Trump Backs Off Threat to Shut Down Border With Mexico


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Wow, who could have seen this coming? It's not like he backs down from every threat he's ever made or anything…

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$1000 in my account baby

Let's crash this system with no survivors, Chink-boy

Its you and me against the world baby! And we've got $1000 american dollars!

Trump's law: Whenever Trump says we're going to do something that doesn't involve shoveling money at Israel or sucking kike dick it means that we're doing nothing.

After Hitler got in power he did everything he could to distance himself from the natsocs. He didn't need them anymore.

Hitler y Blondi

No es un secreto que Adolf tenía una gran amor por los animales, en especial por los canes, llegando a tener uno en las trincheras en plena WWI al que llamó "Fuchsl", luego teniendo sucesivos perros en el periodo de entreguerras, pero la relación amo-mascota más documentada fue la que tuvo con Blondi.

Fue regalada en 1941 por Martin Bormann, una perra pastor alemán a la cual Adolf le tomó mucho afecto llegando incluso a dejarla dormir en su habitación, consintiendola en muchas de sus travesuras, educándola y entrenándola con mucho cariño, él admiraba la lealtad y obediencia sin restricciones que los canes podían ofrecer y lo llegó a mencionar repetidas veces en las reuniones que sostenía con sus invitados.

Según Traudl Junge, secretaria personal de Adolf, Eva Braun detestaba a Blondi y siempre que podía la pateaba debajo de la mesa, a lo cual cuando Adolf se percataba de esto dejaba lo que estuviese haciendo para socorrer a Blondi y calmarla mientras la acariciaba.

Finalmente Blondi encontraría la muerte la mañana del 30 de abril de 1945, siendo envenenada por orden de Adolf para evitar que caiga en manos de los sovieticos y la tomen como un trofeo de guerra.

You should make new images if you don't want to stand out.

Didn't happen.
Anyone still believe this?

Trump is not a sacred cow. He went back on his promises. He is also duty bound to uphold Article IV of the constitution, which specifies that Americans must be protected from invaders.


This is what Trump does, make a threat, not implement it, other country panics and capitulates to his wishes enough he can then shill what a fantastic 'negotiator' he is.

Trump can't shut down that border, there's something like a trillion dollars a month in goods going across it each way.

in 2016 Pelosi and Obama said "Trump will not be the President".
Is this what they meant?

Trump is like every deadbeat, small and great, that ever broke a promise to pay.
Its the same thing, over and over. Always some new moving of the goal-posts with some lie about "what I meant was…." or "yes, but something changed, so…." etc.
"Art of the Deal"??? More like "Art of Ducking Bill Collectors" and in this case bill collector is American People

He just gave Cartels and Caravans another free Year of Open Borders, for nothing in return. If there is on phrase that sums up Trump Admin its "Nothing in Return".

muh economy + white genocide > white people
How are the republicans the party of white men again?

ICE agent's brother here

The wall was an esoteric metaphor for the family we acquired on the border. I met my beautiful wife after paying some coyotes to bring me a young loli from one of their runs. She was a beautiful 15 year old girl with light brown eyes who quickly bonded with me. Now, we live together in a beautiful house with 4 Aryan children.

Its interests are not losing american and chink business. They're a conduit nation of no value without trade. Their president allows beheadings of tourists because they're so fucking corrupt.

we were fine, even better, before NAFTA.
Bell Peppers would go up 20%, but you wouldn't need to spend an additional $10K per year, per kid, to send them to Catholic School because the Public School you pay for is taken over by Mexican gangs.
Shutting down auto lines due to lack of parts not a big deal. They shouldn't have gone to Mexico in first place, and even if not a single new car was made in USA for a year no one would notice, just used car prices increase some.

based and dacapilled

Hitler's great grandchildren are Peruvian

forgot link:

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Trust the plan, goys!

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I hate Poe's law.

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Trump will win in 2020 because he has done a wonderful job keeping whitey in line while more and more beaners pour across the border.
They will rig it for Trumpstein.

based and death to israel pilled

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how embarrassing

"Beaner" is an (((anti-white))) slur to refer to all the Aryans south of the border

Fuck off DACAryan kike. No one buys that shit.

Fuck off yid.

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Bump. Your ZOG emperor is a complete cuckold who has folded on everything he has ever said.

I was going to ask what this was, until it hit me… are you telling me our Aryan brothers are on DACA?


One day there may be something other than MIGA. Who knows?!

Can you just start namefagging as DACAryan and get it over with already

Zig Forums is a DACAryan board

This. That fag has been doing it so long he might as well be a tripfag.

You wouldn't happen to be Kenneth from Ontario, would you?

wasn't kenneth the girl with the parrot named sage?

Oh wow shot in the dark and I hit. Guess I shouldnt be surprised that you're still here

sure thing kike

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Suicide now.

Kenny, anyone who's been to /cow/ knows you are the kike

some people say spics are white
most people don't

>(((democracy))) prevents Americans from going full Tarrant

I actually have more faith in him now, because of your post. You wouldn't feel the need to constantly spam this garbage, after your budget ran out, if you weren't afraid him.

Good, things are going out way. I don't want to change that.


He really needs to go a lot harder on Mexico. It's a failed state that serves a port of entry for thousands of shitskins annually, not to mention the drugs that flow through to poison our people. Why didn't he squeeze the Mexicans for wall money? Why can't he close the border? He's too worried about "muh economy" instead of the actual citizens of this country who are negatively affected with drugs and demographic replacement. Fuck Trumpstein. I heard his new policy was to give Mexico a year to stop the drugs. If they don't comply he'll slap tariffs on them and close the border then. I'm sure he'll back down from that too. Weakling

Closing border =/= building wall. 0/10 kike post.



Press X to doubt

Hitler never abandoned his people or NS. He only dealt with rivaling factions, and stabilized the newly formed NS state. Some factions wanted Bolshevik-style revolution, and that had to be stopped.

You're not wrong, but I'm also referring to the fact that many whites thought they had won by electing Trump; many on Zig Forums, including myself thought this too. However, this made whites complacent. Trump was just the same anti-white status quo, but slower; you were going to get replaced, but you were going to be replaced "legally". If Hillary had been elected, we would not have needed to wait 3 years for a Tarrant. That's what I mean by saying Trump was a white anger release valve.

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He can't be too hard on Mexico, because he wants them to sign on to the Venezuela operation.

i think his advisers are telling him to play things safe for re-election, it's funny this new caravan is timed when it was, i think this coming year we will see massive massive fucking waves and the alphabet soup agencies flood them across the boarder knowing that Trump can't take too drastic of measures if he wants to maintain of the pussy cucks in the middle.

But the cucks hate him and his advisers are all "never Trumpers".

His only hope is that the Democratic party goes so loony that even those that hate him are forced to vote for him.

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It isn't 2016 anymore. In 2020, voters will use their one bullet (ballot) to shoot the traitor, rather than the enemy. Trump can't sucker the deplorables a second time after they've seen him govern.

I smirked thanks user

You’re on the wrong board faggot

You can stop sucking kike cock anytime.

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And stop sucking kike cock too, you delusional faggot.

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wtf I love trump now

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Back to reddit or your other altright plebforum that just wants liberalism, individualism, materialism from the 60s/70s America. Which also lead directly to the current cultural conditions.



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Is that really that weird though when you have a movement entirely dedicated to soulless non traditional views that lead directly to the current situation?

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I thought the writing on some of the hats was Hebrew, but it's just English in reverse.

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Here's the thing you don't seem to understand. Just look at a human population chart - if you were smarter than a grapefruit, you would clearly understand that this trend is not sustainable, and that not all of our contestants are going to be making it to Round 2. Do you, personally, have any redeeming value? Do you contribute anything to society that would lead to other people wanting you to still be alive? Based on your glib, effortless posting, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess "no." You can have all the jewbux in the world (and you don't otherwise you wouldn't be IP hopping for money) and they still wouldn't do you two squirts of lukewarm diarrhea when the human population bubble bursts. You are truly the definition of dead weight. No one here wants you alive - your fake friends don't want you alive - your employers don't want you alive - YOU probably don't even want you alive. The moment you flick the light switch and it doesn't turn on, you're dead to the generations of this world. You will be more helpless than the diaper-shitting infant you most closely resemble. I want to talk a big game about how I'm going to watch you die screaming and have a good laugh, but the truth is, no one will be there to listen to you scream.

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the first post you responded to was a larp faggot, go read it again.

I actually enjoy watching him get pushed around by niggers. He and his rich jewish buddies made fortunes by replacing white people with subsidized slave labor. Jew York City is a nigger hellhole because of his kind. Now he goes around from brown country to brown country getting his shit pushed in. I bet they work hard pushing that shit in him. Much harder than any white person. So hard.

Troll harder Jew

Get a real job, nigger.


It can't be saved, but jews can go down with it.

suck a dick kike lover

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I almost audibly laughed.

The kikes are trumps biggest supporters. Think about that user. Our wall would cost 24billion. Instead we gave israel 38 billion. israel has universal healthcare and free schools, but we cant afford that for our people. As a point of fact, we dont even need a wall. What we need is laws in place to severely punish anyone who hires illegals in addition to e-verify (another thing anti-white trump just weakened) but we will never punish the kikes who own companies that hire illegals. just like we will never get a concrete and steel wall. just like we will never get a pro-white president.

The house has termites. The boomers ignored it while they sipped their gas station wine. The termites are now spread and embedded. The structure of the house have failed and the ceiling is collapsing in on us. We no longer need bug spray, we now need to demolish the building and start over without termites. The kikes will never allow you to vote them out of power. The people you vote on never matter. Wilbur Ross is the actual president. The Rothschild banker kike. Search your heart user, you know it to be true. If voting actually mattered, the kikes wouldnt let us do it.

Using tax dollars to ship surplus food to niggers rather than let food prices go down for white people was a mistake it seems. It sure was great for short term thinkers on Wall Street though.

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fuck off, he's supporting an ally, thats literally all he's fucking doing

How much longer until you anti-acceleration faggots figure it out? Still got some of that hope candle burning?


The trouble with all this "greatest ally" bullshit is that there is no alliance and israel is not our ally. Its government does not behave as an ally does, it has never fought alongside U.S. forces in any of our foreign wars, and its interests are not aligned with ours as an ally’s should be. There is no formal treaty and no binding obligations that require our governments to do anything for the other.
Dozens of other states all over the world are better allies to the United States than the “most cherished ally” is, and they don’t preside over an illegal occupation that implicates the U.S. in decades of abuses and crimes against the Palestinian people living under that occupation,
The U.S. gets nothing in return for the extensive military and diplomatic support that it provides. kikes are simply the ones that the U.S. indulges more than any other, but that is all that it is. As such, israel receives far more support than it needs and far more than makes sense for the U.S. to give, and the overwhelming political support that the relationship has is out of all proportion to the value of the relationship to the United States. In fact, like several other regional clients Israel has increasingly become a liability for the U.S., and the relationship should be changed accordingly.

Argue against that you rat faced yid.