ANTIFA Doxxers

ANTIFA Doxxing Twitter Accounts

I thought this thread was necessary to mass report ANTIFA doxxing accounts on twitter. Their main purpose is to doxx Identitarians, pro-whites and right-wingers in general and call their work and schools to get them fired and suspended.

The ANTIFA rabbit hole:

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find some leftist and assume his identity, they'll dox some cuck instead

twitter is lefty clay OP. You gota play 4D chess to get mods to stick their fingers out of their ass.

So go kill them. Another thread here isn't going to move the needle.

Good. The more white men radicalized by losing their source of income and friends the better. Love all of these dumbass leftists pushing centrists over to our side, basically forming the core of our revolutionary vanguard for us.

That shit isn't going to work on twitter, fags run the place.

Fuck optics Cucks like Casey fuck his mother and fuck his whole family
I'd rather side with Antifa than these faggots
At least Antifa actually goes outside

this is what Jewish demoralization looks like

Their first account was already suspended

They're kikes.

This is your average low IQ wignat larper

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Chris Cantwell is a fed
Weev is Jewish
Heimbach is a Bolshevik and probably a fed
Patrick Little did nothing wrong, but he's far from a 10/10 redpilled
Thanks Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes. You're not welcome here. This is a National Socialist Board.

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Disenfranchising angry, smart, determined men by getting them fired from their jobs (the only link some of us have with Normieville) won’t have the effect normies were hoping for.

Unironically this.

If one of us loses everything to the point that suicide seems like an option - how many do you think will choose to make it count for something?

I swear they may be suicideing-by-whitedevil as much as they push it. Its like they want it, real bad

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I bet you live in a big city. It’s fucked your brain.

Antifa is helping Whites by doxing White Nationalist retards who only help the Jews.

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike shill that just now learned about TOR.

Is everyone here 12 years old?

Don't forget those who threaten us have names and addresses too, they are also extremely allergic to bullets

An old adage; Dismount the leaders, disperse the flock. I wonder what would happen if their main instigators of this are found to have dirt on them…

This thread is getting punched, watch your backs. This is our final warning.
You guys better stop, now! There will be hell to pay. Wait till we get our hands on you. You won't know what hit you. Something big, nothing personal.

This is the best solution, online legit always assume personality of a faggot leftie/normie that is degen or hate-able.

You get doxxed… (well they get doxxed) its a win-win.