Which translation did you read?

I recently was fortunate enough to pick up a 76 yo 1st ed copy of the Manheim translation, the only word-for-word translation. There are kiked footnotes, but those can easily be ignored. Which translation did you read, and why?

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carolynyeager.net/search/node/Thomas Dalton Mein Kampf

I haven't read it because my German is still not good enough

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Stalag edition, but I want to learn German. Some of these editions are kiked.

This isn't the version I read (it's new), but Thomas Dalton's translation is the one to go with.

Carolyn Yeager has a handful of excerpts published on her blog: carolynyeager.net/search/node/Thomas Dalton Mein Kampf

Learn German.

The rabbi approved version of course

Mannheim isn't good. Ford and Stalag are both much better.

What's a good physical copy of Mein Kampf in German? And where can I find one?

This is why Manheim is shit. Word for word translations miss the mark when trying to convey the overarching concepts behind the thought process. Find a Stalag Edition and you'll see what I mean.

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I've seen someone here recommend "Ford" translation.


manheim is acceptable if it's all you have access to. much better than nothing and i don't think it's as bad as people sometimes make it out to be. it's just that the words of adolf hitler are held to a high standard and with something as important as mein kampf you should try to get the best that you can.

i've read about his translation but couldn't really find much definitive information about it. the reviews seemed sketchy from what i remember but it was probably two years that i actually internet-researched that translation

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Stalag is your best bet. Manheim is ok but a bit pedantic. Murphy is a corrupt translation with additional sections that appear no where else.

This is a comparison:

Why so upset, friendo?

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Thanks for your input, friends. I'd love to purchase an original copy and learn German, I just don't have any spare time to learn a language at the moment. I'll investigate the translations you've suggested.

What's your input on this review?

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I have Ford and Stalag but haven't read either because the book is so fucking boring.


To each his own, I guess. But I found it droned on and did not seem to help at all with the present predicament. "Yes, I know this already." I'm just not in the cult of personality. I don't love the book because it was Hitler's.

I have Ford but haven’t finished the entire book

It’s good but the parts about German history are hard to understand, those parts have trouble holding my attention

I've read a bit of it and it invigorates me, not in a cultish way. As you said, to each their own.

It has a great historical interest, I found it extremely interesting in this aspect.

Not sure about Manheim, it's been a while since I talked with Anons about Mein Kampf. I know the Murphy translation was heavily jewed, he hated the Nazis and twisted the meaning or sentiment to make it more boring or hateful than it was, sometimes missing the mark entirely in a means to deceive the reader of its whole content, with the help of his jewish editor or assistant. Stalag seems ok, Ford or 'new Ford translation' is probably best that I know of. Otherwise I'm learning German to read it in the original form.

The first half of the book is more autobiogaphical, whereas the second half is more about his ideology and thoughts on European geopolitics. If you're not up for reading the whole thing, it's OK to skip around and read chapters on specific things that interest you.

When i read Manheim i got the impression it was technically accurate but not very readable. I have never read Ford but Stalag is what i recommend, it just gets to the point. Murphy is no good.

Good info. Some user should make a little infographic overview of the pros/cons of each translation for easy reference.

the Yiddish translation

murphy doesn't have fagnotes but manheim is best

Is the original a good source to learn German from? I know a small amount already and can generally read it but nowhere near the same fluency as English.


Does anyone here know what version I have? I don't speak German, but this looks like a good copy.
I got it from a pile of books I saved from an old hoarders house that I am helping to remodel and when I saw it it made my day, but then I realized it was in German so I couldn't read it immediately.

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How much for your book, OP? And can you prove that it's a first edition?

Illiterate retard justifying his lack of culture, pathetic.

For the love of God, user, scan and post pdf.

I'll agree that word-for-word translations miss the subtlety of meaning, but in the case of such a controversial book with such potential for kikery in translation, it would be a useful secondary reference to a more readable translation.

I read the abridged version that was translated by jews.

I will give you 10 dollars plus shipping
keep it you fool, this is the wedding gift edition!

so angry and upset, hilarious

A 1941 edition, 2nd printing. Polite sage for poll/blogposting.

Not for sale, but yes I can prove it. I'll snap a photo of the copyright page.
I will actually consider scanning, sounds like a pain in the dick though. Wondering if the footnotes should be omitted.

MEIN KAMPF VOLKSAUSGABE 1941 (My Struggle Volk-edition)
(Auflage) EDITION 563.-567.

It definitely looks like the wedding edition, but the numbers dont add up. It says there are 6,6 million copies, but when the wedding edition was printed it barely exceeded 5 million prints.

Either way, dont fucking get rid of it. I have the Stalag translation, finding an original German version is hard where i live. I dont believe my German is good enough to understand the nuance given to certain phrases either way - and my Deutsch isnt bad.

the issue with the mannheim is that it is a word-for-word translation but the translation is not accurate because in many respects mannheim used purposefully incendiary words to give the translation a violent meaning.
It's just bad. Ford and Stalag are much better.

I read Ford and I thought it was fantastic. There were a couple times when the translations were iffy, but I knew enough about Hitler to glean what they were trying to say. It read like a thriller novel sometimes, especially some of the parts involving the SA. I respected Hitler before I read Mein Kampf, but I didn't love him until after I read it. It was like he was speaking directly to me and I knew exactly what he meant every time, because I've thought so many of the same things. Mein Kampf accelerated my personal development tremendously. It was like a pupil finally finding a suitable master or something, I'm not sure how else to describe it.


Stalag Edition, it's the only official one and the only non-kiked version as far as I'm aware. The original work remains the best, it's worth learning German for it and works like it.

Uh no.

The only unkiked edition is the 1st ed original.

I meant the only official one in English and the only non-kiked English version. My bad.

If you read a ebook version and highlight each word using an inline DE->EN dictionary, it will be a slog but you'll learn a lot.

I got the ebook of the German version from kikezon since there wasn't a good copy on libgen.

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This. There's a dual English-German translation on Amazon. It's accurate, unbiased, and recent (2017, I believe).


Don't do this with Mein Kampf. The language is too advanced for a beginner. I speak C2 German and find it quite dense, as a native speaker can probably confirm. Read a young adult book in German if you want to boost your comprehension.

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Verlag "Der Schelm" is the way to go! They offer many NatSoc reprints, of course just for "scientific research purpose"

Link: derschelm.com/derschelm.com/product_info.php?info=p113_hitler–adolf–mein-kampf.html

Got many books there…

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(((this))) one:

Will do


The Ford translation was very nice. I got it on audible and it was really good. Since it was dictated rather than written it’s more natural to hear it spoken to you than reading it yourself. The only Con is a woman reads the footnotes but it’s not too bad. The main reader is very articulate.

word-for-word translations were not authorized by the NSDAP and handed out to POWs.

How about we round that number to a nice 6 million?

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Hitler was a jew


I still have yet to read it, as I wish to read a print version, but I hear that the Ford translation is one of the best. I found this looking it up just now though bytwerk.com/Ford-Translation/ford-errors.htm. There is a "New Ford Translation" also.


National Vanguard, the publication arm of William Pierce's National Alliance (and formerly a spin-off group after Pierce's death) says this

>Translation Not Authorized by Hitler

I read the Ford edition - I think quite highly of the fact that Henry Ford was such an ardent admirer of The Führer. I have heard mixed things about the other editions… Are they superior in any objective ways? I've been meaning to re-read it because it's been several years… Although I did listen to an audio book version at work last summer. I believe it was of the Ford translation as well though…


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That was by a man named Michael Ford, dude


You're right… Damn not sure how I mixed that up in my head canon but the comments on Henry Ford still stand.

Manheim is tolerable, but Stalag is a lot better. Granted, the only one I’ve read through front to back is Manheim but after reading sections of Stalag and comparing the two I find Stalag to be much more readable and natural-sounding. I really need to pick up a physical copy.

I didn’t know there was a dual language version available. I haven’t taken any German classes in a few years but that might be worth picking up for practice and continued motivation

See my previous post on errors in the translation

Ah, thank you kamerad.

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Thanks anons, found a good overview of the Dalton edition here. It's available in a dual English-German version as well, so you can compare the two languages directly from the left page to the right page. anoccasionalcomment.blogspot.com/2019/01/04201889.html

Die gedruckte Erstausgabe.

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Ford translation is the only English version approved by the Nazi Regime.

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Thank you. This is how I feel.

An amazing feat, given that the Ford translation was released in 2009. archive.fo/HWnUX not only covers the Dalton work, but is an excellent overview of the other extant translations and compares them. A glance at the many differences between even the leading sentence of the book is illustrative of the pitfalls in choosing a poor translation.

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The first chapter of the second half of the book alone is very relevant.

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Just imagine having to wait 60 years for an english translation.

People get confused because Henry Ford was the first to translate the Protocols of the Elders of Zion into english, people just assume he translated Mein Kampf as well

Our numbers are growing everyday, which is why you are now lashing out in a desperation instead of leaving us be like you used to. Clock is ticking for you : )

This is probably why I got this mixed up as well. I didn't really do my due diligence in researching the different translations before reading, to be honest.

The feeling was mutual because Ford was the only American mentioned positively in Mein Kampf. Hitler wrote: "only a single great man, Ford, to the Jews’ fury, still maintains full independence…from the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty millions”. Ford also received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, which was the highest honor that the NS party could award a foreigner.

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If only we had mega-industralists who weren't afraid to stand up to the kikes like Ford today…

You meant Stalag

Stalag 357

Stalag is the best one tbh

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That particular Stalag printing is fugged. Hitler's long paragraphs are broken up into shorter blocks, sometimes only a sentence long, much like a newspaper. Because of this it is difficult to know when one idea finishes and the next begins, completely destroying continuity. That, and it's full of OCR mistakes that the lazy-ass editor never bothered to correct. Just poor quality overall.

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