FBI Investigation into 8ch / QAnon / Jacob Wohl / MAGA Coalition???

There's rumors circling around that the FBI is actively investigating Jacob Wohl and "Surefire Intelligence"

Here's where it gets interesting-
We already know 8ch complied with at least 12 FBI orders last month (an all time high).

It appears that the FBI and IRS are now looking into 8ch allegedly

It appears also that "Praying Medic" one of the leading QTard faggots is pictured with the "MAGA Coalition PAC" that QAnon allegedly attacked
I think the QLarp is exposing itself as a clever, orchestrated money laundweinf scheme?

All I know for certain is that shits hitting the fan between the QTards and ZioCucks of MAGA and now the FBI is involved.

Fingers crossed for the QLarp finally being exposed as what it is.

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Who is Jacob Wohl?

Video footage of Radix and some Tracey Beanz whore telling Donald Trump today "We are Q," "We Organized the Whole Thing"

Get this cuckchan shit off this board

Ultra Zionist whose close to Trump

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Nigger pay attention this is important. This is the QLarp falling apart.

Q was real. Q was real whole time. OMG. Emperor Trump. MIGA 2020. Qshner president. We need more immigrants but we will take them legally. Legal white genocide. Based.

Is this real world or meme? WTF?

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Sadly this is the shit Jews push
QAnon himself posted "Iran Next"

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The "Praying Medic" QTard has made ONE POINT TWO MILLION off the QLarp
How much has 8ch made???

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The FBI orders could also be mixed with the Tarrant case

Possible, sure. My guess is 8ch is under the microscope BIG TIME now

That's certain, with all the noise from MSM accusing 8ch of everything.
Anyway thanks for the info, wait and see I guess.

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They are insane. Nobody would ever want be bombed. These jewish fags live in diferent world. How the hell somebody can post it and belive it.

You know what would be great? If muslims come and kill me and my whole family to rescue us from christian dictatorship.

That boomer fag is STILL in the Q train?


Apparently. Idk I don't follow this shit. I just came across this collapsing narrative and thought I'd share. It's also important others know the FBI is investigating this website and your data isn't safe. One should have assumed that already.

Never followed the Q shit, seemed very gay and Semitic to me and Trump is a kike loving boomer faggot anyway. Have no idea who this Wohl character is but he looks like a yid as well.

Sage. I am sure 4chan will react more positively to this type of thread, OP.

QAnon Turns on Sebastian Gorka After He Calls Them ‘Garbage’


Hilariously enough, Don Jr, Lara Trump both announced support for Gorka. Killing the QLarp.


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More semitic slavery for you and your family then faggot? I think NOT.

Q is a LARP and Gorka is an Israel-first shabbos goy.

Jesus like it is any surprise that the glowinthedark Americano hating FBI is up Zig Forums's ass. They have been monitoring this place for years. Where do you think they come to try and get a glimpse of what is going on?

It's a major redpill about the necessity of forced sterilization and euthanasia.

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Sounds like a fuckin jew to be honest

Cool. Drop redpilled for the agents then I guess. The holocaust is a fucking lie , Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide , abortion is great cause it takes future enemy combatants off the battlefield and jews are the enemy of mankind
Ask away agents I’ve got like forty minutes

I'll say it again; whatever Q is, it is certainly not a LARP.

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Nothing is more enraging than how Israel-firsters have hijacked the phrase "America First".

Death to every Jew. Period.

Calling it now. Jim is using Zig Forums to launder money for the Filipino mafia.

They don't have to. Jim and Ron work hand in hand with them.

Yeah it is. That's why I love watching the left take up the truth that Israel is horrible for the interests of the USA. The more the fucking retards on the fake right attack it the more the normie retards will look at it and move them more towards the truth.

Pretending jimbo isn’t cia glownigger

Q is Kushner LARP to manipulate MAGAtards. It is bigger LARP than furries.

There is no Great Replacement. The only thing i hope gets replaced is the current administrations violations of people's first amendment rights.
People won't allow me to practice my beliefs of sex with farm animals, and people like Brenton Tarrant are obstructing my worship. They are abusing their property ownership the way Tarrant abused his gun ownership to deny my free practice of sex with animals.
He's forcing Muslim people to require security the way people are forcing me to buy my own property, against my rights (not obligation) to own property, for a sense of security.

The only Great Replacement is these people replacement of my free exercise with a paid subscription for safety. This is racketeering by definition.

Just had to come in here again and call you a dumb faggot. It's painfully obvious to anyone not fucking retarded that Q is trolls trolling trolls LARP shit that blew up way more than they anticipated.

but it's been legal to fuck black girls for years?

Checked. Disgusting user good fuck have some class

a literal kike

If it were a mere LARP, it would be shut down by now.

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That's not how shutting it down works

Why? Trump would be a fool to do anything to thwart a LARP that paints him as a savior and keeps a major chunk of his base blindly trusting the plan while he's busy fellating curcumsized schmekels.

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Your cartoon makes me mad on a cellular level because it is true. I’ve known this for a long time. Fuck them all I can’t wait for what’s about to happen. Bring it the fuck on fuck semite /adamite/abrahmic filth

Good, I hope this Jew Nadzee psyop D&C goes down. And the Jew mods arrested.

Gas the jews , race war now
Also again your spacebar you fucking nigger. Control your shit nigger fuck for fucks sake you’re tiring. It’s tiring to read all of your spaces asshole

If Kushner is Q it isn't a LARP you retard.

Yet another great "natsoc" thinker graces our presence.


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Oy vey, putting 2 spaces between a sentence is gonna make me kill myself. How's that faggot? English much?

Should be "be sure to drink jewish semen"

Why are you here faggot

You should leave immediately

Good. I want to send more of them to padded rooms for brain destroying injections, just before they are hooked up to empty IVs to die of dehydration. Souls. I need more souls

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It shows how inconsiderate and rude you are , for one
It also shows how new you are here. You didn’t lurk for the requisite twenty four month minimum. You should’ve learned our culture a little better had you wanted to truly be part and parcel

Fuck your prodigious use of your spacebar you litera nigger. You should kill yourself for you rape of a spacebar that did nothing wrong. Leave it alone for fucks sake


The ARG for the Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero about coded messages from time travelers and the end of the world via giant astral hand jobs was more believable than Q.

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Checked. Probably real tbh (kek)

God damnit I want to die

FBI, only devotes attention to actual threats to the Globalist narrative…
Bravo Kamerads

Knetic make Accelerationism go fast.
Charlie Mike

That's not very creative. You should want to attempt to die in a particular and satisfying manner.

You should kill yourself with a knife and film it and I’ll make a GIF of it and you’ll be immortalized on Zig Forums forever and ever. I make a solemn promise to you to post it once per day for the rest of my natural days
You have my word

Go out with a bang and off some top heebs. Do the earth a favor. Eco Naturism encourages you to do this for the good of the planet


The Q board has 2.5x more posters than Zig Forums and is the biggest board so it's relevant.

What the fuck man. 1.2 million? I remember seeing this guy pop up sometimes around Qposters. Why are people donating to him and not q?

How many times have these fucks been proven false and larping already by this point…?

Hey you stupid faggot
Q Posted on 8ch attacking Gorka
Anons dox Gorkas family
The Trump family rushes to Gorkas side
Gorka confirms Q is fake
Trumps family still sides with Gorka
Q is fake
Kill yourself

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If the feds weren't monitoring this thread I'd discuss my thoughts on this subject.

Examples of when anything of substace materialized may help, convince me.

Do your own research FBI

All I know is they just pulled Qushner's security clearance

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If the feds are monitoring this thread I would like them to know my rights to free exercise of my belief in sex with farm animals is being unduly delayed. I should be collecting so much interest from them on my entitlements and privelege. I don't know who could have given them such a fake job since they were obviously not prescreened or background checked.

Yep. It does. 100%. The qresearch board reached over 10,000 active users at a time.

How about we bomb Syria some more so the Golan Heights can be a safe haven for ISIS again you cucks.
If you have been here long enough you would realize a proper rebuttal would suffice as an appropriate argument. Instead I get double digit IQ response.

not anymore


Boomers aren't buying this sadly. They still think Trump = Q

Cause Chodemonkey is pissed about his website falling apart

Hahahaha by all means share it with the group fbi-kun

I shan't. Also I was considering this the other day, why I habitually use proper spacing. It's because every word processor in the world puts a red line under non-double spaced sentences, has for decades at this point. Of course the red line means there's been a formatting error. I wonder, has your dumb ass ever even USED a word processor before? Or did you learn to type on a smartphone like a dumb nigger? I think I already know the answer to this.

Hey , checked dubs

Another thing I considered, since your assburgers ass won't stop sperging about proper spacing…I wanted to tell you about WHY its correct to double space sentences. It's because there's a single space between every word, and at a speed-reading glance a comma is pretty close to a period, so if you're absorbing text at 20-30 seconds a page, focusing in on every little dot is a waste of time. Therefore, when things are spaced properly I can look at a paragraph not as a collection of words or symbols, but as a complete unit. When sentences are properly spaced, the gestalt of the paragraph is visually apparent. I know right away how long each sentence is, as compared to the surrounding sentences, and I can get a feel for the flow of prose without even actually reading a single word.

Of course, this is high-IQ stuff, not anything you'd ever need to consider. But I thought I'd break down for you why highly-literate post-doctorate individuals continue to rely on proper English, as opposed to sinking down to the lowest common denominator to save a character on twatter or an SMS. I hope I've enlightened you somewhat. Faggot.

See my post above

I don’t care about your wall o text nigger
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Hey , checked dubs

And this is why you can't write well. You're functionally illiterate, at least from my perspective.

Hopefully to a camp.

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Enjoy. Notice YOU are the only one spacing like a virgin nerd.
Fuck your self kid

"I love the poorly educated" - Trump 2016
"I don't know where my own father is born" - Trump 2019

God Help Us

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Yeah man orange kike is gonna kike as hard as it can. We both know this

Maybe some people don't have anywhere else to go. Just because they don't have a choice doesn't means they're going to accept the culture. I don't believe they should have to accept it but they're going to have to tolerate it.

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Some people like to use proper grammer that's great but so what if they don't if you're intelligent enough to use proper grammer you should be intelligent enough to figure out sentences without.

Hey can you probe some one to blow me. I need it pre arranged so people don't explode into anger.