A thread for the Feds

Dear FBI/CIA/GCHQ/NSA and all other so-called 'protectors of the nation',

I would like to talk to you about your duties and some historical examples of those who, when in positions such as yours, served their nation - that is; their people, their blood-kin -, and in the process were forced to turn their backs on their paymasters who despite fronting as the leaders, were in fact traitors to the very people who relied upon them. If you are from more or less any Western nation and are monitoring this website instead of defending your populace from the myriad foreign threats that actually inspire the potential danger from sites like these; then you are serving a traitor. It is because of your inaction, because of your resources being spent on surveilling those like us who are the good and loyal citizens; that people here might feel that they need to do the job that you are not doing.

Our nations are currently crawling with myriad foreigners whilst our leaders are legislating time and again in ways that disadvantage and impoverish the well being of our own. Our hard earned money is spent on groups like you who, rather than protecting us; waste your time spying on us whilst turning a blind eye to the countless real threats that are all about. If those threats were not about, then boards like Zig Forums would not exist; they certainly would not be growing at the incredible rate which they are today. You are forcing people like us to take up the mantle that you are supposed to be bearing; your cowardice and treachery is the reason why people here are becoming increasingly radicalised. You are supposed to be the front line of defense against our enemies; but instead you accept their thirty pieces of silver and turn against us.

It is time for you to realise that you have other options. I have no doubt that many of you genuinely thought we were the bad guys before, but surely now after all the browsing you have done here, you must see that your own leaders have sold their souls and are actively working against their citizens? Surely with the massive rise in terrorism, and even in petty crime perpetrated by immigrants; surely now you see how these schemes of your paymasters do nothing but ruin the lives of the good and honest folk that you once swore to protect?

You do not have to serve traitors. In fact it is your duty to expose and destroy them. The common man is very forgiving, and whilst we on Zig Forums will never trust you even if you do turn to the light; you can serve righteousness and make the world a better place, and uphold that oath you once made to protect your people. When the King of England sought to give the nation over to foreigners; his Parliament rebelled, they decided that their duty was not to a foreigner King who relied on military strength from elsewhere to enforce his will, but to their own flesh and blood. They fought the King and the cut his head off.

Now what we ask of you is to stop serving these demonic foreign overlords that are oppressing your flesh and blood, and which are using you as one of their prized instruments. Do your duty; protect your people, protect your Nation, and cut the head off the treasonous King. Your loyalty is to us, not to someone who curses your name and wishes to see your family torn apart by foreign animals. You know what the right thing to do is; now do it.

Thank you for your time.

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They’re literally paid to kill you. They don’t give a shit what you have to say. They’re not going to turn on the jews.

Our people have noble spirits. When they see the Truth I have no doubt that they will side with the forces of Righteousness. You must remember that many of them have been brainwashed into believing that right is wrong and evil is good. We have an opportunity here to reach the prime enforcers of our enemies will; to make them see the light, and turn them against their vile paymasters who seek our absolute destruction. I have faith that if they are true Men of European spirit, then they shall do what is right.

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Fuck off nigger.

Why are you talking to yourself, FBI/CIA/GCHQ/NSA?

Nice try fed nigger op

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Wouldn't it be great if members of those agencies started converting their wayward brothers to the side of justice and order? Hail victory.

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Good post.

I think your attempt to reason with our Alphabet Gangs people is cute user :)

Most of them are followers who are dependent on the system that provides the structure their minds require to function. They won’t be able to let go of their masters until their is a new social structure that can be a part of…think of a bee without its hive.

I hope a few of them hear you user but I know that they are hopelessly dependent. In matrix speak they are ‘’inured’’.

Great post OP.
Now let me share an example of traitorous behavior.

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Can't be traitors if they never belonged to the nation mate.
Just enemies.

Makes you glad Saint Tarrant took out the nest of Turk terrorists in NZ, doesn’t it? Your photo gives me chills…I started wondering how many of those children were raped afterwards.

also, please do take into consideration (pic related)

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us

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You belong to us, whites are but disposable pawns in our game.

Does anyone smell so good ol bullshit?


pic related

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A man only owns what he can possess, we ‘belong’ to no one. Even in death we only belong to ourselves. This planet needs a blood enema.

man most of the kids in 2nd pic is showing clear signs of nervousness/unease. one of the teachers seem noticably unconfortable too.

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you stupid faggot. you wrote all that faggotry and you left out the most important call to action. you forgot to tell the Glow Niggers that what they really need to do is to use their Clearance access to Top Secret classified dox, and to steal as much classified material as they can, and then upload all of it to the Wikileaks Tor site for publication:



better to have 1 trillion sleeper agents rather than posting info no one but us will ever read tbh

notice these profligates saging a thread that could only help the cause of bringing people back to reality?

we have escaped the hellish prisons of our minds that you helped trap us in, it is not possible to re-mesmerize somebody who has seen through the illusion

MFW they can't help cause they are BLACKMAILED.

The Panama Papers are still being farmed from useful shit, so don't say that. Just one document linking Soros to subversive actions and they'll be forced to hunt him down.

Stop with this retarded appeal for honor or duty or morals to them. They are all traitors and they all must be killed along with the jews.
Violence is what solves problems. Not politics. Not peaceful actions. Not appeals. Violence.
Kill the enemy, or you lose.

They won't. They will side with the enemy and chose their own slow death in order to have a little more time living in comfort. All those who are still brainwashed are the enemy as well.

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why does the (((media))) get an exemption when it comes to antitrust laws


Fuck that shit. Of course not every government work will be convinced, but when it comes time to push, shove, and shoot these moles and turncoats within our governments will tremendously helpful in identifying and exterminating the enemy. It is absolutely necessary to target and reach any people in positions of power. Dumb fuck up faggots.

Caught! You're the fed try to incite violence. There's barely anyone here and none of them are terrorists like you (((feds))). You never learn, do you?

A message for feds from the last fed thread

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Nice try but if boomers, threepers, and shabbos goyim had a brain and were capable of doing the right thing for their nation, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. These people are traitors through and through, they long ago sold their sense of right and wrong for a meager paycheck and the chance to wield illegal power against their fellow citizen.

NO, they won't. They're called system protectors and ZOGBOTS for a reason. The system is all they know and they'll be damned before anyone disrupts it, no matter how righteous their cause is. Paychecks and pensions is literally all these do-gooders care about. You think appealing to morality and virtue will work against people who have no souls?

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Tldr: dehumanise yourself and face to bloodshed faggot; you have no idea how bad it really is.

Your kind is done you filthy fucking semite
The white man has crushed you yet again dirty fucking kike

Valhalla awaits our martyrs! The Communists have come. Our Fuhrer will rise. The prophecy of Rahowa is near! Hail the Aesir!


Most of them aren't even European you stupid fucking naive boomer faggot.
Kys before you post again.
Fucking kill yourself you armchair philosopher.

Solid post but you forget about affirmative action.
Our "best and bravest" are now our "brown and blackest" because "equality!" Is more important than equity in clown world

Bump for well spoken OP. One day someone will leak the important info and it will all crash down. They want you to feel hopeless, and conquered because their power could fall any day. If 1/10 of Americ stood up right now and said no more, their shit would crumble so fast. That is why they are rushing to censor the internet.

Nah, England's a shithole and has been ruled by foreigners ever since 1066.

I don't see any half nigger kids in the thread and I don't understand why these ISIS militants are in a kindergarten.


fucking retarded JIDF these days

You have to realize that what we and the feds consider to be high level issues concerning national security are completely different. One example would be the pizza gate scandal, while your average Zig Forumstards considers the whole underground blackmail child sex trafficking ring to be an abomination of the highest possible calibre because it involves the sacrifice of thousands upon thousands of children (mostly orphans). The feds sees an intricate system that is used to control and manipulate the psychopathic politicians that weasel their way into office every couple year with the secrete desire to want to seize all the power for his or herself (not to mention the fact that the person could also have allegiances not to the U.S). The system provides these agencies the opportunity to operate as they wish while maintaining the status quo and thus their paychecks, their government pensions, and whatever drug money they can make on the side. An idealist a second coming of Hitler would be detrimental to the status quo so they crack down on white supremacist groups quickly while letting antifa run rampant since their groups are more or less filled with weaklings, idealist teenagers, and other degenerates easily susceptible to shills or agents that they can send in to keep things under control. They don't care how dark the population gets, they dont care about timmy shooting up his school, they dont care about niggers selling crack to 4th graders that's just the way things are.

Whilst I have no doubt that evil bastards such as those you are describing exist and flourish within these agencies; I think it is foolish to think that the entirety of their organisations is made up of such vile individuals. In my younger days I used to idealise the idea of working for the secret service and protecting my nation; I imagine there are a fair few agents who are of a similar disposition, and perhaps a fair few who once were but have since become lost in the insanity of their job and not realised how far they have fallen as human-beings. It is those I would like to reach, those good men and women who once believed they were the good guys performing the ultimate duty for their nation. They do exist, and they must realise that they are no longer fighting the good fight; they are the implements of the great enemy which is ensuring the destruction of our people.

Wake up! Remember your oaths, remember your once noble desires; your commitment to order, justice and truth. Do your duty. Protect your people. It is not too late. Never give up.

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You forgot the other agencies. Also, Bump.

they are trained not to listen to you, only monitor for prosecutable phrases
they are trained not to sympathize
they do not allow high IQ men into their ranks
they know damn well they are hunting other White men who are nowhere near the threat of Israel, ISIS, BLM etc but they don't care, they just want to "operate" and have security clearances.
they are too dumb or too corrupt to understand or care if they are a traitor
there is no conversation we can have with these scum

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Jesus man everyone who works for these agencies need to be put to death for their crimes against the republic. To work there is to be bathed in the blood. There is no such thing as innocents and if they had a conscience then they would quit asap.

They simply just don't know.
You are making the assumption a woman makes, that "they should just know".
Perhaps you are a woman, or simply too autistic.

Considering the fact that those men would most likely fuck each and every one of those kids (regardless of gender), and sees it as their right to do so as conquerors of the west, I can understand the children's unease.

An intelligence agency that lacks intelligence…..sounds about right. But I agree with >13078913 , all intel fucks die with the rest of the ZOG.

OP and everyone they covered up Las Vegas Mandalay Bay. Just drag the links into your browsers and watch them all and read the top link.









How much you want to bet there were more shell casings in the concert venue like the ones found at casinos? If Paddock had an escape plan he didn't commit suicide he was left as the fall guy he was a sucker in a much larger operation.

invidio.us/watch?v=gRugW6xy9XY invidio.us/watch?v=et_z78J2TK4 invidio.us/watch?v=UV3V53reWnE You can see the man running on the Tropicana clearer in the video especially when you watch on a 55 + inch flat screen TV. And it matches up with the female witness saying she saw bullet casings inside and outside Tropicana where shots were reported fired from and it matches up with Gios Rios witness testimony and account from inside the Tropicana. vimeo.com/237901674Vimeo

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Dear FBI/CIA/GCHQ/NSA and all other so-called 'protectors of the nation',

Trust you?

Yeah right.

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Just run them over. They're lost causes.

NEVER catch uber, ever, it's a kike owned and your giving your hard earned to invaders, every dollar you give to uber enriches kikes and an disgusting assortment of shitsmears. Delete the app and account now and start walking, its better for your health, your wallet, and the country.

We are a collection of medium to high IQ dudes here, but those dudes, oh god, they have the training and mostly only very high IQ dudes, with a culture that precedes ours. I think that you underestimate them quite a lot in they way that they can adapt to our culture. I have seen other high IQ actors come in here, and provide OC, content, from books, from lore, from many things, very high strung, very top IQ like. I have an idea who writes it, who creates it, which groups use historical data and different theories to put forward stupid shit like country balls for example.

And they compete with one another probably. So yea. I dont think that we are a challenge to them. The only real challenge that they had for a while was that we could spot them because they refused to type "NIGGERFAGGOT" but then they learned that too!

and they also have the psyops training, and history, theory, data, all sorts of cool stuff, also anonymous data, they have witnessed the best shitposters, maybe even waterboarded them! They have probed and tested, they have laughed too probably. But fug, you are way out of your league, the only reason we can operate as we do is because they probably think that we are funny sometimes, useful at other times too.


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been waiting for a good thread to dump my government corruption folder
if you glow niggers are reading this
you cant tell me this isnt tyranny after viewing these images

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Bumping to upset glowniggers.

(((CIA))) "agents" are the most repulsive human shaped wastes of volume.

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Feds are the gov equivalent of cucks hen pecking productive members of society while niggers fuck their wives.

I might come from a family of feds and it might be the case that these morally compromised little boys in big uniforms, that gave away their country for kike gibs and easy pussy, are dropping like flies from heart attacks because they can't connect their stupid baby boomer mentality with the world around them. Take heart in knowing that many of these empty shattered scum suffer greatly prior to dying early. Shit on their graves as traitors and weak men deserve.

If you say so…


agreed user

What if I as a white male went to Africa, to visit a modest tribe.

When all the black bushmen are out hunting to gather food for me as a guest, the women and the children.. I will fuck their wives, and sell drugs to their children.

When they come back, they will feed me with their hard earned meat. And because it's so nice there I will stay, and breed them out of existence.

When they complain, I shall shout: "Equality! You are a racist. We need diversity in this tribe! Diversity is our strength"

Notice how you’re a paid shill spamming proven lies and trying to get us to waste our time on meaningless bullshit.

I wish Trump would declare war already so the niggers can start getting chopped up.

Burns is a Jew, and Jews always lie.

I'm pretty sure all the good ones are deployed like the ones Hillary killed to build a case for killing gaddafi and the rest are niggers writing reports on 8ch threads to help mossad find useful idiots who can perform terrorist attacks cheaply.

FBI and DOJ are beyond reproach. Obey the law or suffer the consequences


This article is littered with redpills but it seems some genetics are resistant
Correctly states opportunity is determined by genetics and environment, the interaction of which is also known as "culture".
When born into black culture you can expect certain outcomes like she then touches on such as incarceration rate. Unfortunately the author does not analyze black culture but in the form of their being "oppressed" by whitey while living in white man land.
Correctly identifies blacks' biology screams that they do not belong in white society, that it is not safe here for them. Refuses to accept the solution is to fucking leave


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Last Christmas I watched a few holidays movies in a row and noticed that every single one had bumbling cops in them. So I kept watching and every single one had bumbling cops in them. It's like Hollywood made a rule that no Christmas movie could be produced unless it trained young Christians to believe they should avoid that profession. So I doubt there is much competence in those organizations that doesn't have grey hair. In about a decade the Mexican mafia will probably control the FBI and CIA.

Which is why the accelerate meme fails.

For this conclusion, you quoted a paragraph which stated people will not rise up against tyranny because they are too comfortable.
Can you not comprehend that accelerationism is the vehicle to take those lemmings to a place where they are so uncomfortable they have no choice but to fight?
Or are you a paid agent of discord and confusion?

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