Social Credit is Racism 2.0

All the reasons to hate nigs can be quantified.

You start off as 'assumed white'. Then every niggerly act detracts from it.
Steal shit - lose points.
Be violent - lose points.
Be lazy - lose points.

And every white act adds to it.
Invent something - points.
Charitable act - points.
Have a job - points.

IDK. I'm seeing potential in this.

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awful idea, what are you a single mother trying to get her kids to behave with good boy points?

Credit is a kike invention

That's for the Chinks that have a ruling class that actually wants to have a stable society for its bug people race. An American social credit score made by Jews would be:
Be fag: get points
Turn your 5 year old boy into a tranny: get points
Race mix: get points

Be guilt free straight white male: lose all your points

nah fuck.
Seems like an effective way of addressing the wigga and confusing-race problem.

In the right hands

or you know, actually deal with it by outlawing racemixing and deporting violent criminals instead of giving tyrone a nigga score while letting him roam free

No shit.

Except you're all chinks and not white.

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Don't give them that. Credit is historically a good things.
They invented usury and rent-seeking

Whiteness is fuckin' retarded now.
Using the classic colour-scale you have to include a lot of technically-white shittards. Nah.
'whiteness' serves better as an ideal

Could go that way. Agreed.

But it could be something beautiful.

I simply want an app:

Is that too much to ask

I'm kind of pissed off that the chicoms have seized on the expression "social credit".
Social Credit, as invented by CH Douglas the Scottish engineer involves a sovereign state creating interest free credit without any interference by the private banks to finance great public works that will enrich society at large. It pulled BC, Alberta and Quebec out of the Great Depression earlier than anybody else. Douglas realized that all the profit in important projects was being devoured by usurious bankers and wanted to dispense with them

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In an ideal world, yes.

In this world. A niggerscore would open-up more practical possibilities

The chink system is more illustrative of a modern implementation though.
WE stay pissed.

Are you this guy ?

Fug. user is right.

Actually, we have that already on facebook.

Yes. Do you want to see my dick or not

Jewish CCP shill. I don't see that every day.

Remember anons;
Report D&C threads.
Sage D&C threads.
Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;
Report slide threads.
Sage slide threads.
Filter slide threads.

Remember anons;
Report duplicate threads.
Sage duplicate threads.
Filter duplicate threads.

>say something mean on (((social media)))
- points
- points
- points
- points

Fuck off with (((your))) kike datamining tools.

I don't know what that is.

You ever think 'fuck who farted' then realize there's nobody else in the house and it's your balls that smell

Jewish fart fetish/stench fetish, related to the jewish scat fetish and foot fetish.
Stop exposing yourself. No wait, don't.

WTF? I love chinks now!

Probably true.
The main difference is that the 'points' are not publicly available.

Anyway. Kike'accuse me all you want. I still think the system has potential.

Also. You have no more data left to mine. Microphone, camera, gps, payments, messages, social connections, bitcoin transfers to tor based pedo accounts. What 'data' do you have left that you're only now concerned about?

Guessing you've got no counter-points fagget.
Keep blindly shooting that jewaccuse gun at anything that moves

There is a tiny sub-set of chinks that are worthwhile. But like unicorn tears, 1 in a billion.

Try talking to one. I'm sure they feed on optimism-for-their-race as the light leaves your eyes.


I cast chink banishment

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Eh I've been thinking about it and I'd much rather live under a totalitarian bugman state versus this totalitarian jewish state tbh. Learning mandarin atm and hoping to join the white diaspora in Northern China when the exodus from the US hits in 2025.

Chink bugmen can fuck right off, but goddamn does "niggerscore" have me rolling. We need to start assigning it to negros in the public eye and meme that shit immediately. The salt would be glorious.

Satan dubs checking your key point here, because we know things like this NEVER fall into the right hands.


don't care about chinks, reddit.

It is isn't it?

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Credit is a garbage thing invented by bankers to jew you out of hard earned money

Fuck off moshe.

What's the downside exactly

You and I both know that western implemented social credit would have nothing to do with what actually affects society.

Lose half your shit, filthy fucking goyim.

Meanwhile there would be a bunch of programs to help nigs earn back the entirety of their credit lost being nigs through showing up to a 30 minute seminar.

You will never beat them at their own game. They own the game. They can twist the rules however the fuck they want for whatever result they want. How many more decades of people trying to climb ever-steepening ladders is it going to take before people realize this?
By they I mean (((they)))

You do realize that if this was implimented in the West… The "fundemental values" that would up your score would be faggy shit, being anti racist, being a non white would give you bonus points or leeway, being white would expect you to act weak and faggy and never EVER talk out of line.
It'll jew us harder than we have ever been Jewed before.
It is a shit system and you are a nigger for thinking otherwise.


fuck of shlomo.
I'd rather not live in some postmodern dystopia, thank you. I'd rather remove the undesirables, and live traditionally, in line with nature.

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your either a BRAINLET or a fucking shill.

what part of COMPLY WITH THE STATE & MAINSTREAM or lose points dont you understnad.
Your on Zig Forums FFS..
you score would be negative cunt.

Welcome to the basis of Persian Egalitarianism

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You're the same jew that keeps posting these aren't you?

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Im the user with the patch faggot. Nice try tho.I wear it with pride Nigger.

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A system to quantify your value as a human being. Great.
Use your brain for five seconds, OP, and think about this:
You are a racist. You might be natsoc. You are opposition to the current political order. If we had this system in place, how many points do you think you would have? Try not to be such a retard please OP, it makes my penis cry

Not unlike that Austrian fellow with the funny mustache. The trick over there was the hide your power level.

Do enough people know about (((banks))) now that we can try this again, this time without the propaganda and such?



These poooooooooooosts
Are gooooooooooooooing in
My criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge

These pooooooooooooosts
Are gooooooooooooooing in
My criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge