A question for our friends in the FBI:

You're investigating Zig Forums for suspected morals & values. Fine, you're right. We like Europe. Guilty as charged.

But, did you ever investigate dmt nexus for openly discussing criminal activity?

Fuck you pieces of kike-fucked niggershit assfucked fat fucking greasy shit-filled cunts. Suck my foreskin.

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Who cares if US intelligence "investigates" a Cambodian basket weaving discussion board?

I thought we discussed Mongolian archery techniques?

JIDF hiring Indians to troll now?

I'm here for the autistic Malaysian stamp collecting.

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Is this not the Bhutanese cribbage room?

I was more interested in how Temujin "numbered" the people his men were about to unperson. Also how he instituted the law that the family and the society that produced a rebel were as guilty as the rebel himself. After all, those people created the environment that allowed the rebel to flourish. I intend to reinstate these practices. Saint Tarrant himself adhered to these strict codes of conduct, and for that I commend him.

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I don't know about you dudes, but i'm here for the pontification of ecchi suru

They don't use my law, user. They have their own book of laws. My law comes into effect just prior to my assuming command of this planet and finally fulfilling the destiny bestowed to me by God, to use Chinggis' language. But I appreciate your effort

I don't care what some FBI niggers think of me. If they are investigating here, it means they are scared of me. If they are scared of me, I win.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Rent free, lads


Fuck off reddit.

I thought we were Nigerian seminary students.

We are probably red-pilling white FBI people.
This is going to be a HUGE asset in the coming race war.

Well actually, we are Czechoslovakian paper-scrub, window-washing, homeless, migrants from the inner Congo region.

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I must have gotten lost, I was under the misapprehension this was a forum for Ancient Siamese Woodcarving and Pontification.

He FBI should be investigating every hate preaching jihadi breeding islamic mosque instead…i went to many just to listen and i was shocked…THAT shit needs to be shutdown and banned

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i'm more of a japanese tomato canning enthusiast

But oy vey muh ZOGbots stop influencing LEOs and military goyim!

At some point, some of them will realize that it's shitposters who truly protect and ensure a free society. If you're reading this, you're still faggots tho.

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Do any of you hurt ruler?