Former ancap becoming white nationalist

I have been a globalist laissez faire capitalist for a long time. It has always been the most logically consistent ideology in my eyes.
I've always been familiar with the cultural, IQ, and statistical differences between the races and have done some research on eugenics. Over the past year or so it's been impossible to ignore the white on white hate and racemixing propaganda being peddled. As well as black music replacing pop music which has been promoting violence drugs and crime to white youth. I became more passionate about the societal aspects and really started to smell some ill doing going on.
What got me to 100% support closed borders is mostly birthrates. It's undeniable with open borders we would see the extinction of whites and western society inevitably leading to extinction of humans as a whole. I have a love for my people. We created the western society they all want to migrate to and shit on.
My question is, are most of you on here unironically national socialists/fascists? Or what would you consider yourself, or support economically? For serious supporters of national socialism, give me your best arguments and try to convince me of it as a whole concept.

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Welcome to the White side, Kamerade.


I'm a libertarian, there are a noticeable attack to the western society, but the understanding of economics from national socialists/fascists are full bananas, i dont want to remplace a cultural war with hyperinflation or isolationist

That Birthrate thing is a pure lie.

If whites wouldn't be so oppressed (I speak for Germany here), there would be far higher birth rates.
Migrants receive up to 2000€ per Child each month. Meanwhile a German Mother & Father (or single parent) receive only exactly 204€ for each child of up to 2 children. 210€ each when it's 3 children.

See the financial difference? Ofcourse people of all IQs will choose to have less children when they get less. Also the fear for us "what will happen next?" - German streets used to be safe, you could have your kids pllay outside till 9pm no problem. Everyone was friendly. Nowadays, I saw a while ago a fat german (real german) speaking some turk-german shit language and beating his qt of a girlfriend. 17 people stood by, didn't do shit. Went in between, asked the guy for the time, asked him about the phone etc. Deescalated, girl got the fuck away.

You can't even hit these wifebeating bastards that learn this shit from their shit arab/turkish rapmusic in german, because the bystanders will intervene and then you got quite some fun.

100% Rebecca (from Berlin / Brandenburg) who got missing middle of February 2019 was kidnapped by a rape-gang. Just like Rotterham.


If you had the proper mindset to accept National Socialism then you would be asking for resources, not a sales pitch. I don't doubt that you think your heart is in the right place but your choice of words betrays you.

Can white nationalism, closed borders and libertarianism go together? How do you see the two working out?

Cool blog

It's good that you at least realize that.

First of all, there has never - ever - been an economic system or institution that hasn't either gone tits-up or sold out at some point. Second, focusing on the economic aspects of National Socialism first is missing the forest for the trees.

National Socialism
Three Principles

National Socialism is an all encompassing personal & National worldview. It arises from three simple principles that are interdependent.
Natural Law:
The guide

Logos, how things work: Reality-Truth-Morality. The structure & fundamental principles of existence. The basis of all Truth from which all morality must derive.
Natural Laws include but are not limited to:
The Survival of the fittest & adaptation. War, violence & struggle. Nation & bloodline. Loyalty, love & family. Strength & power. Hierarchy, merit & Elitism. Labour and inheritance. The will to live and inevitable Death.
Natural Laws are mandatory, we may try to mitigate or avoid them, we may even think to succeeded for a time but always & inevitably Logos destroys anti-Logos.
Reality & its rules always win.

The Cause

Our people: Our great ancestral extended family, bound together by our blood, by the culture that arose from it & our shared history. Over the generations our Nation functions like a super organism, struggling, growing, sickening & weakening, strengthening & recovering or dying.
Like a great river, our Nation flows generation upon generation from the past we inherit from our parents & grand parents, through us, the living embodiment of our Nation in the present & from us through our children into the future we bequeath to them. Our blood belongs to our people and we are not free to pervert it.

The Goal

Correct action: To consciously & deliberately act in accordance with Natural Law in the name of our selves & our people not simply because it is mandatory but because it is morally good. To internalise Natural Law as an act of personal & National will & make its meritocratic, hierarchical, elitism our own. This results in personal development through individual agency & will, mutual social improvement through community reciprocity & biological evolution through healthy eugenics.


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To be a National Socialist I must act in accordance with Natural Law in the name of my people by improving myself, my children, my community & through these things my Nation.

To be National Socialist the State must place the survival & elevation of the Nation it serves & represents as its highest aim both materially, culturally & spiritually in accordance with Natural Law. The National Socialist State is not an end in itself but simply a means to the further development of our Nation by curbing our excesses where necessary, encourage the best in us and helping us to realise our full potential through education and the cultivation of a sane, healthy society grounded in reality and its rules. A properly functioning National Socialist state enables our Nation to express itself & grow in a natural and healthy manner.

Unlike Democracy National Socialism doesn’t play to the lowest in men but aspires to the highest and best, through rigorous and honest hierarchical meritocratic elitism combined with absolute accountability for those who wield power on behalf of our Nation.

Unlike Liberalism National Socialism understands that degeneracy - that which opposes Natural Law and makes us weaker - is morally wrong and a Nation that tolerates degeneracy will fall.

Unlike capitalism National Socialism refuses to place our people & their labour at the whims of capital manipulators in return for cheap consumerism.

Unlike Marxism & its derivatives National Socialism has a firm grasp of reality and embraces it as truth & morality instead of impotently denying it.

Unlike so many stunted & tragic life denying world views National Socialism embraces nature & life with all its struggles enthusiastically as a direct manifestation of the very principles we live by. For those with the strength to embrace Natural law the natural world is not a thing to be feared or despised but instead a touchstone of truth & purity.

As you can see National Socialism combines idealism with a vigorous and healthy grasp of reality. It is neither the precious intellectualism and unrealistic abstract ideas of academics and political theorists. Neither does it arise from the petty, selfish materialism of those who only know the cost of things but never the value.

So yeah, im a National Socialist and proud of it.

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National Socialism is a worldview not some concrete XYZ system.
How about reading Mein Kampf and other texts like Myth of the 20th Century instead of asking random, anonymous people about National Socialism?
Even if someone gave you the "right" answer you wouldn't know it because you dont have the needed background to discern it from the wrong answer.

I unironically just wanted to play videogames. Now I want to nuke everything outside of Europe/North America. specially israel

Thanks for the real reply I'm just keeping an open mind and you don't often hear the real views of National Socialists. Definitely an interesting read and perspective.

Capitalism means you don't have a Nation.

Looking back i now realise that i was always a inclined to National Socialism i just never knew what it was.
Like a lot of young men and teenagers i knew there was something very wrong going on but couldn’t place it. As a kid i look at the hamster wheel of shit they try to sell us and wonder what the point of it was.
They tried to sell us shit by calling it chocolate.
I became a 'nazi' at first because i wanted to kill the invaders.
Thats was all, at first.
Paradoxically it was the anti National Socialist jew propaganda that made National Socialism so attractive and compelling.
All those depictions of National Socialists as ruthlessly racist murderers has the opposite effect to intended when your children are being raped by shitskins and your country is no longer your own.
Then i started to read.
Slowly at first but then more and more and i came to realise that the jew HIV and their golems had edited out an entire world view that held great Truth and decency just so the jew could feed undisturbed and the egalitarians could have their playpen. Thats what i hate them for the most, they lied about so much just to sell us shit and lies and they are still doing it.

You can tell when a man really believes in something because he burns with it. It animates him and colours everything he does and sees. He becomes a fanatic because what else can a man that really believes in something be?
Im a fanatical National Socialist and i am not sorry.

Nat Soc
is the Dark Army
you can't see it.
But you can be sure it is there.

If materialism isn't the answer to happiness what do you believe is? The way I see it the only thing we have to seek that's genuine is the best standard of living possible. You can seek knowledge, it gives you an understanding but that doesn't really do anything for you.

you aren't talking to 1st year biology majors here ben shapiro

Materialism and idealism aren’t separate things it is one thing. Because its all one universe.
On a basic level the reason i was so unimpressed by the 'Get good grades to get more money to buy more shit' thing was because it wasn’t connected to anything else beyond itself. It was just meaningless stuff: Complain-consume-fornicate and then gracelessly die.
Family-people-Nation and the elevation of that not simply materially but philosophically and i suppose spiritually.
Its the difference between a mercenary and a man who believes in his people.

I've been here since the first exodus. Generally agree with the Zig Forums perspective. Recently I re-read Mein Kampf for the first time in over 20 years and I was a blue pilled faggot back then as I re-read it I stood there thunderstruck……..because I realized holy shit I fucking love Hitler.

As to NS vs other governing arrangements personally I'm undecided. The most important thing to me is that the body politic be white and understand that a future for white children is non-negotiable.

Don't get too caught up in economics, it's a trap. The significance of Nazis and Hitler was not their economic policy. They were important because they represented the last major western nation to be wholly ruled by white gentiles from top to bottom. And to explicitly and openly stand in defiance against the global Jewish financial/political system. Such a state does not exist anymore.

Most people here could not give a damn about the economics. They are just tired of living within the civilization degeneration as consequence of being ruled by the enemy. Their moral is completely destroyed. So they look back upon Germany with hope that it doesn't have to be this way. That someday simply declaring self-interest would not be pathologized like it is today.

This user gets it. A lot of right wing white men are obsessed over economic minutia when the fact of the matter is if your country is majority white you will be just fine. The USSR is constantly shit on in western media and understood by normies to be a complete shithole. And I by no means want to emulate almost anything that they did. But as I always point out in the process of red-pilling people, the USSR was a nuclear super power who save for the moon beat the US at EVERY STEP OF THE SPACE RACE. Meanwhile TODAY shitskins are still eating literal dirt sandwiches.

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That's because you are low IQ. I'm not even joking. I bet you didn't even know that nation comes from the word natal and means people group. You probably thought we were statists. All libertarians do. It's a meme ideology for lemmings who get used by the global elites. Race mix and lose your culture and identity for a cheaper Playstation, you stupid goy.

Fuck I hate you cunts.

You can go Hoppean. It's still technically ancap.

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You can't have individualism + collectivism, it's a fundamental contradiction.

Yes. National Socialism is a red pilled self-help program for white men, a white nation, and the entire white race. I will not sell my experience to you. The path that led me to the Red Pill is not yours. Find your own way, do your own research. This board, not just Zig Forums has years of resources and research available to you. Read through /sig/, /fit/, and /pdfs/. Through your own interests you will find other boards and dark corners of the Internet. That is just the beginning. You must improve your life, do IRL activism, complete goals, set new ones. Our Führer Adolf Hitler wanted Germany left alone in peace. Look at the Third Reich user, Rhodesia, South Africa, present day Europe and the USA. Do you think non-whites will EVER - let white countries & peoples alone in peace?

Here is a kind reply.

Read On Free Trade, a transcript of the debate between Vox Day, a novelist and editor of Castalia House, and Bob Murphy, a PhD Economist. Vox argues against free trade from a nationalist stance and shows how free trade erodes nations (people groups) while Bob Murpohy agrees but doesn't care because he's a Lolbertarian. Essentially, as von Mises notes in his major works, free trade necessarily includes the free movement of people and therefore it is inherently destructive to nations. Therefore, we reject free trade. It is totally incompatible with any preserving of any group of people.

Red pill: Marx himself supported free trade and Libertarianism for these reasons. He understood that it is absolutely anti-conservative.

You have two options: you are a globalist or you are a protectionist for your people. There is no other options.

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Saving our race makes practical and moral sense even from the strictest individualist standpoint, once you see through the massive lies and brainwashing.

Works as long as people don't fuck with you. Even the USSR sort of functioned until the sanctions hit hard. And I hate commies, you fucking anarkiddy.

You mean, from an individual perspective. Individualism is the belief that the individual and his freedom is more important than the group. An individual believing that the group is more important than himself contradicts his own presuppositions.

Either the nation or the individual is more important, logically.

I've seen the debate between Vox Day and Bob Murphy, and it's not like you describe.

Most economic nationalists simply fail to see the argument. A foreign nation which is willing to trade should be seen as a resource, like a mineral ore or a new technology. Having more options always leads to higher AVERAGE income (that's Murphy's point). If some workers are hurt by change to a point you consider unacceptable, you can always compensate them through redistribution and stil have a surplus average income.

Marx supported free trade "ironically", so to speak, as an accelerator of socio-economic change because he thought the socialist revolution was inevitable and the sooner the better. He was wrong about that like about so many things.

Technical progress and higher incomes are self-evidently good, all else being equal.

Ethnic nationalism in general is good.
"White", however, is a meaningless term.

The optimal psychological experience and the underlying minimum necessary health to survive and maintain the state of the optimal psychological experience, ought to be what classifies standard of living.

I'm not sure what you mean by standard of living, but having people have essentially endless money, or whatever goods, won't actually help them. The optimal psychological experience, according to Dr Csikszentmihaly is the thing called "flow".

The state you enter when time feels endless and when it's over it feels like it's been a second.
He sort of outlines how to achieve in his book; essentially it's about placing yourself upon an ordered structure, let's say 1 years worth of mathematical knowledge, and then trying to go into the unknown and unordered, and to order it, so essentially studying your second year with the first year as a basis. To outline what it is you want to do, how to do it, and then simply to do it, and to feel as though you have a high ability to do it while also feeling that is a great challenge. So not just studying math, but feeling that you're going closer to a goal while you're studying the mathematics. A greater goal for your whole life, and subgoals to that, which all have subgoals almost ad infinitum down to what you're going to right now and how you're going to do it, and what it implies for your whole life when you do in fact complete it to your best ability.

Doing something like this for the population would go way farther than any welfare state would, because the welfare state doesn't actually fix any deep problems, it just fixes a problem which quickly becomes assumed not to be a problem and then people grow arrogant and self righteous. It too would be worth more than any sort of free market economy in which one as an individual has to be completely independent, as that sort of system eventually grows corrupt and too unbalanced for the economy to actually work in favour of a whole people instead of just the very most competent individuals lineages.

What should be done is a sort of cultural-spiritual-political set of programs which optimize the sense of flow for as many individuals as possible while also making sure that the state provides enough for the communities to be as healthy and productive as their situation allows. I'm not sure that, while political, that this is best done by a state. Although I can imagine scenarios in which it could be.

You don't understand national socialism at all, then. It uses labor/basket of common household items (oil, sugar, wheat, etc.) as its backing for currency, other than the desperation of WW2, that would keep world (((speculation))) from affecting the value of the currency much better than the gold or silver standard. Watch the video, as many libertarians/ancaps have knowledge on economy in general but don't understand there's more than just Keynes/(((Hayek)))/(((Marx))). The whole line of "da ebil natzees economy was based on war" was asinine. Hitler comprehended that he needed to rebuild the military after the failings of the Weimar Republic, but that was a calculated risk at cost to the economy, not built for it. Hitler comprehended that to be sustainable without relying on outside wealth, the fatherland had to be careful with his natural resources.

See thread related:

White is important in the US, because American is a new pan-European ethnicity. However is less important in Europe… even then with countries with multiple ethnicities like Switzerland, a overarching nationalist identity matters, more than ethnicity, per se.

I would say quite a large portion are. If I am being honest I can’t call myself a NatSoc because I am not entirely educated on it yet. I don’t have any real objections about it though. But yeah I’d say the majority here are unironic and they make good points.

Well I’d consider myself white nationalist, which I see as blanket for various pro white movements and political ideologies. I haven’t committed beyond this. I more concerned with getting to a place where we can argue about what system of government we want.

My journey is somewhat similar to yours, I was a constitutionally minded libertarian before becoming part of the pro-white identity movement. I still largely hold libertarian beliefs although I fear overly libertarian societies are very vulnerable to subversion. Liberty does not exist in a vacuum, you can’t import 3rd worlders from socialist countries and expect them to overnight become pro liberty.

Might I suggest looking into propertarianism as well OP. Once again I can’t claim it is right or wrong, I am simply aware of it. Curt Doolittle

Heil Hitler! Sounds exactly like NSDAP Germany.

Libertarians and capitalists get the rope just as much as any other spiritual jew.

Why not? Is it not possible to have a limited government that still has the ability to protect the liberties of its citizens from invaders?
Arguably our government now is failing. With the passage of the Hart-(((Celler))) Act the government started importing a lot more Hispanics. Voting patterns indicate that Hispanics tend to vote for more socialistic candidates. So by opening our borders to southern halfbreeds we are making ourselves less free. Thus for a libertarian society to exist we need to cut away the parts of the population that contain an ideology antithetical to our interests. While many cuckservatives have been trying for years to try and make inroads with minority groups they often have little success. In every other social species in existence behavior is seen as being inherited and innate, yet for some reason cuckservatives seem to think we can appeal to minorities through logic and reasoning. A big issue though is the cuckservative party is seen as the white party so breaking this very primal tribalism is in many regards going against human nature, like going up shit creek without a paddle, very difficult.
Ultimately I could write a lot more on this but I think you get the point. White societies are relatively unique in that we form high trust societies. By having a 2nd amendment, let’s say, you own guns and allow your neighbors to own guns, and you all trust each other that you are not gonna go rampage and start shooting at each other. With the influx of blacks from farms in the south into cities we saw a spike in violent crime in northern cities. Other ethnicities do not operate on these terms. They are inherently incompatible with our form of society, and should return to their native lands


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Absolutely not. Facism is civnat cuck shit. Simply put, fascism says the state is primary and creates the nation. National socialism says the nation is primary and the state serves only the interests of the nation.

As a libertarian I support fascism/natsoc/ whatever.

1) Libertarianism can only work in an all White society.
2) Fascism/natsoc is an extreme solution to an extreme problem, we should've watered the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots a loooooooong time ago, we've let it get this bad, we need a clean slate.
3) Fascist/natsoc governments were never intended to last indefinitely. Even Hitler planned to step down after the War and have Goebbels in charge to transition to a limited democracy.
4) Without jews, niggers and slavery, America will be at an even better starting point than 1776.

Typical American misunderstanding of the use of the word State, when the Italians of the time said "State", they meant it in the Roman definition… as in the people.

It means:


I did my masters in economics, I would love to debate you on economics and see how you hold up. I was just like you at one time. You don't even realize how jewed you are. There is a reason that we say communism and capitalism are two sides of the same jewish coin, yet you can never wrap your head around this because they are such polar opposites in your mind. You never stopped to consider that your hyper focus on materalism, as the focal point of your ideology, makes you no different from the communist, only disagreeing on the ethics or effectiveness of your chosen materialist viewpoint. Either way, both ideologies sacrifice the race, blood, the fatherland, culture, family, etc. for economic gain. Your chosen ideology, specifically, rewards the person who teams up with foreign capital to sink a neighbor competitor of your own race and community. It rewards the woman, who rejects motherhood, on behalf of a lucrative sales job. It rewards the man, who rejects his marrying and providing for a family within his own community, on behalf of marrying a wealthy Arabian or Chinese girl to move up the capitalist ladder. This is no different from the socialist, which also seeks to sacrifice the bond with neighbor and tribe on behalf of materialist pursuit, in his case the feel good notion of gaining "democratic" control over production in union with every other person in the world.

All economics are racial and cultural, economics are social. They are often pragmatic, bending the rules to fit a square peg into a round hole. They don't follow strict ideological guidelines along the vague notions of "free enterprise" or "worker exploitation" when things don't work out as expected. This is well understood in poor third world nations that have not yet been jewed by the intellectual masturbation that you call "economics." They are just as poor and powerless as you are, the only difference is, as they are hustling day and night to work their way out of it by hook or by crook, you are sitting there defending some jewish philosopher, like Milton Friedman, and his suggestions of "economic liberty" that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and keep you well pacified against being an asset to your own race.

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What I mean is that, in practice, what's good for the white race is good for the average white individual and vice versa, so it's silly and pointless to insist on decrying individualism. Who likes the increased risk of being stabbed, mugged, blown up or having a female family member get raped or thrown acid in her face? You think the average white man accepts this situation, and its gradual, inexorable worsening, just so he can have spicy ethnic food and maybe postponing pension cuts? Bullshit. Most whites are letting this happen precisely because they are too selfless and willing to sacrifice their own comfort for higher values. Tell them it's to fight climate change or to fix poverty in Africa forever and they will put up with almost anything. In his mind, sending a refugee back home is almost like sending him to the gas chambers. After all, that refugee risked his life to come, so he must have been really desperate, right, it can't be that he made the journey mostly because of boredom and foolish greed. That's what the average white believes.


communists and capitalists are like peasants and merchants arguing about who should rule, when in reality both of them ought to be subordinated to higher castes representing higher ideas
anyone who thinks they are fundamentally that different should simply look at how the two allied with each other 80 years ago to defeat those who would've relegated both to their rightful inferior place

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It's only when capitalism sticks to government that it becomes shit. All monopolies, oligopolies, corruption and croniness in the companies today branch off from megacorporations doing shady deals with government officials.

The problem is not of capitalism, but the judicial system not imposing fines, penalties, arrests and death sentences to those corrupting a perfectly healthy economical system. Cultural marxism degraded this even further, to a point where the it becomes the normal to be bribed to be shush with under-the-rug deals. One example: Apple paying zero taxes. At the first quarter this huge company is exempt from paying a dime in taxes it should be shut down and its representatives arrested for treason. Simple. But they aren't, because government and companies are too connected; remove one, the other falls. And I'm not mentioning Alphabet.

You notice that every industry that cannot form govenrment ties as effectively is more healthy than those that do. It's an example of how relationship between both spheres should be as limited as possible, preferably with government being as sleek as possible to avoid such instances.

No you braindead nigger. Nation means the people. State means the government. He even explicitly clarifies this, despite it being completely clear as it could not make sense any other way. Learn to read:

I was libertarian, not ancap. Once a libertarian realizes everything he actually loves is possible only because the Aryan race makes it so, he never looks back at the free market again. He at the very least becomes protectionist and racist. I'm unironically national socialist, and I have been for five years. To sum up, blood and soil are all that matter. This Earth, my Country, my Race, and the spirit of them together is all I care about, all I want to know and teach my children.

Just like socialism in national socialism doesn't mean (((socialism))) in the marxist sense, the Italian use of the word State is more all-encompassing than the distant concept of government in general. Once again, Codex Fascismo explains it much more in depth than I am willing to here. Once again, it seems to be one of the biggest sticking points for which Americans get confused and interpret fascism and national socialism to be different ideologies.

That's not an argument Shlomo. No amount of calling people americans as if that is an insult will make your lies into facts. I gave you his actual own words. Saying "well don't believe him cause my feelings" is not productive.

I would be a proponent of efficency based economics, that is to toss all ideological and principaled virtues out and go with whatever works. The bottom line however is to stop caring about economics until we have averted the very real existential threat to our continued existence. I'd be more than happy to live in a white ancap society where we are not ruled by jews. And so would all the others on /pol. The reason for our deep resentment towards libertarians/ancap people right now is because they're putting their property ahead of their people and that's why we would need to reeducate/discipline them once we're back in control.

Just read the books buddy, you'll learn about third positionism. 7 and 8 might be especially interesting for you.

Glad you've finally come to your senses Molyjew, now take down all the disinfo on your channel.

Nationalism doesn't require a state, the nation-state is a modern invention, nations can exist without states and there are nationalist ancaps

Anarcho-capitalist economics seem to make sense, as well as some conservative/nationalist viewpoints socially

It gets tiring to see natsocs or posters complain of capitalism being "materialistic". And anti-capitalism is "anti-materialistic", or in plain terms makes people poorer. That's not a good thing in itself. That's the point of combining conservative/nationalistic principles with ancap, to trade some economic benefits (muh "materialism") for the spiritual or moral values. Unless natsocs/anti-capitalists are really going to argue that their ideology creates more prosperity than capitalism does, then wouldn't that be a more "materialistic" philosophy? Who cares if it is "materialistic" or produces more wealth? I agree that life is not only about money, but too often when I see complaints about "materialism" they're simply arguing for a poverty which doesn't always seem more virtuous. All else equal, more money could be used to fund more virtuous projects, money doesn't have to create greed or arrogance (if some people think this, I guess they could go live "virtuously" in a third world?)

Who the fuck cares about wealth?

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state and people are indissoluble in Fascism; without the state giving the nation its form, the latter is prey of all contingencies that constantly assault her, like a liquid without its container; without the nation, the fascist state has no reason to exist
the nations you think popped up like mushrooms out of nowhere exist precisely because a state at some point gave them a form
"Germans" didn't exist as a single people 2000 years ago; that isn't to say there weren't peoples whose entities would later be synthetized into one nation, the Germanic peoples of Germania, but the unification of these only happened when a state, the second Reich, gave them this peculiar form
nations are modern syntheses of older most often forgotten identities, created by various states

having someone's words and understanding them are two very different things


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White is a meta race and a convenient heuristic.

Just a basic cultural fascist / white supremacist here.

We have to keep the darkies away or they will bring us down to their level.

Still not an argument. Either explain how Mussolini is wrong, or go take your kikery back to reddit where it belongs.

Trying to justify the civnat cuckoldry first, and then telling me I am wrong after makes no sense. If I were wrong, you wouldn't need to try to justify it like this.
No. Now you're proving you are even more of a civnat cuck than Mussolini, who understood full well what a nation was:
"if the nation be considered as it should be from the point of view of quality rather than quantity, as an idea, the mightiest because the most ethical, the most coherent, the truest, expressing itself in a people as the conscience and will of the few, if not, indeed, of one, and ending to express itself in the conscience and the will of the mass, of the whole group ethnically molded by natural and historical conditions into a nation"
And rather than explain how you think I am wrong, you ignore what he says and make no argument. Hmmm..

individualism and collectivism are two sides of the same coin; both are part of a mechanistic view of man as the founding atom, the latter is merely a more or less big collection of individuals/atoms distributed horizontally in space

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

always look at IDs
no contradiction whatsoever with my message
the historical circumstances are precisely the process by which the various entities that existed in the defunct Holy Roman Empire were molded into a nation with related nation-state
similarly in Italy with the whole process of Risorgimento taking numerous medieval/early modern city states and kingdoms and molding them into one nation

If you aren't interested in learning why you're wrong, you're a lost cause. You are likely to just dig in your heels harder to prove me wrong in an argument. Hopefully you have a change of heart later on and actually expand your knowledge on the subject. German fascism was the most successful before the jews killed it, but is only a tiny piece of the fascistic sphere.

/fascist/ and Cultured Thug's channel on bitchute and youtube are great resources, and of course those books. Hopefully this exchange stays with you and once you are no longer emotionally attached to this decide to learn.

I have nothing more to say.

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Hoppe is the only correct Libertarian. Once you accept he is correct in saying there are inferior and superior peoples, you realize you can only have a limited state with the absence of non-whites. Non-whites will always vote for more government control, because they are typically descended from slave races. They either need control, or become envious when whites thrive in free market environments.

I don't want to life in a fascist state, because that would give a single person to much power, power they are likely to abuse, imagine what is happening now but 10 times worse, it is better to have a democracy along racial lines where free men decide together how to form a country, that is the most succesful system. Prove me wrong.

Jew bots never sleep.

here, no argument what so ever, what will happen when your fascist dictator is a degenerate, what will happen when you get in his way, in a democracy you have atleast the freedom to be heard.

The problem with fascism is that is has no argument, none. It's just guys hoping they will be the ones in charge.

Oy vey our Nadzees are going to take over the world

Again, no genuine argument, just kiketier mockery, go one, argue, try to convince me.

O hai! faggot. lol.

Good goy, you've been programmed to equate fascism with totalitarianism. Of course you don't want to live in the hellish landscape presented in jewish movies. The best argument against Democracy and how it offers the illusion of choice but is actually 1000 times more totalitarian than dictatorships… is Qaddafi's Green Book. However I imagine you're one of these faggots opposed to reading ANY books. Even a short one written for peasants.

Why do you think your ID is special?
Yes there is. You said the state made the nation, he says the nations made themselves.

If you aren't interested in making an argument, then you're a kike.
German fascism didn't exist.
And yet you can't find anything of theirs to support your idiocy, or explain how Mussolini didn't understand fascism. How expected.

"Thus understood, Fascism, is totalitarian". Why are there so many dumbasses here insisting Mussolini didn't know what fascism was?

At the end of a long day of sperging about the merits of capitalism and freedom I'm on team White and believe that National Socialism isn't set in the stone of the Third Reich, that a new state won't have to replicate what they did exactly, just that it should have the interest of the nation blood at it's heart. The social programmes they had may exist for a brief time before being reviewed by an honest evaluation of what the consequences of each programme hold. And that might mean increasingly capitalistic or socialistic reforms since I see the merits of what the Nazis accomplished, while also being aware of how their socialist economics impacted them greatly in negative ways, with only state propaganda to cover the mess over. Many have started out politically as libertarians or communists. It's not uncommon once the jew lies start to break that some will quickly find themselves seeing old Adolf in a new light, especially those who will search high and low to find just about everything about him in mainstream circulation is in fact opposite of reality. Including generalplanost, which is possibly the most important divisive lie destroying East-West relations. Eastern Euros are being jewed in their own way. I will note that Hitler, the artist and lover of his nation volk, entirely resented the war starting and how many of his men would die though it was a necessary fight on his end, it greatly impacted the truest emergence of a national socialist Germany since war time measures were enacted either correctly or conversely. It was the rest of the White world who failed to realize the threat European nation blood was under and not fight under the swastika against the meat grinder of communism and jew tier crony capitalism.

dubs! kike free first post


I was libertarian and ancap (still sort of am) but I was never open borders - I never understood that aspect of it. Great fences make great neighbors.

Its not necessary for everyone to be a perfect National Socialist. If nothing else remember the 14 words:
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
That will do for most people.

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Don't forget that keeping our countries white is not enough. A white ethnoglobe is necessary. The parasites that compose all the inferior races will keep destroying nature and their countries, and that must never be allowed.
The whole world must be composed of white people only. Not jews. Not shitskins, Not liberals (they are not people). Only white people.

This is so dumb on its face considering the great rise in living standards and wealth across the board in NatSoc Germany or during other past eras, like the bronze age, when your shitty jewish capitalism banking scam didn't exist yet. It's also tiring to see your overfocus on wealth as the be all end all of all politics. True wealth is a big white family, every member of it priceless, you have a giant blind spot for this because you're too busy drooling over a green piece of paper with mason symbols on it that a jew in England decided to print (and can reclaim whenever he wants.) You're crying about criticisms of you from a materialistic perspective while still basing the very foundation of your argument on materialism. It's laughable, capitalists are borderline as dumb as communists at this point.

I hope you are trolling. I agree that Jews must be eradicated, but all other races have a right to live as long as they stay in their own countries. In the case of liberals it is enough to guarantee that they can't openly talk about their views, and to produce enough counter-propaganda. This way there won't be any liberals anymore soon.

Was a failure and caused the deaths of 100 million Whites.


Literal Ben Shapiro talking points. Any system that rewards a potential mother to leave the household for a high end sales job or to marry up with some foreign millionaire is a shit system that inherently works against the race and society as a whole. Everything about the system is designed to make race obsolete and turn the world into a giant brown mess hyper focused on money and money only.

Well it's nice to see (((who))) the pro-capitalist lolbergs actually are ITT.

It was a rousing success, the problem is that jews were so terrified they had to kill it. Blame the kikes, not the Germans.

Sure thing rabbi.

To be fair, it was the mistake of Nazi Germany to not exterminate the Jews in their country before starting WW2.


Hitler underestimated the evilness of the jew. We shall not make the mistake of mercy this time.

Dude, every scandinavian country has a higher puchasing power power adjustdep GDP per capita than the US. You don't have to worry about the economics. All you needs is a nation of whites who aren't communist retards

Where do you think you are OP? Also, enjoy the ride.

Welcome to the club, buddy. I was a straight-up anarchist from age 17 until the time I discovered National Socialism that was a fairly long amount of time. My path was a lot like you describe, I have long been aware of economic fuckery, genetic displacement, police overreach, invasive laws, excessive taxation, the jewish question, all of that stuff. I figured that even genetic displacement could be countered with a form of ethno-anarchism. I had thought, at one point, that ZOG can't exist if government itself didn't exist. And while that's technically true, it still leaves some problems.

The main problem with anarchism that converted me to NatSoc was this: people simply aren't intelligent enough to handle anarchism. Sure, in a high-IQ White society, anarchism would be fine. We're talking 120-160 IQ range. I don't think that's incredibly high, but even in a White ethnostate the average range is going to be below that. It took me way too long to break free of the mindset that "anyone can figure it out if they simply try to". Fact is, a lot of people literally CANNOT understand certain concepts.

Having taken that into account, I started looking for political theories that could serve my goals of having stable currency, genetic protection, simplified laws and taxes, yet still left room for and rewarded individual excellence. I looked for historical examples of this succeeding, and I came to National Socialism. Then I started wondering why "Nazis" were still feared and hated to this day. My conclusion was that of all political theories, NatSoc was the most likely to replace the current world order successfully, and that's why there's still so much repression over the discussion of it. That was essentially all it took to convince me, and I've been a NatSoc ever since. I still say that the ideal world would be one in which all people could freely make the right decisions for themselves. But since we live in this real world, I'm a vocal NatSoc and everyone who knows me knows this about me. And we will prevail in this struggle.

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So clever, who will ever notice? In any case yes, I forgot to say that you can still be a globalist after discovering and accepting National Socialist ideals. You just morph into an ethnoglobalist. I assume this will seem "radical" and "impossible" to you at first. Rest assured, given enough time and intellectual self-honesty, you will come to the same conclusion that I and others on Zig Forums have come to. That conclusion is that, seeing as Europeans repelled islamic invasions hundreds of years ago and are now YET AGAIN enduring an islamic invasion, the only solution is a permanent one. Anything else cannot even be called a "solution" at all, it's just the equivalent of giving a painkiller to a man with a broken arm. Moving these subhumans from your land to another neighboring one is a temporary reprieve.

Since you just discovered NatSoc, I don't expect you to be able to simply accept this concept at first glance unless you're just really smart. Rest assured, you will. There are two and only two arguments against ethnoglobalism:
And that's it. But where are the cro magnons, neanderthols, denosovians, homo erectus, Olmecs, etc? That's correct, they do not exist anymore. I doubt anyone's crying over the fact that cro magnons aren't running around fucking shit up anymore. And soon, nobody will miss or care about the fact that niggers, spics, poos, chinks, kikes, etc. aren't around destroying the planet, either. The fact is, if we accomplish our ethnoglobal goals, we will become the single greatest generation of hominids to EVER walk the face of the earth. In one generation we will save the ecosystem from near-collapse and raise the global IQ by 30 points.

Never in humanity's evolutionary history has such a significant improvement occurred, in even 1,000. In even 10,000. We can become the distilled essence of evolutionary progress and put an end to the 7th mass extinction in Earth's history. We can do this. The significance of the act is on par with actual gods, or if you're more /x/-tier, equivalent to DNA-tinkering ayyys. People are going to struggle with this obvious conclusion, but I'm used to dragging people kicking and screaming into the future. Every Zig Forumsack is, to some extent. I'm just the cutting edge even for Zig Forumsacks. But soon enough everyone will agree. If not the thumbscrews will just keep getting tighter and eventually the White race will go extinct.

Just look at it that way. You have two choices: either the White race goes extinct or all the other ones do. Whine about it all you want, this is Natures dictate. I just happen to be brave enough to stand with my head held high and eyes steadily affixed on Natures law, the one truth of the world. I suggest you all attempt to do the same.

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r-ing that webm with the same pic where a guy talks about purging darkies and conquering the stars.

I must admit, what you say sounds pretty interesting. Maybe I will overthink it. But at least in the short term the goal must be to remove non-whites from white countries.

Yeah, don't rush it. We've got a solid core group that's been hashing it out for a couple of years now, it's not going anywhere. I agree that securing our borders and reclaiming White homelands is the first step. It's necessary for that to happen before the next phases go into action.