On ERPO (red flag) Gun Laws

Most of us realize that this wave of ERPO (red flag) gun "laws" are going to be used primarily to disarm white, right wing men.
It's going to get to the point where your guilt of thought crime will send the boleez to your door on order of some cucked-ass judge.

So we have two main options if we find ourselves on the shit end of this stick:

1.) Surrender and give up your arms willingly, then wait for your court date and be at the mercy of the Kosher "justice" system (we know how that's going to end).

2.) Don't surrender and go out in gun fire.

Which brings me to the only other option I've been able to think of in this situation:

If you get the knock on the door, DO NOT OPEN IT. DO your damndest to stall for as long as possible. Barricade your ass in for the long haul.
While stalling, start up a live stream. Shit post the live stream to every social media outlet, every image board, every discussion forum you can. SHit post your location with the livestream to your local pro 2A kikebook or other social media groups. Get these people to get of their asses to come help you.
Contact your friends and family and get them to contact their friends who would be sympathetic to your situation. RALLY THE FUCKING troops. Get them to physichally come to your residence to put pressure on the pigs.
Regardless how we feel about the Bundy Ranch incident: It proved a large enough group of pissed of Americans with guns can win a fight against the state.
The last thinng the kikes want is more
If the situation turns bloody, (((THEY))) lose. The situation will have to be deescalated for them to save face. They're betting on us cucking, but if we can organize quickly in the moment, it may be a tangible option.


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Reminder that a kike introduced a bill for this in Michigan.

I've been thinking the same user the hard part will be getting the message out before they shut off your internet/block cell signal. Right now is the time to lay down local response networks among your 2A friends.

Good point. We may not have to an hero individually if a dozen local well-wishers show up to every collection action.

Still be ready to die for your people though. Remember that the more bodies they have to scrape off the ground after each seizure attempt, the less enthusiastic they will be for the next one, and the next and the next. It sounds dumb, but incidents like Waco and OKC really do push the glowdark learning curve a little. Teaches them where the boundaries are.

4.) Hide your guns and then report them as stolen.

Fuck off moshe.

Great point, and this was my main concern. So we can maybe be a bit proactive and start organizing groups NOW instead of in the moment.

Fuck off Schlomo…
3) Buy few AR15s, shotguns and handguns from gun show with no record and hide them at secure location (NO, not your home!). Hand over your other guns to the ZOG and:
a) stay alive or free
b) remain a viable asset to our cause

There are to few of us awoken to pointlessly die. This is right what (((they))) want. One more thing, if you keep ALL your firearms at your home you're truly retarded. You have to keep atleast some of your guns in an undisclosed location far away from your home which ZOG has no knowledge of. Amen.

The trick here is to have NEVER REGISTERED a gun in the first place. NEVER buy guns from gun stores or from dealers. ONLY buy guns from private sales, pay cash and don't ask questions. NEVER tell people you have guns. If you have told people, let them know subtly and tactfully that you've "sold" your guns. NEVER do background checks for guns. ONLY buy from armslist or at gun shows from private sellers.


This is why they are going for this so called 'gun show loophole'. For the time being, (((they))) may live with the fact that we have guns but they can't stand it that we may have guns that (((they))) have no knowledge about. That being said it is paramount that the upcoming anti gun legislation AOC wants to push is stopped in its tracks.

It’s not a half bad idea. Once one of us starts shitposting/streaming during a raid that would be a surefire sign to accelerate even harder. It would be like a signal flare going up , a beacon as it were.

I hope you guys have been networking in your area and learned it well so you can co-ordinate when the day comes. You better believe "white nationalism" will fall under mental health acts they will put forward so White men will fall under the scope.


It begins.

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Buy them while you can. Buy as many as you can and as much ammo as you can and don't fucking tell anyone.

But i'll bite get as many weapons and hide them.

Fuck that sucks I’m moving there soon

Best course of action is to buy some guns and ammo and hide them away. There are tons of videos on jewtube about making pvc pile caches.
Have some cheap ones, like a mosin nagant and a shitty hi-point handgun to give up if you don’t have friends. If you have friends I agree on the Bundy ranch style stand off with the ZOGbots.

Also in this light but does anyone have any experience with polymer 80% lowers? Polymer seems sketchy to me, but I unfortunately no longer have access to the tooling to do metal based 80% lowers and unserialized firearms are important. The ATF most certainly has a registry, it’s essentially a loophole as registries are illegal so they call it the “firearms trace”. But it essentially works by taking in form 4473s from FFLs, as they are require by law to store those forms for 20 years for searches and if they retire before 20 years they must submit the forms (hard copy) to the ATF for storage and cataloging. I just don’t know how many FFLs actually destroy their 4473s after that 20 year period is up, thus it’s likely your info is accessible (albeit inefficiently)

embrace your fate
teach the traitors a lesson

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if you are going to do that you better wake up early, most raids happen around 4-5am.

Like why can't you buy a fully functional factory grade weapon from gun show or private person with no paper work nor registration? I suggest buying few guns with a sole purpose of hiding them in an undisclosed locations in case ZOG gets after your other guns. Your hidden 'panic' weapons should be the most useful ones, ie semuautomatic rifles, possibly AR15, autoloading pistosl and potentially shotguns nad long range rifles. No need to bother yourself with anything less usefull.

These guys are all living in homes.

Yeah private sales are definitely an option, for now at least.
Not perfect though, since there are still loose ends. But definitely an option

Were I you, I'd really buy atleast one AR15 and a handgun this way quickly and then bury them at an undisclosed location. You know right wing ideas are enough to get your guns taken from you and given the fact that you post here, I guess it is a case. AOC is doing her best to get rid of this 'loophole' so we're running out of time to arm ourselves.

This is my one fucking qualm about guns man. I fucking love guns, love building ARs and get old rough looking milsurps up and running again.
But all this political shit makes it a super high anxiety thing, and money is right. I’ve been bleeding money stacking ammo, useful SHTF firearms, ect (among all other preps like food).
As much as I hear you and 100% I simply can’t afford another handgun and AR15, nevermind the necessary spare ammo to go with them and a decent stock of spare parts, lube, necessary tools for repairs, ect.
Best bet is probably to go on a canoe trip to clear my mind. Prettt relaxing. Will take my one of my ARs with me for security and further piece of mind. Old fucking canoe is shitty though, really leaky, but should hold out

Now would be a golden opportunity to introduce vid related. remember to not only harden your abode, harden the perimeter around your property as well.

what undisclosed location would that be? arms sealed in a plastic chemical drum and then buried in a thicket? If LE finds out about it, and they can connect that it was you, you have a reckless endangerment charge heading your way.

Or they get you in the parking lot buying groceries or after work without a struggle. They never show up when you want them to, that's the point.

>If the situation turns bloody, (((THEY))) lose
This. Plain and simple. Violent action against kikes and their lapdogs is what enables victory over them. Anything else will fail, as always.

nice words. nobody came to wreak havoc in the atf’s flanks at waco. nobody will come to to your rescue as theyll be instantly detained if they dont come in shooting.

you could try getting a group together and picking a defendable strongpoint to hold out and broadcasting that youll hold it as long as possible and for any allies to wreak havoc in the zogs rear but anybody approaching your position is considered hostile. at malheur standoff they told responding 3% oathcucks to leave and they were not needed. obviously the ones in the badly selected strongpoint were not even considering pulling triggers. broadcast your plan/pull triggers/tell allies to hit enemy flanks while you hold position and see if americans will come help. i doubt they will but you could hold your point a while if its elevated/wooded and there are shooters lurking behind zogbot lines hitting them while the strongpoint defenders hold out. just be sure you broadcast that all approachers will be considered hostile so the defenders dont get infiltrated by pseudo operations ala selous scout tier.

or do the only thing that has a chance of the zog losing control and white people coming out on top, cause shtf and let nature run its course.

Have backup guns stashed off site and don't be too candid with normalfags about guns or politics.
We're living in the golden age of 80% guns, private sales, and cheap ammo/mags (however that window of opportunity is closing).

Making a spectacle when the ZOG is stacked outside your front door doesn't seem like a winning strategy to me, especially if you can be reasonably certain you won't be imprisoned. I'd rather use it as an intel gathering opportunity to learn (((who))) is initiating, signing off, and enforcing the politically-motivated ERPOs… If there are policy changes (explicit or de facto) where they start locking guys up indefinitely then shit changes, of course (IE: no bail, permanent "psych" holds, Gitmo, ect..)

I'm a newb when it comes to firearms could you expand on what you said about

Sorry user laptop is broken where they are all saved.

I’ll bite the bullet and search them myself. Embedded is a good instructional how to.
I also like this one:

There are others as well but you should get the idea from these.

Keep in mind what you are buying here. You are buying PVC pipe and 2 end caps. What else is made using these materials. Don’t be an idiot or a sketchball, be smart about how you buy this stuff or you will get flagged and bagged by the feds thinking you are making bombs, which defeats the purpose of these caches, right? (As you’ll get your guns taken). So be smart and maybe spread your purchases out, use cash and maybe use friends to buy the different components if you’re really worried

fuck up bitch. if they show up at your door give them a magdump through it. spread your shots out as you want them all to get some. stop trying to convince people to lay down without a fight. if you get redflagged dont give up your guns. you wont go around murdering police chiefs and judges with your hidden pistol. nobody has. nobody has shot it out either. never submit to the zog. its so easy to do and once you do it youll realize just how easy it is to submit. the damage will be done and your transformation into a total cuck complete. you should be murdering politicians and zogbots now before you get redflagged not after. im talking to myself.

private sales are getting banned with HR8, 80%/solvent traps should be next. try jewgle you retard.

An 80% gun is usually in reference to AR builds but can also be of handguns (commonly glocks)
It basically comes down to the laws pertaining to firearms. It’s common for people to build custom firearms from component (premade) parts, putting together different pieces to really tailor it to your needs.
Using the AR as a reference, the part of the gun that is legally considered the firearm (and thus bares a serial number) is the lower receiver. Thus this is the only part that requires a background check, you can buy all other parts (barrel, bolt carrier, trigger assembly, ect) without a background check.

However, many want to avoid background checks all together because, as I highlighted above, a quasi registry exists based on the NICS check paperwork. However, it is totally legal to literally build your own parts from scratch and thus not need a serial number on your gun.

Which is where an 80% lower receiver comes in. An 80% lower is an almost complete lower, and since it is incomplete, does not have a serial number. However it’s quite easy to complete, and then buy the rest of the parts and assemble a completely unserialized AR 15 (or whatever gun we are talking about).

Polite sage for double post

youre already defeated

Careful, if you say something naughty the kike mods will rat you out

who cares? its known this site is ran by feds. theyre impotent faggots that secretly admire us. also they are literally stupid. i havent seen one decent shill ever.

Not entirely. Think realistically, what is wrong with having backups hidden? What if out on patrol doing whatever you come back and your place was raided. Or what if they get the jump on you, confiscate your shit?
Live to fight another day, and you need a weapon to fight (hence a cache). Plus you don’t keep all your eggs in one basket famalam

then make that point in your post about it

It just means you can build or buy guns without the gov't knowing. This is good because the gov't is NOT the arbiter of your 2A Rights, much to their chagrin.

*and without gov't approval (which is more to the point that I was driving at)

Actually pretty genius

user, I'm glad you responded, I hope you know how to get the data off of your hard drive, but I hope you even more know of commsec. This place has really gone to shit and no one seems intent on keeping their wits about layering their security. Please use invidio()us next time when posting youtube links. Nonetheless, thanks for the recommendation, I think this should be a subtopic here. Thanks too, for the warning, I am naive about everything it seems. Opsec and Comsec needs its own thread here.

Is this also in reference to the amount of foreign parts you could use to build the weapon? Are you saying that it's entirely legal to buy a lower receiever and then buy everything else and the fbicianiggers need not know about it? How did you or anyone else find this information out? Is it possible to build an ak47/74 or a G3 with this method legally too? sage negated :^)

know how I know you're new/shill/retarded?

>implying an insurgent group doesn't bury arms and munition caches in order to dig them up at a later time

Protect your guns. Don't be like this poor fucker



Easier said than done. Also inaccessible, then they can just pay a gang of miscreants to visit you since you are unarmed and just chalk it up to random violence. Like the state sanctioned farm murders in SA.

Care op


How could you stop them from shutting off your power/jamming your cell phone in this situation? I feel as though they'd probably just cordon off the entire block near the residence being V&.

Holy shit I thought it died. They even got some RINOs to come aboard.

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They lost though.
Am I thinking of something else? I thought a few of them were sent to prison, a few others were killed.

Retarded nigger, you think the news reports that shit openly. If what you said were true pic related wouldn't be rotting in a coffin 6ft under. Guy in Cali had his AR taken away and starts shooting pigs with pistols cops didn't know about it.

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Fucking hell even the officer hat looks similar to an star of david symbol

Because it is

Consider relocation to a state that doesn't do this stuff. I'm concerned when I read people suggesting doing lawbreaking; that's what the system is set up to crush, and you'll look stupid/ criminal/dangerous for doing badly executed crimes.

I suggest you study history of groups that overcame oppressive modern governments and learn from them.


I think that the most important thing that people are missing is that if this becomes the law of the land, it will eventually become automated and mechanized.

Divorce? ERPO
Lose your job? ERPO
Accused racist? ERPO
Homeowner's Association sues you because your shingles are the wrong color? ERPO

Or maybe with points like a drivers license or something. Who knows? But this garbage needs to be shot down with extreme prejudice.

When you're too afraid to exercise your rights, they've already won. I agree with you about not leaving a paper trail but, if you have to hide, if you are too terrified to stand up for yourself, if you value your security more than your liberty, then the fight is already over for you. You gave up.

no, have decoy guns you don't mind losing none of them are worth losing but you know what I mean and then have your "utility" guns for when the nice times happen.

I wonder if ERPO could be used to prevent someone from having Freedom of Speech, like using it for restricting Freedom to Arms?

When the pigs inevitably show up to my door they're going to swallow me on camera gopro style. I don't understand why anybody would hide their guns or some stupid bullshit like that. If the police are knocking on your door then they're asking for it. This is why you should also carry a gun wherever you go so that way if the pigs catch you by surprise they still get a surprise. None of this would have to happen if the police weren't zogbots willing to gun down their fellow americans over a pension. If any of you fuckers are really crazy you should set up booby traps inside your house so that way the pigs get a taste of American style vietcong. Nobody is going to willingly be a pointman after Joe Bagadonuts got his legs blown off by a single barrel shotgun facing a doorway or from a propane tank

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finally a post i agree with

this samefag here

Ak47 needs no spare parts, or lube, or cleaning. Easy teardown into pieces and the 7.62x39 is a battle for even level 3a bulletproof vests. They are decently cheap. Or, you could even get an SKS for less than $400 if you sold the AR. I bought two and a LOT of ammo for $800 on armslist a couple of years back

Fug, when I was purplepilled I bought pistols through gun shops. I've bought several rifles since then though with cash and private sale. Realized what was coming at that point. Think if I sold the pistols back to a gun store, it would be in the ZOG system as not in my possession anymore? Then I could get some more through private sale. Also, got a CCW so I know I'm on the kike hitlist somewhere. Nice thing is that since then, haven't gotten picked for jury duty while before I was getting that shit every year.

not afraid of fighting a zogbot raid in Minecraft if they came to my door. The fear of death has been lost for me, the only fear left is not doing enough to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children

Who fucking cares if your guns are registered? Is this what America has come to? Citizens are scared of the police possibly coming to your door and blowing you away? The founding fathers would be shocked and ashamed and how America is today. I don't give two shits that my guns are registered. If they want my ass they can come and get it in minecraft


The founding fathers would be pissed.

Lower receiver = fun. Everything else is accessories, though the barrel is typically serialized to match the lower in COTS funs. You can unironically buy anything else (except giggle stocks), but pic related is, for most intensive purposes, is fun. Sell it, and you're selling fun. Put in luggage, and you're transporting fun. File off serial number, and you're getting v& & raped, because filed off numbers can still be recovered via nitric acit.
Fortunately, lower receivers are often little more than a series of properly placed holes, which is where the 80% receivers come in, wherein someone else puts in 80% of the holes, namely the more difficult precision holes, which leaves the 20% to the hamfisted consumer, thus allowing it to be sold not as a lower receiver, but a simple block of metal with miscellaneous holes.

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I got redflagged. It starts with a call. If you don't play ball they escalate.

Like irs. Starts with letter. If you pay, no raid. If you ignore, they'll surveil&raid.

I wonder if 8pol red-flagging a bunch of rednecks is the way to make things get interesting quickly. Or expanding the law so it's routine and happens to nearly everyone due to life events like divorce.

Incrementalism is working.

What the fuck are those things?


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Can you illuminate us on what the criteria was they used as reason for the flagging?
How broad of a net can be cast with the implementation of these "laws"?

"90% diverse" aka criminal black rat infested shithole

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Murder mitten user here.
I would gladly over my dead body them. If just 3 or 4 of us proved that there is no such thing as peaceful confiscation, it may force them to abandon the charade that everything is for our "safety."

OK, maybe not gladly. But I have already decided that I will never surrender what I legally have, regardless of any new and unconstitutional legislation.

I read that my State Police lab took DNA samples from a stolen gun they recovered off a crackhead during a drug raid. The turnaround for the lab results was only a couple months, which was surprising because nothing about the case struck me as especially urgent (no homicide angle).

So I can infer that: DNA testing is quicker and more ubiquitous than ever, and they will apply it to anything gun related; IE a discovered cache.

Finger-printing too. Local PD lifted prints for a burglary case in which $30 was stolen

finger prints only matter if your fingerprints are already on file. If you've never been arrested, nobody will know who the fingerprints belong to. Its only after you've been arrested once that you have o worry about fingerprints.

MAke sure american anons get their guns

Ak74s/ak47's require more tooling than building an ar15 but it is a lot more rewarding personally. I've spent around 1000$ in tools and have built more than a handful for myself and friends. I'm getting close to a return on investment. Plus when you have the tools and know how to build an ak, you can fix an ak.

G3's are also more complex than an ar15 and require a bit of welding but it can still turn out well and cetme kits are the cheapest battle rifle kits on the market today.

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Dumping /k related infographics

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I don't believe these laws will hold up in court but you should immediately sell any guns that are registered under your name and then rebuy them at a gun show, auction, or private sale. There is no reason the government needs documentation on what you've got, and this is in fact a threat to your ability to survive and resist in the short, medium, and long range future.

More infographics

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Checked. Violence literally is the answer. Barbarism is the only assertion of will that isn't shrugged off and ignored by the hoards of weak token authorities, poc, and (((intellectuals))).

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The one flaw with this plan is the possibility that (((they))) could decide to jam your signals, rendering you even more isolated from the outside world than you already would be in this scenario. Now granted, as mentioned elsewhere, if you already have a bad goy group that was formed in anticipation of this sort of thing, you'll probably only need to put out the call to one of them to get the habbening ball rolling, but is it guaranteed that you'll have enough of a warning to get a call or text out before (((they))) jam you?
The way I see it, there are only four options when facing red-flaggotry:

1. Fake a cuck-out and hand over a few less desirables to get (((them))) out of your hair for the time being. The trick here is to remain calm, while feigning just enough hints of disappointment and regret. You want them to fully believe that you will be disarmed - and thus not a threat - once they leave your door. If you go this route, you will have to make the hard choice as to which funs you can bear to part with in order to save your ass.
Potential problems: A few fudd pieces may not placate them, and they may demand to search the house to make sure you aren't holding out The solution for this could be, as others have said, off-site caching. Also, handing over even a single weapon to Boss Hogg is understandably gravely offensive to many fun owners, making this option a fuck-no from the start.

2. The Ruby Ridge, aka barricading oneself in the house and holding for out as long as possible. This would preferably be accompanied by hardening one's house and property and stockpiling food, water, ammo, etc well before the first sign of trouble. Best-case scenario here is OP's, with the ability to get the word out before getting jammed South Africa-style.
Potential problems: You have trapped yourself in a single place with no escape route barring that one moleman fuck who actually has an unnaground tunnel. (((They))) know you have limited resources and will attempt to wait you out. As mentioned above, signals may get fucked over and prevent calling in backup to establish a media shitfest.

3. Grabbing what shit you can and going innawoods. This option offers mobility, and your resources are not limited by how much was in the pantry when the shit went down, but rather by how much you can carry on your back or acquire via hunting/fishing/foraging.
Potential problems: how well you can survive depends on your innawoods knowledge and experience, and your fitness level. Also, not everyone lives next to woods they can run inna. Finally, if (((they))) get wind that you grabbed SKS instead of being a good goy, they will hunt you down like Chris Dorner.

4. Balls to the Wall. Unlike the other options, which are defensive in nature, this one has you taking the Minecraft battle to (((them))). As such, it involves a hypothetical, preemptive Minecraft strike before (((their))) Bearcat race gets out of the gate.
Potential problems: If you decide that this option is the one for you when the time comes, you must be ready to put your all into training in Minecraft every chance you get or you will end up like pianoboy, who could not respond well to unexpected events that arose while performing his Minecraft raid. Also, should you go this route, you must also realize that, unless other anons decide to stop shitposting and join your server, you probably will not make it out alive (and thus lose your diamond sword).

You're thinking about the 2016 botched wildlife refuge occupation in Harney County, Oregon. One man was killed there: LaVoy Finicum. He was murdered when the the neon gang ambushed the Bundy's convoy as they were driving to a public meeting.
The fight OP is talking about is the 2014 "Battle of Bunkerville", in which the BLM goons backed off and released Cliven Bundy's cattle after realizing they were one itchy trigger-finger away from open war with dozens of militia members and angry cowboys. I don't think most people realize just how fucking close it came to armed conflict right there. Anyway, Bunkerville showed everyone that a group of armed citizens, no matter how Threeper or boomer-tier they are, can actually force Uncle Sam to back the fuck up and respect their line in the sand. Harney County, on the other hand, showed everyone just how fucked a guerrilla movement is when the locals start to see you as a nuisance to their everday life rather than as saviors from a corrupt government.

Speaking approvingly and callously about Tarrant, making it clear that in a self- defense situation I'll kill and making it clear I'm concerned about what is legal vs what is moral is enough to creep them out enough that a dumb guy will call the cops. Once the cops hear that in a clownworld paradise, they'll do the thing.

The standard is so low - hearsay is allowed and "reasonable cause" instead of "beyond a reasonable doubt".

So if you're bowl gang, tarrant-posting or just not a moralfaggot, you're fucked.

ok im interested, what is that pvc mechanism?

You get the bumps you deserve. Will stop if asked

A high caliber, petroleum powered firearm.
It's a propane tennis ball launcher, which is illegal.

you guys know that chromate and dichromate salts are VERY soluble in DMSO? one drop on the skin would be guranteed death within a few months and totally over the counter.

Anyone who voluntarily disarms will end up in camps starved to death or shot. That is where this is all going. Do not disarm under any circumstances or for any reason.

This, is going to be one chaotic world hopefully to fight along side you guys on the battlefield.

Hid eyour guns

While I'm not one to get into the AK vs AR debate as I like both, I will give my advice on it.

AK style
-Rugged and durable
-Will run until empty or you die
-May catch fire? (this can be good and bad)
-Ammo is kinda cheap (cheaper than brass .223)
-Will put a fist sized hole in a man (citation needed)
-Relive whatever Soviet/Warsaw pact wars it is styled off of (Serbia, Afghanistan, Literally fucking anywhere)
-Ammo is heavier than .223 and cannot be readily reloaded
-Bulky and slower overall reloads
-Inaccurate beyond ~60-70m (barely hit a man sized target at 100m)
-Ammo not as common or readily available, same with magazines and accessories
-Heavy recoil makes fast follow up shots difficult

AR style
-Accurate to ranges beyond 100m
-Ammo is relatively light and compact
-Feeding method allows speed reloads
-Ammo is fucking everywhere, same with mags
-US standardized round
-Low recoil for faster follow up shots
-Can be had for a fair price at most places
-Entire industry dedicated to mods and accessories
-Relive whatever American war your rifle is styled off of (Nam, Iraq, Somalia, etc)
-Prone to jamming without proper regular maintenance
-Bad mags will cause feeding issues and jams
-Prone to overheating
-Will explode if you don't drain out water from barrel (if you've been doing wet work)

But my suggestion is to go with what's common, as when it gets down to it, Ivan and friends may not be too keen on sneaking in boxes of stalinium cored boolets into a thoroughly pissed off freedom dispensing revolution.

heh, don't em ZOG bots for nothin.

Look for when a gun show comes to town, go there bring a fistful of cash, ~700-900 bucks should be enough for a fun and fun accessories. Look for guys around the edges of the show, guys that are selling used shit, find a raifu fitting to your taste, try to get her for less than ~600 if you can, check it over, make sure shes in good shape. buy surplus mags, get like 6 or 7 and you'll be in good shape, surplus can be counted on, so don't buy some meme shit mags. get fun food, don't get re-cooked raifu beans, as those will make her shit and potentially hurt you, get quality fun food or she'll get the shits. if you have spent wisely then you should have all you need to be a sovereign citizen, use whatever dough is left over to get a burger and celebrate freedom before they ban the burgers too

Also tell the zogbots to fuck off.

Get a rocket launcher