California Judge rules ban on high-capacity mags unconstituional

Inb4 Someone shoots up a mosque! It's happening! Someone already burnt one down and left an NZ-esque note.

Get your mags while they're hot - arms websites now shipping to CA, any and all magazine sizes. GET THEM WHILE THEY'RE HOT.

This is exactly what Tarrant wanted. I can't believe California pulled this off.

Not to sound like a fucking idiot, but the police have been preparing for mass civil unrest since around 2012 nationwide according to rumors - but if you see the amount of equipment they've bought and budget increases, it doesn't seem that far-fetched. I believe this is all being orchestrated in front of our own eyes, with mass social engineering via social media it becomes very possible.

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The productive white population have been bugging out of California for years. All that's left are libshit faggots and illegal beaners on gibs. Financially, California at this point is one giant Detroit with palm trees. Trump should give the state to China as payment on the national debt.

Hell they've already acquired much of Hollywood. All those commies and antifa need their high capacity 10/22 mags, cuz u know that's all they can afford with their shit ass cost of living.


Y'all ready for more (((white power))) shootings!?

This is EXACTLY what the Bolsheviks did in Russia before they murdered 50 million Russians. All they need is one more term.

Can you get me a source for that? I know that European royalty was trying to cause a coup in Russia since the start of WWI. Never heard about gun laws, except when they banned them after the Bolshevik revolution.

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Bahaha. The only guns I own that take "clips" are my Mosins and SKS's.

Lol, Trump fucking up the 9th circuit was the best thing ever. If California gets its guns back I'm going to lol.

mag limits don't stop anything

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Bro California already did - all the major manufacturers are already shipping high cap mags to California lol.. You can still get AK's and AR's there but they have to be in "sport stocks" rather than the normal stocks, oh and I don't think they're allowed to have those scary bayonet lugs either.


I'm hoping California turns into the new middle east.

Based, remember you can't properly MAGA unless you suck on diseased jew dicks and grab the guns

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They need to get rid of the "safe handgun list" because you basically can't buy handguns in California due to it. Cali's have to go out of state to buy one or buy a used one to get a high cap handgun model.

Molested rifle configs are shitty, but basically you just buy one so when SHTF you can undue the gay and put it back to normal configuration and take care of business.

I suspected the R's strategy was to undo gun control in the courts after they failed to pass a pro gun bill when they had the trifecta. I was really looking forward to buying suppressors without a tax stamp though.

I guess they will keep the goyim satisfied slowly rather than undo the shit all at once. Keep the goyim from revolting longer by throwing them a court win every once in awhile.

That satisfies my cynicism realistic expectations

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read on Zig Forums

Jews aren't European royalty, nigger.

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They'll probably attempt a use ban like Pennsylvania.


Could always go with a belt.

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badass dude

They will never be able to keep up with the ways people get around bans without infringing on the 2nd.

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Right, they're Royalty to those European niggers.

Wait whatcha talking about… PA doesn't allow the use of what, exactly?

In the catalog. they kept guns just made it illegal to use them. Meaning no loading or firing. Kike shit.

Can't corner the Dorner

I should add it's Pittsburg, not the entire state. But if the city holds this position it may mean a state push.

I have a hard time believing that law is going to stick. I mean it might, lots of Jews in Shittsburgh, but being legally allowed to carry but not use seems all kinds of legally fucked up.

Although, governor (((Wolf))) has had PA in a "State of emergency" due to the "opioid crisis" for forever now, which makes it illegal to open carry unless you can prove you're hunting or travelling to or from hunting, effectively forcing you to register a CC license. He decalres a state of emergency at the drop of a hat (He used to do it before snowstorms), because it allows him to re-allocate state funding freely, no questions asked.

feels good

Already ordered! A 10 pack of Magpul AR-15 mags and 6 AK-47 mags.

Funny thing is that no matter how quickly they stop this there is NO GOING BACK! The only magazines we won't be able to buy will be new designs since mags aren't dated. They would have to prove your mags weren't bought during this period!

I would be ordering a couple SIG and Springfield XD mags but they are too expensive now (especially the fucking SIG >$40!). Because of the hole in legality as far as anyone is concerned, I just bought them too.

Don't forget the bullet button ban.

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Good for you, California. I doubt it will change the course of the state in the long run.

[Chinese have] already acquired much of Hollywood.
Source? (((Alex Jones))) has been pushing this hard, but it was based off of Wang Jianlin's attempt to buy up 6 Hollywood studios. The problem is that the Jews that owned them refused to sell to him.

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Thanks /qresearch/ for ruining our website

This judge was a Dubya appointee.

if you cannot change your barrel out when you are putting rounds down range that setup is going to be a very short lived combat platform. While a cool looking ar, its a very bad system for belt fed operations.

want to know how I know my magazine was made in July of 2015?

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Why do you have to turn the gun into a penis? Do you like looking at penises?
Also, wtf does Tarrant have to do with a case that had been opened years ago?