Hofstra University Students Demand Removal of Thomas Jefferson Statue

The student activist has a grammar that could be a comedy act in itself. This is an insight into the mind of madness, I'm coining the term "neo-American" for these muds.

Like, like, um niggers like um don't you know, like have a place in our new Space Age Imperium Americanum!

I just like think, you can either be a successful nation, or like you know, have niggers. And I like think it has to be one or the other.

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Jesus fucking christ I love Thomas Jefferson.

The man advocated for a revolution every 20 years.

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I should add, the University has said they will keep the statue. One look at the President's name (everytime), and you know he will change his mind soon enough.
>The university responded to the students’ demands by informing them that the statue wasn’t going anywhere. “I have decided that the Thomas Jefferson statue will remain where it is,” said University President (((Stuart Rabinowitz))) in a statement last May.
“On the one hand, Thomas Jefferson articulated the best of our ideals in the Declaration of Independence and was a defender of freedom in helping to create a new nation: the United States of America,” continued Rabinowitz in his statement, elaborating on why he made the decision to keep the Jefferson statue.
Rabinowitz added that while not every founding father may have lived out “the dream they had sketched out,” their words were “far ahead of their time and certainly ahead of their actions.”

Founding father. One of the main and possibly the main author of the Constitution. Scientist. Philosopher. Businessman. Philanthroper. Fluent in Latin and Greek, could write in both at the same time using two hands. Wrote his own bible, keeping what he considered moral wisdom and practical advice, eliminating what he considered magic and the supernatural. It's hard to be more based than this guy. Of course liberals think he is the pinnacle of evil. Karl Marx is the only white dick they want to suck.


*correction: I meant the Declaration, not the Constitution. Although I'm sure he contributed to both.

into the trash he goes

He meant it has slight to Britain for being faggots thinking Kings were ordained by god or some dumb shit

Marx isn't white. Jefferson was an Arcadian, he also predicted whites and blacks could never adjust to the same government. Somebody it seems learned what he had to say regarding the negro question.

Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the exact same day, on July 4th 1826, exactly 50 years after writing the Declaration of Independence





(((Stuart Rabinowitz))) - President
(((M. Patricia Adamski))) - Senior Vice President for Planning and Administration
(((Herman A. Berliner))) - Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Joseph M. Barkwill
Stephanie Bushey
Melissa Connolly
(((Jessica Eads))) - Vice President for Enrollment Management
Dolores Fredrich, Esq
Rick Cole, Jr.
Catherine Hennessy
W. Houston Dougharty
Steve Fabiani
Alan J. Kelly

4/13 jews (with the 4 being the most important jobs).

Interesting list of coincidences.

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Reminder that Thomas Jefferson NEVER fucked Sally Hemmings.
Only 1 (one) of her kids out of the 5 (five), Eston, had Jefferson family DNA and Thomas was 64 years old at the time he was fathered.

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And hereby officially demand I demand removal of all Jews for wanting to remove our statues and for wanting to destroy us.

So then who fucked her?

I have to say that I find Jefferson to have been a massive faggot, and I find it extremely ironic that they're going after him instead of Washington.

Further, I am quite happy to see that they are back to going after the statues again. That annoys the fuck out of people.

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How will boomers respond???

By consuming some really good food at that trendy ethnic restaurant in the new part of town.

And then booking an uber for you, your wife and her son, phoning the bull, letting him in via your smart home nest system, and looking forward to a wonderful evening of fun.

Just a reminder, this is what this semi-sentient brown slurry has in mind for the entire West in general and America in particular. First they remove portraits, then they remove statues, abolish education and replace it with voodoo, abolish the constitution and replace it with the Talmud, etc. It goes on and on, imagine pulling apart a haystack straw by straw. They will not rest until all Whites are dead, all trace of their presence is destroyed, the country is renamed The Jewnited Tacos of Niggerica and the flag is changed to a red fist on a black field, with an AK on one side and a mound of cocaine on another.
I am exaggerating here, but look at South Africa. From top 10 of the world's countries by life quality to a squalid, violent nigger shithole in less than 20 years. Former glory survives only in isolated pockets.

Yes. They're following a program.

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While I definitely want to slap that self-satisfied grin off that evolutionary throwback's face, I remember full well who taught it to behave like that. I remember who taught niggers to riot and scream racism, I remember who taught beaners that America belongs to them, I remember who supported debarring chinks from immigrating en masse into the country. I remember who propped up MLK, American communists and other brown biowaste since WWII.
Never lose sight of the real target, no matter how incensed and angry you are. These things are just golems, mindless automatons acting out their masters' programming. Symptoms of the disease. We need to eradicate those who brought this virus to us.

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i actually agree with this as long as they agree to give it to someone that appreciates it and will display it someplace that wouldnt be disrespectful.
having one of the founding fathers statues on your institution is a badge of honor. hofstra doesnt deserve it.

hofstra is locally known for its slutty girls and rampant STDs. i went to a party school and we always made fun of hostra and teased guys that had girlfriends that went there. there were rumors that it had its own "strain" of herpes


it was free for me. i got a 4 year college diploma out of it, which qualified me for a cozy unionized government job.

He was a faggot responsible for liberalism in America.

He was one of the first vocal critics against centralized banking. Eat shit, kike.

But last time I was assured liberals jews and niggers only wanted to remove offensive and racist statues of southerner patrons who where racist and rednecks.

Your public education is showing.

There's a reason he's considered the hero of the modern American lolberg movement, BASED Jefferstein

He was also one of the first vocal supporters of letting kikes and muds run rampant in America, all part of his (((enlightenment))) values. The fucking irony of you calling anybody kike, room temperature iq garbage.

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You dumb nigger, the "all men are created equal" was interpreted later as "give niggers, women, and non-whites rights" he wrote that at the time to say to the British that people aren't slaves to the monarchy, know some context. This is the man who wrote the foundations of the United States that kept it going until the Marxists started taking over and fucking with his interpretations of the Declaration of Independence. Kikes like you seek to destroy it by having us doubt our national values and constitution by trying to convince that it's somehow anti-white even then.
Highly reliable.
Truth is, we don't know what goes through anyone's mind fully, he criticized Judaism on several occasions and had very little actual interactions with Jews and Muslims. He quoted John Locke yet didn't stop him from slaughtering Muslims during the Barbary Wars now did it?

That did not happen on the fourth. Neither was it signed on the fourth. It was proclaimed read in public on the fourth to the soldiers and on the streets.

Jeffersons retarded brother Randall.

c'mon user, you're better than this

While I have mixed feelings on Jefferson, what was that about how they pinky sweared they won't go after any other statues after they're done with the Confederate ones?

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Jefferson owned slaves and loved Black pussy. Even had some mullato bastards. Was he secretly one of (((them)))?

do normal people care?
burn the flag, desecrate war graves, vandalize statues, etc

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not as long as their general sense of comfort remains constant.

This is why nobody should bother. Just get used to living as salves when pieces of shit like this exist in "America" you are all destine to be slaves of Jews. You should like it, obviously you hate Freedom..

What's the likelihood that the students don't start these protests, and it's the professors who do such as giving them credits for starting and being in them?

Only bullets matter in clown world.