History of the Scythians: MUST WATCH

History of the Scythians: MUST WATCH
Great video documentary on Aryan history, vital viewing.
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Video descripion:
Agile, independent, self-sufficient… only taking fights on their own terms, and only when the odds favor them.. refusing to play their opponents games or fall into their traps. Unassailable, yet powerfully capable of assailing enemies. Profoundly competent, yet understated and unpretentious. Just, honest, genuine, courageous and magnanimous, yet capable of being ruthless when the situation warranted. To my mind, these are the hallmarks of the 'True Scythian', that most ancient root of the Indo-European people that proceeded to branch out across the known world and subsequently become known as an endless variety of peoples and nations over time. I've purposefully used the oldest and most broad definition of 'Scythian' throughout this video, that mentioned at 4:00, lumping many of their obvious direct outgrowths into the umbrella term. The more I dig, the more the dividing lines between peoples fall away, and the more its possible to understand the central spoke of the wheel of the 'PIE' (Proto-Indo-European) people, and the 'True' Scythians are very representative of this seed from which so much would later grow. Think of history in the manner of waves radiating outwards (and back inwards) from a central point around the black sea, and firm caste structures developed in its wake, and history immediately begins to make a great deal more sense. There's still a great deal I'm not saying, and haven't yet touched upon, especially with regards to Scythian 'origins', and I hope you'll all be a bit patient in this regard. As I mentioned before, picture this series as an attempt at a spiral towards truth, each rotation drawing a bit nearer, the totality of context a bit clearer, and further building the contextual puzzle.

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Any ideas?

You Scythian LARPing Celts are the worst. Scandinavians are the real Aryans; you are nothing but race-mixed Meds. Get a grip, losers. I'm so tired of your narratives!


Will take a look user.

Europeans are not 'aryan' and we haven't been that for 20-60,000 years.

And red hair is from Egypt. It is NOT a native European colour!!!

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Rebel media shill channel (check related).

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Your 'aryans'…
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That's not how related videos work

Top tier video which provides fascinating insights into our own history. I think you cannot embed it because its already been linked 2+ times, but it does deserve its own thread.

Seriously lad, Asha Logos is NOTHING like Rebel Media or any of the controlled opposition channels. The only thing you could potentially criticise him for is using broad terms to describe the jews, but it is likely to preserve his channel on youtube, and its obvious to anyone even vaguely in the know with phrases such as 'semitic nomads' as well as the usual 'international banking cartels' and the like.

I'm not one for e-celebs, but this guy breaks down a lot of ideas fundamental to Zig Forums and explains them in a detailed, calm, logical and rational way that your typical normalfag will be receptive to; and which also helps elucidate many ideas to those like us who are already somewhat familiar with them. Top tier production quality too. Easily one of the top two political channels on youtube, all Zig Forumsacks should check out VertigoPolitix and Asha Logos.

Now shut up and watch the video.

Part of the original ten tribes

most modern iranians are mixed mutts with arab/asiatic DNA, but they were historically essentially white/aryan
most spics don't have nigger DNA, it depends on the country. mexicans and other central americans are, with few exceptions, mestizoes- mixed spanish/amerindian. only in caribbean countries (puerto rico, dominican republic, etc.) and colombia/venezuela are they also mixed with niggers and therefore triracial

They didn’t even call themselves that you insufferable nigger. Herodotus named them that in the Bronze Age.

So you admit to force memeing.

Because your fabricating it as you go?

But they aren't "historically" breeding white offspring now, are they? They aren't "historically" fighting that retarded semite religion they pray in every day, are they? They aren't "historically" doing shit for the white race, are they?

Fuck them. I only like Iran because it gives Jews a nervous tic to think the monkey people might get nukes. I say give them what they need and let them run south Asia. Fuck it.

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appreciated, user
this channel Asha Logos is incredible
everybody subscribe – this is legit


Scandis are pretty much bleached niggers

I've put it in my channel archive list, and currently saving what's there, for when it gets censored.

Scythians lived on the Pontic Steppe. You know, where the Aryans came from?

More like 3,500 years, you fucking retard. Aryan migration only started with the Bronze Age.

Altaic mongoloids only came west in the time of Attila the Hun. Before that the nomadic peoples were easily the purest whites around.

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even if Asha Logos were controlled opposition, its given a wealth of true information
depends on where the channel will go in the future, if it slowly subverts into controlled op, or stays true to its principles
we'll see but for now, its incredible stuff

I do fear the Asha Logo is pushing the "we were all immigrants" narrative, as if to argue we shouldnt oppose immigrants coming to live in our midst, or even let foreigners take over our leadership as the Scythian/Yamnaya clearly did

we were and stil are a master race deserving of leadership positions in shitskin societies, not the other way around

Another user put it extremely well in his thread

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Not completely wiping out shitskins when we had a chance was a mistake.

What the fuck is wrong with you both, what was the last time you saw a live Pajeet or Muzzaffar?
Proto-Indo-Iranians at least split off from Comb Ware culture, which makes them somewhat related to Balto-Slavs. Somewhat, somewhen. Zero links to anyone outside Balto-Slavs except for common IE stem.

Also, can somebody please draw a Hitler looking onto a Pajeet bust and thinking "muh ancestor"?

Primitive agriculture wasn't that productive, and none of EEF grew rice, so they numbers weren't that high relative to nomads. Considering nomads were all larger and stronger for beef-milk diet and regular exercise while riding for their cattle herds, you had at best 3 scrawny virgins with pointy sticks against 1 carnivorous Chadh with a war axe. Add a first ever bubonic plague decimating their cities and you're done for.

Jews arent just nomands, theyre urban nomads, moving between cities. Around 1 AD, the city of Alexandria saw a 50% Jewish population. They mastered the art of exploiting human beings as cattle, herding them into & around cities, living off their labor & milking them (usury) and slaughtering them (taxation)

Thank you user. Scythians went as far as the pacific ocean (ORDOS CULTURE). And probably even made it to north and south america (the white gods).

We must become inner scythians again. Only with extreme ruthlessness, boldness and love for the white race, we can win against (((Satan))).


In mid-512 BC the Persian army began to cross the Danube into Scythian territory. The Scythian kings, Idanthyrsus, Taxacis and the supreme leader Scopasis, set to work by sending their noncombatants and flocks north into the great steppe. Then they divided their forces. One host (led by Scopasis) rode ahead of the advancing Persians, burning the pastures to prevent grazing, filling in the wells, and driving off game. The other kings, meanwhile, shadowed the enemy’s northern flank, protecting the retreat of their families northwards while continually pushing the Persians into the denuded areas behind Scopasis’ army.

After 20 days of this the Persians were exhausted. They had reached the Sea of Azov, where Darius ordered a fortified camp to be built.

Then, for some reason, he suddenly began the pursuit again, with the same result. Darius now entered into negotiations with Idanthyrsus, asking him to convince Scopasis that it was folly to resist the might of Persia and to bring simple gifts of earth and water as symbols of submission.


Instead of these tokens of submission, Darius received an unusual collection of symbolic gifts: a mouse, a frog, a bird and five arrows. Darius pondered these and considered them positive signs of submission. The Scythians, however, meant them to represent something totally different. The historian Herodotus records the alternative interpretation:

‘Unless the Persians fly away like birds, hide in the earth like mice, or leap into a lake like frogs, they will never see their homes again, but will die under our arrows’.

Scythians back then were probably whiter than you.

Where do you think those White Egyptians with red hair came from, genius? The same distant stock that gave us the "Nordids" who occupied the wide lands north of the Caucasus and Black Sea.


==Scythian archers dipped their arrows in rotting bodies and in feces-tainted blood as far back as 400 BC.== Later, English Longbowmen would stab their arrows in the ground in front of them, arrowheads in the dirt, so not only could they be drawn and fired quickly, but the points would be unclean, increasing the likelihood of infection in the unfortunate target.


the ancestors of the Scythians (Proto-Indo-Europeans) probably came from farther north, close to or just above the polar circle, where it made sense to evolve bigger bodies (to preserve heat) and where you could only eat milk/meat from your cattle, because nothing else grew there

If you allow a shitskin scholar to enlighten you:
The Arctic Home in the Veda

==we came from the north== and how well we preserve our nordic stock determines how well we survive into the future
The Scythians came in waves; it's time for another wave of European colonial conquest

Oh, look! It's another history-wave returning to mother-whiteness. Welcome back, fellow whites.
So, which caste shall we place these whites? The White of Deepest Darkest Africa? No. Rich Chocolate Whites? No. I'm thinking Enriched Whites. Finally, we have our own to rival the Obamas and Holders and Jusse Smollets of the left. Thanks OP!

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Why would I give a fuck what they were 'historically'…historically a few of the niggers in the USA had some White raped into them by the jews who owned them as slaves. Does THAT MAKE THEM WHITE?
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I only like Iran because they are deluded into thinking they are still White and they like to needle the kikes with this misinformation (I do enjoy a good brother war when it is the brotherhood of my mortal enemies). They are turks/kike/semites now (aka mongrels) just like all the other turks/kike/semites.

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NOW THESE ARE PEOPLE AFTER MY OWN HEART…would that I could find them again!

Nowadays the mighty and brave have flown away like birds, hid in the earth like mice, lept into the lake like frogs, they will will never see their homes and will die under the enemy like cowards.

In this thread alone there is a full blown push to see our people submit to some fantasy 'aryan' turkike race as willing slaves…

I keep encouraging anons to fight a chemical and biological war since we are unevenly matched with our mortal enemies. I am working on understanding how to make biochem weapons (not fast enough) but I don't understand how much of it is getting into their heads vs going over their heads. Nukes are obsolete. Guns are useful but still obsolete…biochem/genetic editing is where everything will be at in the future.


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I can feel the hand rubbing from here user.

Scythians and Sarmatians are alive and well. And I'm not talking about the Ossetians or the Szekely.

Serbs - from Old Slavic "sьrbъ" meaning "ally, friend". May have parallels in Proto-Indo-Aryan "sarbhu" meaning "to slay/to axe" thus "slayers/choppers". Which doesn't sound related at all, if you don't take Croats into account.

Croat - from Old Slavic "хrvatъ" of unknown meaning. Except Scythian had a word "xarv-" for "to protect", which ultimately comes from Proto-Indo-European ser-v "to protect, to guard". Serb-Serv-Xarv, notice a common theme?

Both Croats and Serbs were notorious from being everywhere, from modern Eastern Germany to Western Ukraine to modern Serbia and Croatia. From 14 tribes that became the Czech nation, two were Croats (Charváti and Charvátci), and Moravians lived from Czech Moravia to Serbian Moravia.
And modern Czech Moravia historically turned again into Luzitsa Serbia to the north-west of it. Paradox-tier bordergore at its finest.
Except for Dulebians and Croats, other Czech tribes had neutral names ("locals", "kindred") or geographical names with no other tribes sounding like them elsewhere, which might hint to local Celts and Germans assimilating into Slavs from Western Ukraine, half of which might have been Slavicized Sarmatians.

Severians - a huge East Slavic tribe, whose name instantly translates into Northmen, from Sever=North, sounds and means exactly in modern Russian. Except they lived in the south on the forest-steppe, south of anyone Slavic. Oops. Also originally with ѣ, sѣvery, ѣ used to be prononuced close to "ai". Double oops. But - archeologically show much Sarmatian influence, and their tribal center is the city of Chernigov, "Black City". Chernigov "Black City" stands of Seim river, which translates from Iranian as "Black" (Avestan syama- "dark" and syava "black"). So "black folk" or "black tribe". Living to the North of the Steppe, so eventually their tribal name "Syaveri" morphed into "Sayveri", which turned later into Northmen. North of the place they came from.
Severians would become part of Southern Russians, Ukrainians and Bulgarians.

You get the idea. Oh, also Northern Slavs are mostly carriers of Proto-Indo-European R1a haplogroup shared with Indo-Iranian peoples (via a specific Z-93 offshoot from Combed Ware culture unity), but not with Western PIE haplogroup R1b. What a coincidence. To think German NatSoc would LARP as Indo-Iranians so bad they would try to genocide the closest peoples to real Aryans because of envy or stupidity or what else.

t. Varg

Nazis, of course, were Catholic conspiracy group bent on rooting out Bolshevism, which they saw as a threat to Catholic Europe. Ultimately, both the Catholic Church and the Bolshevik had a mutual incentive to exterminate/prune/kill as many Northern Indo-Europeans as possible, since these are all non-urban peoples who resisted their assimilation into the urban collectives of the south. Has it ever occurred to anyone that WW2 was a war of Catholic-Jews against Indo-Europeans?

He does call out the Jews loud and clear in this video

yeah bruh, look at all these very dravidian facial features

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Is this what retarded Balkan nationalists brainwash this kids with at school? This is like claiming the Baoyue are still an existent ethnicity and China because of shared mtDNA in the south, lol.

literal jew mentality
Every race and culture has the right to self determination. Theyve managed to run themselves fine for thousands of years even now, what makes you think they are in dire need of your leadership? Why are you of all people qualified to lead the persian race? You are an expert in persian language and culture? Of course not, you are just a kid with the jew's racial superiority bullshit imprinted into your brain like a good goy

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No clickshekels for you jew.

Seems like you're the one purposely trying to project post modernistic narratives into something that's happened since time immemorial.

Haplogroup I proves you're a proto-Semitic faggot. Go back to the Balkans, Turkey, or the Middle East you Pelasgian mongrel.

Scythians and Sarmatians are R1a Master Race and Iranic (in the original sense of the word) progenitors of the Polish Slachta noble class. They're cataphracts wore badass lizard scale armor and influenced the knights of Europe. Their Nordic phenotype and bear-like build made them the "Vikings of the Steppe". Even the Ancient Chinese feared them.

The Cimmerians were a group of Mainland Celtic peoples that lived and fought alongside the Scythians and Sarmatians. Their name is reminiscent of Cymri, the Welsh name for themselves. They represented the eastern half of the Western European R1b Master Race. They inspired Conan the Barbarian.

Go gas yourself you Swedish Pelasgian kike.

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am celt and can confirm we are not Aryan, we are more powerful than you could ever imagine

Scythians were not our ancestors. They maintained the traditions of the Yamnaya as they're known scientifically, or Aryan spiritually

Celts, Slavs Germans, and Romans are all Indo-European and hence Aryan belonging to the R haplogroup. We are the original Iranians who it seems domesticated the horse and invented the chariot upon the Pontic-Caspian steppe. Armenians were perhaps white once too (Norman ~ Armen ~ Aryan ~ Iran ~ Alan) before they got mongrelized with Turk, Mongol, and Semite blood.

aye, well, we'll see about that.

OR maybe they weren't some 100% racially pure ethnostate/kingdom like you seem to be suggesting.

Damn right, a rain of Scythian arrows was no joke.

I collect ancient "European" artifacts; weapons tools and coins mostly, here are some of my Scythian (and Cimmerian) weapons, arrowheads, proto-coinage etc. from the Black Sea regions of Ukraine, Russia, and Crimea.

I've got some badass late Bronze Age battle axe heads not pictured from a newly discovered cache/hoard dug by a metal-detectorist contact I have over in Crimea, moreso "proto" Scythian but close enough for me.

I don't really care about the racial purity spiraling regarding their Iranian Aryan origins, they were ferocious badasses and their artistic aesthetic was quite respectable too.

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Except the "Balkan Slavs" are a bunch of haplogroup I-2 Pelasgian proto-kikes. At least they're manly enough to want to be like the haplogroup R steppe warrior master race unlike their effeminate I-1 brethren in Swedistan who would rather incestually suck on some haplogroup J migrant cock.

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Out of the gas chamber into the oven.

That is a pretty cool collection user. Artifacts that are as beautiful today as they were when they are made. At least since it is in your private collection you won't have to worry about a shitskin 'director of antiquities' melting them down for the metal.