Would Cigarettes be the Most Valuable and Easy to Trade Commodity in a Collapse?

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Can you protect the storage place? Then precious metals, crystals or drugs. On the move? Seeds.

That would be hard to carry and make loud nosie from clinking. Cigs take up no space and you don't care about losing them. You wouldn't want to trade something light like ammo since you can't get enough of it.

Just fucking die already. Either follow the rules or don’t post here.

yes they would be. just always pack at least 4 pistols because you're gonna be dealing with essentially cig junkies by that point

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Of course, but those would not be for trade. Unless one has a smithing machine they should never trade that and be very careful.

Wrap your bottles in twine to stop the clinking, flax does good
For the weight, If you're carrying valuables, you're not gonna carry them all at once, they'll mostly be stored in a safe place
A flask doesn't weigh 40 horses either

If you're gonna trade, you'll be trading either food / seed, or liquor
Liquor is primarily extremely valuable for its medicinal uses

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Aren’t cigarettes perishable though?

I’m not really worried about cigs though personally. Everybody’s gotta eat. Store grain and I guaranteed that can be bartered. And if you never have to barter, than it has utility to you (you can eat it).

Yes, you die if you smoke them. That’s why jews want us to do it.

Does liquor ever expire? That's only other concern I'd have for it if I solve for weight and sound.

J>ust fucking die already. Either follow the rules or don’t post here.

This is about a political collapse. Fuck off doomer/jew.

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and laws? no then. synthetic drugs only. cigs will not be needed more.

Bullets are the easiest currency to trade. You can even trade them to traitorous journalists and politicians from a distance.

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I'm gonna stock up on Juul batteries and all the different flavour pods, and be RICH!

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Very, tobacco has specific tolerances, else bugs, mold & bacteria will infest it
The growing of tobacco is easy though

Jew have actually been very anti-puretobacco
Pure tobacco, when smoked rightly, in the same way you smoke pipes & cigars is very safe
Pipe & cigar smokers actually live longer too, funnily enough
Addiction is a dumb thing to have though

Basically no, unlike wine & beer, liquor is what you can only call perfect when it comes to preservation
Unless tampered with, or produced wrong, good liquor is as good as it can get

Ever try and smoke a pack of two year old cigarettes? The tobacco falls right out of the cig.

Gold and silver isn't hard to run around with, I'd bet my entire net worth that if you put your net worth in gold, it wouldn't fill a small purse. Silver maybe not because the value never recovered after finding the massive deposits in south america.

I wouldn't be worried about trading in the event of a collapse, I'd be worried about feeding myself, my family and protecting them. Food, gasoline for a generator, guns, ammo and enough equipment to run a gunsmith shop. Lathe and a mill with a generator at a minimum, could trade zip guns for other stuff.

Not really.
Processed tobacco doesn't rot easily. You need to get it very damp for a prolonged period of time for it to happen.

What does happen though is they can lose the little moisture they do have and go "stale" the "taste" will be off. But to an addict with no other options its no issue.
Commercially produced cigarettes are plastic sealed and will generally only go "stale" a few days after they've been opened.
It's not unusual for some packs to sit in shops for years before they're sold.

But if they get damp. Then they'll rot.

Then I'd best learn how to make it. People will want it for a lot of reasons.

The main reason for jewish involvement with drugs is as an untraceable currency, followed by population control and then weaponizing for eugenics.

Depending on the climate, if you have seeds tobacco can be grown easily. It's fairly resistant to pests too.

Tobacco goes stale very quickly. There is a huge difference between a fresh and stale smoke.
When you are looking for things to use in trade, use gold as an example. List out the properties of gold in terms of trading and then compare those to other assets.

Toilet Paper
First Aid Supplies
Water Filtration equipment

Think about what people will need that won't spoil or go bad.

Old cigarettes crumble to dust. The paper wears out and the tobacco dries out. Nobody will want them past a certain point. If you want to trade nicotine, you're better off with some kind of liquid.
That being said, there's a reason the government stocks all kinds of drugs and forms of currency (metals, diamonds etc) in a vault.
Liquor is a safe bet as it can be used for medicinal purposes and is not illegal. Plastic handles of vodka or everclear are the best. You can dilute it with flavors and sell watered down amounts. I think there are even wine powders for the stacies.

if you have cigarettes, sure.
ammo would be more useful though, and easier to trade.
cartons of cigarettes would be fine. cigarettes get stale, but in a "collapse" nobody is going to complain about stale cigarettes.

Ah ok, thanks for the heads up. Been many years since I smoked so I don’t really remember, don’t think I ever smoked a “stale” cig either

Stills are illegal to make and possess in the US, but it might not be a bad idea to stockpile the parts, to be assembled when SHTF. Going to also need a torch and fuel.

Yes, I think cigarettes would be ideal. Just find a way to keep them preserved.

I think you're confusing the legalities of selling your produce

Food, clothing and tools. Who the fuck thinks cancer sticks would be worth much to a steadily decreasing consumer base?

huh? they sell them around me.

Depending on how they're stored, cigarettes can last longer than two years and still be relatively enjoyable. On the other hand, you're likely to sell out before that time. If I were to do what OP is asking about, it would only be maybe 10-20 cartons, and it would be for a short term. Also, I wouldn't buy them, because that's a huge waste of money. Basically, only stock up on a bunch of cartons of smokes if you can get them for free or nearly free somehow.

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Bic Lighters

Since the image was already posted in another thread, but Zig Forums is dumb, I'm just posting a raw link
Its a little bit about how people survived the Bosnian War, which mirrors exactly what most apocalypses would start out as

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BIC indeed.

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most valuable? no
valuable? yes

lighters are the most valuable. and oil for cooking and burning. TP and bullets.

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Does butane in the lighter ever go bad or leak?

It's all you'll need, informatically speaking. I'd go with a simple reflux column (sometimes called fractionating by distillers, but isn't the same as an industrial fractionating column). Can output 96% ethanol relatively easily.

Disposable bic lighters because they're small, cheap right now, they'll last, and most people won't know how to start a fire

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