MoD launches probe after 'British Army soldiers' are filmed laughing and joking as they open fire on a target of Jeremy...

MoD launches probe after 'British Army soldiers' are filmed laughing and joking as they open fire on a target of Jeremy Corbyn in shocking video shared on Snapchat

This is the shocking moment four British 'soldiers' use a picture of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as target practice.
A video shared on Snapchat shows the uniformed men repeatedly firing weapons at a shooting range in Kabul, Afghanistan, only for the camera to pan around to reveal they were aiming at an image of the MP.
As it zooms in on his face, at least fifteen shots can be seen peppered across the target. It is understood the rounds were paintballs, not bullets.
The video has caused outrage online with many branding the soldiers 'fascists' and calling for disciplinary action to be taken against them for 'making death threats'.
The Ministry of Defence today branded the clip 'unacceptable' and said it has launched an investigation, although it would not confirm any more details.

The target appears to show the party leader speaking at a podium with the Labour logo in front of him.
The video also includes the caption 'Happy with that.'
A link to the footage was shared on Twitter by former soldier and Military Cross recipient Trevor Coult, who also wrote 'Not looking good for a Labour leader' alongside a laughing emoji on his post.
The link has since been taken down and the footage appears to have been deleted.
The shocking clip has drawn wide criticism on social media, with one person dubbing the video 'facist.'
Some online have claimed the unknown troops - whose faces can be seen in the footage - belong to the Parachute Regiment.
Many on social media slammed the footage particularly in the wake of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by far-right killer Thomas Mair in 2016.
Anthony Lock commented: 'Not looking good for the Paras either lol. Outrage in the morning you watch.'

Another social media user described it as 'extremely fascist behaviour'.
Anders Gardberg added: 'How deeply unprofessional. The task of any military unit in a democratic country is to defend the nation and its institutions, not even target them as a joke.'
Zach Martin posted: 'Almost certain this is illegal but even if it isn't against the law for uniformed military personnel to threaten death [on] a Member of Parliament, it's undeniably f** terrifying.
'Gentle reminder that Jo Cox was murdered by a "British Patriot" less than three years go.'
An Army spokesperson said: 'We are aware of a video circulating on social media, this behaviour is totally unacceptable and falls well below the high standards the Army expects.
'A full investigation has been launched.'

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I bet they did it because they heard he was an ebil anti-seemite lol. Just cuck island things.

He probably said something bad about Israel

What kind of guns did they use?

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Top lads. Fuck the cuck king of the UK Jeremy Corbyn.

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video related

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Ironically Corbyn an open commie is the only leader of any party who agrees to the will of the peoples vote for brexit, also he backed hezbollah and is anti isreal.
The current group in power the Torah party is led by a crypto commie Theresa May who refuses to accept the will of the people, arms ISIS and jails soldiers for shooting at ISIS, and has banned Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, while housing 1,000s of known ISIS fighters in britain and protecting them under law.

Guess which leader the fellow fashy UK neocon aut-right spastics see as a true patriot?

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It was 3 years ago, they can hardly call it a wake, the fucking mongos.
Things like this is why the MoD was shilling so hard for non-whites and "snowflakes" to join the British Armed Forces. Is it any surprise that the vast majority of people who join the army are right-wing?

Seems to me like that's exactly what they're doing. Taking aim at the commies.

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Corbyn only approves of brexit because as an old gommie he considers the EU a tool of capitalist exploitation.

Pick one
>Jermy Corbyn: we’ll back a second referendum to stop Tory no-deal Brexit
>Theresa May rules out second Brexit referendum
No one, it's clear as day you aren't British, if that was the case you would know no one likes thresa fucktwat may but you are being pretty dishonest.

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Niggersaxon monkey islands are like this zoo of cuckservatism and open communism.
Filthy subhuman *nglo scum. They deserve this.

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fuck off whence you came
Jezza Hezza Corbyn the unironic friend of anti-British terrorists such as Hezzbollah is worse than May, and she's treasonous.

He was mocking the niggersaxons and their circus of "politics".

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*nglos are the lowest form of "life". They are cthonic bacteria, bringing only decay and diseases upon the world.

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You seem to have a hate boner for brits.

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damn these tea-niggers really don't into funs. they're clearly shooting pistols. you can even see shooter #2 get a stovepipe on his last round

Possibly from the same tribe as who has written this –!

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Now tell me who would take the side of a lick spittle politician over the soldiers at the front line? I smell funded propaganda outrage…you know, like the jews did during WWI to stage the ammunition strike that prevented Germany to claim victory, after they fought for 4 years and forced Russia to it's knees.

Sounds like what the *nglos did!

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shooters 2 and 3 both had malfunctions wtf

How are Hezbollah anti-British, aside from the fact that Britain serves as isreal's vassal state?
Theresa May is a certified commie undermining the will of the people.

The fucking irony is that the commie marxist Corbyn wouldn't send the soldiers out to die for isreal and doesn't like the EU.
May the crypto commie zionist will send our sons to die for isrealand won't accept the people's decision on the EU.

And here you are doing the same hasbara act of insuisting Zig Forums promotes ZOG as long as they wave the blue Torah flag.

You neocon jew programmed NPCs are the reason we're in this fucking mess

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Didn't you disavow this entire website four years ago, Hasbarafag?

I only ever opposed you jewish clowns promoting ZOG on Zig Forums
You antagonising gaslighting kikes aren't this site, you just are allowed to dominate these boards courtesy of the CIA

My friend is an officer and was in Afghanistan, he says they shoot unarmed ppl and put guns in the hands of the dead body and photo it to show the relatives when the relatives claim they son wasn't part of the taliban.

How is that a proper war?

kikes are irrelevant, user, they are going to 'serve as their own messiah', have you ever seen a kike do anything that didn't result in them completely destroying everything they touch?

"The fact is that the Jews were known only as destroyers in ancient history, not creators. They have developed no science, have produced no art, have built no great cities, and alone have no talent for the finer things of civilized life. The Jews claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but thorough their parasitic habits have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers." ~ Charles A. Weisman (Jew)

In this case, as 'messiah' they will be destroying themselves.

They did a lot worse than that, user. I have spent time talking several enlisted men down from killing themselves (online) so I don't know whether they eventually gave in…but opening fire on women and children who were just walking to school was not unusual either…why do you think they were all DRUGGED TO THE GILLS on antidepressants, etc. in order to stomach 'serving ZOG'.

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Funny how media outrage never calls anyone a 'communist'

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I'm starting to think you are simply a bot.
Labour are totally /ourguys/ amirite fellow gentiles???

Cromwell rising


And he is right.

EU was founded by communists, stupid fuck.

You're both right. Commies and neoliberal scum go hand in hand.

Why does the libshit media keep pumping this sort of gayshit article, without being properly editorialized, here on Zig Forums. do they think we will succumb to their liberal view eventually if they keep doing it long enough.
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The British army troops arent cuckold, jew bootlikcers like the US.

Proof nya~?