Fraser Anning's New Party To Implement Neo White Australia Policy (Thanks to Brenton Tarrant)

White Nationalist Political party thanks to Saint Tarrant!

Okay, cunts, this is epic. Fraser Anning recently launched his new party. In this OP, I will break everything down and provide a short analysis. Strap yourselves in right now.

So, shortly after his anti-immigration comments about the CC shooting, Fraser launched his own official party. Why? Because he's the real deal and knows that you can't win by playing nice with the globalists, of course. Plus, he wants to make a difference.

SMH reports:

Okay, sweet. Now let's take a look at his policies. What's the first one listed on his official site?

He's fucking gone and done it, cunts! He wants to implement a neo-white Australia policy. This fucking madman is our first significant modern white nationalist politician. Seriously, this is too cool for words. If you live in Australia, I recommend you become a member. It's only $20. And make sure to volunteer if you can because this absolute champion needs your help. Just visit the site to do either.

Now, let's analyze this. What caused this to happen? Well, you'd be half-right if you said it was him talking about the negative impacts of immigration after CC. That's what started the fire. But, what caused CC to happen? Brenton 'Kebab Killer' Tarrant, of course! Brenton caused this party to come into existence. There's no other way about it.

If this isn't proof that Accelerationism works, I don't know what is. Shills, just go and get a new job right now because you've been BTFO from a Godly height.. And, Anons, make sure you support this cunt. The birth of this amazing party marked the beginning of a new epoch in Australian politics and we need to help things along.


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Voting doesn't work you are being played just like Trump played America

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I agree somewhat but this is still significant and Fraser is not comparable to Zognald. For one, Fraser has explicitly stated that his first policy is to maintain Oz as a nation. Trump only ever said 'MAGA'. Second, Fraser has skin in the game and created this party after almost half the country attacked him for saying immigration is bad. We need to support guys like this.

We don’t need multiple threads, subhuman. No, they aren’t white nationalists. No, it has nothing to do with your false flag. Get out.

Didn't take long for kikes to show up.

Reported. Rule 4. No duplicate threads. Fuck the hell off with your jewish hoaxes.

It's not a duplicate, it a separate thread.
That's white nationalism by definition.
This would never have happened if Tarrant didn't kill the sandniggers. That's beyond obvious. Just quite your job right now.

Tell that to Hitler. Last I checked he was elected by the German population.
See this level of hyper autism on this board is becoming toxic. Voting CAN work, but of course it doesn’t always should not be the only avenue being utilized.

Of course Hitler didn’t just wake up one day and decide to run for office and get elected, there were years of doing some intense legwork, going to jail, organizing the part, direct street-level action, ect.

Why put all your eggs in the violence option, user? It is just as dumb as putting all your eggs in the vokecuck option. Be adaptable not an autist, this party represents POTENTIAL and as such is worthy of some exploration

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We need both. Only both will work. Neither one will work alone.

You’re not fooling anyone. This is Zig Forums.

Duplicate proven.
And yet his own definition doesn’t include ‘white’. Why is your zog puppet too afraid to use that word, moishe?
And it still didn’t happen. If you honestly think they’re white nationalists, go move to the Pacific Northwest with the rest of the honeypots.

Exactly! Stop buying guns. Stop protesting and get out there and VOTE! We can make a difference. We can finally save the white race by voting.


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You've already been reported for false reporting and will be banned soon, you malignant autist.
Are Europeans not white?
Citation needed..
Oh boy, you really are getting paid per post. Sad!

You genuinely need sarcasm tags for that. Anyone is allowed to post here, even paid shills, so it’s not even Poe’s Law anymore.


Yea by the GERMAN population. Germany wasn't 60% niggers, spics, and asians. I can't even imagine how low your IQ must be to make a statement this profoundly ignorant. Especially here where knowledge about demographics is readily available.

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I think I just came in my pants!

Rule 4: no duplicates.
Why can’t he say the word white, shlomo?
Show on his website where he uses the word white. YOU have already proven the citation. He doesn’t use it.
Sage and report.

He’s paid to post here. That’s how he’s that ignorant. He doesn’t want using guns.

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should be banned.

European is more accurate because white is a broad word and ambiguous. You're just a retard.
You claimed he was a Zog puppet. Cough up.
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Okay, you’ve exposed yourself now.

Rule 4: no duplicates

No I think what you need to buy is a class in reading comprehension. I never said reject violence. I own shitloads of guns and unfortunately spend way too much money on ammo.
I’m saying utilize every tool you have available to you and don’t be a fucking autist.

Right back at you. There are numerous states, within the US at least that are well over 90% white populations.
It’s pretty hard to buy guns in pozzed states. How do you plan on committing violence without them? Gonna go full antifa and chuck bottles of piss at politicians?
You may have guns, what about the 18 year old coming up now. How do they get them?
This is really a simple exercise in realpolitik. The petty idealism here is quite rampant. Once again recognize the nuance in what I wrote. I understand a country like the US is quite different than 1930s Germany. But once again all I said was utilize every tool you have available to you. What is so controversial about that?

You claimed he was a Zog pupper and that what I initially replied to, you mental retard. You should unironically kill yourself.

Rule 4. Go post in the other thread.

By the mere act of voting you are necessarily rejecting violence. Voting is a proxy for violence. Who ever has "more votes" wins. Well thats typically how battles were decided. Voting is a replacement for violence between competing ideans.

Voting is a replacement of violence in the west.

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It's not a duplicate, it's a different line of discussion. Filtered.


Imagine replying after I filtered you. You're one neurotic Kike!

Duplicate. Keep crying about being exposed.

Violence is just a catalyst, it doesn't make a functional government. You kinda need to do both. That doesn't mean you have to settle for one of a few zog candidates either. You keep doing violence until the zog candidates are all dead or pack up their shit and flee to Israel.

You realize it's possible to reply to filtered people, right? I can't see what you're saying but I'm laughing at your schizophrenia.

Something like this will never happen in (((America)))

Duplicate. Cry harder.