Kim Jong Il: Renaissance Man of the Juche Era

Is there anything Kim Jong Il was not skilled in? A prolific theorist and elaborator of Juche and Songun thought, a master statesman and tireless leader, he was also a father of many children and a writer of songs from young age. May the splendor of the Kim family shine brightly for eternity

Let your ears experience profound talent:

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Why do you think the Family of Mt Paektu all posses exceptional talent, will and morality? Is it bloodline lineage, or superior parenting and education?

- Kim Jong Un

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Even at such a young age the spririt of genius lay within him. Beautitful music

The answer, like the other Juche-poster suggested with his quote from KJU, may be correct. See the following quote from Kim Jong Il Short Biography:

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It definitely is due to superior parenting and education.
However, this does not always take effect, as seen in the cases of Svetlana Alliluyeva (Stalin's daughter) who defected to the USA, and Kim Jong Nam who worked with the CIA.

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Kim Jong Nam and the rest of Kim Jong Un’s older brothers weren’t the best material and were smartly skipped over in their chance to lead. Just compare KJU with his brother and you tell me which is more fit to lead. It has been pointed out numerous times that KJU is very similar to his grandfather, and his conduct towards imperialism shows similar indications. Like Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Un believes that “the People are my God” and will continue the march forward.

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Only the proletariat is fit to lead. Everyone is is just another tyrant.

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Good thing that KJU is the leader of a socialist political party in a country building socialism. Saying “muh tyrant” is just more proof that anarchkiddies and “anti-authoritarians” are red liberals who buy into US imperialist propaganda.

Okay so when are you moving to North Korea?

Juchefags manage to make vanilla tanks look sane.

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Lol, how the he'll do you just happen to have a De facto bloodline leadership for 70 years without being authoritarian. I'm not even an anarchist and argue it's necessary considering their material conditions but even burgerland doesn't try to pass off that blatant of a lie.

Pic related isn't a Juche fag tho, he's a Hoxhaist so I assume he'd consider them revisionist.

That's the vanilla tank.

Hello, lib

North Korea is more democratic than the United States of America, just look into the system of people's assemblies and people's committees at every level of administration, not to mention things such as the lack of a undemocratic bodies like the US Senate.

Concerning that pic, even I'm more moderate than that:
Pornography should be banned as being exploitative and degrading to women
Nothing wrong with it
Nothing wrong with it
I am against alcohol for a variety of reasons but see nothing really wrong with coffee, marijuana or coffee
Nothing wrong with that as long as people take care to be healthy and are prepared to deal with the consequences
Literally nothing wrong
It's weird but I don't really give af
Sex-work is exploitative and it will be abolished under socialism

You're a liberal

go away retard none of us like your revisionist right-wing nationalism rebranded as socialism.

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proofs: not found

this is an ML Juche Idea board now.

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You guys made your own board already, go fuck off back to it and leave the real socialists alone.


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agreed lets get them sanctions dropped y'all

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Imagine unironically thinking juche is good in any way.

North Korea is secretly a paradise on Earth. Everyone is lying to you.


Like fucking pottery

Yes drop the sanctions so the DPRK can liberalize and suck Xi Jinping's capitalist cock and make money off of privatizing! ML states proving once again how they have radically defeated capitalism!



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Yes I forgot how china trading with the west was just socialist barter economics! Kill yourself retarded dengist roader.

Wow the DPRK looks like every other developed capitalist nationstate I've ever seen, clearly a big GDP is a sign of socialism!