What is the J-Left equivalent to 4-Chan or 8-Chan?

what is the J-Left equivalent to 4-Chan or 8-Chan?
IS their any Leftwing site that allows user-posting without reg?
Is the reason this place is neon-Nazi BECAUSE that is what happens with "freedom"?

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Go the fuck away.

There's Zig Forums
But it's small and comparatively less influential.
Perhaps a the corporate headquarters of various social media organizations.

Seconded. OP may as well be blind and deaf.

needs allow user w/out reg :)
do they all get tolled into oblivion without censorship/reg?

The entire world. Dumbass.

Leftist amygdalas are too weak to endure the crucible of user posting.

leftists already have Facebook and Twitter and can openly express death threats without consequences

Yeah its >>>Zig Forums & >>>Zig Forums
Tell them that your a faggot and you should fit right in.

Virtue signaling silencing, shaming and ad hominem are integral to leftwing ideas.
These don't work without identity.

Don’t forget projection.
Lots and lots of projection.

what is the J-left?

Does the J stand for Juif?

Its those Japs up to no good again.

Ohh J stands for Jap?

I dont even think there is a J-left.
The Japs are a culturally and ethnically homogeneous country.

no, because of first question
Zig Forums doesn't count because it doesn't have freedom of speech, i.e. left-wing opinions are enforced
Zig Forums isn't right wing or natsoc by design - it became this way naturally

That still works without identity, though.

Most lefties don't use anonymous imageboards because they love attention. They mostly use sites like reddit with a points system.

Why would the state approved narrative need something like Zig Forums?

Does anybody know what the 2ch/futaba equivalent of Zig Forums is like? Or other gook sites?

5ch Zig Forums is more vicious than this place, they fucking hate kikes, pajeets and America. For some reason many believe the US military abuses them and china should be their ally, kek.

Sounds like a bunch of assblasted hapas and chinks.

They probably don't need one, as they are not likely to lose their job or have any professional repercussions for their beliefs. The closest thing would be a private chat for Antifa or hacktivism.

nah, Japs are pretty nativist. Aren't any hapas there that I know of.

btw, lainchan was the defacto Zig Forums before leftypol existed, thats the only lefty chan I can think of.

That's kinda true.

I remember when it used to be more lolbertarian, then the natsoc arguments on race and Jewish influence were proven to be correct over and over so people either left or reformatted their view of the world.

Im still against socialism. Of all kinds.
Socialism can work under a benevolent leader like Hitler but whoever replaced him would probably just enrich their family and friends at the expense of the rest of the country. As always happens under socialism.

I wouldn't call using them as a strategic base in the inevitable chink war abusive considering we're the only thing stopping North Korea from dropping bombs on their asses.

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I know, I was referring moreso to little things like these

I assume US military niggers raping local wimminz happens everywhere but the Okinawa shit is fairly well known

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The mod is an authoritarian conformist though. Obsessed with banning anyone that contradicts him or badmouths communism. He's basically a dick. Probably wears skinny jeans and eats vegan food.

I dont agree with the term freedom, a lack of censorship would describe it better. And yes, every platform online or offline will inevitably become natsoc or fascist if there is no censorship. Loud voices will be drowned out by facts and reason, until youre left with an ideology that underlines those two things: Fascism. Its not some catchphrase but an observable reaction: Every uncensored public space will become 'rightwing'.

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Yes. Here, the best ideas win.

Listen to this user.

You are talking about two different concepts that use the same word. National socialism != Marxist socialism. They are fundamentally different and therefore your reasoning is fallacious. Your fallacy is false equivalence.

op, have you tried reddit?

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lol this

Yes. See .

There is no equivalent. Unfiltered speech and actual humor are anathema to them.

The mod is a tranny and there is video of it sucking down some dick. Many keks were had that day when someone posted the video and leftypol heads exploded.

I mean, there's dead hacker forums that's it.
ResetEra maybe?

AP, DPA, SDA, DW, TACC, AFP, ČTK, ITIM, Interfax, Reuters, UPI…….

There are three guys who think everybody should eat with fork and knife…

reddit and twitter
probably, but that's also why 95% of the posts here are spergs accusing other spergs of being "shills" or whatever. there's no quality control

thx, fellas, someone should work on a meme targeted at normies that explains that ALL J-Left speach is J-corp propanganda and that ONLY result of even semi-free speech is 8-chan or 9-chan or higher.
maybe two memes, one for the 30yrs and up and one for up to 30yrs old.

Found OP's picture.

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They have to hide from cagey right wingers. They can't keep up. Membership necessarily threatens anonymity.

Yeah, really. How oblivious are these people?

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yes, in the total "free market place of ideas" National Socialism comes out on top, that's what happened over the years when Zig Forums was transitioning from /new/, the lolbergs, commies and everyone else got BTFO so hard by the nazis that they eventually fucked off permanently.


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This is the same mentality used to justify cultural marxism.

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Is this the new word for glownigger?

sage btw for low effort thread

no, neon nazi is an old meme

these are jews

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They use a forum called RevLeft.

Go away shareblue everybody knows it's you.