Manet, Picasso and Cezanne works renamed after black models

Masterpieces by Manet, Picasso and Cezanne have been renamed after the overlooked black subjects featured in them for a new exhibition in Paris.

The curators of Black Models: From Gericault to Matisse have identified the sitters who had not been named.

At the time, black models were largely nameless and labelled as racial types.

Manet's Olympia, painted in 1863, which depicts a naked reclining prostitute, has been renamed Laure after the woman who posed as her maid.

The historic titles of the paintings are relegated to the second line.

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Not yet, right now it's getting more polarized. The ensuing conflict will make it better by removing the polarized half we don't like.

Why don't they just burn it?

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Yuri and Yaoi are shit. Watch some Yuri Bezmenov instead.


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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white yuris

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Shut the fuck up, kike. Homosexuality is one of the biggest reasons why white birth rates are down.

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I've seen Olympia in 2023 and it's beautiful.

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I'm sure posting gore on image boards makes you a hit with the ladies.

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Own nothing? I disagree.
The Empire is rising.

You should if you care about white birth rates.

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You are quite off-white, moshe.

You shills need to understand that reading from the same script makes your astroturfing ineffective. Take a look, boys; this is what a homegrown shill looks like. You might as well call me an angry incel due to the sole fact that I don't want shitskins racemixing with whitey.

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no kikes here, friend. Just an enlightened lesbian Christian girl.

White birthrates are down because countries like Germany give White Parents only 200€ a month gov. support for the child. Yet Migrants receive 2000€ per child. Do the math.

If Support by the State would exist, the Birthrate would be like back under Adolf Hitler with 6-8 per 1000 capita.


Y'know calling everyone you don't like a kike really saturates the punch behind the accusation.

White mothers used to be subsidized and given crosses for giving birth to aryan children.

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Holes are for breeding, not consideration of opinions. Why do you think cultures with the least care for womens' opinions have the highest birth rates?
You didn't think of it, because you're a woman and make emotive decisions. Right now you're emotionally raging inside about the 'Holes' sentence I wrote, and thinking a pithy reply attacking my ego will be useful to get your 'point' across. It wont.
Women only have 'opinions' when their needs are not met. You fill their needs, and you plug their mouths. They don't know what they want, so it is up to the man to give it to them with strength, guidance, and strong leadership.

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Why you should never allow third world savages into your country.

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its all fun and games until these paintings don't hit thier targets at auction.

I'd like to speak to your supervisor. You need retraining.


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The price for not killing the enemy is the enemy spreading and infecting everything.
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These post-modern faggots can't change the composition of the paintings or the meanings the artists intended to communicate. Their little publicity stunt will change nothing. Anyone that looks at Olympia, without knowing the name, will know that the subject of the painting is the beautiful white woman in the center of the frame looking most directly at the viewer and not the shadow lurking in the background. The same goes for any of these paintings, even Picasso's degenerate filth.

Homos only make like 2% of the population, tops.
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No, the problem with birthrates runs much, MUCH deeper than that and it basically down to destruction of society, small communities and communal upbringing and more state control over education.

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NO. There's actually far fewer fags that are white than any other race. The real problem with birthrates is the fact that the kikes have subverted the age old rhythm of procreation by convincing us that both partners must work to be considered equals, that women shouldn't be tied down to childbearing just because they were born with a womb, that marriage is the death of a man's freedom, that you aren't old enough or smart enough to make life changing choices until after you've been through collage, that you should travel and find yourself before you settle down. All of it echos the exact same message (((WAIT, WAIT, WAIT))). Put off having kids until you FEEL like you are READY. That day never comes. You never feel ready for kids, mentally. But your body is ready to produce them a few years after going through puberty, once your mind has caught up to you body.

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Damn wrong one.

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I remember that one.

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Haha found the angry dryke - oh wait that's every dyke

Interestingly, this exhibit is funded by the Ford Foundation, which is currently led by a spic (as CEO) and a gay nigger. I can't see any obvious Jew frontmen, but reading the wikipedia article on the Ford Foundation, it looks like they have been up to glow-in-the-dark pinko bullshit for a long time.

From wikipedia (with [citation numbers] removed for your convenience). Assume a […] between lines, I'm trying not to copy and paste the entire article, but there are a lot of highlights.

Are you guys honestly happy with your lives?

it persists

Mostly, once we get rid of degeneracy it will be perfect.

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We need to exterminate the degenerates and the parasites (so the rich and the poor as well).


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