Mixed race peope

What is your opinion on mixed race people. Why do you consider genetics to be so important? I understand why someone might say they like certain European culture, crtiticize the Islam ideology, or other religious ideology. But I don’t believe that genetics are tied to this. Like for all you white supremecists, if you adopted a black child at birth why would it make a difference given that it shares your values and culture. I say this as a mixed race person, when people talk about all these racial groups I don’t fit into any, however from a cultural perspective I do align with American culture.

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Mixed race people are the future of this world.

You are an abomination, an insult to your ancestors on both sides. Don't procreate.
And stop making this shit thread >>>/b/

American culture is cancer, aligning yourself with it is nothing to be proud of. Gas yourself after murdering your coal burning mother you filthy halfbreed

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The different in races is genetic, only the White race has that spark of greatness, by being a mudbaby you had that opportunity but one of your parents dulled that part of you permanently. No amount of raising someone changes this fact at all.

I'd never invite a genetically inferior person into my home, the idea of calling a nigger my son makes me want to vomit. How dare you fucking insult me by suggesting that, you piece of shit. You are a racial deadend, I pity your existence.

But obviously no one would do that to themselves. Like I don’t think its at all accurate to say that some dna determines whether someone can be a productive member of society.

I haven’t seen evidence for this. If you can get some scientific studies showing some specific gene that white people have that aligns with this spark then maybe you have a point. I find it unlikely however, also if such a gene existed I would think that a mixed race person has a 50/50 shot at inheriting that gene.

Then you have to explain why entire races are absolute failures at creating civilizations worthy of living in. Your feelings arent enough. We dont need shitskins like you, you need us

I like everyone except jews

Like dog mongrels, they are formless, typically lacking the ideal associated with a specific racial type. A product of chaos over order, of formlessness over form. Obviously, with human groups, the level of correspondence to ideal archetypes is not as strict as with dog races(i.e not all "pure" Germans are going to perfectly resemble Arno Breker statues), but racemixing completely destroys any hope of form which eugenics could in principle achieve or aim towards.
Culture is the product of a certain human type, no amount of clumsily aping said culture will make it yours.

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On some level I feel sorry for them. It's not their fault their parents were retards. However, this pity doesn't affect my resolution to build a White nation in whats left of America and for the Europeans to have their nations back.

Fuck that jewish ideology. Wealth is not very important as long as you have enough to eat, clothe yourself and a roof above your head. What actually matters like family, culture and unity… cannot have niggers in it.

Then you're not very smart, and lead more by personal and irrational hatred, than by the natural desire to protect and secure a future for your own kin and people. The kike is not the only threat, but it is the most fierce.

Of your point is that a white society can flourish without other races then yeah probably correct their is nothing magical about some other race that is needed for a functioning society. However any race would be able to have a functioning society look at Japan. I don’t see evidence that genetics plays a role in whether you can have a society or not, other than maybe IQ but all races have high and low IQ people so then it would be IQ that is the factor not race.

Then you can take that gene and fucking live somewhere else with it. We don't need you, you'll never be accepted, you'll be a pariah for life. You're a product of someone drowning their roots, go the fuck away.

Nobody will ever care about halflings, you have no place in society.

I agree that wealth is not the only important thing. But my point is that I don’t think it’s impossible for non-whites to contribute to a good community and culture. At the end of the day it seems that is what you are striving toward.

You cant understand truly because your mixed. White people can only exist now under our current situation, if we are putting race, culture and heritage before anything else and giving birth to more children. The best thing that you can do is know the truth, speak the truth, give a shit about America and stay away from white women.

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The biggest problem with them is that their mothers are disgusting, degenerate, trashy traitors. Difficult to trust anybody who inherited such tainted genes.

A good community is a homogeneous one. Niggers have no place there, and there is no such thing as "mixed race", you're either White or a mud.

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So what you are saying is that European culture is the best, and that genetics is linked to culture. The first part you may have an argument, but I haven’t seen any evidence that the link exists. When I am with white friends I do not see any meaningful difference in our psyches, and I especially have not seen any common shared trait that is exclusive among white people other than pigment itself.

First thing a White man can never be your friend. Second of course YOU can't see the difference, you're an inferior mud.

I've known many mulattos, and without fail, every single one of the motherfuckers identified with their nig half eventually, but they still felt entitled to white women. It's the worst of both worlds. You get a nig with a chip on his shoulder who hates whites, but yet he still wants to poach their women and further spoil our beautiful race.


Well thanks for being the first person to say I shouldn’t just kill myself lol

Just listen to yourself - you won't even acknowledge that there's a difference between africaniggers and whites. You can't even admit that whites build superior societies. You can't admit that white culture outshines any other culture on the planet. You are a sneaky little subversive traitor, just looking for a way to bring other whites down to your muddy level.

No. We want white nations for white people. Europe for europeans. Nobody give a fuck if you are hardworking goy. We can do it do. Nothing special.

Well I personally identify a lot more toward white half, but don’t really identify with race at all, more culture. Also I am not half black, I am half Asian and I really don’t at all participate in anything Asian, my Asian parent is not in the picture at all actually so I was fully raised by Americans

And wanted by neither. Fuck off Supreme Gentleman.

Right but I’d like to know why it needs to be divided by race specifically? Obviously the reason is that you feel that genetics plays a role in having a successful society. But my point is that if you add a person who is not genetically white I don’t think it would hinder the society.

Mixed people have left the white race, therefore they should love a white nation. Race mixing not only destroys the genetics that microevolution has given the white rare, it destroys culture too as the child will adopt the culture of both parents. The child will not have inherited 100% white culture, but rather a partial percentage.

If Europe is for Europeans do you feel the whites and blacks should leave North America to the Natives?

That’s not true I said that European culture (which was created by whites) is a very good culture. My point is that if you take a high IQ black person and raise them in that culture I don’t get why they would not be able to be a part of it.

The natives of the Americas were Whites you stupid piece of shit, Solutreans. The "natives" were Asiatic invaders that came through Alaska thousands of years later and raped and murdered the actual White natives. Injuns are stupid drunken invaders and deserve to be tortured to death… but due to our empathy could simply be deported to Mexico or something.

Culture doesn't really matter, to be honest, only the backbone of certain cultures survive in to what is known as tradition (which remains largely unchanged overtime.) Just because Americans speak English and celebrate some aspects of British culture, ie Halloween and rabbits on Easter, doesn't mean that Americans are British.

The fact that I'm of Italian descent and celebrate British customs, doesn't make me British, even though I was raised in a culture derived from that of the British Isles.

A race (the term nation is more appropriate) gets its identity from the, wait for it, Blood and Soil. And by nation I don't mean the word many people nowadays use as a synonym for country, but nation as in race, those descended from a common ancestor. The original people of America were descended from all over Western and Southern Europe, and established a "New Europe" in the Americas. Since America (North and South) is hence an extension of Europe (similar to Australia and South Africa), European culture and tradition has thrived in those places.

But adopting that culture, wont make you White. And being White means one has to fall into a certain range of skin color (from Irish Pale to Alpine Pink to Balkan Olive), as well as having certain characteristics like straight or wavy hair, or broad heads among others. The most important aspect to being white is to be of full descent (95%+) of at least one of Europe's main ethnic groups. These groups are Latins, Celts, Iberian/Basqes, Illyrian, Hellenic, Nordic/Germanic, Balto-Slavs, and pre-Neolithic populations, or any combination thereof.

Anyone in the late 80s to 90s can still be considered white, but this stops at 80%. Anyone less than 3/4ths white ancestry cannot be considered white, despite what they may look like. You can probably live normally with 90% of your body attached, but it gets a lot harder when you only have 75% of you body. Youd be dead at 50%.

Why do you obsess over wealth and intelligence? This isn't what we care about as a race, those are jewish virtues that are parroted to you through their media and you falsely assume these are what's important to Whites.

Italians have their genes and their country. Germans have their genes and their country. America is clusterfuck. That is why you don't understand it. If you are nigger you are not German. Germans are not blacks. Anybody can American. Non white person in white society taint white genes. It also create segregation because from that point you have white and non white people. People will not trust each other anymore.

Yes. But if they go, they should also destroy everything they build.

So you ignore the studies that did exactly this. Fuck off, genetics and IQ are closely linked with race. So desperate to be white, but you'll never be.

I get where you are coming from but at the end of the day while I see that decline of white people also mirrors decline of their culture I do believe that their are minor distinctions. In the sense that I believe assimilation exists but it just doesn’t happens when the influx is too rapid. The white nationalists seem to believe that assimilation is de facto not possible. Anyway I know I can’t convince anyone here but was just giving my perspective.

Kill yourself jew.

In case you ask, White virtues are:

- Honor
- Courage
- Exploration of Knowledge (Questing)
- Strength
- Loyalty
- Intolerance
- Restraint
- Responsiblity (delayed gratification)

Matriarchal societies:
- niggers
- amerindian muds
- jews
- streetshitters

Patriarchal societies:
- Whites
- most east asians (especially Japanese)
- northern Indians (aryans)
- sandniggers (Shiites more than Sunnis)

It's a mental and physical dilution of the gene pool. Just like millions of animal studies showed, diluting the bloodlines will always create inferior beings. If a white European man mixes with a Mexican woman, the children will not reach his height or his IQ, their receding hairline will be a little bit stronger, their immune system will be a little bit weaker and so on. The negative impact physically won't be seen for decades, which is why parents lying themselves out of responsibility, while willfully ignoring the thousands of years of jewish slavery meddling in humanities bloodlines, which infected our overall intelligence, eyesight, immune strength, life expectancy, bone structure etc. There is a reason why animal breeder have such a large track record of failures to get where they are today, and even then, most bred species like dogs, horses and cattle are specifically bred towards one purpose and severely flawed in everything else. They are for example dogs bred for racing, who in return have a way lower life expectancy or early back problems.

Now for the mental problems…mutts have no distinct identity. These kids wont feel connected to Europe, neither to Mexico, and if they live with other mutts then they have no connecting to their birthplace either. At this stage nature will try to find a replacement, so that the human can make a family, create a culture and build a nation to secure his existence, but for the mutt only jewish capitalism is waiting to take the role of culture. Which brings me to the main problem for lack of identity and the reason why jews are so god damn dangerous to planet earth. Today they are called globalists, another word is internationalists and Hitler specifically called them rootless. What all these term describe is the nomadic lifestyle, which the jews had to follow (because of their crimes) for thousands of years. This led to a fatal disconnection from nature, which in return led to all the hedonistic degeneracy, birth defects, tay-sachs disease, inbreeding, homosexuality, transsexualism, their physical weakness etc. Since this longterm corruption of natural order is hard to grasp for the rest of mankind I give you a faster example…Hollywood Stars. The term "living inside a bubble" describes it perfectly. Money and fame disconnect these people from reality, in return they predominately fall for drug abuse, pedophilia, broken families, divorces, satan worshiping, and every other hedonistic suicide lifestyle in the book. This is all because they are not connected with the laws of nature. You can cut down a tree, and the root will struggle to create new life, but if you dig out the root all life will succumb to death.

It does. Look at abbos or nogs.
You CAN have a society, but how good that society will be depends on many factors. Genetics is one of them.

Wether you like it or not, genetics determine your potential. They determine the makeup of your body - including the brain.

Psychological differences between races exist (more than just IQ, it's how data is processed), to deny them is insane. And while statistical outliers exist (Like Thomas Sowell, that's one smart, educated and civilized black man), outliers do NOT form a society or culture. Japanese have a good culture and nation because they are genetically AND socially advanced enough. Certainly, having asian genes is far preferable to being a half nog.

So yeah you can be a "productive" member of society, but you will never fully be part of MY people. Your kids and grandkids might, after enough whitewashing.

And as said: A good community is a homogeneous one.

If i was a child of a nigger and an white i would think it is not bad.
then you want to think it is good.
Almost everey white is of race mixing.
It is Bad because the race is not pure then.it is very bad when a negro and a white mixing.

because they look different
simple as

I'm mixed race, those bashing mixed race people, you realise jews who you seem to hate so much dominate ordinary "white people"; i agree with the jewish perspective pure whites act like retards, especially on this website, but i dont care about whites or jews, just my perspective.

We conquered the Indians and took their land. Keep in mind that America was not densely populated with Indians. If someone else wants America, they will need to conquer the white race living there. This is happening right now, the white race is losing and will become an endangered or extinct race of man.

So then you support new people coming in and taking over every country, good to know.

Is it possible to delete a thread. I feel this has become useless

I feel pity for them. They truly do not belong anywhere and they know it as well which is why they are more prone to mental problems regarding identity.
Every living being considers genes important. Why do you want to have your own children rather than adopt a strangers child? Why would you mind if your wife took my sperm, shoved it up her own pussy and had a kid that way? We're programmed to care for genes.
Then why are White South Africans completely distinct in behavior, beliefs and productivity from Black South Africans? What are transracial adoption studies proving this fact wrong in terms of both race&IQ and inherent personality problems?
Because they don't and regression to the mean exists meaning that the only way to keep nonwhites compliant with my values is quite literally to force all their children into adoption. Otherwise they will seek others who are of their same race, mate with them and slowly but surely regress to their natural state of being. You'd know this if you considered genetics at all in the equation.
And you know deep down that you're making your arguments because you don't want to concede the point. It hits hard because it hits you right in the genes, therefore you don't want to admit the truth.
American culture originally did not support half breed mongrels, in fact they were denied citizenship because they weren't white. The sons of slaves who were bred by their owners weren't considered free white citizens. You therefore align with modern american culture which is about as american as mexicans are.

lurk another two years. We have threads on genetics, you would know this if you lurked here before asking this question as part of the thread.
If they are willing to honestly evaluate their situation and choose to reverse their parents mistake by fighting for White interests or racial segregation, then I recognize them as allies so long as they don't expect Whites to ever cuck and compromise their race for them.
lurk more faggot. It's not about being better than others, we aren't defining our race by evaluating other races to Whites. Op, you have projected mainstream lugenpresse agenda to how Whites see themselves. It's possible to love and cherish what Whites are without comparing or defining that love by how much better or worse we are categorically. We don't define Whites by how much we hate niggers, WHITES define Whites by who they are, who their ancestors were and who they want to become. However an objective view on race requires viewing the races categorically.

Mixed race people are abominations, they need to be exterminated.

Except that Whites were the original natives to the Americas. The "natives" are Asiatic invaders. Whites deserve to exclusively occupy everything from Barrow, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina.

See this:

Wait i mean this:

Most of White accomplishments are also do to outliers, not the average man. Turing, Gauss, Newton, Pythagoras, etc. were extreme outliers, not average men.

Will somebody kill me please ill prolly just fuck it up. Thanks in advance.

How do I delete this thread

nice fantasy you have going on there

Does anyone know how I can delete this thread

No, it's scientific fact, Solutreans (ancient Europeans) landed thousands of years in the Americas before the Asiatics. Those "natives" are nothing but invaders on our land.

So you got convinced you're refuse and now you want to delete this thread to protect your ego? Fuck off.


No it’s because I need to go do hw now and and I got my question answered, so I don’t want to leave this up

Cool. So fuck off and die.

I am trying to delete

ayy lamo

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Genetics matter.
Politically ideology is about 50% genetic and the rest environment.

IQ is about 60-80% genetic.

This isn't to say that there will not be outliers, ie. an intelligent African or a far right hispanic, but on a statistical scale africans will be lower IQ and Hispanics will be prone to socialist sympathies.

It's very possible and I know several people of mixed race or entirely other races that basically share my ideology and culture because they were born and raised to assimilate in America; however, they are a statistical outlier of this immigrant population. These outliers are welcome in our ethnostate just as mischlings and even full jews of national socialist ideology were welcome in Germany and even served in the German army.

African countries with an IQ of 67 will produce near zero geniuses, the few geniuses they do produce will be flooded by a ratio of too many retards to care for. White and Asian countries produce far more geniuses and have smarter people on average which makes them capable of maintaining a functional society. You have no understanding of how IQ works if you genuinely believe "everyone has geniuses so we're good!". A standard deviation for the 67IQ african country means that at +3 SD's (0.15% of the population) if we assume a white SD of 15 points, then youd have 0.15% of Africans with an IQ of 112 or higher. Meanwhile 33.33% of Whites have an IQ of 115 or higher. A white population will have more above average people than Africa will have geniuses. Same goes for Asians which tend to cluster heavily on an average of about 105, meaning their average person is almost on par with an African genius.

It's not impossible but using race and IQ as a measure you can easily see why thats very unlikely. You're essentially asking white people to take a big risk for the sake of people that probably do not and will not ever have our best interests at heart. You will deny deny deny this because of your feelings, because you know that you will never be white and as a result do not belong. You also know what we say is true, and that's why you beg white nations to take you in while discarding the nonwhite nations you supposedly believe can do the same. You've already decided that your wishy washy bullshit is just that, bullshit, but you want to convince us in order to not have to come to terms with reality.



See voting trends by race and then see how black republicans voted when Obama was running. They decided that genetics was more important than ideology. Think of a chihuahua, the most aggressive dog there is, do you think if you raise him in a home with german shepherds that he will lose that aggression? Of course not, temperament is genetic for all (except humans of course!). You cannot wish away the negatives of genetics just because they're higher IQ. Furthermore you only damn those civilizations if you're willing to take the highest IQ individuals for yourself.

But why though, according to you baste niggers and spics that are raised here will be just as white as we are culturally. You quite literally have conceded that genetics > cultural upbringing in this statement only to deny it in your next breath.

It's become "useless" because it did not give you the expected result. Kill yourself, not because you're mixed race but because you are an intellectual coward.

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Mixed race people have very high mental defect rates
Autism, schizophrenia, and bipolar are three very well known things they tend to have
The mixed races tend to be the same types of people too
If its a guy, hes typically autistic & sad
If its a girl, shes typically bipolar & whorish

Source: I get a good view of this shit from the shithole I live in & a few familymembers that nobody likes

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Well you don't get to choose so who cares?

To add to the "typically" part
For other people, there is a big diversity or personalities, but mixraces tend to be EXACTLY the same

citation for your claim required

A black man and a black woman can produce a white baby (albino)

but a white man, and a white woman CANNOT produce a dark baby.

(when it happens it means the white woman is cucking the white man)

This is all the evidence necessary to prove black people were the first humans and that white people are a subset of black people.

white skin = a loss of information

You've really come to the wrong spot if you think you're going to teach us anything.
Give it a minute, you're about to learn something new today.

This. One doesn't need to hate a HAPA, but one must always hate a coward.

If you are born to two Somalian parents will you spontaneously be a Czech with JUST Czech values? No because your genetics dictate the terms of your environment and vice versa. Why should we even want to share with strangers when we are being forbidden from our own? And mixing has a dysgenic effect for White genetics. Such as a regression to the mean, lower IQ, increased risk of mental illness and genetic diseases. The list goes on.

A common verity of mixedrace you'll see is a white+mexican
Theres a specific type that look all the same, they're a stocky, fat, autistic type
Where I live theres tons of them & my family has a hated member who decided to make one
The female type is typically seen as "pretty", in the same way that white+black are, so think how the same ways that the average whore is, multiplied by constant attention

The high mental defect claim is from the high rates of mental defects they have
Look at things like rates of mental developmental issues of each race + those of mixedrace
Mixedrace can get fucked over & have more defects that what normally would appear for the races they are of

Of all the mixes, mexican+white tend to be pretty fucked up mentally if they get even a little bit of the short end of the stick, usually in autism & bipolar problems, which are problems of other unknown problems

theres nothing wrong with being a pink faced faggot.


I said it

it is amazing how that dark skin somehow hides how ugly they actually are

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Pale skin reveals all white peoples defects; thats why when they turn 30 they look like they are 50.

Do I hate white people?


Does the sun hate white people?


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I’m a Spaniard, true conquistador. My DNA shows 1.2% North African. I wanna die. ( The rest is European )
Also yes race defines your mfing culture nigger

Is that why they still act like it's 10,000,000BC in africa today?

well, then I'd rather have no world at all. time to nuke it all from orbit.

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Morocco and Tunisia can be kinda based but hope it's not much further south than that….

The Moors invaded spain and fucked all the women, so you have way more nigger blood than you admit.

You are part eggplant and part spic



Our European Western Hunter Gatherer ancestors are here long before the Altaic Siberians arrived.

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just fucking kys. make some space for the true bloods.

They are simply genetically inferior in every way. Lower disease resistance, lower compatibility for blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants, higher rates of mental health issues, and more.

Yes actually, it does.

Is that why they still act like it's 10,000,000BC in africa today?

Well, as black as they are; at least they aren't confused about which bathroom to use.

you ghost face fags are gonna end up in a museum next to other white failures like Neanderthal man…

That's a completely different dynamic than a mulatto. And you're right that the difference between whites and Asians is not that great genetically nor culturally, and the differences are often as much a matter of taste as anything.

Instead of denying racial differences because you are half-Asian, why don't you try living in all black communities like East Saint Louis or Detroit, and then get back to us how it worked out.

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Our European Western Hunter Gatherer ancestors are here long before the Altaic Siberians arrived.


OK, let me put a wooden stake and a silver bullet between the eyes of this "Soultrean" bullshit.

Listen Casper, even if people migrated to North America from Europe long ago, they were probably ESKIMOS; and even if by slim chance they were white people? They probably immediately went tranny, got confused about which bathroom to use, and went extinct.

So please stop with your fake "soultrainian" bullshit


Parts of Escape From New York were filmed there and in North St. Louis
Meanwhile the white parts of town look like this and I'll throw in a pic of black St. Louis for good measure

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