Can someone provide me with an example of when accelerationism has worked?

Ok, i am a White nationalist, ane would describe myself as a moderate radical. I don't advocate for violence, but i believee in segregation and that the jews are a problem and that the white genocide is real and an imminent problem. What i do not understand is the theory of accelerationism. The concept of trying to make the gov more tyrannical so the people rise up doesnt seem to work that well. It doesnt take into account external socioeconomic and politcal factors outside of your control that could occur. For example, say an accelerationist does something and the gov does become more tyrranical but the people become too docile to fight back. Not here to criticize peoples beliefs, i'm just wondering if there are any examples in history of acclerationism working.

This post is not trying to talk shit aboit good old brenton either, i don't encourage that behavior, or believe in doing it, but those sandnigs were clearly up to something and got what was coming

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Bullshit. I'm just here asking questions about when it actually did work. I believe you can be a radical without enacting violence.

Every single time.

Can you provide me an occasion in which voting worked in a modern western democracy?

Thats impossible lol. And also not good evidence provide me with evidence of the tactic actually ever working, i do not buy it. Like when have the Klan, IRA, Any Skin groups, fucking Jihadis or anyone ever made it work where it resulted in more freedom for the people.

You’re livin it right now dipshit. Open your eyes

Lol maybe the fucking Versailles Treaty which crippled Europe and caused war even though they were just through the bloodiest war in their lifetime? Take it or leave it.

Look to the response to the early pedophile rights movement back during the big gay rights movements last century.
They came out with the gay rights crowd but it was too much too fast and the homos became associated with pedophilia. They still have difficulty with that today despite going on a total slash and burn denouncement of the pedo rights groups and kicking them out of all their political lobbying orgs.

We just haven’t tried the right kind of acceleration

Ok, i would say when they pushed the clinton ban out of effect. The IRAs AR-15 and ballot box strategy. Voting trump in, as shitty as it was resulted in a border wall which the us needed. Even though i dont like his israeli policy.

Mao wrote that part of the purpose to guerrilla warfare was to force the enemy to overreach politically and therefore turn the people against them. Say what you want about Communists, but they do know how to pull a revolution. Sage because QTDDTOT exists OP you nigger. Lurk two more years

All the stupid replies ITT prove OP right: there are no times accelerationism has worked

Ok, i would agree that works. I dont know what thats called, kind of like a false flag except your impersonating someone else. I dont think that is accelerationism though, but acting like a lintard in the wrong places probably would push forward change for your side.

So because one little law got changed once, that means we should just lay down and let the invaders continue voting and continue taking away our homelands?
Get out.

They can’t even define it. No one can tell me what action to take to contribute to the acceleration either. Muh accelerationism is just feeling smug for losing over and over and an excuse to do nothing.

Both funded by (((internatioal bankers)))

Yeah, it's a strategy of desperation: "we're still winning even though we're obviously losing, honest fam!"

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What's your point? Who cares who funded them when we're talking about their tactics?

Why deradicalize when you can get the rebels to sperg out before they're ready?

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Do you know how long it would take for the gov to overreach politically? in canada, it already has happened, public healthcare means no private prison industry, less police, courts that never charge or convict. But it really doesnt do much good to anyone. Our government is overreaching, but it also means there are less resources to stop jihadists infiltrating our system

You have to have powerful outside backers for your "revolution" to work. Without that you will just be crushed

If it were true that draconian regimes radicalise their populations, then why have not China of Saudi Arabia been overthrown already, several times over?

That isnt accelerationism, that is oppression by a foreign government and is an external political factor not controlled by the people. The treaty of versailles was not good, the resistance of the german people was.

accelerationism worked for UK, worked for sweden…
this is a great outcome depending on which side youre looking at it from.

absolutely high iq post

pic related explains the advocates of "accelerationism"

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Its sad but i am inclined to agree. It doesnt work. I am a rebel by teaching the truth about the kike overlords and making dank memes like this. Let me know what you think of it.

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No, you have no idea what accelerationism is.
Accelerationism is “promoting what jews want, in all aspects of society.” Physically resisting is the OPPOSITE of accelerationism.

get out

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That is totally factual. Far too many glowniggers and feds and people that believe them in the community these days.

>thats what the (((community))) is about
fuck off, we are moving on to phase two where we remove taco


Let them kill themselves lol i hear for only 13% of the pop blacks are doing a bang up job of it. The best way to accelerate that, would be to do what the jews did, start a gangster rap label and encourage coonery and degeneracy until they all wipe themselves out or go to jail lol

niggers aren't the problem, its the hispanics
they are nearing 40% of the population
theres not much more time left if we are going to fight

The basic idea of accelerationism is to provoke a similar response. Wherein the narrative moves forward faster than those orchestrating it want it too. Because doing so tends to mean the public are exposed to things before they have been conditioned to respond in the way der juden wants.
There being multiple ways to obtain this.


^Zig Forums

that A Wyatt Mann comic used to be a staple on old Zig Forums before the place became overrun with kikes and shills, who don't seem to have even seen it before

Drop in public opinion in government has happened, just too slowly for revolution. You see, (((education))) aka demoralization keeps people from getting angry, but it takes time to demoralize. If government overreach happens quickly, people begin to give up on the state. Also see pic related. Trust in government is pretty low compared to the 50's

t.Somebody who doesn't understand 4th gen warfare
Recent wars have shown that it's not about the size of the dog in the fight, it's about the size of the fight in the dog. See Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cuba, all places where bankers didn't want a revolution/resistance. As to why China and the Saudis aren't overthrown, see my reply to the other guy. Overreach has to happen quicker than demoralization for acceleration to work.

As a disclaimer, I'm not a pure accelerationist. We must fight on as many fronts as possible to win, be it political, radical or revolutionary. I don't want Anons to go out and shoot up their local mosque. What Tarrant did was a net positive on our situation, but he practically threw away his life when he could be more useful elsewhere

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Accelerationism is the idiotic troll created by a cabal of jews that post here that think they're being very clever.








Accelerationism doesn't work at all. See: Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Anyone who says otherwise is a anti-social retard and fed. What works is gaining a position of power and setting up a framework so that others would ascend as well.

Literally this.
That's not an accomplishment to trigger a leftist at all, these mentally ill people get angry over smiling kids in magahats.






Accelerationism used to destroy the ruling order;
In the Russian Empire, communist revolutionaries would often engage in assassinations and terrorist actions designed to coerce the regime there to brutally suppress the population and thus alienate citizens.
And the jews, if they were very clever, almost certainly would have pressured the Empire into declaring war on Germany knowing that such a war would destabilize Russia and allow them to take over.
Now, did they knowingly do this? It's hard to say. Perhaps an user with better knowledge of the inner workings of the Russian Empire can enlighten you and me as well if this was the case.

Accelerationism used to bring the population onto your side during a revolution;
During the Rhodesian Bush war, the black revolutionaries would often engage in absolutely disgusting terrorist attacks on White farmers and church people. I say disgusting not simply because I'm biased against blacks, but because they actually were more brutal than almost most other revolutionary movements (not army as there were several factions).
And I do suggest you learn more about this war as it is enlightening.
Why did they engage in such brutality? Simple; They understood that the Rhodesians, in retaliation against them would implement increasingly alienating policies both domestically and abroad to fight them. The ZImbabwean blacks did not win their war militarily, but diplomatically by forcing the White regime to concede defeat on the political battlefield.

Would you like any more?

I'm not going to be mad at you for doing it, but at the same time, i'm not participating and dont want you to take my rights in the process, as a previous poster said, if accelerationism is about gov overreach, what about if the gov makes the people overreach. They have a lot of tax money and media companies people like you and me dont have. They can make you overreach quicker.

For me it's not so much that I am sure accelerationism will work, but I know for sure that we cannot accept the alternative, which is to do nothing and try nothing.
The alternative is Europe slowly turning into the US, and then both the Europe and the US turning into Brazil and then South Africa, where whites find themselves as 5% of the population, cornered in, paying taxes to support a massive population that hates them and wants to destroy them

If nothing happens the future of Europe and European culture is Brazil and South Africa, mongrelisation and then eradication.

The current system WILL collapse eventually. Nothing lasts forever.
A welfare state is incompatible with mass immigration, and the global economy is a Ponzi scheme that is dependent on the false god of infinite growth

At least with accelerationism you can collapse now, as soon as possible, when Europe is still 90% white, and America is 50% white, and the chance for us to regain control would be high, rather than waiting until the odds are less in our favour, in 50 years when Europe is 50% white and America is 10% white, or until whites are completely bred out of existence.

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fuck off christcuck

Accelerationism is not only about bringing down the state upon the population. A big part of the picture is bringing up the population against itself along political, racial and religious lines. This is done by reciprocal radicalization, that means e.g. mudslimes do shit to somebody. Somebody retaliates and so on. This is intended to create chaos and discord in society and to ultimately collapse the government/economy. I am not saying that I suggest this path. But I am saying that voting for Zion Don also didn't solve shit.

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Why do you think I'm Christian?

It does work and there are numerous historical examples to back this claim up.
In fact, the historical trend seems to be favouring accelerationism as the best method of destabilizing regimes.

They all suck except for happy merchant.

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Lol dude i live in canada we have like 5 beaners per city. The real problem is the kikes, sand niggers and blacks. But where you live, probably a spic problem.

No revolution has happened over ideological means. People would have to starve and become poverty sticken in order to fight back.

You're retarded. The opposing factions had foreign countries backing them as well.

Nobobdy fucking cares about canada. All politics on Zig Forums is based on the American context unless specified. That context is beaners are the largest enemy because they are almost half the population now. We are being invaded and when they are done with us you are next leaf.

Hahah true. Dont be a redneck warrior, be a european visionary and entrepreneur like henry ford that strives to make the world better for your people.

Yes. That is what accelerationism is calling for. Making things so uncomfortable people start fighting.
You have no clue what accelerationism is, yet you fight against it. You are ignorant.

Being a redneck is cool though, just strive to be a multimillionaire redneck.

There isn't going to be a people unless we start shooting beaners in the head.

Lol brenton tarrant was in new zealand dude. The world is bigger than america.

How many people have you heard of that made millions by shooting people in the head, u less they started a PMC?

fuck off LARPer

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You people vastly overestimate both the competence of governments and the importance of foreign backing. Foreign backing is simply the cheapest and most cost effective method of arming and "training" (though to be honest, insurgent training tends to be worthless)
The best possible benefit to foreign backing is of course if the foreign backers are adjacent to the target state, they can provide a base of operations.
But beyond this, there is nothing that foreign backers can provide that populations cannot.

Also, the money that the Keizer gave the communists paled in comparison to the money they raised elsewhere.

Alright see the Irish revolution, Mussolini's march on Rome, The American revolution, the Spanish Civil war, and the Russian civil war between the Empire and Provisional government


good luck with that after texas turns blue.

By the way, don't forget that the fact that the Russian Empire had Britain, France, and all other Entente countries supporting them

If you want to start a private military contractor, yeah, you could. But your not gonna get rich realistically by icing beaners. Hire white people dude. Hire the best man for the job, and succeed. I saw this one dude one time, dude was 1488 and bankrolled, had his own business. Didnt get involved in any of this fuckery, but hired whites, and had like 5 emloyees. That money has far more lobbying power than shooting niggers.

Texas turns blue in 8 years. Show me how we vote out the beaners in 8 years and I will give it a shot just like I did Trump. The thing is, its impossible at this point.
Trump was the last ditch effort at doing this peacefully. He fucking failed, and failed so hard hes going to be laughed out of the white house in 2020 by anyone the dems want to run.


Also fuck the maple leafs go sens go

This is the most jewish thing I have read on this board. You don't want to fight the invaders because you can't get rich doing it?
Jesus fuck.

What you don't get is that most people tolerate those uncomfortable conditions. You would see revolutions in Appalachia if misery caused action. They tolerate it thanks to the overabundance of entertainment, drugs, and palliatives

There is absolutley nothing wrong with being rich. The problem is that the jews are rich, and that we do not hold ownership of the media and the banks. We should be working to be more economically powerful than the jews.

Indeed. That too. And the support they received from the Entente sort of canceled out anything the Keizer gave them.
Heck, even Mussolini was an accelerationist. Before he invented Fascism, he believed that a European war would help overthrow the establish Monarchist Order.
Which, well, he was spot on in predicting.
So if Mussolini could foresee the benefits of the elites digging their own graves, I suspect that many obviously stupid decisions were helped along by intelligent and clear-headed revolutionaries.
Accelerationism is basically an aggressive application of the old adage; Never interrupt an enemy while he is making a mistake

Except instead of passively waiting, one is actively assisting.


loooooooooooooooooooooool amiright lads?!?

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Nobody is saying that. You are a shill.
People are saying you make things bad enough so that people start shooting beaners in the head AS A GROUP.


BT shot sandniggers with a group, I wonder how that turned out for him and other anti-immigration advocates like Jared Taylor? People don't negotiate with terrorists at all.

Who said anything about negotiating?


Ok, the most rebeliious thing i did in this regard, was i walked into a supermarket near where i lived, and saw a magazine rack promoting the usual californian multiracial degeneracy. So i browsed around, looked for magazimes with white people on the cover, and plsced them over every single non white on a magazine cover. I procceded to do this in every magazine store in the retail area where i live. I went home, go to an app where people talk user locally, and i saw some black chick complaining about how minorities were misrepresented. Then i think i reported the text for hate speech or something, and this app instantly deletes someones post if it is reported. That is my super normie rebellious example conducted on a small scale. Take that how you want.

No! Your head is on backwards, as you have no understanding of the word itself. You think that acceleration is purposefully trying to increase the oppression, letting the government oppress, vote inte tionally for the worst. NO!!! Acceleration is you going out and making violence, promoting violence, dehumanizing your enemy in the mind of the population, hardcore anti-government activism, destroying and sabotaging the tools, symbols of the enemy.

So you mean that the (((international))) media promoting our genocide is not oppression by foreign powers? DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK ANYTHING HAS CHANGED? Same shit different story.

Watch New Zealand, the gangs are refusing to hand in their weapons. Pretty sure they won't be alone. The Russian man already died resisting the police.

No one is saying that. But defense is the best measure, not attacks or preemptive strikes. Learn how to defend yourself and your home. That is defense.

The time for defense is over.
Its time for offense coward.

You sound jewish, but lets look at it from a logical point of view:
You understand what this means right? Slowly boiling a frog causes no action. If you heat up the water too fast, the frog will panic. Theres your natural example of accelerationism working.
Actually, this is so obviously true, that you must be either a low IQ nigger or a deracinating kike to not see it.
Sage for shitthread.

Lol i love how some people will instantly call you jewish for advocating outsmarting the jew instead of fighting with violence and falling right into the kike medias hands.

That's not true on several levels

1. People DO negotiate with "terrorists"
For instance, the war in Northern Ireland tied down tens of thousands of English troops and cost them literally hundreds of billions of Pounds. And in order to end the conflict they had to sit down and negotiate with the very men who had fought them for 30 years.

2. Terrorism as a concept does work;
And I will prove it easily.
Ahem… would you, dear user, openly express your freedom of speech to denounce the jews in the middle of Portland or in front of the ADL?
I somehow doubt it. Even if they didn't beat you over the head with golf clubs, they'd almost certainly put your face online and identify you so that the jewish media can plaster your face and identity all over the world and ruin your life if not actually lead to your assault or murder.
That's terrorism and by god it works.
Most anons here are terrified of openly opposing the jews precisely because terrorism works.

Get out.

A coward lays down and dies. A brave person goes oit regardless of adversity, conquers without having to put in a lot of crazy effort like that. David duke never would hzve said go out and kill people

Oh and how do we do that, user?
Trying to buy a multi-billion dollar media corporation?

1. No, the analogy isn’t relevant because FROGS DON’T DO THIS.
2. No, we won’t be doing what jews want us to do.

Bump because you’re a jew.

Yea, David Duke also works for the CIA and sold out a bunch of people in the 70s. David Duke is part of ZOG.

Paid to post here.