Sickness of nu/pol/

How many of you feel sick seeing Zig Forums has been taken over by Jewish gnostic occultists pushing terrorism (black sun) that has nothing to do with NatSoc.
The Black Sun wasn't part of Natsoc as it was just the sun and the castle wasn't built by Himmler who was into the Veddic religion but once held a golden sun made of gold. The Ne Zealand jihadi whites shooting up random people is now destroying gun rights and pushing Chinese Communism like Spencer use to do.

All this poison on the board. Zig Forums was once about realism, natural law, futurism, not all this sickness. It was about redpills.
But I will be banned for this.

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beat you to it (((4chan hired goons)))



The Black sun is rising


It's very clear you don't belong here kike. Gotta love how you don't cite a fucking thing in your post despite crying about redpills.

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We're going to have to embrace the chaos, because we have no choice and its only going to get worse as political pressure accumulates. All we can do is use it as an opportunity to train our sensors for infiltration, d&c, etc. Never forget, no matter how much d&c noise floods public discussion, youre not alone.

Quite frankly if this is their maximum achievable opacity, they're beyond fucked.

I've read elsewhere the theory, that the jews are promoting a fake black sun which they have imbued with their own meaning.
If you compare the version appearing on every shill site, and Tarrant's rendition, it has a white core. The version on the floor of Wewelsburg castle has a black core.
The shill version has had the (black) heart removed.

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Are we sending Anons into the archons' dimension to blow up hell? Why wasn't I kept posted about this???

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I just showed it to my four year old. He’s drawing them right now at the kitchen table
The kikes are fucked hahahaha

Blame the moderation. They'll surely bumplock this thread like they did the others.


Sup nigger?

Cuckchan might be more your speed.


Citation needed. Gnostics never used the black sun as far as I can see.

Correct, this is a subversion thread.

"Terrorism" works
And fuck NatSoc
National Socialists are just Larping faggots and they're anti-White.
Don't believe me? Ask them if Poland has a right to exist.

Goddamn the yid disinfo shills are out in FORCE tonight. I have already seen like 3 shill threads go up and then get deleted within minutes just in the last quarter hour, and there are people saying Fuck Hitler etc in multiple threads.

The Fire Rises, Mein Kameraden

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Sieg Heil Mein dude
Keep the flag raised high

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Your "NatSoc" was colloquially abbreviated to "Nazi" by the very Nazis themselves. "NatSoc" was never a thing, deal with it.

Your "Black Sun" isn't called "Black Sun" (that's an unrelated concept), literally the only instance of it is on the floor of Wewelsburg's entrance hall, we have no idea how the symbol was called, but it was probably based on so called Zierscheiben, a type of jewellery from the Migration Period.

Nazis weren't very cool at all, in fact they were disgustingly normie, moreso than commies even (I guess this attracts all the boomers and other unmentionables that ruin our good ol' chans, though)

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I wonder, serious question… do you think that flag can be embraced today in an actual political party/movement in the United States? My sense is that it would cause instant marginalization and dismissal, but I don't know… the left is becoming clownworld and the cuckservative neocohens are demonstrating they have no alternatives except to oppose their own president with inaction. I don't want to be an optics-fag but I want to effectively corral the hoards of essentially indifferent whites in the most effective manner possible. Messaging is what matters obviously, but branding is touchy.

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Cool sources bro.

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fuck off kike

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Yes I do. At work today the dude who’s house I was working at had a flag from Wales flying proudly over his nice house. I commented on it and asked if it was the Welsh flag. He said yes it was and I was the second man EVER to ask him about it
Sieg Heil

its the daily complain about 4chan post!

t.brainlet kike shill.

It's called the "Black Sun" today, because it was a sunwheel made out of black stone. There is nothing complicated about the naming.

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Nazi was a dismissive and pejorative term used by the National Socialists critics. The only official thing I can think of with it is a piece by Goebbels jokingly titled "Nazi Sozi", which gives suggestions on what National Socialists should say to people who are against them to change their minds or expose how wrong they are.

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Literally common knowledge for anyone interested in the subject of "Nazi Occultism". Goodrick-Clarke's two books, Moynihan and Flowers' byography of Wiligut, etc.

Nigger, your little prole-tier half-arsed commie party members called themselves "Nazi" since forever.

The NSDAP flag hangs proudly on my wall at home, and I don' t shy away from it… to be clear… but I wonder. It's complex. The only way this thing works is to "bring in" people like who you mentioned (Wales)… nationalists… but my worry is that we are giving (for free) an immense propaganda window/weapon for people who would weaponize the messaging against us. Yea, it sounds like "muh optics" but I don' want it to, my only goal is to be EFFECTIVE to the maximal potential in furthering our messaging.

Spacebar nigger, control it doctor
Also fly the flag proudly and openly it’s a good flag

Literally what?? It had gold in the middle at the castle which was pried out by Allied troops. The only reason it's white on Tarrants armor or OPs pic is because its ON A BLACK BACKGROUND.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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It was predominantly pejorative, bu it was used by Nazis themselves, see the above post.

You know I think any politician would gain immediately and widespread traction from ANYONE who would just say this openly. All it boils down to is an acceptance of reality… there aren't 47 genders, and we don't need to subjugate our culture to faggots who only compose 2% of the population. Literally naturally occurring beautiful rainbows are literally tainted because of this trash.

Imagine being this much of a shill

They called them selves national socialists, the way their party was named and including hitler's speeches.

Does anyone else think that the black sun looks more like an eye than a sun?

I'm not going to type a bibliographical reference on 8ch, I don't think the the audience deserves the effort. Wewelsburg's symbol is discussed at length somewhere in the first 40 pages of the aforementioned "The Secret King: Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler's Lord of the Runes" by Moynihan and Flower.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE how you shills ip hop and talk to each other. And actually fucking THINK no one knows how fucking obvious you are. Whatever. Enjoy your 88 year range ban.

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And it never would have ever happened had that mossad agent tarrant not done his false flag.

Good. It's a shit thread. You should be shot in the back of the head, too.

You have to go back

Desparate. Why are you guys so desperate?

This thread is now infected with faggotry, here have some.

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Yeah, both the people arguing for and against the Black Sun are all shills.

Hahahahaha. Idk. Its just so funny you shills are trying to subvert us. Faking conversations so you can turn us against the mods.

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Violence is the only good thing in the world. It enables our complete dominance over inferior races.
Keep terrorizing jews, mudslimes, niggers and leftists. Keep killing them all. The world is ours for the taking, and nothing can stop us.

Sup your that shill from those few threads who couldn't keep him self coherent.

That is what they called them selves.

Eat your fiber, nigger.

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Easy intellectual eject, you spineless faggot.

Yes, mostly.
You seem upset though, why is that?

That post was sarcasm, friend.

Not upset, just saying, it is in their speeches and it always translated to national socialism.

Communicate your sarcasm more clearly in the future.

Pretty much. The almost 100% culture change that occurred after the shooting is fishy.

Ok, no problems then. I assumed you were upset because of the sage, sorry.

Catalysts are real.

wait what
What shooting? The kiwi shit?

Funny that you should ask that very specific question the answer is a somewhat conditional "yes"

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My apologies. I was going to include a pic to make the sentiment more clear but hit post without adding it
sage for meta shit

You aren't amusing anyone you retard.

For christ's sake user! The least you could do is spoiler mootles pretending to be the little girl…

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Just like my weebnigger vidya games.

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Do you think your own history should be censored? You think these graphics are some kind of unintentional shitpost?

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It is politically incorrect to desire peace at the cost of liberty, nation, and self.
And here we are.

If you like that you'll probably get a huge kick out of the real thing
Where do you think you ARE right now? Does clownworld feel RIGHT to you?

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Speaking of Archon realms, what do anons think about DMT? aka Joe Rogan Triptamine Are the machine elves actually Archons?

I keep telling people but they just think I'm being an edgelord.

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Nope no conditions
I am all out of ammo and will ram. Auf wedersehen. See you in Valhalla user!

Not your blog. Zig Forums died three years ago.


Loves Tarrant and Winston Churchill because they talked about Constantinople.

Hates Hitler because he fought Serbs and didn't fight Turks.

This shit is so fucking gay LOL.

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Stop posting pictures of your dinner, you mongrelized nigger faggot.

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Ya, I think I've seen you post that before. Nah, can confirm, this is Hell. Or more accurately, it's A hell. I have a pretty good catalog of information on this topic, but it would be inconsiderate to go bursting people's bubbles. Destroying people's illusions of reality is generally frowned upon, you're supposed to let people judge themselves. Still, every once in a while I don't mind bending the rules a bit.

My opinion of psychedelics? It's up to personal conscious ability. I use them sometimes, but then again I also use a chainsaw sometimes. The fact that they're dangerous is essentially their utility. If you need to burst your own bubble, it might take something sharp. I still wouldn't give them to most people, just like I wouldn't even give an adult a chainsaw if he was untrained. Fucker's just going to cut his arm off, if you catch the meaning in the analogy.

Godspeed. Ramming course laid in. ENGAGE

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Care to share?

Burst away.

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Black sun.. fuck man.. barely anyone knows or cares what that is.

Stop it with symbols that just scare the normies.

stick with "It's okay to be White" That's the starting point. Just promote the idea of basic racial consciousness.

the incredibly shrill response that this innocuous phrase provokes in SJW is the best introduction to white genocide a normie could ever get.

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Wew lad, I'm not 100% sure I'm up for it. Were you around last summer when we were having this discussion? Just wondering if you have much background on the subject.

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This isn't a flyer thread, nignog

Just tell me where I have to go and who I have to kill in the astral to get us the hell out of here.

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No worries, it's getting late. And nope, I wasn't here for that discussion.

Fucking A, my man. I swear to Kek I'm going to get a giant stack of them printed out and begin to subvert my city. "Subvert", lol

Hmmm. As far as I'm aware the only way out is through. I don't necessarily mind discussing the particulars of it, but the thing is I'd have to dig deep and use my, what do we call it, farsight? I can say this: if something is giving you problems, you don't fight it and you don't try to change it. You BECOME it, and then you change yourself. It's an end-run around the rules of the quarantine, works every time.

This board is officially just shills shilling eachother. Was a memo sent out this week?

I swear these fuckers have been on ice since 2017.

good job,son, you're doing god's work.

The sun isn't even Vedic. It's a remnant of Teutonic Order.

They are gay, and can't deal with it.

You don't deserve what you can't keep.

OP's a fag

been to half chan lately? Things a bombsite.


What else can I do? I'm a radical White supremacist because I believe it's OK to be White. I will spread this hateful message with no remorse.

Natural law. So I was all like, what's this post even referencing?

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>beat you to it (((4chan hired goons)))


The marble is clearly green. The term black sun comes from it being the polar of the light sun.

Noice. He sounds like a mad lad.

Since it frightens the faggot OP, have some rare sonnenrads I haven’t seen in a while.

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Cry moar christcuck.

The Black Sun is at the end of Volsupa!
Tarrant also put an Odal rune on his rifle, was the Odal rune not associated with National Socialism? The dances and symbols are not decals upon National Socialism but parts of the whole which make National Socialism.

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fuck off leftypol