A father escapes from Sweden to Poland with his three daughters. Sweden took them away, giving them instead to a foster father "Mohammed A.".
Swedish child protection service agents tried to get the kids from a police station in Poland, but got rejected as they have no jurisdiction here.

(uses google translate or deepl)
twitter.com/BartoszLewand20/status/1113474404745404417 (court order confirming that kids are to stay in Poland)
The father is apparently Russian.

Poland has become a safe haven from predatory nordic child protection services, interesting development.

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I want to hear the reason.

so they took them or not? did they get denied or what? doesnt make sense

I read it as they tried to take them away but he fled with them to Poland and Poland won't extradite.

It's sweden. The father probably refused to suck mohammed dick, so the kids must be taken away.

Why wasn't I born a Muslim?

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But on a serious note seems like European culture would honestly have been better off if Communism had won.
Or of course if Hitler had won.

But it seems like we got the worse of the 3 possible outcomes, (((American liberalism)))

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More details.
It was a Russian family living in Sweden for 7 years. The mother fell ill to schizophrenia and become hospitalized in a mental asylum.
After that, Swedish child protection services took the kids away from the father and gave them to a Libanese Arab Muslim foster family.
The father, Denis Lisov, took his daughters away from the foster family and ran with them to Poland.

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*sorry for thumbnail

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It's time to have a look at swedish child services and to check if they are actually swedish, or (((swedish)))
I doubt we will be shocked by what we find.

That seems so bizarre. Maybe they were taken away because he was broke/homeless for a while or something like that? Having a wife go schizo was probably pretty devastating.

I'm not trying to make excuses for the Swedish govt, only trying to understand. Even in Britain, I don't think they take your kids away because there isn't a woman in the household to counter the father's innate toxic masculinity lol

How long were the kids with the muslim foster family?
Or does it not say?

Every remotely high or semi high position in society in allmost every state in Europa is filled with jew or crypto jew. And this is the biggest secret normies doesnt understand.
Hell, there are 30 000 official jews in Sweden. But in reality, with cryptos, they are at least 300 000 strong.
They are everywhere.

There are no political systems in nations the jews control, it's all just the illusion of not being enslaved. jews are slavers and they found a way to enslave people without shackles…sheckles. Same principle, only this time the slaves are too dumb to realize it. But money is by no means all the enslavement, there is also religion, entertainment, capitalism, politics, education, pharmaceuticals, and of course all the human laws. All of this was created to give a few the control over the many.

Dont know. I am investigating this right now.


Eventually, the mother fell ill to schizophrenia and was placed in a specialized institution. After that, social services took interest in the family
on 1 September 2017 a Swedish court decided to place the girls in a foster family of Lebanese immigrants. The father was not stripped of his parental rights, but his visiting time was limited to 6 hours per week.

That's really vague. On its face, it's horrendous, but you have to wonder if there was some other justification, because I can't even conceive of this. There must be thousands of kids in Sweden being raised alone by their fathers.

Unless it's a case where they are not Swedish citizens, so normal protections don't apply, and these predatory agencies insert themselves.


Some year ago, remember that boy in Sweden whose parents were deaf, and he has grandparents in Sweden who wanted to take care of him? They deported him in Ukraine.

Wait, so this feminist propaganda approves single mothers. But they disapprove single fathers because?

Because they are white. And greatest enemies to the jews.

Im not sure about Sweden but here in the UK a woman can be addicted to herion and had her previous children taken off her because she was pimping them out to buy drugs, and they will still let her take care of a child instead of the father. And punish the father if he tries to rescue the kid.

Another article with more information:

He was filing requests to get his kids back, but Swedish arguments were consistently the same - his residence rights in Sweden are in the process of being legalized and doesn't have a permanent source of income. He works as a roofer.

Why is OP always an OP?


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Today, the court for the capital city of Warsaw is to decide on the further fate of the family. At the beginning of the hearing, judge Żaneta Seliga-Kaczmarek decided to interrogate the girls. During his trial, two men arrived to court - the guardian of the girls together with their cousin. As the representative of the Lisow family informed, they tried to enter the room in which the judge first wanted to talk to the girls.

So they stole his kids and gave them to rapefugees because he was the wrong kind of immigrant e.g. white. Fuck. I wish like is saying there was a good reason for this, but I wouldn't put it past Sweden not to directly attack whites like this.

And because of some birocrat fuckery. He didnt have permit or something.
He tried to flee to home Russia, but Polish authorities arested them. Now it depend on Polish courts.
Knowing all judges there are jews, they will return girls to muslims and penalise father. Just wait.

Sweden needs to be glasses. That’s some pure evil shit right there.

A father doesn't lose custody and have limited access to his kids unless he did something wrong. For all we know he was abusing or neglecting the kids.

>(((Child Protection Services)))
One will not find a bigger hive of Pedophiles and Child Exploiters than in any Child Protection Agency.

Straight out lie.

You are glowing, A. Muhhamad.

Now fuck off, pedo muhammad. or a jew, same shit

Does this means the rapist foster family?


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You know how easy the state steals children from their fathers. According to any Justice System, mothers can hardly do wrong and indeed while being mentally fucked up, still gets custody over the child or children. In most divorce cases, fathers almost always only get custody of their childs on the weekend, while mothers get them throughout the week, or fathers don't get custody at all because in those cases, (((Judges))) almost exclusively sides with women. The irony is that, while mothers are inherently better equipped to care for their offspring, this argument gets ignored when discussing other sociological phenomena such as being a stay at home mother.

sweden is a fucked up

Jesus Christ, Sweden Yes!

Sweden's Government, like almost all Western Governments, is working to destroy our people.

There is no sense shown, even were there good reason for taking the little Ruskies, in giving them to the care of a family with different race, religion, culture, heritage and probably language.

When such a sensitive thing as intervening in family life is done so unsensitively, one has reason to think they are being deliberately wrong-minded. They wished to make the children as un-European as possible.

Corrupting minors, sorry pedos, is an unforgiveable sin.

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Father thought the little girls weren’t ready for sex yet. Thankfully, Sweden was able to find Mohammed.

You mean suck Mohammed’s dick in front of his childern. That’s a criminal offense not to be globohomo now and expose your children to predatory pedos.


They literaly gave girls to "refugees". Jesus.


Fuck. The State of Sweden is way worse than I expected.

I'm from Sweden's CPS and I can assure you goy, we're all fellow white people here. Move along.

There you go. Crypto jews at the court are giving our daughters to the muslims.

Problem here is, Swedes doesnt recognise crypto jews. But they are everywhere. On every fucking leading position. CPS is total jewish organization.

sweden men are soy boys cant defend their botches

Odd, I, as a Father, got custody of my children.

They don't take kids away without a reason.

Tell us what racist misandrist hellhole you live in so we can up the poz

CPS these days are essentially legal traffickers for pedos.
I am concerned that we're going to have a deficit of rope long before we're done.

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Cant you read, fucking jew?
It was about some birocratic kikery. His permit for living in sweden was in the process, and they decide he alone has no money for maintain a family. He worked as roofer. Mother was hospitalised.

i am alt right white supremacist identitarian catholic

anti semite islamagtfomylander

FINALLY a hero emerges!!!


Sweden is currently occupied by race traitors, foreign invaders, communists and jews.
It'd be just as bad if communism had won you stupid nigger, because they did win.

Thanks God.
But Sweden is beyond repair. And someho, this is good. Its destroying will be warning and example for central, east and south European nations.
I am just wondering, where that blonde Swedish girls will flee? Probably Finland. But also Poland, Chechia, Hungary…

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Sweden does seem like a mudslime paradise. In the UK they have to put some effort and resources into organizing illegal child-grooming gangs to satisfy their religious needs, while Swedish government provides them with their personal loli harem legally, and even pays them for it.

A lot of Swedish families have moved to Hungary recently.

The Orban government looks after them. Swedish expats and their children can follow the Swedish or British curriculum.

Seriously? That is good.
Sweden will be South Africa tier in 2030. Wealthy will fly, poor people will stay and be genocided.
I am wondering if Swedes knows this.

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It's not difficult, nigger. Sweden revoked custody for him and gave his kids to a shitskin. Before they could take the kids dad fled to poland and the poles aren't letting sweden take them.

Good friend of mine had a similar experience in Norway. His roastie whore of a wife accused him of hitting his children after they had an argument and the authorities took the children without hesitation. They had to be smuggled out by russian hires.

He was a man.

Communism and capitalism are 2 sides to the same coin. They are the hammer and the anvil that forges our binding. The leaders at the top of both are jews and family. You cant get a king to pay debts unless you can threaten to economically tank the king and financially prop up his "enemy". The enemy who is controlled by the same jews. "Controlled opposition". Lurk more, for real. This is day 1 shit.

Hitler winning was the only thing that couldve saved us from our modern struggle. Period. Hard stop.

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It's an attempt to destroy the white population. The government wants the kids raped (mentally/physically scarred and incapable of being mothers) and the father to go crazy or kill himself.

These people want you destroyed. They want you eradicated and humiliated. They want you dead and your kids raped and they think it's funny.

Jews gonna jew. Stop being shocked.

Do we know on what basis Sweden tried to revoke the father's custody? What was he accused of?

So Sweden took away his young daughters and handed them to a strange foreign man whose culture is one of pederasty.

Nice save, Poland.

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* ephebophilia

But the Muslim immigrants on welfare count as permanent income? What the fuck?

Pedophilia, let's not beat around the bush.

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Good it worked out for him, he should try to report it to the media. To give other people a shot at a warning.

This is fucking unspeakable evil, imagine if it happened to you or your kids like it obviously has to many others, this shit doesn't come out of nowhere.

CPS in the west these days hire the most vile fucking childless reds and jew creatures, virtually none of the people who work there have children, which should be a requirement to fucking work there.

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It is too early to be relaxed. You will see. They will take children back to muslims and the real father will to go to the jail, and then there will be news that (((someone with no nationality))) killed and/or raped these girls. Happy end in new Europe.

Some swedes are aware, not very many though in my experience.

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Russia, please, bomb the shit out of swede. The fugs are beyond repair, there is nothing to save there. Thank you in advance.

Absolutely Fucking vile

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Not to mention, foster care is well paid there. Tripple win for the muslims.

Why are there burgerking hats but no burger king?

Can single men adopt lolis in Sweden? Thought you needed to be a couple.

based polaks

I would do the oldest one

So there is at least one normal country in Europe huh.

Today the court for the capital city of Warsaw is to decide about the future of the family. At the beginning of the trial, judge Zaneta Seliga-Kaczmarek decided to interrogate the girls. During the trial, two men came to the court - the guardian of the girls together with their cousin. As the Lisow's attorney informed, they tried to enter the room where the judge first wanted to talk to the girls.

- We were faced with a scandalous situation. We all went down together, Mr. Prosecutor, attorney, officer and translator. At that moment, the children, assisted by the police, were taken away. The man tried to break through the police cordon and shouted something in Swedish to the children, knowing that in a moment they would be interrogated.

- Bartosz Lewandowski, who also represents the Lisow family, informed the lawyer.

He added that he did not know what message was given.

- At the clear request of the police officers to move away, you did not listen and entered the judge's office. This shows how the Swedish services are manipulating children.

Stinks of the muslim trying to keep the kids quiet. Trying to find something in sweden about this, sofar nothing.

allied won the war, retard.
not the people fighting against communism.

They don't do that in Sweden either. There must be something more to the story.

I don't think you really understand the position of women in the Muslim society. That is why you are confused about the fact that only Mohammad A. and his opinion are mentioned in the articles and nothing about his wife or her opinion.

Mohammad's wife should to be a previously adopted little girl.

yea sweden is like take what you can while you can and fuck off off the country

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Are you fucking serious, the sandniggers actually traveled ALL the way to poland to stalk the family, and stomps into a foreign court for a chance of getting their potential victims back, instead of doing the right thing and letting their real father take care of them. This is insane. This scum seriously think they are entitled to your children or something.

Can u imagine if something like this happened in their shithole country? They would be stoned.

When i visited i experienced Poland as a nice country full of helpful white people with courtesy. Totally unpozzed, for the most part people were super friendly.

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This is the brain of the Zig Forums shill thinking he's going to subtly sneak in his jewish agenda.

Leftypol disapproves of this government defiance. Family is bourgeois. The state is father, the state is mother.

Think you put the finger on the problem right there. They know they can get away with it because it is sanctioned by the people that brought them to Sweden. It is always interesting to see what people do when their normal restrictions are removed.

It's always the same, in their countries they are hardcore nationalists who don't even accept fellow "refugee" brown skin muslims from nearby bordering countries, but when they come here they always instantly all vote democrat/leftist/communist, even though personally they personally retain all their sick culture. Just testament to how "legitimate" this scum are.

Even the social services there give them everything(beside jewish ageda) and they personally don't try to fuck them over like they do to whites in a worse situation, and they don't ever even expect them to get a job with their 5 children. Because they know if they refuse them they might show up with a knife/gun later and literally slit their social service throat like in sweden. You see this type of liberal double standard everywhere.

The parasites use it for all it's worth just because they're being empowered by jews.

Anyone notice the mods deleted the "It's OK to criticize jews" thread?


I didn't notice they deleted it, but i noticed it when it was up. If they did fucking curse the faggot kike mods on this board seriously. Maybe the solution is going to neinchan or somewhere unjewed after all ROFL, funny that first 4kike now 8kiked.

You know a board that's not literally jewed?

Probably only exists in the deep web. Simply because it's buried so deep that normalfags and kikes don't even know it exists.

If this board were Jewed Zig Forums wouldn't still exist

I'm Canadian

so what you are saying is he couldn't feed and house his kids? Seems like a good reason to take them away until he is settled. Odds are there is more too it than that though given the limited access they allowed.

Yeah it would lol, 4pol still exists. Jews like that are about keeping the irrelevant shit up like massive shillspam but censoring shit that leads to anything good and real. It didn't use to be like this years ago when i frequented.

It's really not hard to understand if some angry Jew buys you by depositing a nice sum of shekels in your acc to be a total fag so you can sellout.

Maybe some guy will enlighten us

Hey fuckwad, its on the index page in the recent threads right now.