Welp, would you look at that

Guess we aren't going to take action, look at how if you talk about radical solutions you get fucked by mods on 4/pol/, this isn't just me 4/pol/ is going to censor anyone who deviates from the psyops now, rest in peace 4chan.

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you have to go back nigger

Are you even trying?
Welcome new-friend. Don't make OPs again because you don't understand how to make quality OPs. Stop being a faggot. We hate Trump here and we unironically think Brenton Tarrant was in the right.

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No, im stuck here now nigger.

I think he was in the right, i was banned because i called for major politicians to be assassinated.

Lurk 2 years before posting again

Try not glowing so hard.

yeah, 4chan is kill. the new javascript trackers did it for me

Oh ok, well then carry on.Just don't use any names or they will ban you here too.


fuck off back to your containment board schizo boomer

Nigger why is everybody mossad or cia, get ahold of yourself.


Reported to FBI

you are a liar, nobody ever reports anyone to the fbi

This website also abides by US law, didn't you know?

This site also has that rule. Are you retarded?

Imagine actually being proud of being a rat traitor

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Fuck off back to 4cucks nigger

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Fuck off to reddit, soy farmer.

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imagine being proud of being a cuckchanner

Why do you assume that i'm proud? I'm just waiting for an overseas chan that doesn't need to abide by US laws and isn't hosted on TOR.

Guess i'm just fucked then.

Might I suggest lurking for two years, you are invading here. We have our own culture and you have to abide by the rules.

Zig Forums is a board of peace.

No we aren't. We want to kill everyone.

I did not make any comment on how to attain said peace, mr. Glownigger.

Nice try

post discarded

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Go back, OP, you fucking nigger. If you didn't come here by late in 2015 at the absolute latest, then you don't belong here. Why do you think we left cuckchan in the first place five years ago?