Dutch company says it is gonna build Trumps wall

Dutch company says it is gonna build Trumps wall as april fools Joke. Gers deadtreats andere reaches national news.


Here a news article before they foundation out it was a Joke.

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Sorry for autocorrect jew

Man, I never get tired of winning. No-Vote shills BTFO.
We are truly making america great again!
We need to be ready to support OUR PRESIDENT in 2020.
Rev up those meme machines boys!

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Nice! Glad to see our president is keeping his promises. I will be voting for Trump in 2020.

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Good news! I have been working on Trump memes and plan to start releasing them when the election starts heating up. I advise all other Anons to do this too. If you have any free-time it should be dedicated to helping Trump get elected president for a second term!

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Our borders really need to be secure. The problem is all the drugs coming over. Immigration is a problem too, but its alright as long as its done legally and orderly.

Will do! Thanks for the suggestion. MAGA!

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make sure to poo-poo yang and yangshillers including eceleb faggots like dicky spencer and james allsup.

I'm OP, these poets Showed up in seconds. Bot Oosting???


strange, why not chinese

Fucking TOPLOL

Have you noticed the first posts, does not look organic tot me


Bots or Trumpshills.
EIther way, it's fucking hilarious.

Trumpstein shills need to leave.

Twitter has been an absolute shitshow about this. Braindead selfproclaimed 'feminist immigrants' are regurgitating the standard bullshit.
And now, even after the fact they admitted to a aprilfools-joke, the company is being threatened by antifa-scum who thinks the company backtracked because of antifa-pushback :^)
I love accelerationism. Im supporting all sides now!

Talking about April fools jokes. Heres one that ups this by a LOOOONG fucking shot:
>traitor to his race, became muslim after learning about it
>was in (((Wilders's))) party

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He's still a rabbi rimjobber, but if he ACTUALLY builds the fucking wall instead of pretending the Dems won't let him. He has my tepid vote, but he's not getting even 1% of the enthusiasm from me that he had during 2016.

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Holy fucking butterface batman

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by that I hope you mean repealing the immigration act of 1965 and making it a priority to stop all shitskin immigration

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And now you're disgustingly out of shape if a 110lb girl with 12 inch biceps is intimidating.

I said ripped, not intimidating

Reminder that Trump is an Israel supporting Zionist.

Sure thing.

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That's pretty much a Wojac face.

You faggots think we're going to buy this?

Comparing a proper ripped woman to a woman on steroids is kinda cheating don't you think? Look at those popping veins man… Not natty
Compared to a gundam she is quite petite even with the steroids, no?

My guess is lefties trying new shill tactics. They're pretty dedicated and try a lot of different angles.

The wall is an esoteric metaphor for the FAMILY WE FIND ALONG THE BORDER.


Trump isn't going to be re-elected by us. If he is re-elected it will be because

build the wall~ XD

She could actually give me a good hand job without her hand getting exhausted after 20 seconds of ranking my crank

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Listen non-white, the wall is an esoteric metaphor for the family you find in the border (starts with finding a wife).

the wall is already there, they just need to close a gap in the middle, Obama did some good things as well it appears

we ve won so much that we re getting tired of winning get on bort the great awakening while we make this country great again!!