I thought the royal family was purely symbolic and mainly for tourism purposes...

I thought the royal family was purely symbolic and mainly for tourism purposes? Why the hell do these cucks give a shit what this cuck harry has to say, and why does he havnt any influence over public policy?

he may be right that fortnite is bad for kids but honestly he can fuck off. fucking bastard. I honestly hope that before I die we will see the entire monarchy permanently crumble once and for all!


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No you faggot, he IS right. Thats why youre acting so edgy.
Shitthread, terrible formatting, no question or thoughts posed to debate. Stop playing vidya.
Kill yourself.

You really give a fuck what these old cunts say and think?

who cares what this washed up never will be king fag, niggress marrying loser thinks?

every single monarchist will get the bullet


It is not specifically fortnite, it is the free to play model in general. There has never been a better time to be a child with extraordinary bad taste in video games. The games are psy ops, but they will destroy most of the other cancer in that particular industry.

minecraft was a fantastic game. Too bad it wasn't easy enough to insert jewish brainwashing into a creative game about surviving. The jews are making sure its replacements will not make the same mistake.

I never said his opinion mattered, i said he was right in saying Fortnite is bad. Because he is.

I agree. Still doesnt mean hes wrong. If you want to shit on monarchs, by all means do it, but he is RIGHT about games being bad.
Im also right that this is an incredible shitthread.

I dont know much but atleast Queen has her say on matters and perhaps Prince Charles too. These people can do almost anything in theory.

even a broken clock is right twice a day dipshit, your opinion of my thread is basically up on the list next to Harrys opinion of Fornite: absolutely irrelevant.

What the queen says shouldnt even matter either, fuck that old cunt. She can fuck off along with the rest of her family.

There is nothing inherently wrong with video games compared to any other form of media. What is wrong is the inability of parents to fucking regulate how much time their little shithead kids play, and to instill self-control.

Probably for the same reason you made this thread

This is rich considering half of this boards heroes believed Enlightened Monarchy is the way to go

The royal lizards are a message delivery system

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Even the leftist media who routinely lament the existence of the monarchy will promote Harry because of his marriage to the niggerjew and consequently, its impact on the 'diversity' of the royal family. Expect to see substantial coverage of the niglet hatching (disguised as a 'birth') and future articles praising a (((relevant))) royal family.

Monarchy is unironically better than jewish oligarchy ruled by nepotism.

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even if the monarchy decides to fucking not exist tomorrow, everyone's gonna complain that the new president is a nigger shithead so why complain in the first place


see **

Reread my post. I'm not a monarchist.

Sure, if you compare vidya to other forms of (((media))) you can make that argument. Thing is though, games are bad for you. Fortnite is bad for you. Blablabla if the product is free-and all that.

Thanks for agreeing that this thread is shit. You were the one that made it, you were the one that tried to make it relevant. If you want a thread bashing monarchies, by all means make a decent thread about it. This is a thread about a fucking (((BBC))) article with a terribly uninformed rant. Fucking hell, THIS is your first sentence:
You are fucking stupid. I dont even think youre malicious, i just think you are fucking stupid.

The press is fascinated with nigger fuckers and those who burn coal. It’s the only thing I can think of…he isn’t relevant to me. As a race mixing coal burning POZZED dick kike (the ‘windsors’ are kikes and Mohamedians) genetically do it makes sense that they follow in Islam’s traditions of keeping nigger whores. I wonder if they will keep all of Islam’s traditions and bash the nigger whores spawn when it’s born. Lol

*it does



You're rather generous.

we dont think that, just pointing out how retarded they are for even keeping them around at all.

go suck your masters cock some more cuck boy

any american that matters is either of scottish or german ancestry. We took the the best of the best from europe and today are now the most prolific thinkers on the planet actually.

You said it yourself. But you're forgetting that jews use symbolic speech, aka speeches by actors, to push their schemes.

I wish that were true, I really do.

Let me guess you believe the Nazi rule is the greatest thing that ever happened for white people?

Not your blog.

Go back to reddit and fellate jews there. You’re not fooling anyone and won’t be believed.

Kike detected. Envy much? You will never be White. Without a ‘government mandate’ you would be dead.

Look at that kike seeth with envy while he responds to you. :)

cant shoot us if you're burnt at the stake first

Alright. You got me.

I hate jews and communist fags.


good lad

he cant handle the truth lmao tough luck tho weve got 150 million of us world wide…weve got wiggle room for days lol, unlike those dumb kikes with only less than 15 million world wide. lol we out number them 15 to 1 ….. they dont stand a chance in the long run, the more our numbers drop the tighter our people will become again.

and that 150 million is only the scottish and german, let alone the rest of the entire European population across the world….. we are not going anywhere shlomos, cry all you want but these goyim are staying

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what posts am I sliding kike? you mad your plan will never come to fruition?

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Notch is also pretty based for a game dev

says the queer

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Video games, especially ones like Minecraft, hijack and subvert the male urge to build, create, and explore, instead using that energy in safe, virtual worlds where they cause no real problems. Just like porn and excessive masturbation is encouraged because it subverts the male urge to meet women and procreate, instead making him into an addict who doesn't even have to leave his house to get his fix.

To reiterate;
>Makes thread out of a (((BBC))) article
>Clings to posts that dont call (((him))) out

Anything that create a dopamine retention cycle must be banned. It can't be done indirectly because it's too ambiguous to put into law, but I'd rather see something legal that promotes function over that filthy (((capitalist))) shit.

Only a soulless cultural marxist kike who do not have any culture to appreciate would say that. They represent a cultural and national part of the country and should never be abolished. It's another thing if they have too much power and are (((cucks))). Strip them of some power in that case, but never abolish a long monarchy with great national and historical importance. The people need a beacon of national pride they can look to in times of need.

what is the bald eagle? you can have plenty of national symbols that instill pride in your people without spending billions of dollars on palaces they stay in once a year and gold thrones and jewelry they never use ect… it just seems so wastefull to be honest.