Is there a country where life is good ?

Hello, is there a country where life is good ? I'm French and I'm seriously tired of leftists, shitskins and big cases to 2 of IQ, I would like to live simply with holy people. I thought about Portugal in particular

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kys fag

Rule 2, rule 4. Fuck off.

We know you're French, French people are cowards and cunts who would rather flee than fight.

No and there never will be if you cowardly faggots keep running from your problems.

You should stay , go to paris, pour some petrol on the mudshits light em up and livestream it. The war is here my French friend. That would escalate things nicely

insulting virgins can get fucked


You live in a country where you can eat yourself to death. You can perfect your mind by learning anything on the internet, you can reach peak physical form if you wanted to. You can do all of that, you have all the tools to become the perfect you, but if you're not even willing to perfect yourself, then maybe you're meant to be led like a lemming and maybe your country deserves to be obliterated because of how lazy you are.


Isle of Mann is nice, sure, the entire island's population is less than a mid sized French city but it's still close to 100% White, also I hear French Switzerland is great… both are really hard to get into, though.

But France actually has the Yellow Vests, it's your chance to actually fight for change, don't flee like the "cheese eating surrender monkies" you all claim strongly to not be.

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No there isn't. People like you destroyed every country.

no, I hate shitskins and leftists.

you don't live in France, but rather in another world that you have made yourself

yellow vests is bullshit, the movement has been infiltrated by the left, the communist government will soon finish destroying everything

Try Guanajuato, most conservative state in Mexico.

Whatever, instead of fighting, you choose to flee when there is nowhere to flee. That boomer mentality is killing us all. Every Whites around the world are facing the same shit. Your only choice is to get prepared, acquire gear, targets for the DOTR to come.

I will try to see what it's worth, why Chili according to you?

Czechia is pretty nice. Only 0.025% Muslim population.

No Jean, you're the low IQ leftist migrants.

no, boomers want immigrants, shitskins, they want sodomy, not me.

I hate the left, virgin

What I'm saying is that you have the resources to become your best and to buffet against the change, but if you're unwilling to do so and wanted to live a cushy life then you deserve your fate. Escape like a coward if you must.

Read up on how Mao won in China. Once the Nationalists exhausted themselves expelling the Japanese, the communists just went and stuck a dagger in the back of China's heroes.

So stick a dagger in leftist yellow vests once their work is done.

This instinct to flee was the same feel of dread boomer Americans had in the 50s and 60s, where they fled to California and the suburbs. Also a significant but less talked about phenomenon was Americans fleeing to Canada at this time. Even in the "hard right" cowards are just fleeing to colder, more rural and underdeveloped areas, hoping to escape diversity but it will only delay the inevitable for a decade or two.

Ball up your fists and fight, all White men are cornered rats, there is no other option.

Boomer also want a "good life" but this is not something we will achieve without fighting. The first step is to let go that Jewish mindset you have here.

as I said you don't live in France. I'll summarize it simply : there is no fight. The front wars, it's over, France is communist

Laughing at angry mutts answers, your ancestors also fled from Europe, fat cunts.

Come to America, is much better than stinky, cucky Europe.

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Fight for what? Fuck it.

The reason why you're losing is because people like you do not realize that the fight isn't over until you're dead. You have had too much comfort in your life.

you don't understand. there is no front, no war, just degenerate people, everywhere, ready to be slaughtered, with a communist state. You live in another world, internet has ravaged your brain

It is true that the case of France is probably the worst in the world:
—no free speech at all (pretty much any post here could make you jailed), "hate speech" and "negationnism" are repressed
—a lot of taxes, the State can take up to 50% of what you earn, only to give it to invaders who don't work and deal drugs
—racial pollution everywhere, impossible to make your children grow in a sane environment
—population deeply antiracist and "assimilationist", not segregated in an Anglo-Saxon model, a nigger will be considered as an authentic "French" by most of the population (country invented civic nationalism…)
—almost impossible to create your business; if you fail, you're screwed, if you're successful, you're taxed, this is the life of Whites in France

However there are still comfortable places to live, just look for the White-populated areas. This solution might be temporary but at least you can organize yourself and raise your children in a safer place…

What happened here?

France, the White race. You nigger.

Algerians who protest for weeks because of troubles in their country (yet act like "French" when they need gibs) assaulted a tranny.
And now the National Front is defending trannies…

cowards get nothing
heroes get everything

I live precisely in a white place, but there are limits to everything: the whites of the countryside are not less leftist, they are also much more stupid, but above all it does not avoid having to go in the city would not- what to work, and absolutely all schools are overgrown


Why would they fight Nat Soc Germans if they agreed with them, though?

Lol, you shouldn't complain that much then. I live in a 90% non-White area, I risk a stabbing as soon as I go out to work. Just today I almost had to fight with a drugged nigger who wanted money.

What did France or the white race ever done for me?


Chili is barely white anymore.

The messages, it reads in full. I will reformulate to make it clear : I live in a white place, but the work is done in the city (which is not white)

There is no fight

Of course, all cities are invaded, everyone know that. Doesn't change what I said. I grew up in a White leftist area before having to move to the city, I know many people are dumb and antiracist but it's much safer and livable than the hell I'm in atm.

What are you talking about? We are absolutely flooded by shitskins. The only difference is we're allowed to make internet comments that will be censored anyways, and can own guns that we're not even using. On the balance it's a wash.

I can't imagine fleeing my ancestral homelands, no matter how bad things ever become, my line has lived here for millennia, and they will continue to do so.
Hardship is part of life, and only if you procreate does your blood stand a chance to see the light of a day where our perils of today are but a bad memory. Take heart user, you will find purpose where you least expect it.

Every white place on earth has been niggered, user. Is there no way to find even one person who is like minded?

I can see fleeing America where the Germanic/Anglo founders have been somewhat overwhelmed by Italians, Slavs, Greeks, Portuguese, etc. who don't even care about anglo values. And of course shitskins/kikes which are clearly 100x worse, but still without the germanic/anglo population to uphold our original concept of a white nation, civic nationalism and consumer cosmopolitanism takes hold. But definitely don't flee Europe. If Europe is lost then it's all over. It's our last stand.

Watch out, we have a man filled with intellectual gaiety over here. Where you really need to move to is MIT's underground Secret Society for Psionics.

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as long as they're not crazy like arabs and niggers, it's ok

So then kill yourself, you have no roots and no identity. You're the cancer that has ruined your country. The best thing you can do to improve the world is suicide.

Are you one of the 3/64 Hungarians who consider yourself ethnically Hungarian?

The US is huge, and the ethnicities are for the most part - outside of large population centers - not that intermixed. So I don't think there's a reason to flee America either.
We flee and fly too easily. We put our feet to the ground, and never again step backwards.

Yes our lands are tainted and our streets have the most abominable of sub-human filth loitering about. But we have the internet, and we have such potential with it. With it you can find people of like mind and you can create networks.
A big problem is that we are more woke on a whole, than we realize, but so many people are isolated and despair. We need to find ways to connect and network. But this is something Zig Forums will always struggle with, being an anonymous platform.

But France isn't white, you double nigger.

It was. and will be soon after the real holocaust happens

End crypto-algeria and remake France, god bless

Holy dubs of truth
Stand your ground faggots
If you run your problems will only chase you, you will never escape
You especially cant escape the clutches of the globalists. The only option left is to physically break their fingers and release their clutch

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Hopefully. Any bets on the yellow jackets at all?

Once the army fires its first live round - and it will - the french should start their full revolt of death and carnage, and purge the foreign filth along with the kikebought mercenaries in uniform.

when I say you live in another world … The yellow vests are over, it's dead, almost nobody is involved except some antifascists who have infiltrated the movement and turned it into a "social revolt" very leftist

Spam thread.

I see a Spanish Civil War situation going on, except the democrats (in the literal use, not Burger party) will eventually form an alliance with fascists and the far right. Much like libertarians in America and 5 Stars in Italy, In think there's a pipeline of the various extremely upset prople politically to our movement.

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Ozone hole.

Portugal full of drugs and whores and mafias and also Muslims wanted by the US cuz US don't have extradition threaties with Portugal; there probs a load of Isis hiding out there.

Lift, get in good shape. Buy some hunting rifles, learn how to use them. Stockpile ammo. Buy a lathe and a mill, download plans on gunsmithing. Get ready for the revolution, frog.

We envy you. 40% of the population is ready for violent overthrow of the government. Don't miss out on the fun!

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Gibraltar is a magical place.
Due to the place bring contested lands and also that the Brit navy sick there then there is very tight security, the border is tightly controlled, there's overt and fever canereas everywhere and plain clothes SAS on patrol in the streets discreetly carrying guns.
With all this somehow al it's magically illegal drugs easilly available there and there's plenty of them, with all the de Urey presence and tight border the drugs must get on by magic as the only other way it could get in would be the military bringing it and supplying it to crims, such a things of course cant be happening so drugs must just appear by magic, presumably it's also magi that makes mentally ill ppl and homeless ppl disappear in Gibraltar.
It's a magical place.

No stay the fuck out you French cunt. Anyway we have enough muslims now thanks to Boomer generation importing Muslims in the 90s

I've heard that Portugal has gone to shit since Salazar died and the Estado Novo collapsed. Would like a Portuguese user to confirm if that's the case.

Stop running. Stand and fight.

Then out spake brave Horatius
The captain of the gate
to every man upon this earth
death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds
for the ashes of his fathers
And the temples of his gods.

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Gibraltar is a magical place.
Due to the place bring contested lands and also that the Brit navy dock there then there is very tight security, the border is tightly controlled, nothing gets in or out without the security forces knowing; there's overt and covert cameras everywhere and also plain clothes SAS on patrol in the streets discreetly carrying guns.
With all this somehow as if by magic illegal drugs get into the counter and are easilly available and there's plenty of them, with all the security presence and tight border the drugs must get in by magic as the only other way it could get in would be the military bringing it and supplying it to crims, such a things of course cant be happening so drugs must just appear by magic, presumably it's also magic that makes mentally ill ppl and homeless ppl disappear in Gibraltar.
It's a magical place.

I live in the States too, can confirm.

Nowhere is safe from the regressive left and cucking due to ((their)) globalist agendas you ignorant fuck.You should spend less time being a pussy and man up, prepare, spread the word. You country is going to shit so set an example already FFS. If you do not face your problems head on they will grow until they crush you to death. Remember that.


Ukraine is pretty solid despite their terribad economy and political corruption.

It's still a beautiful Christian country and would recommend visiting.

Heres a radical thought. Stay in your own fucking country.
If where YOUR country is, is super confusing to you then here are some easy steps to ascertain that fact.
Look at yourself.
Do you look like others in your family.
Does your family look like the majority of your countries ethnic base.
Does you and your family share the culture of others from your communities history.
Were you born there?
Were your ancestors born there?
If any are answered no then you are a fucking pariah and dont belong.

Shut your kike mouth faggot.

Sad to hear about. I visited a decade ago and even in the big cities, seemed very pleasant, with lots of intelligent people. People dressed smartly and I don't think I saw any 300lb+ women waddling along. I saw the odd group of jews, but don't really recall any niggers and if I did, they were just background noise.

Yes and you're not welcome, kike.

I confirm

i don't know about holy people,but you could always fuck off to the wilds of alaska, even if America goes to shit that place is still so remote and will likely stay that way for your lifetime that it wouldn't matter.


Wow, what a coward. Go read Germania by Tacitus to see how a coward should be treated.

good for you OP.
there will never be a fight.
all whites history is a lie and there were no fights at all.
we all just gave up or flee.
it's all bullshit.
everyone just observes and reports.
let the god take care of the mess.
who cares.
let it all burn.

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It's sad when cuckchanners are so devoid of humanity that they run out of shit threads to spam the board with, so they repeat the same shit thread over and over agai

As if things weren't bad enough for whites there already.

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Youre fucking French. The revolution is going on outside your fucking window, and all you can think about is tucking tail and running. Newsflash, there is no refuge, these people are playing for the entire world.

Stop shitposting, get out on the street and join your brothers, faggot.

Is that a big, long, feathery dick?

I travel the US regularly and I've got to say I'd be surprised if whites were even 40% of the population that this point. I used to think SW florida was white SE has been a kike filled shithole for a long time as most of the people over there were white transplants from the midwest. But Jesus Fucking Christ I was there a few weeks ago and it seemed like all I saw were unidentifiable shitskins and the brown skin asian types.

Yes, in Heaven only. Do everything you can to endure this living right now, the life is not possible anywhere on Earth anymore. The next life is more important. Do everything you can to resist this Earth plane. Help is coming.

try Nigeria

We're definitely at no more than 40% with all Whites in generations post-Boomer.

OP, you're part of the problem. (((holy people))) are the root cause, as they are antiracist all are brothers in christ anyone? white garbage.

This. There are a few Catholics like E. Michael Jones who are based, but for the most part, the Christian churches of whatever denomination are corrupt and thoroughly rotten to the core.

You can learn another language and try to flee but I don't think that's the right thing to do. This strife will consume the world if everyone runs away. Evil must be confronted, for the sake of justice and freedom.


Portugal is nice, but it's very similar to France in some ways. People are lazy and you can't trust their word. They are also ugly on average. You could try the azores though, it's developing quickly and is kind of a heaven for European expats.