The Yang thread

Reasons to vote for Yang 2020

1. Abolishing welfare and replacing it with UBI fucks over commies, moochers, spics, etc
2. Unlike Biden, Harris, (((Bernie))), Buttigieg etc he's not a CIA asset (probably)
3. He's openly anti-Israel and anti-circumcision – is Trump?
4. His policies will only increase class divide (A C C E L E R A T E)
5. People who fucked up their optics by shilling MIGA can fix it by supporting a Democrat gook
6. UBI will never pass anyway, what do you think ANTIFA nigggers will do when they don't get their handouts?

trump's never going to build the wall and you know it

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an extra $2000/mo, per couple, to start white families

imagine being rightwing nationalist and your options for voting are a chicom democrat and a raging zionist twit who wants to import nonwhites in 'record numbers'. god, we've fallen so far.

If it's really as effective as you claim, do you honestly truly believe the Jew will ever allow it to happen in their golem country? He'd be JFK'd, assuming he doesn't cuck out and it becomes another "I'M TOTALLY GONNA DO IT IF NOT FOR THE MEAN [other controlled party]" like Trump with the wall.
I give him 20 minutes in office before he's paying just as much money to Israel as Trump was and being just another milquetoast Democrat policy-wise. What a politician says is not equal to what he will do.
Who gives a shit about Optics?
You contradicted yourself by listing UBI as a reason to vote for him, then saying to vote for him anyway even though it's likely to never be passed. What the hell are you even trying to say?

#thinkchink no thanks.

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keep your commie chink faggot nigger

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77% of America is white so 77% of UBI is going whites.

Name one policy Trump is going to enforce that will help all whites and hurt all non-whites. Go on, do it…. you cant

Yang is a fucking Marxist.
Fuck off

you know damn well that, if Yang becomes president, UBI will get cancelled because "israel needed that money" or some stupid shit like that. do not get your hopes up.

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Which one is most likely to crash the System?

America is not 77% white

No elected representative would ever do anything good.
He cucked out on that, he said that he 'supports the choice for parents to destroy their sons' penises'. I had some respect for him until then.

It's probably less than 50% at this point you chink.



it's something like this.

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The man paid thousands of dollars to shill in chans, left immediately after the Brenton event (the catalog was filled to brim with yang related threads that were poorly made and and answered legitimate questions with "but muh Trump, but 1000$ yo!") He hasn't been able to explain where he's going to finance this, how he's going to pass this as replacement for other welfare, has not said a word on border control, has said that whites are asian enemies because of Tarrant, supports a assault weapons ban.
He's good, good in way that him and the new Democrats will destroy the current Jewish neoliberal order and accelerate the current racial-rural division.
He is however not a good candidate to vote for in the general elections.

Why can't Yang just give everyone 1 million dollar to be put in a saving account at 3%?
This way everyone gets 30k/year and never have to work ever again.

And since it's such a great idea, everyone in the world needs to do it, that way humans will live in peace and never have trouble about working ever again.


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Yang is fucking based. Do you have anything about him being anti-Israel tho?

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China style social credit score

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I'm in. Why the fuck not. All the tax money is currently going to boomers, nogs, catladies, military welfare, spics, single moms, trannies/homos…. everyone but white males.
Of course, they all know this which is why Yang has fuck-all chance of anything.

Accelerationism is a meme meant only to be used upon your enemies. Nice one, faggot, for falling for that psyop. The fags in 2012-2014 running pseudo-SJW blogs to force pretend genders and sexualities upon the Left did more to speed up the downfall of the Left than anything (((siege))) has. Want to do proper acceleratioism? Encourage the most extreme and downright psychotic parts of the Left. More people will try to out do whoever gets the attention, which means more in fighting.

Also Yang wants to make illegal aliens legal, make it lawful to illegally enter the country, and basically kill borders. Fuck off shill fag.

Well let's look at recent history:

UBI turns you into a state-slave parasite. it's no better than communism at that point. Simply ensure universal employment and start conscripting people into building and repairing American infrastructure (desperately needed) and land beautification projects and you'll have no reason for UBI

I know you blowholes think you’re phinny raping good causes with the roughest “support”, but I’m still going to try throwing something true in the water. Chum on this, sharkheads:
If you pay a brokeass nobody a thousand dollars every month, they’ve actually got money to lose when they get fined for something. That makes fines back into a meaningful deterrent to crimes by homeless people. It gives blood to stones so the law can squeeze them.

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Federal welfare is $750 a month max for people who haven't payed a determined amount into it. UBI is a fucking upgrade for niggers.

if you think poor people pay fines / debts / taxes / rent / child support / medical bills / car payments / bar tabs, you got another think coming.

UBI creates law-abiding cost-efficient “parasites” who have more incentive to engage in basic financial planning, can pay for necessary services, and (if they’re economical) can build up funds to use for productive ventures. It furthermore provides pressure on low-level work to actually be meaningful and valuable by reducing desperate competition on the low-end.

And, something this place ought to love? A UBI system is simple enough and expensive enough that illegal migrants won’t be able to get away with signing up for it.

Some of those “parasites” will even buy guns, because gun control is what really won’t pass. Paranoid leftists imagine gang warfare from those gun purchases; I imagine a world where people who broke themselves to gangs get to go through the civilized world knowing all the unbroken people around them are concealed carrying, even the poor ones. Part of why gangs don’t penetrate conservative areas is the higher density of guns!

Give them money. Some will pay, some will lose their last hood excuse not to. Remember, the easiest money for the state to garnish is the money they’re handing out, and people will feel that loss like every other.

Fuck off, Yang doesn't have the cash for shills.
…Unless he wins. Then the bag will retrospectively make shills of all of us… humm

"Co-opting" - No
"Aiding-in" - Absofuckingtootly

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Lol, no. Both will be in play and you can bet that whites won't get much of that UBI.
He didn't promise anything. Bonus points for mentioning it claiming to be against it. He won't outlaw circumcision.
What? Poor vs. Middle class? Please elaborate.
I thought about it can keep the optics
You are probably right about that
Gay sex, drugs and virtue signaling I guess.

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Meanwhile who do you think receive a disproportionate amount of welfare? Not whites, that's for sure.

UBI will come when all other ineffective options have been exhausted.
And nobody will care. The chinks or euros will have center-stage by then.

Most merricas are luddite fucks who are more inclined to 'smash the machines' than to share in the wealth they bring

Republican states.

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what? what happens next? the bag? is it the bag?

Is the "Yang Gang" orchestrated?

My theory is:

YANGBANGERS think we want a communist bug person to rule over us…and that we will sell our last chance at not being genocided to the turks who control this puppet for $1000 bucks.

mfw it costs 200,000 dollars to raise a child in the USA but you wanna offer me $1000 like I am supposed to be excited about turning over a brand new fucking slave to work in your factory farm for the next 60 years for $1000 cash money.

…are full of niggers.

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You already get well over a $1000p/m from the government.
It's in the form of road, infrastructure, and services.

Nobody is offering you a $1000 'instead' of a wage you fucktard.

Fuck me

Yang is an anti White, gook.

Im yanggang. After st tarrant hit i was so blown away by his memes i stopped shilling yang. Im back to that now.

Trump stabbed us in the back and needs to lose, unless he takes immediate action to secure the border (eg mines) and starts deporting millions and takes back his talk of more immigration than ever.

If he doesn't do that i will do all i can to see him fail.

Don't get it.

Have you not seen Africa. Or Stats. Lower support (education, income) results in more breeding.
$1000p/m instead of $1000p/kid-you-shit-out (the current system) is predicted to lower ethnic birthrates.

You're already 100% dependent on 'the system'. Go live in the woods retard.

Not everyone is a technophobe faggot. Implants would make it harder to game the system.

One of the main reasons behind UBI is to 'increase' mobility

economy is shit because most americans

it's easier to leave cos safety-net

Yang is definitely (if inadvertently) a pro white gook.

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Give me evidence or give me cash.
Didn't leave. Shit got interesting and there wasn't any developments in Yangland

Think you're just a fuck.

If you're pro-trump or pro-yang then you're pro-yang.

GTFO faggot. Coming here to tell people to vote for a gook haha. The shithead is anti-gun and pro faggotry.

And all chinee doggo-skinner bugmen.

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Who are you for?

Also that's a South Korean cage of dogs.

Give me a better candidate than Yang. Show your colors or fag-off

It's an indian dogcage reported on radiokalloni Feb2013

This is true. Whether he was always a shill, was defeated, or sold out, it doesn't matter. His election obviously enhanced white identity among the masses. An important question is , how demoralized will our guys be now that the great white hope turned out to be a jew-dick cusking pos. I don't care who gets elected or what they do at this point. Nobody in D.C is on the side of whites. Vote as you please user.

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Doesn't matter both of you are nigger jew nazi faggots.
Fuck Chang
Vote Hitler v2.0.

Maybe. He is one fucking stupid jewloving boomer if he has fucked the jews this much on accident. I am not into the 1488Dchess meme but he has a knack for bringing topice to the sun and getting opponents to vote against their interest. See leftists oyvey.png about redactions in govt documents, especially criminal investigations. I feel like he does things to bring them into the public eye.

You've outed yourself you useless fuck

It's good to be optimistic.

Characterize even the smallest positive outcome of incompetent bumbling as pre-planned genius… and err. Just ignore the rest. Or better yet; characterize all the negative shit as part of a plan that's yet to come to fruition, also genius.

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Imagine a political board that doesn't allow politics threads.

As much as I love the pic in OP post, Yang is Chink Trump.

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haha gay retard