Mayor of Chicago elected is black homosexual woman

Sorry, I don't know how to make green text or really care to quote from the article. I didn't see a thread on this, so I made this one.

Here's the first few sentences:

-"In a landmark vote, the US city of Chicago has elected its first black female mayor and the first openly gay person to hold the post.

Democrat Lori Lightfoot, a 56-year-old former federal prosecutor making her first run for elected office, won the Midwestern city's mayoral race on Tuesday in a lopsided victory.

She beat Toni Preckwinkle, a career politician who is also black, by a wide margin of 74 to 26 percent with most ballots counted."-

Too bad

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Exactly do lesbians do?

Why do Americans always shit on other countries when the truth is their own country is the greatest embarrassment to mankind since Britain? The English are a disease.

( ( ( elected ) ) )
Ha you’re funny chicongo

It’s not sex it’s techinally mutual masurbation. Scissors and shit m88

The absolute state of nu/pol/

Seriously, 20% of the population voted.

She could be one of the 8% of blacks who are not retarded sociopaths, but I would not bet on it. Time to put that condo on the market and move to the burbs, anons. Crime enforcement is about to become non-existent.

Interesting statistic. So really overtaking the political climate of Shitcago wouldn't take much effort? Hmmmmmmmm

Sodomize each other with fake penises.

It doesn't matter who they elect, that shithole and the entire larger shithole state is heading for default.

Why are you typing like that?

Checked. Sounds illegal and degenerate

millennial turnout was dismal, apparently.

Race doesn't exist, it's a social construct. The channers are so uneducated, most on the chan websites don't even know that sex and gender are different things.

Shut up you low IQ boomer.


Chan websites, where low IQ rejects of society coalesce and form their own community of retards. Same thing applies to the flat earth community.

You people are the most stupid fucks on all of the internet, sorry.

no diverse enough, needs to be a polyandrous furry transsexual along with being black and gay and female

scream at each other for hours every single day and beat their children
t. mother is one

It already is, the only way it could get worse is if the police themselves started selling drugs.

From a Jew to a Lesbo-Nigger

Yeah, in America that is considered an upgrade. The fucking state of the union

Of course everything sounds stupid to you, you're operating with a sub 85 IQ and suffering from a defective interpretation of what you observe.

Sorry, not sure what you mean by "typing like that?"
Millennials have this weird impact-fetish. They (we) feel like they need to make a difference or else their existence is for nothing. They don't turn out in Shitcago because they don't live there, it's an abandoned shithole left to be an example of a "kikes and niggers only" type of city. It's failure is a boon to our messaging.

You get the government you deserve, OP xD. Before this faggot monkey it was that jew trashbag. It's a failed state and there's no coming back so sit back and enjoy the descent into some, deepest, darkest, African shit.

One more great American history lost, but that process has long begun. The only fun part will be to see how high the gun violence totals reach under greater niggerfication.


user I’m sorry , that was a reply to a wrong post. Legit my bad

No harm, no foul.

RIP Chicago 2020

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She's a niggress. she has a 6" clit. no need for dildo.

Braindead Whites in US of Zion will approve this.

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The people who live here are incredibly degenerate and delusional. The funny thing is she could have run on the exact platform and just put an R next to her name and every patriotard would have been lining up around the block to huff her farts.

Triple fisting and penetration of each other with each other's prolapsed uterus/ rectum.


how do nigger politics work if all candidates are niggers? is it just:

niggers should be ruled over by other niggers…to bad it is probably a crypto kike.

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You forgot to throw some 'gibs' from the white man in there…

Scrape the vag cheese into a big pile and make vaginal cracker topper with it.

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Why would anyone vote in an election with two nigger Democrats? Doesn't matter who wins, you still lose.

Ha!! the CIA would never tolerate someone moving in on their territory.

Does she have any political agenda other than being a black lesbian?

Don't correct your enemies user.

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That's a demon.

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We should murder new fags!

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Good votecuck. The Jews manipulate public opinion through the media and guide (((democracy))) with their invisible hand. No one can be elected without being annointed by them

Here comes the collapse. The kike was a corrupt bastard, but he had to keep the city running to line his pockets. The nog is going drain it dry because they can't do anything right. Watching a US implode with the information access and distribution we have today will be a huge red pill and a grand show!

Chimpcago has a bleeding population, I think it's been exactly like Detroit only not as extreme where around the 1960's people have been fleeing and now it looks like the trend will continue thankfully

You know it's amazing how we live in the information age and yet so many people aren't any smarter then a 12th century peasant. There's 0 difference between too little information and too much information because our brains haven't evolved in such a short span as 12000 years, which compared to all of human history is only a drop in the bucket

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elected is black homosexual woman

That should fix everything. :)


Not like Shitcongo can get any worse now

Detroit 2.0 incoming

This really is the clown timline.


Where the fuck are you from faggot?

Then how did you get conquered by them you street shitting pajeet?

You do realize that the "war on drugs" stands for securing the jewish drug distribution network, by publicly stamping out small time competition on taxpayers dime?

Amerimutts aren't exactly known for their intelligence


not much after they form a relationship.

but what's more important is the future of the city of chicago.

I predict the resulting pc rubbish will result in more gang violence.

Jews should breed shittingdicknipples (old anons will know what this is) in some lab and make it a president to fight racism and promote diversity.

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top kek

The war on drugs wouldn't be necessary if you faggots weren't such flaming homos to start with. There's more drugs available now then ever before of all different kinds, the only thing that's stupid is fixing addicts or trying that gay rehab shit which is a waste of money, addicts should never be helped

wife Amy Eshleman on the left Bidening the young girl in the middle

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If you kill someone in chicago chances are you will get away with it.

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Are there such a thing as good looking lesbians?

Here is a not very scientific survey of my area (pop. 10,000). 95% white European.
Let's look at the creature and it's life cycle.
There are 4 lesbian couples that I know of in my area.
Couple one are both fat and ugly. 2/10
Couple two are both fat and ugly. 3/10
Couple three are both mannish and plain. 4/10
Couple four are OK looking, good without being memorable. 6/10

Three of the couples come from working class families. The other couple have middle class families.

Three of couples, including the middle class one, come from families with a history of depression, and suicide. Both of the women in the middle class couple had brothers who committed suicide. (Worthy of note, because suicide is fairly rare in my area).

In conclusion, from the evidence of this sample, we see that women are more likely to become lesbians if they are working class, have families with a history of depression, and are fat and ugly.

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But Fox News told me that niggers are "natural conservatives" who just need to get off the "democratic plantation" because they naturally are anti-homo and for traditional family values

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The city is nigging very fast

Lesbians are prone to AA and NA.
Constantly fall in love and move in together immediately after meeting and sex. Only to break up within a few months with high school breakup drama of one moving out and taking their friends with her, arguing over items, etc. this usually occurs because one was complaining about the other, to one of the other lesbians in the friends circle, and then she has an affair and runs away with her.

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Dummy. Its >
Also wrap

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how long until moonman gets meme'd into reality?

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They are raping language and making a mock of it. Typical Jewish behaviour.

She probably has aids too. Gets her some more points on the intersectionality scale.


I'm surprised there aren't nigger hunting trips for billionaire being organized in Chicago these days.

20% voted that means 80% are smarter than you.

They organized one in Las Vegas…it was called the Harvest Festival. But that one was for Saudi's who wanted to plink down Americans.


We'll never get tired of all this winning

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Nigger tendies? Thing looks like Gollum.

That could be better. Why is it negative.

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a nigger faggot mayor. what will they think of next

don't care what happenes in niggrville.


We're living in 1984 and Brave New World at the same time.
Orwell predicted a repressive Big Brother state that would limit information. Huxley, Orwell's mentor predicted a society with too much information combined with drugs and pleasure seeking.
We legitimately have both at the same time. Very little useful information and a dearth of useless and trivial information.

Go back to your high school reading list of dystopian authors and re-read. Then read the other books by these authors, especially Huxley.

Giving niggers the vote was a mistake.

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inb4 Baltimore 2.0


Brainwashed parrot.