What will "black reparations" look like?

Are there any other Dr. Pierce autists here, who have listened to the broadcasts where he predicted 16 years ago this was coming? Well, every major Dem candidate is supporting it now.
With White suicides at an all time high in rural areas, any bets on how many ZOG agents are going to catch a 12g slug in the gut as they come through the door to collect the $50k in reparations money from every White family?
I guess they can take my tendies, put me in jail, kill me if they want cause you can't get blood from a stone. But I hope I stay alive long enough to watch the 2021 black reparations "collections" fun…. it should do real wonders for race relations in this country.

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They won't go door to door. They'll do it through tax revenues and cutting services, they could even just print the money.

Invest in Popeye’s.

I'm sure this will improve race relations (not). It will make the white man hate the nigger even more. More division more violence more "tansracial" incidents. How many whites will claim black admixture? How many blacks will be denied for failing to look black enough? Remember fellow white people, the magick words are "bix nood muhfugga, mah fambly ain't leavin' dis office til we gets our reparashions!" then occupy the place with your entire white family cliaming you are black and continue to chimp out on anyone who tries to tell you you are white. The fire rises.

I really wish you faggot conservatives would stop posting here. Every thing you post is just dripping with weakness and sycophancy. Why would you care about race relations in this country unless you still love niggers or still love the country?

Once again, lurkers: conservatives are a drag, an obstacle, and enemy. They are not mentally fit for the coming times.

How on earth did you get any of that shit from his post? All he's saying is that it will make a whole lot of people really hate niggers.

This user is the voice of reason.

This user is the voice of shitposting.

Black reparations have been ongoing since the 1960s

We have been paying reparations to useless niggers for decades

I'd be rather shocked if any such legislation ever passed (unless the amounts were trivial/token gestures)

So the white bitch has a learning deficiency, her man is a pathetic cuck and insult to the white race she and wants porch monkey dick. What about it?

You think this make me upset? Maybe this make me angry? No, nigger do us a good service.

The type of woman to fuck nigger is not the type to marry, we lose nothing, they take bad ones like maggots eat bad skin

thank you niggers. you have use, not like Chinese

inspired by image related

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The “reparations” will continue. It’s not about reparations. It’s about letting blacks be black. But no one likes the results so they keep wanting a redo.

It'll look like a collapsing economy. If we got to that point, we'd be hitting 1917 Russia levels. The white army would crush the red army this time though, since the red army would be made up of niggers, beaners, trannies, fags etc., who all live in authoritarian large urban centers.

It'll just be some monthly entitlement check like welfare. Will increase the public expenditures but won't be massively disruptive to the system as a whole. All the niggers are getting a monthly check already anyways.

Black reparations will look like rednecks generously donating .50 caliber lead directly into the heads and chests of malanin carrying zombies.

a rope with a noose on the end. it's what we gave their great great grand fathers, we can give it to them too.

Its the least we can do.

red neck checking, .50 cal is too expensive, if a nigger ever figured out how much that ammo was worth they'd catch that shit with their teeth and try to pawn that shit for crack rocks,probably could too with as many drugs niggers are on…. .308/x51 is fine for most anything in north American, niggers included.

the South Americans do a good job of showing what a 308 does to someone's head.

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Haven't they already taken that tenfolds through welfare?

Yes, but niggers are impatient and want it all right away so they can squander it within a month while still receiving welfare.

But didn't you see that documentary on NOVA? We all come from Africa so deep inside I am just as black as anyone else. So how am I going to pay for something that happened to me?

They looked like this. A nigger can muh dick until it falls off. He's still an unworthy, cocksucking AIDS factory.

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Whites already pay trillions of dollars a year to niggers.
Reparations won't happen.

MF DOOM - Operation Doomsday

i wish you autists who can't recognize sarcasm would stop posting here tbh

What will "black reparations" look like?

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Checked as all hell. I've been saying this for ages.

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What the fuck is wrong with anglo/nordic women? I blame their males for never beating them.

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Pretty much like nigger subjugation did. Only new masters.

We have already payed reparations at least 19 times over, it's called welfare. Any gain from slavery was destroyed by the Civil War, niggers don't deserve another dime.


This tbh, I could only see repeerayyshuns being tried if shit was about 1 inch away from hitting the fan and the (((US dollar))) was becoming more valuable as toilet paper than currency. Probably it'd involve blacks being quartered into white households. Not being blackpilled btw, just that we will see some incredibly fucked up shit beyond our imagination before we finally win and inflict upon our enemies a hundredfold what they inflicted on us, all in Minecraft of course

Considering that my family came here via Ellis Island, I'd say reparations look like zilch. I was born and raised up north on property that was purchased from the aboriginals. I'm not indebted to anyone.

I know at least three white families that have 5+ kids. Where I live now, all I see are women walking dogs with not a kid in sight. I'm surrounded by leftards.

Get out

user read the post you fucking dipshit. No one here wants "race relations" which only means Whites being exploited by everyone else.

For newfaggots who don't get that all blackpill shills should be killed, no, that isn't a Nordic woman.

Whatever happens or however this will happen, it will be the 'official' end of america. White people who are forced at gunpoint basicly to pay for this, will either stop working, or refuse to pay taxes and get a visit from zogbots. Collapse ensues.
Change my mind, name me any scenario where a democrat wins and installs this and it wont go saur?

Nothing as logistically, it's a nightmare. Whose black? :) Who can prove they had relatives here a hundred years ago. You can't give some Somali/Ethopian/Nigerian piece of shit who came here 10-20 years ago anything so that will cause a chimpout. How much should each little nigglet get? Gov shit like this is a taxable which means, more chimpouts. Shit is endless. It's just a desperation move by the DNC. The latest in vote buying.

An overt attempt at reparations would only fuel the fire of acceleration.

A damn shame that the current covert reparations in effect (ie Affirmative Action) still isn’t enough to stir the lemming white masses…

If they try to force me to pay reparations through taxation, I'm done. I'm going to war.

Niggers have been getting reparation through affirmative action, EBT and welfare ever since the late 60s to today. The average nigger will cost the US taxpayer in excess of several hundred thousands of dollars by the time he makes himself good.

what is the reason for the white suicides?One near my dad's house in Ontario, Canada was because a daughter of a christcuck killed herself for being a lesbo. What a waste. Are the rural whites drug addicts, indebted, or is there some other reason?

Maybe you should follow in her footsteps

A modest proposal

We give them bling in exchange for permanent sterilization. Totally transparent arrangement. An offer they can't refuse. $10,000 sounds right.

they wont look like anything cause theyll never happen

Forcible seizure of white property and a redistribution to poorer niggers. It’s a step towards communism