Hero Fraser Anning doesn't back up, launches his own party







How high are his chances?

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back down*

Well he's wrong about the nips; they're racist as fuck but that's a good thing. Other than that, good post.

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He talks the talk, but does he walk the walk. It seems like only when the country is in economic destitute will people wake up, even then they only going to vote for who can put bread on their table. They'll agree with anything else that comes with the baggage

someone post the webm where he smacked that punk into his place.

The third world war is going to make this shit look quaint.

>(((nanking massacre)))

you guys read his open letter?

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fuck i haven't seen that angle
anning did nothing to the chad behind him who grabbed him by the neck and threw his face into the floor.

*anning did nothing compared to the chad behind the little shit*

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fuck yes

Cuckservative Nationals, where Chinese and Muslims are welcome but ONLY if they promise to become true Ozzies, because Mr Anning is a radical who only plays hardball and basically he's just too edgy for libs.

Seriously, fuck this edgelord cuck. His party is a joke and he will never accomplish anything meaningful.

Fraser (Coldcock a Nigga) Manning
Fraser (Knuckleduster) Manning
Fraser (Bust yo Lip) Manning
Frase..Punches you in the face
Fraser (Come at me Bro!) Manning
I don't actually know anything about this guy.
Fraser (King Kong) Manning

Top kek, I'm in.

You don't understand rhetoric.

Fraser 'Libshit Lyncher' Anning

Fraser (Zero Fucks Given) Manning

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I would bet money that he will be paying a visit to Israel soon for a Netanyahu photo-op. I've seen this song and dance too many times before.

I just sent this glorious cunt an email. Hope he replies.

Let's go, cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you people are sad scumbags

Fuck off, you fucking loser.

sad little dirty pathetic cunts, life is passing you by you weirdos, everyone hates you

Belittling us is important because it strengthens our souls.,

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we (muslims) killed 140 in paris and 80 in nice, you dont have shit on us you pathetic frail cunts, thats without nine eleven and all the murders and rapes and all the other terrorist attacks, you have a lot to catch up to boys lol

get lost, Jew

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And we hate you.

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Let us know. Good luck.

100 shitskins gunned down by by one white man. No single Muslim has gunned down that many whites. The Day of the Rope is coming, cockroach.

I'll report back if he replies

why do you hate people who have darker skin?

nah, looool, we killed a ton of you and he killed 50, as i said you have a loooong way to catch up we also fucked a ton of white kids, go pay your child support now you degenrate smelly pale cunt

Good on him, he's been an absolute legend so far.
One thing I don't like, and One Nation has done the same, is tie the party to an individual. "Fraser Anning's x", "Pauline Hanson's x". I feel like that leaves it too open to the potential failings of the individual; any failings tarnish the whole brand. Short term gain-wise, it'll help boost numbers at first because he's riding some great popularity thanks to his no-shitskins stance constantly being pushed by (((the media))).

his chances are basically zero
By all means all QLD anons vote for him since honestly other than One Nations who is by no means as good as him, is there a good 3rd party who has a sliver of getting a senate seat
NSW and VIC anons should vote for Sustainable since if they get a good run they have a chance of snagging the 6th senate seat in either state, and Rural NSW anons should preference Shooters first in the house

you are a pathetic cunt, people are moving past hatred why are you trying to set us back in time?

If you count spics as white then what about Pulse

there's ya problem

Why are you on Zig Forums?

pulse was a based big balled arab stud, pathetic whites cant compete bruh bruh

it has nothing to do with hatred friendo
in fact its the fucking media whos pushing hatred against working class white males


Fuck even in New Zealand the guy who shot the Muslims wasn't white, he was Jewish

freedom of speech baby

It's about love, not hate. It's about a love for our people. You are the one full of hatred. You hate whites. That's more than obvious.

jews are whiter than most whites to be fair

I don't hate dogs for shitting in public and knocking things over. They're animals, it's their nature; but I don't want them doing it in my yard.

This holds true for shitskins.

well I mean not really since white has nothing to do with skin color
If it was Micheal Jackson would be white

i actually hate no one, you people are demented, celebrating mass murder what the fuck went wrong in your lives?

no it doesnt


Then why can't whites have their own countries?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

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because nwhites went around fucking with everyone for centuries, commiting atrocities in foreign lands and still are to a certain degree that why

i dont get it baby

So you admit whites should be replaced by foreigners because a minority of people a few hundred years ago did some things. You want whites to die. Thanks for admitting you are anti-white.

seriously guys, get with the times. leave this shithole of toxicity before it permanently damages you minds, too much hatred is horrible for you in the first place

Not an argument, you low IQ imbecile.

So whites wanting their own country is hatred? Fuck off retard.

Yes it does. Mudshits are animals. I don't hate them for being animals, they can't help that, I just want them to go be animals where they belong.

He literally contradicted himself within two messages
they aren't sending us their best, mate!

what the fuck are you on about matey

do you have a job? a grielfriend? why are you so angry at the world? we can talk, hatred and anger is really bad for your health

You just lost the debate, retard.

You literally contradicted yourself at the fundamental level. You are the epitome of unintelligence.

Its not about who YOU hate, it's about who the rich cunts hate
The rich Kikes hate us both but hate us more since you guys at least can accept being slaves to them ay

i never said that friend, no need to twist my words here


God I hate this board, why are there so many retards all of a sudden?

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I'm not. I asked you

You replied

You just implied they should be replaced. You said they can't have their own countries. Replacement is inevitable if immigration continues and that will result in genocide.


By forcing in millions of nonwhites into nonwhite nations, you are deliberately killing millions of whites. White are projected to go extinct in the next 200 years.

How is what he said not a contradiction and how is your image even relevant, you idiot? We aren't talking about Tarrant.


white is just a skin color, whats te significance? most of my family is white as fck and they are practicing muslims, im on the darker side and im agnostic, what does it mean? lol, pointless nonsense

No it's not, white is shorthand for European
White doesn't mean "white"

I just added it for no reason. I should've said something like "pic unrelated" but didn't because I'm a brainlet.

I picked Fraser and Katter as crypto jews a long time ago. I too have seen this play before.

Damn, the stench of NPCness from this. It talks like a little bitch that got rammed by a 1000 cocks. "wh…who HURT you?". This better be a chat bot deep learning.

Also, it is a contradiction. I was talking about him in that post, not you, friend.

No, it's not. It's a combination of a million different characteristics including empathy, intelligence, bone structure, introvertedness, high-trust culture, low psychopathy, etc. All those things have a genetic basis and are shared by whites but not other races.

You are just trying to rationalise white genocide now. Imagine trying to rationalize replacing your entire family. After all, it's just a family, so who cares!

It's ridiculous. You are ridiculous.

You fucking come here and ask us why we're full of hate and then try to justify genociding us to our faces. That's why we're angry.

And you lost the debate.


well im going to leave you alone for now, i would seriously consider stopping posting on here if i were you, this pit of bitterness and hatred is a genuinely unhealthy place to spend your time, take care

Stop using "stop using this site goyim its unhealthy" as an argument.

Katter isn't Crypto, he's actually genetically Jewish

Says the guy who wants to genocide an entire fucking race of people because a handful of those people who are now dead once colonized some land.
I hope a Muslim rapes you to death with a knife.


If anyone is bitter and hateful it's you lol. Talking about fucking kids and shit. The state of you, you kike tramp hahaha!





I know thousands of Whites right now making MONEY and power as we speak. You just won't see the change yet because we're serious now. You're time is over. Simple as. No skinhead shit. Actual decent Whites linking up to remove you by the next decade hahahaha

im not jewish friend, all im saying is life is short and wasting it on being bitter and angry isnt worth it, learn a new language or read a book, i used to post on an incel site that was a 1000 times milder and it turned me to a worse person, your choice though

Let us know how it goes. This is how the rest of Europe and America should be doing there shit.

trump will be gone next year and all back to normal, bernie ftw

im from a muslim country myself


what does that have do to whith what he said

Good, I hope they murder you for faggot rumors.

he is not posting from there unfortunately, otherwise he would be killed for faggotry

he said whi9tes are waking up, i said you overestimate people with insane believes such as yours and trump will be gone very soon and these beliefs will be back to the underground where they belong

Good luck with

i am actually, i am moving to germany very son though for uni

Yeah, I'm learning German because I love the white race and want to retire there.


im moving there too, what a coincidence haha, maybe we can become friends eventually

wanted to pick it up, is it as easy as they say

Oh, you're a Turk. I didn't know Retard Studies was a major – but there you go. Maybe they'll teach you what contradiction means. Maybe.

i learned it an i took the b2 exam and got 90 out of 100, it is not ver difficult at all