AOC love thread

AOC is a genius. Her economic ideas are a century ahead of her time. Her love of country and the environment will be remembered for generations. She is a supporter of trans gamers. What's not love pol?

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Now watch as the queue fills up on this shit bait and the rest of the spam is left to fester.

. AOC is still awesome. She be president in 10 years.

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I’d say her economic ideas might even be a century of centuries ahead of our time. Truly amazing.

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I like AOC. She's the perfect example of non-white group self-interest and how it impacts voting and the long-term standing of our constitutional republic and way of life. She's the perfect example for the argument I always like to make regarding diversity being a weapon to subvert our constitutional republic and introduce bolshevism democratically on the backs of non-white group self-interest which is based in in-group preference which is based in instinct, which is why diversity can never work.

Don't forget those sephardic milkers.

AOC woman of color power. She is the future!

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AOC is a tranny? huh.

When I have my sterilized multi-racial warbride harem, I want my spic/feathernigger waifu to have tits like her.
I like the crazy eyes in a pump-pig more than in a politician.

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She looks like a goblin.

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Yeah. A goblin with big tits. And crazy cum-guzzler eyes.

It's ok white boy. No AOC is not a tranny. But it's ok for you to show us where the frog touched you. Pepe is going to jail. And you can come out of the closet.

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back to cuckchan tranny niggers

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One of the beauties of AOC is, she's desensitizing whites to a "brown hope" in the tune of Obama, so when they finally run one for a significant position, there will be no pressure on centrist whites to support him him/her, and that person will lose.

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You will never be white, kike.

I dont want to be. We destroy white men.

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No pleading for your life later

Come and get me Keks. My blue city will protect me. The power autism has failed you.

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