It's Okay To Criticize Jews

It's Okay To Criticize Jews
It's Okay To Criticize Jews
Daily Reminder that Jesus Christ criticized Jews and told them that they were the children of Satan and Jesus Christ couldn't sin, so it's ok to Criticize Jews, even if the judeo-marxists Jews say otherwise.

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The video

Someone should make a slavery themed one of these called, "jews did us dirty."

Okay this is actually a good slogan, just let them try to spin this. Just keep it simple and mundane. No need to explain it - force them to explain it.

Careful about this sort of talk if you want to remain unbanned from here

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Who i have to call to shut it down?

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I fixed your pictures.

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Golan Hieghts apartment buildings going up. lots of oppurtunities!

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not so fast boy

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Who else but their Goy Puppet Goynald Drumpf ?
Here between 29:15-31:35

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but wait, I'm a proud Republican, AOC can't be right!

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You think you are tough? Look what happen to this antisemitic little shit. Don't force me to post IDF thots.

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jews are responsible for White Genocide and the holocaust never happened
jews are responsible for White Genocide and the holocaust never happened
jews are responsible for White Genocide and the holocaust never happened
jews are responsible for White Genocide and the holocaust never happened
jews are responsible for White Genocide and the holocaust never happened
jews are responsible for White Genocide and the holocaust never happened
jews are responsible for White Genocide and the holocaust never happened

Also it's okay to criticize jews.
It's also okay to hate jews and it's morally correct, logically correct and actually correct to genocide jews.

if she says it it posions the well.
consider 3.8 billion a year in foriegn aid to a nuclear armed theocracy that has atttacked and killed amiercans.
seems like a spot where there could be some cost savings

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Damn it, user, you win. I now support Israel 100% because the country not only has hot gold diggers, but qt religious fanatics who wouldn't give a goy the time of day.

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Not to the people who are actually talking about this. Like it or not, the political right and Republican establishment are completely in line with Israel. Trump is the most shameless American president in history in terms of kowtowing to Israel, and he wasn't alone. Nikki Haley was probably more embarrassing than Trump.

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Good goy. I am sure you are not some alt-right internet nazi. Trump 2020.

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Love it, much cleaner than the original, harder to argue against. (((They))) will still kvetch. Now who is going to go post some on the local temple?

These should only be posted in neutral areas where it's legal or at least normal to post things.

Why didn't you checked my dubs user?

That is antisemitic.

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and the counter to their kvetching is pic related.

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I continue my day like nothing happened.

A few days later:

Think about it decades later
I make 30k, rent, I live with some fruit flies

Criticizing or not criticizing them won't change anything. But I think a flyer that says Jews are anti-semites would rustle them a little. That's all I managed to do.

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He saved one of our IDF girls I spammed

This is all we need. Don't explain it. Don't add to it. Just this.

It's only okay if it comes from anyone but Hitler fags.

Has this shit ever worked? If yes, then I really want to see experiments done on these men.


Lurk, retard.

No you profound retard, Nazis criticizing Jews helps them.

Just stop.

No, retard when it comes from Nazi, White Nationalist, Homo Hitler or whatever fags like YOU it helps the Jews.

Please name one, examples.

Goy Guide to World History

Now post these as posters on college campuses and watch the reactions.

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Leftypol disapproves of this thread. Jews gave us the gift of communism. How dare you expose them as radicals!

Leftypol, does more to harm anti-Zionism than anyone on our side.

It is. Too bad you're a faggot well poisoning kike.

The origin of the word Ashkenazi should interest you. It was a term used among Jews, Italian Jews mostly, to distinguish the Jews that had settled along and east of the Rhine. Ie: Ashkenazi means German Jew.
Kinda gives a new understanding to the term Nazi, eh?

How many times will he jump?

That's true because they cannot play the nazi card. And when the Jews call the left anti-semites they tell them to fuck off.

That is their weakness. Especially non Whites going after them politically.

Just got here moshe, sorry but no, everyone isn't here to suck your dick.

You obsessed with gay nazi. It's in all your posts.

Yeah, because everyone loves tranny pro-ragheads.

Is there anyone normal here?

Get rid of the extra crap and you might be on to something.

Wait til you find out were all jews

Easiest way to make an African dislike jews is to introduce them to Dr. Tony Martin's videos and books.

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Apparently there's some jews in here that don't like the Reich.

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KEK, look closer.

Would be a nice follow up campaign for sure.

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How about a poster that says "It's okay to criticize semites," and features arabs, both jews and muslims.

Wow, so many ways to photograph not-my-fucking-problem.

Or better, how about an "It's Okay to Criticize Abrahamists" poster featuring followers of all three of the hideous infighting semitic religions of slavery.

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atheists and pagan larpers are far worse

Christianity is bad, but not comparable to Islam and Judaism.

eat a turd

The reason Christianity is not quite as bad as the other two is because it was modified by the natural inclinations of the white pagans who adopted it. Its promoters had to appeal to better natures than than did the promoters of the other two in order to get it to infect and enslave their targets. Christianity is theistic communism.

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Criticizing organizef religion, especially judaism and its practitioners, should obviously be encouraged. Only a bigot would think otherwise.


Don't start a D&C on this thread you Shill.

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For what it's worth, I do acknowledge the Christians have inherently better natures. I'm with whites, not necessarily with all their beliefs. Throw off the shackles, Christbros!

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The christcuck pole-smoking team has appeared

Watch this documentary! Save a copy in case it's removed, which is highly likely.

Another funny cartoon will save the White Race goy


==anti Christian is anti White


How to check my printer for the yellow dots of tracking?

I want to spread posters but need to check that hsit.


Jews can be reasoned with. With normal people you give them a bit of beer or have a party and you'll be able to talk to them about almost anything and they can be reasoned with.
With jews it's a bit different. All you need to do is release a bit of gas.

Sure buddy

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Let's say this is not a shill thread but since the OP is a christcuck he is therefore a massive faggot.

That slogan is horrible. You don't use "criticize" in a motto or slogan. You don't use any word that can have a negative connotation.

This one, however, is good.

Take out the color cartridge and just use the b&w one


I did only sax that Christianity is better than Islam and Judaism. Do you disagree with that?

That's the word with negative connotations? I'd gone for 'jew'.

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Yes I do. They're equally shit, Jews are just much more overt about their in-group politics. Christianity is the mark of a white nigger.

Get an R280 you cheap nigger faggot