lets their fucking daughter walk through a modern city alone? Especially one in the UK! These people are writing their own extinction.

The kind of weak pathetic parents who let this happen in the first place. People just love to blow hot-air all the time it seems

They're on Kebab Patrol. No harm done.

I hope this was fascetious but its honestly quite difficult to tell nowadays what with people unironically believing theres absolutely nothing wrong with this.


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I think he was mocking boomer-style rationalization.

Is that another way of saying gypsies?

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she should have just brexited the bus
or said OK
like all rape from the world would disappear if women just said ok

The amount of self loathing self esteem issues, that the jews directing this have is so unbelievably sad. They project all their insecurities into this offensive drivel to deflect from their own pathetic existences.

Wew…the police will do nothing about it.

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Shitskins had a sexual emercency thankfully there was a white UK whore for them to rape. Teresa May and all of the MP's are thankful that she was there to be the cum catcher and get culturally enriched at the same time. Nothing will really happen to the shitskin and anyone who complains about it will be arrested for online hate crimes in the UK.

And how many Muslims have you removed?

British "men" conspicuously absent once again while pakis make cum rags of their little girls.

What's proper etiquette when running a train on an opportunistic suarie? Is "don't cum inside" an unspoken rule? I can't imagine I'd get many pumps on a hole as tight as a 12yr olds.


I lol’ed. They whitewashed the shitskins.

Even when raping their daughters, these pussies can't call it as it is. Of course these are the same people who protect these animals and DEFEND this kind of shit.

I can only hope "sexual assault" means she was culturally enriched and pozzed from a torn anus. Unfortunately events like this are the only ways these cucked as Brits MIGHT get red pilled enough to act.

If the girl had called the men"fucking Pakis" during the assault they'd already have half the anti-terror squad on their doorstep.

Get used to it, it has just begun, the mayor warned for that multiple times

Holy shit, at first I thought this was Birmingham, bam ba lam, way down in Alabam, bam ba lam

user, the Jew doesn't find a need, study, train and work toward filling a void. The Jew puts on costumes and creates a new void to fill.
Where there not an abundance of Jew lawyers before Hart Sellar? (Immigration act 1964 / America's worst mistake)
What is a diamond without a (((tradition)))?
Imagine the laughs ol juden has laughed when he hears a white man proclaim he "doesn't believe in evolution!" "Why, I'm a CREATIONIST."

They created our world. Find a single print house without a Jewish editor. A TV slot without a Jewish producer. Record labels. Architecture firms.

Those shitskims are exactly where they're supposed to be doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing.

you still got skin on it propably, that doesnt help much indeed


But children are supposed to be off-limits in war! at least that's what shills are screeching
Police aren't your friends. They're the new Chekas.
Completely white-washing them now.

Surprising they still call it Birmingham.
Most (all?) brit buses have dozens of cameras in them so evidence would likely be recorded.
Part and parcel.

I don't think they have "British" men in Birminghamistan - I think they are a minority in that region.

Are yes Birmingham i know people who beforehand were pro immigration when they went in and were in favor of closing the border when they got out. and they did not stop they just drove through.

Brummieanon confirms this

When are Britfags finally going to start killing shit.
Probably never.

Enough is enough. If the Police and the Gov doesn't protect our Children & Folk, I will.

Any Muslim I see, any Black I see, will be hit with an Axe right into their neck.

women should travel in a company of male relatives.

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You won't do shit you nigger
But if you do, go for something big, not just some random axe attack

No they shouldn't. Who has time for this shit? They should live in a country with no mudblood turd-worlders.


Chechen, do you really need to be told twice to shut your mouth? Maybe after a few decades you need another reminder.

That's just japan they are all over Europe and they will never leave.

Don't you mean Her doorstep?

Has she been arrested by the police for islamorapeophobia? Intolerance of islamorape is racist hate speech. She must have watched Tommy Robinson on Youtube.


This is what happens when Western Civilization is replaced by judeo-anarcho-tyranny.

12 year old should travel with their grown up boyfriend or husband. Otherwise they should avoid being defenseless virgins


Wait, her friends left her and didn't tell the bus driver? WTF is wrong with them?

The subhuman anglo is again paying for 1945.


The bus driver must have known that kind of shits not quite, The passengers down below probably knew as well. they just did not want to be called racist or were immigrants who saw nothing wrong with it.

report taken over phone, no need to send an officer out
police kick in door, drag girl to jail on charged of inciting racial hatred

Some day you bongs are going to have to fix these problems. Or you really will be a strange island based northern caliphate.

ya, middle eastern

They're not responsible there but the religion is OK with sex with little girls without regard to their consent, if either the father agree to the marriage or the girl is a slave. And even there the girl is guilty of her rape

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Tweens just have to avoid being sexy.

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Nice trackers, kike.

fucking romanian scum

how many of you retards didn't read the OP? it says eastern european scum (likely romanians as english towns are full of the scum) did this - the one racial group ruining my country in front of my eyes that Zig Forums will never stop defending

Just curious, because I've saved reaction images and pasta over the years, and have downloaded a pdf or two as well–how can you see "trackers"? My antivirus and malware programs don't pick up on them. How are you able to determine?

Which Romanian ethnicity? There are the rrom Romanian gipsies between others

You are probably one of those retards that call albanians or gypsies "Romanian", just cause they have Romanian passports.
"who have been described as tanned, of Eastern European descent " - yeah, sure, that is an ethnic Romanian. Do you retards understand that it would be the same as calling some nigger a Brit just cause he is a citizen of the UK?

She should not have teased them

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Sounds like a scene out of the next Harry Potter movie.

Which one?
Harry Potter and the Muslims on Fire?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood White?

there is more truth in this bait then you dare to believe

Devils advocate: they probably thought that since their daughters were together in a group they'd be fine. They were not fine.

At least they aren't speaking German right?

Pretty stupid all around. If there were 6 of them, that means it's very likely that at most one (1) of them picked the one they found most attractive, while the others followed along. They're going to jail for a long time.

Muhammed is safe raping children in Britain. The Muslim Pedo Gangs - and the dealing with them - proved as much.

this happened in britain

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I’m just surprised they didn’t shank her

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The bobbys aren’t even armed. You know what needs to be done.

White Nationalist faggots fucked up the White British defensive posture.

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Despite the nigger-tier wording, this actually is normal legal practice. If a criminal action causes innocents to be harmed, even by the defensive/sanctioned actions of a citizen/officer, the actual criminal gets in trouble for it because he started the mess. Civil lawsuits may be another matter, but those have been even more kiked than criminal law for a long time.

A nuke over London would've been significantly better than what's going on now.

Only jews try to force this meme.

Fucking cunt, that's you. Dirty little spastic. Calling everyone a faggot, that is all you have.

The only reason they stopped is because they were chased off the bus by 2 16 year old black teens. The bus driver didn't want anything to do with it according to the article. I bet the driver was white.

Stormfags serving the Jews.

Every thread, bad faith leftytard.

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

top kek, you cn't make this shit up XD

Yes. "White nationalism" is fucking retarded. Only national socialism/fascism will lead us into victory.

Blacks saved that girl

((( )))
>wymnyn should be free to travel the city looking for Chad while his hubby John the cuck works

i think this scene requires a little diversity remake


Lurk >>>Zig Forums for 2 years before ever making another technology related post.

They have CCTVs on the bus and the police can't do anything?
Do you guys also know why the mothers name isn't anywhere to be seen? Because it's a name you'd only see on a white English person.
The media wants to tone down any acknowledgement of non-white on white crime as possible, no wonder the Metropolitan police doesn't release statistics anymore.
A little 12 year old white girl was fucked up by six adult Muslims and there's nothing anyone will do or say about it, besides repeat "Not all Muslims" and go about their day working their jobs, going home to watch Netflix and just hope that their own children don't get raped too, while stabbing themselves in the back. Maybe more British girls should be fucked up because maybe it's the way it should be, as the British are so docile and inactive in face of this threat, unless the lion strikes back, which I can only hope for. But to be honest, if Rotherham and a plethora of other Muslim sex scandals can happen and the British public be quelled, then this is just a fart in the wind of the pathetic daily lives of the people of Britain as they simply wait to die. I do hope for the best though, I won't cope by splitting myself mentally from Britain like other Americans do and like many have done, especially when it comes to the rest of tragedies happening in mainland Europe. We are far more closer than we will ever be to these disgusting mudslime sandniggers.

You'll never be white, maybe I'll accept you under my leadership if you're willing to be sterilized.

12yr old White girl in UK. Was she dressed like a stripper?

Looks like Birmingham needs a visit from Saint Brenton of Christchurch. Maybe if we meme hard enough, we can turn him into the anti-hero Santa Claus.

>That file already exists!

The British are a conquered people. Their enemies are within their borders subjugating and raping their women, and they do nothing. They ought to change the refrain of their national anthem to "FOREVER will be slaves".

whats the diff?

Falling for what? Shitposting to a Jew psy op is going to get results?

What is it about females in UK that makes them forever trying to top everyone else in dressing garishly slutty?

USA gets the Hindus who are at least good for low level tech drone work, and have no interest in pushing their Hindu shit on anyone else. NO 'conversion' to Hindu.
UK gets the radical Muslim Pakis, who's main goal is bringing everyone down their level, preferably by violence, and are only good for filling up prisons.
I'll say one thing about Hindus, they have no "prison/thug/homies" subculture. Muslims have it more than any Mexican gangs, its a religious priesthood suffering thing to be Muslim in prison with all their fellow Muslim home-boys, plotting away. If a Hindu goes to prison his fam and friends are just bewildered.

In the UK, saying "hi beautiful" classifies as sexual assault.
But given the numerology this is more likely just a freemasonic jew hoax.

And they confirm the 33 in the very first sentence.
Learn to read the numbers and stop the jew using hebe to control your emotionally.

meh, the west is gone and deserves the 'misfortune' which it is about to experience. sorry for the 15 percent that saw it coming but stupidity must be punished

And final observation (not even 1/4 way into the story).
Using the same formula as in "teenager = 13 = 1x3 = 3"
Two threes again = 33.
They're telling you it's a freemasonic hoax.

(six men) = 3+3 = 33
another 33, do you see it yet?
They are mocking your credulity.
They control you by casting "young teenage girls" in their hoaxes.

Hey guys, optics matters

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