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And the video has been immediately censored KEK.
Those Jews never learn from their mistakes, the more they censor people, they more they will provoke the violent reaction they claim not to bring about. Those ADL Jews censoring Youtube can't see further past their long noses and are only in the business of dealing in terms of short terms.
What goes around comes around.

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The ADL is responsible for the Synagogue Shooting.

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Stop shilling this Shabbos Goy

He is the least Shabbos Goy I've seen, and I've seen Hitler.

Yeah, because they made it impossible to have a normal civil discussion about it. So people pick up arms.

Exactly. If kicking jews out of your country is illegal, one must do so illegally.

only one solution, gas them

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Baptism is the solution to the jewish revolutionary spirit? Really? What does Spanish history have to say on the matter?

stop shilling him christfags

They rarely, if never, burned Jews…They only burned conversos, Jews who converted to christianity…So they only burned christians (freshly converted) because they were being caught comploting with the Moors logistically and military to invade the Peninsula.
The situation was so unbearable that they expelled all the Jews and they went to Poland and Turkey mostly.

Go back to watching Varg, faggot

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yes, they indeed burnt jews

Conversos and non-conversos are two sides of the same medal. It's like the faux Bolshevik/Zionist schism. Nothing seems to have changed.

They didn't burn Jews who didn't converted or very little as far as I know.

I never watched him retard. Now you have shown what you are. gtfo
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varg is their greatest intellectual… sad!!!

Why dont you go back to praying to yahweh?


Ah, this is what happens every time somebody starts naming the jew in public. The kikes rush in to slander him as quickly as possible. I've you pull this character assassination on literally every single person that's named the jew, including Hitler and Rockwell.

Jones, while being good on some things, is a nut who thinks Catholicism, not racialism, is a magic band-aid that will fix everything.

I'm a big fan of his work too, but I absolutely agree with that sentiment.

I heard Catholic priests have magic cocks tho


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Scythians were cock wizards tho. They R1a master race unlike stupid J haplogroup pedo Abrahamic Semite with tiny incel cock that can't please no wahmen so they become femishit instead.

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They burned crypto-jews. 100 years after the choice "convert of leave," they suddenly work up 75 years and there was high kikery going in secret all around them. It wasn't paranoia, the Jews themselves admit it and they are proud of it now.
In the 1580s, around the time of into and seige of malta when you had jew spies for the ottomans caught in rhodes, malta, famagusta…you bet your ass I'd be the first one to put the Jew inside the iron maiden before the flames to try to get what he knows out of him. And Philip was the same.

I respect him, but he and all his interview partners are like hamsters inside their wheels. Nobody addresses the elephant in the room that the jews are organized crime, stealing everything, killing everyone, and creating bogus laws to prevent people from calling them out for it. I can't even blame the so called jews for all of this, because humanity is just so gullible to the point of being suicidal. I mean over 2k years of historical research material is available for anyone who looks for it, but nobody goes after the jews or even speaks the truth outright, it's always just the hamster wheel of regurgitating ancient knowledge by masturbating over outrage propaganda. Mankind literally deserves everything they get, and I for myself am content with this, because I know nature with wipe the jews from this earth anyway. I mean the concept that an entire species of 7.5 billion humans can fooled into self destructive compliance by less than 20 million jews, is just insane.

Fuck off moshe, shill your bullshit elsewhere.

Lol, EMJ do this all the time.
Just watch this video he did after the Synagogue Shooting.

yeah yeah we've heard it all before from you shills

Old trick, kike.

Yeah, apparently they can civilize shitskins with a single thrust.

Cuck detected

Yeah, but he does it from a religious standpoint, thereby elevating the jewish status. Who does that? Who brings religion and race into an argument about cartels or the mafia? How can humans talk 2k years about about how bad organized crime is? How can the jewish scam identity be taken seriously anywhere? How can israel still exists? Is it fear? Fear of what? Death? Not only are we all going to die, the jews have industrialized the methods of killing humans, claiming billions of lives already, by means of indirect murder. The answer to the JQ is and always was ending the bloodline. How come that not even Hitler could state that obvious point?

The Jewish problem is a Spirit problem…You can carry the Jewish Spirit and be a goy.

None of the shabbos would've any purpose or drive in life without the jews funding them. The core of the jewish problem is the permanent lifestyle of nomads, thanks to thousands of years of persecution (for their crimes). By doing this they became "rootless", this is against nature and must be seen as a suicidal disease. You can cut a tree down and the roots will bring upon new sprouts, but if you uproot a tree it dies. Humanity cannot exist without their collective (blood and race) creating culture and nations, because only that construct is a fully functional ecosystem for the human individual. Any attempt to steer away from that construct will be punished by natural laws.

Since it is so hard for the normal human beings to understand or see the consequences of living rootless, because jews are the only group doing this, I can give you a way faster example…False idols, Hollywood stars. The living inside the bubble syndrome, where money and fame disconnected them from the normal world, and towards self destructive hedonism. Just look at all the drugs, the sodomy, the child abuses, the divorces, the lack of faith, the inner unrest etc. Now imagine jewish nomads living like this for millennia. They had to create a caste system where the truth was carefully passed down, to prevent them from falling for hedonism, and into extinction. And it only got worse and worse with their need to suppress all their lies.

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You took a bad meme and made it gayer

Its banned cause it has Slovakian subtitles. Censorship in EU superfast when its in native tongue - normies cant be woken up. Czech republic and Slovakia is ultra cucked when it comes to (((them)))