#Diversityforisrael #Blackjewlivesmatter

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Take her by the hand lead her to land of the Af-ri-KANGS
Nigger man, the voyage to the corner of Nubia is a real trip
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Fucking all the Kikes of the land
APE Nigger man, can you see through the wonder of welfare in Israel?
Nigger man, the Jews are submissive when it casts forth
To the Nubian cock
Nigger man, the sequence of a life form braised in Africa
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Friendly reminder SJWs and mainstream starting to turn on Israel

Yes. Even cnn.

Thats even less reason to trust this would be a good thing then considering zionist kikes run the media and have had no issue keeping quiet about other things.

Why would kikes turn on a kike nation?

You can tell they belong to the same Kike race. Look, they both have two eyes, a nose, two ears, and ten fingers!

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It is one of the deepest jewish secrets.
Jews are not pure Shemites. Jews are Shemites mixed with Hamnites.
Each and every jew in the world has Negro admix.
Ashkenazis - 5 - 10%
Sephardim - 10 - 20%
Mizrahim - 20 - 50%
Ethiopian jews - 50 - 80%

Jews are nigger in denial.

pic related is not a jew, but Ethiopian

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C'mon rabbi.
Dont compare Polish ashkenazi to an Arab. Pic related is your racial reality.

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and btw

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I've got a wonderful specimen here.

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I guess its where you live, where im from its an accepted stereotype that all kikes are mixed race.

wonderful indeed

I was talking about Negroid admixture. People usual dont know how much of Negro jew is.


White Nationalists are the cancer that is killing Whites.

boring afternoon down there, jidf?

Get out there in real life and call Blacks Niggers or STFU.

We dont have niggers around here. Just some polar bears. White.

Dank Ween parody.

jesus looked more like a modern-day darker-skinned palestenian than todays white israelis

black men and jewish women make the most beautiful children


Tweet it to female Jews

Ethiopians use to look more white than Brazilians.

Home to the ark of the covenant