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Vote for Andrew Yang! It's better to have a chink who cares about the white people of this nation as president than to have a white man who only cares about kikes as president!





#YangGang #JumpOffTheTrumpTrain #GetThatBag

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I'm voting Yang, but sure as hell not for his policies.
It will help us infiltrate the disillusioned Berniebros.

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All the motivation i need right here

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Did you ever ask why? It's because white people are the only ones propping up the economy; and, in order to have gibs for all, he needs white people to buy in to his chinkplan.




He needs you White slaves and your children as slaves to continue his gibs programs for niggers shitskins and ‘others’

Work you fucking White slaves for you bug masters…


Yang is already getting the Ron Paul media blackout treatment by CNN and MSNBC though the DNC hilariously unrigged their own primary finally so likely won't be able to stop him.

Fuck that bug person! All foreigners need to FUCK OFF TO THEIR OWN HOMELAND!

See, you have it wrong. That chink doesnt care at all about whites.

However, I will still be voting for him to collapse the system as fast as it is currently possible. And printing an exorbitant amount more money will certainly do that.

Nice fake tweet.
Yang has that Neanderthal vibe going for him, wonder if he's genetically related to the tribe?

He's the only techno skeptic and that issue surpasses all others and remains once others are solved.

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Please read this post before responding

Yang will pay for the UBI the same way that the military pays to go do it's "nation building". By printing fiat dollars from the Fed. It is infinite money right now, and will cause that bubble of the dollar to eventually burst wide open.

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ITT: Shills sit on a thread and post their stolen, forced low-energy uninspired memes.

According to what was leaked from the Discord, the hat isn't 'approved' but good to know you're still on board with the guy in last place.

Basically Yang is Lyndon Johnson only this time it's "I'll have those whites voting Democratic for 200 years".

Per year, it'll cost about 2.8 trillion. The military only got $639 billion last year, so please respond with something grounded if you're going to shill the guy in last place.

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We the citizens,users, are the product of surveillance capitalism. Big Data harvests us already it's time they pony up royalties via Value added tax.

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Yang is seemingly uneducated on economics, or he is just being deceitful. Beyond an 'automation tax' he's mentioned nothing about what you posted. Please, why do you shills always go with the lowest common denominator response?

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What don't you understand about the Fed and fiat currency? The US dollar isn't backed up by anything. This bubble MUST burst at some point, and in my opinion, it is better to have it burst sooner rather than later when all the kike bankers have skipped town to Israel or China.

Yang's website mentions nothing about how he'll pay for the UBI, just quotes from famous people. You keep posting, but provide nothing of substance. But keep going, I'm sure it'll get Yang from last place to 2nd to last place.

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He plans to basically streamline automation, meaning companies can fire and offshore employees at will and just replace with robots without worry of lawsuits. So effectively opening the US completely to mass offshoring (what Ron Paul also advocated) and AI, except he will tax the shit out of luxury goods with a VAT in order to pay for the $1k gibs per month program. In a way it makes sense, he's saying "this is going to happen anyway, just pay people to not work"

Protip faggot: I haven't even looked at his website. I don't even believe in the voting system. It's just that Yang is the best accelerationist candidate.

Per year it will cost 1 trillion if all other forms of welfare are included in the freedom dividend program, in 2008 obama and the jews spent 4 trillion on the FIRST round alone of quantitative easing to save the banks, there where 2 other rounds of quantitative easing
Why can we save the banks and the auto industries that shipped money, and jobs out of the country but not on americans?

What do you mean? Atomization? AI?

And why exactly does it even need to burst? Why exactly would Yang cause a bubble burst in the first place? Inflation, yes, but I don't see any law that states a bubble must burst to begin with.

People thought Chicago was a bubble when it first started in the 19th century.

Techno-capital is the new oil

You're essentially asking me why we should get rid of the Fed, and I'm just going to assume that you're taking the piss, being that we are posting on Zig Forums right now.

An automation tax sounds good on the surface until you realize that industrial automation occurs on a scale much smaller than anyone wants to admit on camera. You only see it in areas where replacing humans with machines creates massive gains in precision and quantity.

More often what you see is the exporting of industry to nations with a lower cost of labor. Vast sweatshops and factories in shithole countries where they can exploit the local populace and the methods of production haven't really changed that much since the middle of the last century.

So no, it doesn't make sense. 'Automation tax' lol nah.

Show your work, I'll show mine:
238,969,046 (legal) people over the age of 18
Comes out to $238,969,046 a month

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What do you mean? Automation? AI?

The petrodollar is not legitimate. It is backed up by ZOGbot forces, and not by actual valuables.

Oh, sorry, didn't know you're another End the Fed retard. When did Yang propose that?

There is no pretending, imkikey. There is no other candidate that gets the US closer to total financial collapse.


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You're paid to post here.

He didn't. It's just the inevitable conclusion of his policy.

Who hurt you sweety?

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It's backed by petroleum and guns. Exchanging petrol for machinery and IT apparati is much more material.

It's more inclusive than data mining and robots, it requires a deep dive I cannot provide in digestible format.

Trump is a Jew loving lying fuck who isn't going to build a wall, deep down you know this but arent willing to admit it.

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Its a shame none of this is on Yang's website and you're mostly posting nonsense and can't razzle with dazzle so you're baffling with bullshit. Got anything on that 'automation tax'?

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Yeah and headed by ZOG. Therefore not legitimate, on top of not being backed up by a valuable that every other country uses.

The USA already spent4 trillion dollars on welfare for banks

I dont give 2 shits about the jews, banks and the "economy", I give a shit about the white men and white women of europe and america, eat a dick
I dont give 2 fucks about justifying to you why whites deserve money after paying for everything especially ungrateful niggers.

Thank goodness the Sveriges Riksbank is keeping the Swedes from being genocided, since it's a nationally owned bank. Ditto for plenty of other western contries whos governments directly print their own money, no white genocide there.

The guy spamming the anime shit is a controlled opposition mod.

The jargon is always out of place and the use of buzzwords and catchphrases is like someone phonetically saying words they don't understand like kids forced to memorize the Koran in Arabic before being told what it means

Don't you shills have more lazy memes that spawn from the discord?

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Sweden is a part of the EU, which has it's own banking system also controlled by kikes. They are also not armed to the teeth to create such a change that the US could. Also, the banks have been kicked out of this country before, it just needs to happen again.

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Funny how you immediately drop any capacity to argue when actual resistance to your bullshit presents itself.
Why do you care about banks and the economy so much?

It's at the tail of his San Francisco stump speech. You arent going to be hearing it however such detail is provided.

You missed my entire offshoring comment, meaning Yang will make it easy for US corps to simply hire remote in India/Vietnam/Wherever and fire all US workers, which is what they heavily lobby to do. Silicon Valley will be 90% pajeet remote workers pasting together java libraries. Amazon will can all their workers and just hire Russians at 1/4 the wage of a Seattle or SV worker.

Yang is right though, all these corps are just finding loopholes to do this anyway, like Netflix opening up in Canada, or Amazon, the Microsoft campus in Canada etc. Why? Because wages. Only have to pay Cannacucks $70k/yr CAD and Canada has no problems with foreign workers and immigration, so even Cannacucks don't get those jobs, Indians are flown in.

Is way more than what you think, there is a ton of global Americans so we're talking almost 400 million americans, now subtract everybody under 18, times that by $1k per month we're talking 4+ trillion per year.

I didn't mention banks in any of my posts. Don't you read who replies to you before typing?

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Why does the zog economy matter to you?

Can you offer a time mark? You're staking everything on a YouTube clip, don't half ass it. Whole ass it.

So Sweden wasn't on board the white extermination campaign before they joined the EU? Ditto the UK, Germany, etc. which also had government banks before the EU? Russia isn't part of the EU and has a national bank and they're kiked as hell.
And what good is being armed to the teeth when the ones with all the ammo are pussies who treat their weapons as toys and have never engaged in a mass armed rebellion against the government since Bacon's rebellion? White Americans are faggotized pussies.

Fuck off kikevol123456.

Why are you preoccupied over the state of the zog economy that welfare for white americans bothers you?

There's no automation tax either, Yang never proposed this.

Are you going to return to Europe?

Yang plan is bullshit. No more placebo for white boomers. Doesn't matter who you vote for. System is run by jews. All i want to see is Trump kicked out from White House. Now you see why germans kicked out jews.

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Let's be real here guys. This is the clown world. Yang is going to win because it's the most ridiculous outcome.

Thank you for revealing you are paid to post here.

It's okay if English isn't your first language, but again - your replies don't make sense so I'm not sure if you're paid per post or per hour they make grammatical sense, but that's really it Why don't you ask the poster who claimed Yang's UBI will cost 1 billion a year when I showed how it doesn't? You have weird priorities here lol

Oh darling, I'm not the reason you're having a bad day, week, month, year or however long you've been playing the 'I got nothing, better call him the boogeyman again' game. Show us on the smug loli where you were touched.

Ah, the 'don't vote' shills. I hope goreposter will show up now that the chicom bots know not to arrive. Also, the 'everyone is Imkamfy' guy is here, like clockwork lol

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Whats got you so preoccupied over the economy that welfare for whites scares you so much?

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Why do you never update your playbook and continue using the same methods that yielded you nothing?

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As white people, we are not "privileged" but burdened with glorious purpose. There are countless barren planets and moons out there waiting to be terraformed. Our descendants could number in the trillions. We just need the collective will to seize our potential.

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No one here supports Trump. You have no argument. We won't be supporting your commie chink.

Nice jewish narrative.

Why are you so preoccupied over the state of the economy?
Why are you so hung up on defending the status quo?
q's 2 hard 4 u?

Care to explain? To me everything seems like a fucked up jewish circus.

American "politics" are like a celebrity televizion showdown.

You would know, wouldn't you super satan?

Why are you so dead-set on defending the economic status quo from yang?

You replied to the wrong person


I guess Andrew Anglin isn't satisfied with his previous shilling. OP is a faggot and doesn't realize that no on here is interested in voting for a shifty-eyed chink. Secondly, Yang and his shills have already been exposed as discord trannies.

probably deceitful, user.

thanks user, you're one of the few that aren't niggers in this obvious shill thread


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No I did not

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