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100 PLA (Chinese) troops just landed in VZ to join the Russian advisors already in country. The impotence is palpable. All parties involved on Maduro's side are making grandiose claims and absurd claims to the land.

Russia and China are furious they are about to lose another vassal state, and the U.S. and her allies are about to net at least 300 Billion BBL of black gold.

All this, as NATO celebrates its 70th birthday.

See you in hell, Venezuelafags.

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Britfags and Amerifags unite, let's do this!

Why not just kill the bastard and replace him with a puppet that leans toward Russia?

It's the American side that is sweating, not the Russian/Chinese side.

Checked, but it's actually better to highlight that EVROPA needs to unite. Big-tent White Nationalism is the only path to survival.

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You do realize that Maduro's entire military is only about 128,000 people, right? VZ does not have modern anti-aircraft defense, and no Air Force to speak of. They are conveniently located 36 hours by sea from America's largest naval base. They can be attacked from all sides and are bracketed by multiple U.S. allies. Kind of a non-contest shaping up, here.

Juan Guiado is recognized by all NATO member states and CVN 72 will lead the air strikes the second we receive word that anything has happened to Mr. Guiado, which is likely to happen soon since Maduro has moved to strip Mr. Guiado of so-called immunity.


U.S. Congress is fast-tracking $400M in foreign aid for the new Venezuelan government!

Help is coming!

Red China is very hungry for oil, and would really like a source that isn't Russia or Middle East.
Also, Red China would love to see USA suckered into another long term no-win war against turd worlders.
However, Mexicans are not the Viet Cong. All you'd need to do is drop bottles of rum from C-130 and next day 1/3 of their "army" would be dead from alcohol poisoning, due to Indian inability to handle their liquor.

This is essentially correct. It's part of the reason South America has been so easy to rule since the days of Monroe.

New York Times is even gunning for this to happen… when the liberal outlets start advocating war, you know it's coming…

The other angle to consider is that Russia and China would not even be sending the token support they are sending if it weren't for the fact they perceive Trump as anti-globalist and unwilling to intervene, esp. if he is given a reason to think twice. Ordinarily, he would find an excuse to back out, but this time, very, very powerful people want this to happen. Like I said, even the liberal outlets are beating the drums.

Americans aren't gunning for another war after the last few shitfests they've had invading "countries with no anti-air who will give up and lose right away"

Don't care

Trump's base is hungry for action after 2 years of pacifism. Liberals have been running on a more hawkish platform due to Trump's so-called anti-globalist leanings.

Average Americans will basically go where you tell them to. Gen Z is basically a bunch of eunuchs, but thankfully we will need, at most, 30k ground force to do this.

Our local Fox affiliate had some Army recruitment crap on TV this morning where they are trying to get black kids in the city to enlist, LOL

So what difference does another 200 Russians and Chinese make? It's easy to blame Russia and China for Maduro still being in power, but Guaido never had much public support. The government is going to hit him with terrorism/treason charges soon, and that will be the end of the regime change op.

The only reason the ZOG hates the Venezuelan government is because they tell their people the truth: the border separating "Colombia" and Venezuela is an imaginary line, separating the single Spanish-speaking Nation. Just like the border separating that thing called "Canada" from that thing called "America" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation.

mmm yes, I love supranational governments and everything they do.
Doesn't matter if they let trillions of sandniggers and spics flood into white nations. As long as a few Venezuelans who never did anything to affect me get killed, I will gladly suck the circumcised cock of (((NATO)))

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Yeah bro, I'ma let you finish, but up there, milk comes in bags.

This has to be the most stupid yet plausibly unironic post to have ever been posted on a chan.

Filterkike was all about this today if I saw it correctly. We don't need special forces but massive troop presence, something to that effect. Not remove bean from here but distribute them further.

inb4 Vlad drops off a few s-400s

never understood the retarded chick fetish.

I bet your favorite candidate for 2020 is BUTTigieg

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Go be a nigger somewhere else.

They've had the predecessor model for years already. I doubt that they will have to use it.

Holy fucking shit, this is bluepilled beyond bluepill; vid related btw

TL;DR: Russia just gave Venezuela a bunch of F-35 killers

kek, enjoy your blood wars boomer

((( )))
literally who?

Well, VZ is so permeable as far as what NOCs can do in the country that between that and our ELINT capability those missile sites will be the first to be taken out

The brits can field their F-35s at their own risk, we'll be using the superior F-22s which have a cross-section of about 1 millimeter

There is a guy running on the Dem ticket in the U.S. named Greg Buttmunch


Sieg Heil
Get the fuck out of here are you stupidly seious?

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more like 300 million aztec refugees

Hey you dumb fuck niggerbrain. Russia just stared down the USA in Syria. USA military is shit and only good for bullying 3rd world nations. USA is incapable of asserting itself against Russia or China at the current moment. The goose is cooked. It's game over for the American empire. We're all just trying to ease Uncle Sam into the retirement home without him resorting to Nukes.

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nice try CIA man.


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Nice Id trips man

Look for Brazil's position in this as well. Bolsonaro was bluepilled by deformed kikes, and now he is unfortunately trying to turn Brazil into an ally of Israel. All white men in America must pay attention to Brazil's moves. The deformed kikes are trying to move their operations away from the USA and into Brazil., with dumb brazillian masses celebrating the "muh end of communists" by embracing the jews that fund them.
Attack Brazil in any way that you can, or at least, ensure to disrupt any trade with Brazil, before the deformed kikes make it into liberal USA 2.0.

This is at least partially true i.e. Brazil became an official U.S. ally last week. Bolsonero visited Langley to discuss strategy for deposing MADuro.

Chances are good that the U.S. can count on Brazilian and Colombian military support

MREs are a good judge of the overall effectiveness of ground forces.

More PLA fun.

Even more PLA fun.

Moo goo gai pan


The power of the imperial Greatness of China may not be questioned! Surely the proud march our mighty army will shake the world! Who are you to argue?

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ooooh, do not mess with the PEEEPLE's republic of China, we-a-rike to drink hot teeeeee

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This is a glow nigger thread

Yeah the US hasn't even won a war in over 50 years

so are we supposed to cheer on zio-imperialism? No thanks

exactly, I can smell this coming from 10,000 miles away.
One group the USA is missing is South Americans.

all of these are differente cities twitter.com/CarlosOAlbornoz/status/1091743065327525889 twitter.com/AraguaDSD/status/1091727004712484864 twitter.com/leoperiodista/status/1091806680088752128 twitter.com/CarlosOAlbornoz/status/1091756508956819457 twitter.com/CarlosOAlbornoz/status/1091756508956819457 twitter.com/RCR750/status/1091739791262183424 twitter.com/vanedcgg/status/1091752117960929280 twitter.com/marcos86/status/1091733369463951362 twitter.com/elimpulsocom/status/1091725366014681088 twitter.com/elimpulsocom/status/1091725366014681088
btw, I want to make sure it's not me but the left went from praising venezuela, to claiming it wasn't real socialism tm when it started going to shit (state capitalism etc etc) to defending venezuela again? how does this whole deal work?

I've had 14 hours of electricity in the last 48 hours, and there are states that are much worse off than me. Reminder that the project to build the tocoma dam, meant to handle 70% of the nation's consumption(70% of the consumption at the time, after destroying basic industries and several million people migrating the consumption obviously went way down), 3 billion allocated, ETA 2014, cue 2019 and it is still not finished and 6 billions over original budget allocated, there hasn't been any work in there for months either, based maduro

As long as they don't carpet bomb the country, and someone who isn't a drooling retard that keeps a forex control, price of goods control, utility prices basically free, expropriating businesses and running them to the ground, and keep separation of institutions so corruption can actually be investigated and punished, then the only way we can go is up.
>maybe the mountains of coke in anzoategui that's been contaminating the nearby population can finally be exported again to actually make a proffit off it instead of paying a (((contractor))) to pile it up as it devalued.
Honestly, I don't know how much work our telecommunications and internet system needs, but it is certainly A LOT, then there's also the debt owed by all phone operators to outside operators as international calls went unpaid (reason why we can't call to most other countries though we can get calls from outside).
Hospitals will need a huge investment as well as they have far too many damaged equipment, and if public universities aren't privatized they are going to need investment as well.
I think that these are the most important tasks to tackle to fix the country, I might be missing some things still, though.

it's good

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OP loves flaccid nigger cocks.

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Fuck off redditkikes.

Yes we have. The objective just isn't apparent to the goyim. Every action we are involved in is as successful as the kikes running it want it to be. If they wanted the US to roll the planet we would.

Okay.. I'm an American.. and I'm glad someone is standing up to us.
The United States has been berserk since 9-11. How many governments have we overthrown? and if you can answer that I bet you cannot answer how many countries we've had drone strikes or special forces strikes in.

We're nuts.. We're the drunk at the bar that needs to be cut off,

Thank you, Russia and China. Thank you for stopping us from waging war on still another country.

Doing wars for jewish bankers doesn't give you Big Tent White Nationalism.

The fight is in your backyard not abroad.

a vision for Britain. youtube.com/watch?v=zRvPoCWElOc

Neither has China or Russia. One thing China and America share in common? Getting btfo by the Vietnamese, but then China didn't have a weak kneed press weakening them at home, they simply shit the bed like ChiComs do when not tankrolling defenseless people.

Venezuela's big crime; offering to sell top grade oil in any quantity from now till kingdom come if the US would guarantee a per barrel oil price of $20 a barrel for ever. Instantly he became a world class villain and Venezuela was laid siege to.

That first aid shit was actually weapons and explosives for American backed terrorists.

And if America grabs that oil guess what; you'll never see it. It'll be taken off the market to keep prices high. That's the real game; create shortages to keep prices as high as possible so you the sucker can't afford to drive.

Dream on; Brazil's military is refusing to play along with this horseshit.


what an insufferable faggot you are. What an irredeemable zionist tool.

sadly this, i am all for venezuela escaping from americas influence doing its own thing (Chavez etc), but teaming up with the reds i mean what did they think was gonna happen?

Yes we have to impeach that person and send everyone that supports him to the guillotine

You do realize that doing it’s own thing is what caused the problem there, also there’s oil there so the US has to invade ofcourse. Basic shit


kekeo con el monton de maricones Zig Forums en esta mierda defendiendo a los chinos y los rusos
coño que manguangua vale

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initially sure, but giving the chinese access to the entirety of their civilian administration, internet, communications infrastructure and getting them to install a distopian body language and facial recognition grid with enough cameras to put even the UK to shame, i think that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Who the fuck cares about VZ? We need to be worrying about ourselves let the spics sort it out.

When, in the past century, has the US stolen another countries oil? I mean, we should, but alas, we are too pussified to actually do it.

OTOH, the russians and the chinese would have no qualms about it. Let them have it, at least they won't pour cash into a failed state, and they may bring just enough stability to where businesses can operate. Maybe, just maybe, there would be a reason for these hispaniggers to not come to the US.

Russia already won Ukraine from NATO

Israel will set them straight

Aw shit sun! It's on!

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It's on like donkey kong!

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Time to gas all you commie race traitors!
t. HK

VZ is a commie shithole but you take your (((warmongering))) elsewhere fag. You glowniggers are shit, and you should feel like shit.

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what a goycuck. i'd love to see ww3 fought in the americas. even if it means half the white population of north america is killed off overall it would be the best outcome for the race.

I think that PRoC and PutinStan are mostly just jealous of us and our new oil discovery… VZ's proven reserves have tripled in the last 15 years.

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Yeah but the retarded government doesn’t know how to handle anything that’s why they’re getting enslaved by the chinese and putins for their oil

Sources of oil still controlled by Rus/Chi are shrinking fast…

no wonder they are freaking out

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the highest reserves in the world are concentrated there. US/citgo are secondary to the venezuala gas industry which prospected the reserves. US domestic and foreign policy has been in total statis since the invasion of iraq. our military are fragmented and servile to independent congressmen and general officers. russian/china will fucking crush us within a generation and much sooner if we attempt to pull more gunboat diplomacy.

I fucking hate you boomers

Ching Chong Ding Dong, is that you?

Anyone actually fall for this?

mfw people actually believe this is how our military works

Yeah dude, each Congressman gets his own slice of a Marine division and can use them as he pleases, yup!

That being the case, I vote we send the Bernie Sanders Division first!

do they even have pilots though?

The U.S. had to recall old, retired Air Force pilots a couple years back due to a shortage

It used to be that everyone wanted to be a pilot when they grew up, but since only officers are allowed to fly, that means that effectively, only college graduates in the U.S. can get pilot's wings in any of the services.

The trouble is, college is very expensive and those who do manage to get into college do not have much interest in being a pilot. They may have to change the rules to allow enlistedmen to get their own planes.

just look at your local politician's corruptibility and multiply that by 100 and that's what washington and the pentagon are like. we literally bomb other countries for trade kickbacks now. much worse than the soviet union collapse ever was.

Where are these neocon retards coming from? Is this a raid?

Not since President Cheese Ball took over…

Teddy Roosevelt is spinning in his grave, there is still a chance that Trump will try to throw a wrench into this operation by ordering the Navy out of the area and flatly refusing military support. He won't order any U.S. Military interventions because he thinks it's what Clinton wants, and he hates the idea that he can't use the power of his own personality to fix every problem.

Zig Forums is that way >>>>

Mostly from r/the_donald, OP is the infamous double space shill though

trump is controlled opposition. the decentralisation and weakening of federal government is at it's zenith. china/russia should strike now but, they're probably hoping we'll make another major invasion somewhere first. clearly we and the south american puppets are on the defense in venezuala which has more strategic importance than all the straits of eurasia now.


We've been waiting for China to exploit Trump's aversion to intervention to take back Taiwan, which you're right, is likely to be timed for about a week after we start ops in VZ.

Any other President and they wouldn't have this opportunity, but if I lived in Taiwan, I'd be thinking about buying plane tickets right about now.


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