Community Cleanup Crew

This year we have a good opportunity to do IRL activism. On the 20th and 21st of this month we can organize a cleanup of the local neighborhood. As both dates fall on the weekend I expect you faggots to be able to participate on at least one day. Niggers, liberals, and other societal refuse are going to be making a mess on 420. Spend a couple hours cleaning up on one of those days and we can accomplish quite a few things. Why? Since Tarrant's strike the Overton Window has shifted. More people are no longer condemning and instead saying they understand why he did it, and some even praise it. We must capitalize on this momentum. So what does a community cleanup accomplish?

1) It allows us to go out in colors and do something other White people will appreciate. I'm cucking on optics, but please don't do this while wearing a swastika if you are alone. Our safety is more important than the message and cleanup. Feel free to use other symbols like runes, the black sun, 8 of diamonds, 4 of clubs, etc.
2) If we meme this hard enough to become a national activity we can be right next to other Whites and directly talk to them. Boomers are wishy washy, but the younger ones could really use guidance. Nonetheless we must be friendly, open, and neighborly to all of our brothers. Focus on establishing rapport and new friendships. Bonus if you find another one of us.
3) The media (and shills) have no counter to this play. It's impossible to demonize us for cleaning up. Because if they do it accelerates the divide between the established powers and the normie Whites. The higher energy we get this, the better. Spread it on any other websites you visit. Spread it to family and friends. The more of us the better. We can control the discourse here.
4) We can increase the impact by using livestreams, recording and uploading, snapchats, etc. Normies love getting pats on the back for everything they do, and these can prove they were a part of it. This can run counter to opsec. Decide on what kind of activity you are going to do. The more that participate the safer it is to do so. Even if it's just a bag full of trash that you take a picture of with no identifiers in the background. All the way up to buying a go-pro and recording every second. Yeah, I may get called a glownigger or FBI for saying we should comp ourselves, it is up to you to do it.
5) Get to know the area around you. Plan where you will clean. Highways, nature trails, beaches, hillsides, parks, local neighborhood. Know what areas are safe and where the lines in the sand are drawn. Don't go into enemy territory to cleanup. Stay safe and organized. This is not a call to arms of any kind. Do not listen to anyone who promotes violence in this thread. There may come a time and place for that, now is not the time.

This can get co-opted. If the media runs with it as something the country should all participate in then plenty of non-Whites could be present. I'm counting on a few factors to prevent that. Spics are lazy, niggers are lazier, mudslimes lul; only White hippies really care for the environment except they'll be stoned and not on the streets cleaning up. None the less there could be a few non-Whites. Avoid confrontation and generally let them just cleanup for once in their lives.

So grab a trash bag, spend a few hours, make new friends, and cleanup our lands!

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I have a community of stoners who clean the city/town anyway. They do it in the name of legalisation.

What do?

Big point isn't cleaning, that's just a side objective.

"Oh look it's another one of those annoying hippies, least he keeps the place clean"

I'm happy with cleaning but, if I had to do something it would be chucking seeds and planting saplings.

My point is, what am I promoting? Its all well and good us having a black sun symbol somewhere but I can gauruntee the media will either ignore it, not link it to Tarrant or say we are trying to gain a different meaning for it. If we blert out any (((hate))) speech it will be censored. Anyone joining us will copy but with their own agenda.

The black sun doesn't belong to Tarrant. Sunwheels are an ancient European symbol. Stop thinking so one-dimensionally and stop the idol worship.

non-whites are trash

We should do this with the eco-fascist uniform. Black and green flannel shirt (warm weather: black and green polo), black and green military/police inspired boots, black pants, green beanie (warm weather green baseball cap). It makes sense that we'd be picking up trash and the uniform keeps people looking retarded and out of place like most far-right rallies where everyone has a different style and it looks like a cosplay disaster.

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So chuck seeds and plant saplings if you want. I trying to organize a date where anons can get out and meet each other, or make newfriends, all the while having an activity that is above board. The point isn't to agitate the media this time. Wearing symbols will help us identify each other.

I like this idea very much. It gives some cohesion to look and makes it easier to identify each other.

Fucking based, bruder.

I love to see the nightly news vilify us for cleaning trash and planting trees. Much better than marching and shouting… I'm sorry but the reality is that it irritates people.

I've been thinking of this same thing for a while.
Voluntary Community Service.
THIS is how "The Walk" can work in plain sight without question..
Wear the shirt and green cap, or some other costume.
Speak in Kekmeme to weed out the glowies.
Stoke the neighborhood.
Check out important local historical architecture up close.
Armed with a pointy stick. (for poking trash of course)
The stick can be the subtle identifying symbol as well, marked with smaller runes, and specific color.

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It's good for making new friends and subtly pulling fence sitters or youngsters to the right side of history. Lots of time for chit chat while hauling in trash. Easy to make casual observations as to the locations and cause of the worst of the garbage piles. Easy to notice the demographics of the clean up crew vs the cesspit areas they are cleaning. I would say you don't need to fly colors but should be firm against hippyshits or boomer christcucks who will surely be there as the alternative philosophy.

green is already color of earth day, this only works if you have the exact items mentioned here.

custom marked trash sticks is good and non obvious idea. please don't imitate Tarrant's for earth day.

This guy gets it.
Cleaning and Planting is an excellent draw for females as well.
Huge potential here, anons.

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OP this is really good optics. I'm in.

One thing we should is hand out some flyers to the local neighborhood. Community cleanup sponsored by Zig Forums. I will make graphics. Will be back.

Idol worship of Tarrant is important to motivate other people to follow him.

prolly a bredy gud call on this one.
Subtlety, with stark contrast, in the open, IRL contact and positive action, and community approval, is the theme.

Only a slave works for no pay


Meanwhile those kikes are all in charge aren't they? Why? Because you desire to be a slave

A Man willingly enhances his immediate habitat with positive influence and inspirational action for the planned future of his community, and prosperity of his people.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness, dirtylazynigger.

Taking care of our planet is worthwhile, but it seems so pointless when you look at the swaths of chinks, pajeets, niggers, and beaners swarming all over in the billions.

Everyone observe this attempt at derailing.

It should be viewed as more of a religious type of duty. We do things because they doing, not because the slave master paid you to do them.

How's that for a new Sunday service? Instead of listening to some child molester rattle on, services should be outdoors in nature and helping the environment.

Concentrate on our nations first, we'll have an ethno-states back, then we move on to bigger things.


I never mentioned not doing anything, all I said was get something out of it. People don't work for nothing and those who do just wind up being steam rolled by those who do work for money. The reality of life is far different then your idealistic nature of it

Not any time soon. A focus on our own community would be good, but only if it is >80% white. Otherwise you're the unpaid janitor for a nigger. What are you going to do when niggers just drop trash in front of you? The correct answer is to beat them into a pulp, but then you go to jail and one wasted white life is worth more than every nigger combined.

You Stormroaches have tried this trick over and over. No matter what you do, right or wrong you will still dox Whites as "Nazis".


What about this?
We just have
RWCC (right wing clean up crew) stenciled on the back.

Paint and vest much cheaper, who thing for under 15 bucks

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Do we want to be associated with the Yellow Vests? Also, the full outfit would appear much more clean and orderly.

I guess I better tell my converts never mind. Why don't you post some of your shitty redtext Rockwell images fag? Just keep REEEEEEEEEing into space, no one cares. You must be paid to come here. Why else would someone come to be BTFO everyday for years?

It would be a good way to get the RWCC's name out there

You just look like workers, maybe even felons doing community service.

Lol, it's going to happen whether you like it or not but this time the holocaust is actually happening.

OP mentioned, but you should only be cleaning in decent areas as you allude to. If litterers harass your group, which is a high possibility, it would be a great opportunity if you or someone else are recording as also mentioned previously, capture for publication. Preferably framed as environmentalism, something like "This is the face of litter (or pollution)".

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Rockwell is your shitty failed leader.

He showed us democracy was pointless. America was 95% White and he couldn't get 2% of the vote in ANY election.

This has to be the most shill filled thread I've ever seen. Fuck you. You glownigger. Faggot. Literally you did everything, it says agents will do in the gentleman's guide for forum spies. Go suck a green lepricon dick in fedland faggot

Should def be done while wearing the black sun. No publicity is bad publicity. Worst case scenario:

At worse they dont publish it at all.

Can't wait to see what you make. It sounds like a great way to get even more people involved.

I doubt we'd have to be worried about glowies, as this is decentralized, grass roots. Not one location to infiltrate, but still, it doesn't hurt to be on guard.

A more uniformed look like a vest might work against us. Especially if we're trying to get tons of people to join us. Keep it casual and discreet.

Exactly this. We aren't there to clean up ghettos, just litter they left when driving past, or junk left in local parks, or gatorade bottles on nature trails, etc. Filming "this is the face of pollution" would be top tier and helps cement the subconscious idea of who really cares for the planet.

never gonna happen

Post more shit mspaint memes faggot. That and REEEEEE is all you do.

that's because less than 2% are mentally I'll like you

It's been done, and its been done well before

Open Carry trash pick up in bad parts of the city.

We can bring that back.
Are we opposed to open carry, or would that bring negative connotations?

This is exactly why the Tea Party failed. They were more interested in this kind of bullshit than doing anything worthwhile.
What good are clean roadsides when your country is being invaded?
You want to pick up trash so the invaders have a nice place to conquer?

For some time they have been far more popular than we are now.

That would be area dependent and up to organizing Anons to decide for their area. Overall this is a good idea. Like IOTBW, making this a national action is sure to garner a lot of attention.

I don't give a fuck. We don't need clean roadsides. We need groups of men armed with automatic weapons mowing down hispanics in the streets.

Why not both?

(check those double dubs)
And how do you think we are going to get to groups of armed men if we don't know who should be in our groups? This is square one. Know the land, and know the people. Clean roadsides are less important than dealing with an invasion. The goal here is to create White enclaves inside the area you currently live. Not everyone is going to the NW, and Tarrant called for the defense our cities, wherever we are now, and not retreating again.

(more double dubs for max spice)
If you want to OC as part of your 'look' then do it. Anything goes for finding like minded anons. Goal is to get lots of attention and people involved.

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As a Hispanic, i kekd. Good luck.

That's because he was a larping faggot who not only wore swastikas but painted them on his house.

Me and my brother and our friends have already been doing this for a few years at our local state park but honestly its like pissing in the wind when nobody else get the hint…. Brown ppl dont care about nature like that

You fucking shills are all so fucking predictable.
We need a massive showing in the streets, and we simply don't protest like faggots. Put a shovel in our hand though, and we'll build the fucking streets.
You know this, and know EXACTLY why this is a great idea. The time for gunning down niggers is coming. There is no stopping that. Until then, our optics are owned and controlled by our opposition, and we are weak in the minds of our own kin.
We can easily change this by gathering in the open, sincerely behind a widely accepted, and supported purpose, and expand these ranks.
We've been all but deleted from the internet proper. Our voices silenced.

Shave your ugly face, cut your shabby hair, button up your green and black striped shirt, and go show the people of your community you are not the boogeyman they attempt so desperately to invent on talmudvision.
Or do nothing, gud goy.

I'm never opposed to open carry.
The connotations should be that we are the BEST guys in the neighborhood.
A positive force for protection, creative growth, and leadership.
I remember when I was a kid, the damn Vietnam Vet bikers were the good guys in our hood keeping the niggers off the streets, and out of everyones' yards. The big sweep came through on the "bikers", and the fucking niggers took over, and chased us out of our neighborhood.
I'm fucking done running from this shit tsunami.
We've got the high ground again, rightfully, and everyone knows it.

"This park was cleared of litter by your friendly neighborhood National Socialist. Please enjoy."

I think this is a great idea, a Zig Forums community service division. No need to wear NatSoc symbols, but if people ask why you're doing it, it gives you a chance to spread some eco-fash propaganda. No need to lay it on too thick, just something about how your guys care a lot about nature and cleanliness, and you don't want your country to end up looking like those trash-piles you've seen in india or africa. I mean use your imagination on that part, but you get the idea.

Great idea. Tell them you're from /pol and you discuss the Niggers, Kikes and how Hitler was right.


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There you go. Start organizing and get this shit done. /pol can have their own sign on the highway.

Looking further into these chicks shows a great model for optics success.
Draw up plans for an easy to build, standardized cart, with enough room for tools, cans, and a small low vol stereo gently playing the mixtape, Classical, ect., with a color scheme and historical logo design. Crisply dressed.
Presentation, lads. Presentation.

You are going to be laughing when we purge you and your kind all the way past mexico. Just wait.

You jest, but honestly among midwestern Whites that line of conversation is often a great way to make new friends, kek

It's a good idea, right? I'm working hard on it, but to be frank it wasn't my idea. I'm just good at noticing a good idea when I see one

People just need to organize to clean stuff up. Nobody needs blatant symbols, organized colors or uniform, speaking in memes or overt "Alt-Right" gags. Show up in work clothes, expect to get dirty, and bring the right tools to clean up trash. Maybe even some basic/fresh graffiti cleanup stuff. Slapping labels on these sorts of events makes it easier for shitheels to detract from good deeds based solely on the people that are doing them; simply doing good deeds for the sake of being a compassionate, altruistic person is so much more difficult to knock without a clear vector for attack and makes it a politically perilous thing to diminish for narrative purposes.

Bonus points for groups that organize with local police or elected officials. Get on the good side of the mayor's office by offering to help clean up, and if people aren't sure where the worst of the trash is, they can always ask to be pointed in the right direction. That can net you connections and better optics with people in power especially since it saves them money and gives them good optics, too, and it shows that you care about the the community, the environment, and the town/city. Continuing to do it with some regularity will make a name for you, which you can leverage for a stronger position later down the road.

Showing up to simply help out the community should be the goal, since it will make like-minded people want to come out and help. Making a statement in the process is just a bonus.

Protest by killing them with kindness. Being a good person should be its own reward, and anybody that tries to harass or belittle people that volunteer to do good things should be mocked and pointed out at every opportunity.

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From the amount of shills/conern trolls this thread has attracted they also think it's a good idea and would like you to do nothing instead as always.

Doing something is always good.

Fuck off virtue signaler there is no free lunch, (((they're))) always going to do that to everyone no matter what whoever they dislike. Even then why do you care what your literal enemy opponents label you fag? Are you seriously not over that yet?

Nobody even cares about the media in america anymore hence trump getting elected.

Reminder to you there's literally nothing wrong with self identification, otherwise people may just think you're a criminal doing time as community service, not civillians.

The media won't even touch you due to the kind act of what's being done. The media can't cry about it. It would be a ghandi effect.

Get some chatroom up or w/e dude don't try not to be anti social schizos please

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You're welcome to go back to cuckchan at any time beaners

Agreed. We need some unifying iconography if we're gonna do this. I'm definitely in favour of the ecofash uniform too. Maybe we could make use of the pine gang symbolism too?

Clean up the areas that are still majority white. When people ask about the clothing and symbolism, we politely explain that we're taking pride in our European traditions - which have always been closely associated with nature.

You ain't gonna do shit larping faggot.

No we wont. I'm not building shit for a country that has done absolutely nothing but try to murder and replace me and mine. Fuck the USA.

Nobody has worse optics than white people in groups. Screw your optics.

I'm not going to dress up like the jolly green giant's hipster rape baby and work for free to make the streets cleaner for the pajeets.

You are a gigantic faggot.

Neck yourself, torpedo

"Do nothing" shills and "entrap yourself" shills are out in force.

Must be onto something lads



Actually that's true considering OP hasn't cared enough to even set up a group or contact form I'd say yeah. But you're still a massive fucking diseased faggot.

Stop being fucking gay and set up social groups/organizations/whatever find cool people in your area. It's a good idea. Why are you scared of even socializing because of some lolberg? Stop being fucking wankers. If you havent understood that shills are never going to contribute to any of it so you have literally nothing to worry about.

"entrapped" by collecting garbage together and meeting other people, okay schizo you're allowing them to live rent free in your skull, and im not saying this to be rude to you.

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Nice job OP. You guys should be doing this every Saturday wearing a yellow vest for the boys in France. Not only is it fantastic optics, but it's good for you.

Think you misunderstood me. The "entrap yourself" was aimed at the glowies saying "this is gay, just gun down niggers in the street"

Ya, I don't hate it either. I'm not against wearing green as a general rule to project a group image.

Mmmm hmm. I see a post. I wonder who could be behind it.

But alright - what platforms should we be conidering? Legit never done any IRL activism before so I don't know

Just my two cents but I think more specifically green and black plaid and boots to differentiate ourselves from regular eco people

maybe Pine tree iconography? It's already out there tbh

Is there some not cucked platform we can use to semi organize?

My question exactly. What if we start setting up cryptofash pages on gab or even kikebook? or something? Nothing too overt - something like "Pine gang cleanup - [town/county/state] division"?

This thread again.
Someone is desperate to dox and catalogue Zig Forumsacks…

We get out there and do it!

Fuck off. Everybody here is already on some kind of bad goy list. What they gonna dox us for?

Sorry dude, Over reacted because ive seen a lot of those retarded kind of people around.

You could make a mailing list ppl email you if they're down or leading to a chat or even easier just immidiately link any group chat of your choice, telegram/discord/ anything that's not horrible to use then as people join and you get a community everything falls into place, where people are from etc, meet up, really nothing advanced. It's gonna take a bit of time i think but that's w/e, its always cool to hang out with people

Totally unrelated to cleaning up trash but we have a small NS discord for cool people here(last one got b&) honeypot/mHZTXb no requirements other than not being diseased lol.

gab is a cool idea, go for it dudes


Lol @ 8jews renaming discord links, discord is kiked sure but this board is seriously gay as fuck.

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no thanks

neck yourself JIDF kike

Settle down with the anti-social schizophrenia buddy, this board is definitely gay as fuck considering they just deleted the "It's okay to hate jews" thread, and allow all kinds of shill trash.

Meanwhile the fags over at leftypol ban you for just asking an inconvenient question.

is this some 4d chess where anons 'plan' to infiltrate an actually marxist infiltrated group, which sends glowgoys to infiltrate antifa instead of anons

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Oh fucking come on

I don't see a need to set up an overarching group. If enough anons want something to discuss on, we can move off of Zig Forums. Until then I'm fine with keeping everyone here involved and up to date.

I don't know about every saturday, as it could get old and draining. But Earth Day this year is a great option. Wearing the yellow vests could be good for tying us to France. But I'm inclined to think we'd look like .gov workers or felons. Unless we really get this spread to tons of people.

It's getting more and more impossible for the feds to keep track of us IRL. Online is as simple as a machine tracking keywords, websites, and IPs. IRL requires an agent's time and attention, something that we can spread thin. They can't catch us all, especially when we aren't breaking any laws.

you get it
i get it
this guy gets it
hey you ever drink claw?

Nigger do you think the majority of people they catch are actually caught breaking the law? all they need to do is with 100% certainty confirm their suspicions of you browsing this site to plant evidence within your property and have you vanned. These threads have been pushed hard the last 6 months and coincidentally less and less old users are posting these days.


Are you lost?
Identifying each other is the first goal of a simple uniform and symbols.
If I have to explain the rest pertaining to a unifying presence and a gradually expanding message easily identified by a simple marketable identity, and acceptable and memorable image for the public, then you're retarded, or pretending not to get it. Either way, you're a faggot.
The Yellow Vests are growing and unifying under an ever tightening message around the world for one reason only.

Playing Kumbaya with the locals isn't the point. We're not trying to "blend in".
We're organizing in public, and conveying a message and a plan for community cooperation, security, leadership, and prosperity, backed by the Aryan face.
If you can't handle wearing a similar shirt and boots for your folk to stand for something, anything, and actually show IRL that IOKTBW, than fuck you.
WE are doing this for OUR communities, to break this fucked media stigma of the "CraZy WhiTe BoY NatZeeS!". Not a bunch of rando normies who happened to meet in the park to clean up their dog, and pet haji shit, and a veggie hot dog BBQ.
Until it all blows, everything is propaganda at this point.

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I mentioned other alternatives, in any case obviously there's nothing bad/illegal to worry about any of this unless you're so hung up on being a conscientious objector lol.

filtered for schizophrenia

Sorry but that's the problem with people like you, you just let that good idea be an idea, never take it further even even though it requires literally no effort and tell yourself "lol maybe tomorrow" and it never happens. Honestly its sad.