The great against euro nationalist begin

Tommy robinson has now oficially been banned from youtobe .
Yesterday jared taylor has been banned to visit europe for 3 years.
3 days ago identity europa austrian leader has been banned to travel to usa where he was going to marry that trad american woman.
Daily stormer is off for a coupleof days

Meanwhile the entire political stablishment starting with trump are silence and only liberal non euros seem to be prostesting the limitation of freedoms that all of us are being subjected to

Hold your ground the night is aproaching

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The nose is quite afraid when they are banning even their controlled opposition alt-right puppets.

You need to lurk moar.
And they can go and fuckthemselves.

Go back to hell where you belong kiketards

We are living in chinese like dichtatorship now with the agravant penalty of having an elites that despise us and want us dead.

There is no freedom in the west only the ilusion of it .
We are descending to a kike corporate fascism hellhole

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1. learn english
2. lurk 2 more years
3. after that don't post two threads in a row with the same incoherent ramblings about a couple of non issues

Who the fuck cares if he is doing a great work exposing the stablishment like in the recent documentary panorama with literally million of views

The mayority of right wing parties simply defend the right of jew to exist in israel to not fall in contradictions aplyed to europe, and of course to strategically not being portrayed as nazis that have a very bad press in tye recent times.
Killyourself kiketard

You are nobody to tell me what to do .

We are entetering in the new dark ages and everyone seem happy with it .

Because the ones causing it are controlling the truth by censoring it and publishing only lies. You're only allowed to participate in cultivated echo chambers, while places like this are only poking holes in the fabric of global lies. Underneath is pure anger.

based isreali psyops

Argggg dont reply to me kike

Genuinely, you really ought to fuck off from here you irritating kike

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We do, disinfo shill. Go bray about your controlled opposition feigning subjugation some place else. Stop using the "platforms" jews have created as your soapboxes, and expecting fair treatment where you never found any in the first place. There is but one way to make a lasting statement and political wave, and that is segregation first and foremost.

too dramatically, the fight never stopped in hidden forms for most people

Lmfoo at this subhumans relegated to secure pol

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You're on Zig Forums promoting the zionist kike agent Tommy Stephen Yaxley Lennon Robinstein and calling those calling you out on your kikery "jews"

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The last week it was published in the guardian that facebook would bann all white nationalist channel .
They dont use any pretext anymore

China seem to be a much more free place to live to be honest
All for the people but without the people
Nazis proven right once again