State Sanctioned Murder

How old were you when you realized that the federal government murder 82 people (18 children) in Waco Texas in 1993?
For me, I was maybe 15-16. I remember seeing the 20/20 Special where they show the surviving children and ask them who the president was and when they're like "lol IDK" those media Satanists used it as proof that the kids were brainwashed.

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David Koresh was a pedo who claimed to be the messiah.

The bucket has long since overflown, flooded the house and the streets. Pity, it's only water.

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The 90's were choc-full of redpilling events. It's when the (((elites))) really started over-playing their hand and proving how shitty every single one of them really is. Now we're just living amongst the ruins, waiting to cleanse the remaining filth…………

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And the FBI burned all the children in the house to death.

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Yeah,, but what can you do with a death cult?

Ignore them while they stockpile weapons and wait until they declare jihad?

if they were niggers like the Nation of Islam,, you'd be applauding the action.

Waco was a pedo cult operated by the clintons

The word "Waco" is probably one of the earliest memes. I think it's amazing how the name of a city developed into a slang for crazy.

Whacky existed as a term for crazy before Waco was on a map.


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What a tragedy.

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I was 16yo at the time it happened and I knew instantly it was murder.

No one believes you.

I realized it the year before when Ruby Ridge happened

True, if the internet existed in the 90s in the same form that it does now, it would have sparked the civil war, because things were so out of control at the time. Now amongst the ruins people are already so demoralized that it's hard to pick up the pieces.

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I was 10 years old.
I watched it on tv.
Does anything good ever happen?

The ATF murders american children and they think it's funny.

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Oldfag here.
I watched it live and the impression I got was that the government was burning the place down.
Speaking of Waco, it's interesting that in the 90s the US under Clinton seemed to be waging a campaign against domestic opposition using "domestic terrorism" as an excuse, while in the 2000s the US under Bush was waging a campaign against domestic opposition using "international terrorism" as an excuse.

1992: Ruby Ridge

1993: Waco

1995: Oklahoma bomb

1996: Atlanta Olympics bombing

1997: North Hollywood shootout

1999: Columbine school shooting

Also, does anyone remember the now seemingly forgotten North Hollywood shooting in LA in 1997? Two gunmen with Norinco type 56 rifles robbed a bank and then got into a big gun battle with the police. It lasted 40 minutes and was live streamed from a LAPD helicopter. As well as gun grabbing, it led to lots of talk of the danger posed by gun ownership, young white men, as well as anything even vaguely related to patriotic militias.
Anyway, the sight on television screens of fighting on the streets with two masked gunmen blasting away with automatic rifles at the police shocked everyone and provided the excuse to give the police more firepower, automatic rifles, body Armour, helmets, and armored vehicles.
And of course, while the police became more and more heavily armed and more and more like an occupying army, ordinary people on the other hand faced more and more gun restrictions.
How surprising.

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I was about 30. IMO the reason they torched them " is WTF would happen if they didn't?"
They'd have 200+ of his "wives" and his kids, who themselves hadn't committed any crime but were still 110% on his side, that the Govt would want as "witnesses", but the "wives" were already no doubt legally coached on how to clam-up. In addition, you'd have all those cucked ex-husbands that had given Dave their wives. All these people would now be without housing and on Welfare, with some "mother of all trials" looming.
Hillary said "Fuck it, I'm not gonna have THAT be his Admin's Iranian Hostage Crisis, BURN THAT MOTHERFUCKER DOWN!"

If the Govt arrested Dave K for "child abuse" the defense would be able to call about 400 people, all of who would be GTG for at least a week's worth of testimony apiece, and the "Defense" would be some churchy lawyer trying to bring "The word of the LORD!" into it every moment, and who himself would be only too happy to do a little jail time for "contempt" etc.

There's a Dr. Pierce broadcast "On the Events in Waco," I'm not linking now since too many shills/newfags/vermin here. What really got me was watching the kikeflix thing "Wild, Wild Country." THAT is where they should have gone in with tanks and killed everyone. You had:
- mass poisoning with manufactured bio weapons
- attempted assassination of an asst. Us Attorney
- Every form of fraud in the book
-full autos, 500+ immigration violations, you name it, attempted murder, mass poisonings, etc..
TWO people did jail time for that entire bullshit. If they had been all Whites….there was high likely afoot somewhere there, REAL high kikery all the way up to the highest levels.

I was about 13 at the time and it was really the first instance that opened my eyes up to the fact that the government was not the "good guys" like I was brought up to believe. The force that they besieged those innocent people - they're own fucking citizens - with and brutally murdered was chilling. Then, the horrendous thing was how they, and their propaganda wing, the media, tried to bury the entire thing as if nothing fishy had happened and even went so far as to blatantly lie about the Davidians and their leader, David Koresh, to paint the murderers as the good guys.

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You're right but you had have the wrong the reason. the FBI fired first and launched a military assault on a religious community complete with flashbangs. Koresh called 911 and asked for the police to come: "There are armed men, and they're shooting at us!" would have been Ruby Ridge 2, and ZOG would have had to pay out even more this time.

Everyone and their Mothers Should Know about the FBI Ruby Ridge-Style Set Up of 2A Supporter Schaeffer Cox

That's exactly what happened, OP. Stop changing your IP.

The thing about the 44 minute north hollywood shoot out is that it was very plausible when you look at the history of the US. There have been tons of bank robberies in the US, from wild west days of Butch Cassidy, to the twenties with the Dillenger gang. I really don't think that it was a false flag; just a couple of really (admirably so) ambitious guys (iirc they were eastern european), who didn't expect everything to go south the way it did.
Did politicians spin it to take more power from the people? Predictably, yes. Just my opinion, but I feel like the math actually adds up on this one.

Supporting him is the only good thing Qtube fags have done.


Koresh literally became the leader of the Branch Davidians to exile the pedophiles brought in by the previous leader.

How is discussing one of the most important and slid under the rug events in American history a slide?

I had a friend working at a gun store at the time who basically handed police whatever they asked for as they were so unprepared when confronted by a couple of criminals in body armor with full auto weapons. The event inspired the movie Heat. No matter how hard LAPD tries to act today, and no matter how well equipped they are, they're still a bunch of uneducated chads who failed into a government job of trying to be a bully. Their accuracy in documented shootings is abysmal, with most shots hitting innocent bystanders or other cops. They're a joke.

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Compared to what, you fucking mong? The entire board is nothing but shit. At least the OP is a coherent thought there is no such thing as muh satan, but the ZOG tyranny is a solid point.

It's purely calculated so kikes can slaughter the public like they did in the USSR. TELL EVERYONE.

J. Edgar Hoover published a memo within 7 days of JFK's assassination.

Here is the memo:


It says that the info in the memo "was orally-furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency".

The info is strictly pertaining to anti-Castro Cubans.

Bush was in the CIA at the time and managing anti-Castro Cubans.

He lied about having ever previously been in the CIA during his CIA Director confirmations hearings.

He was appointed to CIA Director by Warren Commission member Gerald Ford.

The Bay of Pigs was known as "Operation Zapata".

Bush owned "Zapata Oil Company" at the time.

The Watergate burglars were participants in Operation Zapata.

Nixon said that the Watergate scandal threatened to expose the "whole Bay of Pigs thing" and that it would be bad for the CIA.

H.R. Haldeman wrote that whenever Nixon said “the Bay of Pigs” on the Watergate tapes it was a code word for the JFK assassination.

Source for the doc:,_JFK_-_J_Edgar_Hoover_memo_2.jpgJPG

Summary of my personal conclusions from these facts:

Nixon stated who killed JFK: the CIA. He did so when he said that exposing hidden details of the JFK assassination would harm the CIA. Also, by referring to it as the "whole Bay of Pigs thing", he identified the portions of the CIA responsible: those involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Hoover's memo identifies Bush as the "go to" person in the CIA who would be furnished with information relating to anti-Castro activities. Bush's oil company named Zapata Oil, which includes CIA connections, predates Operation Zapata, and tells you who had the authority to NAME the operation. Bush ran the operation.

After learning all these hidden things, I have a feeling this Cabal scheme has been planned and carried out for a very long time. I feel the US, Soviet Union and even communist China were all Cabal creation. These 3 giant countries are created as tools for the Cabal to take over the whole world and turn it into Satanist communist massive dictatorship animal farm 1984. It is scary to think about these Satanists have this patience and wickedness to plan out hundreds of years in advance. We need to wake up and defend ourselves in urgency.

Nixon stated who killed JFK: the CIA. He did so when he said that exposing hidden details of the JFK assassination would harm the CIA. Also, by referring to it as the "whole Bay of Pigs thing", he identified the portions of the CIA responsible: those involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Hoover's memo identifies Bush as the "go to" person in the CIA who would be furnished with information relating to anti-Castro activities. Bush's oil company named Zapata Oil, which includes CIA connections, predates Operation Zapata, and tells you who had the authority to NAME the operation. Bush ran the operation.

” enhancement has Dallas Cop Joe Smith firing from behind the Rotunda Wall, with Gordon H Arnold, deaf mute Ed Hoffman & Wife and Andy Warhol. Police, Jews, CIA, Bush, Anti Castro Cubans killed JFK. FTP FTP FTP F12 F12 F12 police shot up Las Vegas.

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Ted Gunderson was FBI Bureau Chief in Dallas when President Kennedy was killed, after the shooting he was filmed in possession of one of two rifles on the sixth floor of the TSBD, he was in Memphis when Martin Luther King was shot..

Jim Lehrer formerly of PBS News was in Dallas that day with former PBS co host Robert MacNeil both part of the White House Press Corps.

MacNeil's testimony has supported the official story ever since .. he says he heard a single shot then two more in quick succession..

He went into the portal of the TSBD where he encountered a young man he subsequently identified as Lee Harvey Oswald who he says directed him to the nearest telephone, Lehrer says he stayed at Dallas Love Field with Air Force One.

As well as identifying the shooters on the GK, the Moorman shot reveals about twenty muzzle flashes including Smith's shot (FTP) from the corner of the Rotunda Wall, and the "Oliver Stone" flash from further along the fence line.

At plus eighteen hrs around 9:30 pm on the evening of November 23, 1963, Australian radio played a tape recording of the assassination..

Wherein Mrs Kennedy's voice was clearly heard calling "hello Coretta" followed by a volley of gunfire, the presenter explained Coretta was the wife of one Reverend Martin Luther King, he played a slowed down version of the tape and asked listeners how many shots they could hear, he said he counted about nineteen his studio guest said she counted twenty two.

That was the only time the Luther Kings were associated with the crime until whispers were heard at the time of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where after some short time later Luther King was shot dead by sniper fire while standing talking on the telephone on a hotel balcony in Memphis.

Although he was feted and fabulized by the same ppl who propounded the LHO lone assassin scenario there was no money the black —- was broke, he went to the source had roped him into the conspiracy in the first place read George HW Bush, and asked for dough to be told there was none.

So he chanced his arm at blackmail presumably assuring GHWB if he was not paid everyone would get to hear about what went on in Dallas .. he laughed him off, so LK took time at the 1968 DNC to drop the bombshell of his own involvement and was shot down for it! The Assassination of John F Kennedy.

compiled from thousands of television news tapes detailing neglected or ignored evidence re the death of United States Senator Robert Kennedy, including evidence from the Los Angeles Coroner that the shots that killed Robert Kennedy..

Were fired into his head from a distance of between one and three inches from behind and below his right ear, Sirhan Sirhan who was convicted for the killing was several feet to his front, the film has footage of the LA DA simply brushing that aside .. Security Guard Thane Eugene Cesar is thought to have fired the fatal shots.

former pro wrestler Billy Jack Haynes who says he was present at the killing of 17 yo Kevin Ives and 16 yo Don Henry, who appear to have stumbled onto a drugs drop near Mena Arkansas in August 1987, admits trafficking cocaine he got from murdered CIA drugs pilot Barry Seal.

Haynes says Seal introduced him to a politician drug dealer from Arkansas - William Jefferson Clinton - who in 1984 asked him to kill David Kennedy, son and nephew of Senator Robert and President John Kennedy .. DK was in Florida attending a family celebration and was staying at the Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club in Palm Beach.

He was found dead there April 25, 1984, allegedly from a drug overdose after staff checked his welfare allegedly at the insistence of family members, another Kennedy brother had been staying in the same hotel and had checked out prior to the body being found .. we know most often ppl get murdered either by friends or by family members.

That being said a diligent investigator would immediately assume DK's family wanted him dead for whatever reason, to which end the other brother introduced him to BJH who had accepted the contract to kill him, that it was he who had requested hotel staff to check his welfare.

The same prosecutor would suppose Clinton must be the man the upper classes got in touch with if they wanted someone dead, that he could arrange it all upon payment of a suitable fee. David Kennedy's Death.

John F Kennedy Jr's fatal air accident July 16, 1999 which also took the lives of his wife and her sister, was allegedly arranged to ensure Hillary Clinton's election as US Senator for New York. Zapruper: Israeli.

Jack Ruby: Jacob Rubenstein

Sirhan Sirhan: mind-controlled Palestinian

Do the math.

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Rainbow farm, Michigan.

Delta Force and Branch Davidians: CAG/Delta Force exempt from Posse Comitatus.

I was with the Militia Of Montana when it happened so I would say I was probably 25. I had already known for many years that we were all living in a fiction at that point. I didn't know about the Jew connection back then but I did know about the evils of government and the banks. I remember that I made a number of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton targets for the shooting range that year and tacked them onto stuffed animals for effect.

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here's what went down

Just saw the 1990s Waco docu two nights ago and I still can't get over it. Fucking feds.

Much better to hook up with someone like Jim Jones, right?

I was only 5.
Didn't really learn how fucked up it was until the late 2000's

Most older people still go with the cuck mentality



(((They))) tried doing it again recently, thread on the topic:

Cass Sunstein had a program to shit up usenet that they are also using (and failing at) here because satanists are VERY AFRAID when God-fearing folk network.

I never understood why lolbergs white knight this guy. For most of western history falsely declaring yourself a prophet usually ended with you and your followers burnt alive

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They did the same thing with Mormons when they got out of hand as well.

The message is: don't start IRL cults.

Also, remmebr Mormons are just York Rite masons and lie/scam people outside the church without thinking. I'd love to see this cult dismantled.

>Wanting to give the impression of tribal hostilities, their plan was to arm some Southern Paiutes and persuade the Native Americans to join with a larger party of militiamen disguised as Native Americans in an attack. During the militia's first assault on the wagon train the emigrants fought back, and a five-day siege ensued. Eventually fear spread among the militia's leaders that some emigrants had caught sight of white men and had likely discovered the identity of their attackers. As a result, militia commander William H. Dame ordered his forces to kill the emigrants.

This should happen to racists again

Wow. Just wow.

the mossad sold him to the CIA, he was running a baby farm for the Clintons and they cut him loose so he couldn't testify

they're worse, remember when they had that mormon who looked like he might be able to become president so they shot him?

There's a huge fucking difference between thinking Koresh is a great man or "white knighting" him as you say and saying that almost 70+ innocent white people, many of whom children, shouldn't have been slaughtered by a jewish government desperate to cover up the tracks of their own human trafficking evils. You'd have to be playing pretty dumb not to see the outrage there and pretend this has anything to do with white-knighting Koresh.