Gillette is at it again

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Enjoy bankruptcy gillete


10/10. Would harpoon.

No,not Gillette. Procter and Gamble.Lots of luck.

Shouldn't they have a line of razors called Gillette Walrus?

I wonder (((who))) is behind this push for such ugliness in our culture.

That user gets it. Still kinda pissed off Harry's cucked out too. Should have figured it out because I already saw them being sold at Target.


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She'll be dead in a year or two.

Imagine the fungus and rashes thriving between those folds.

All women are perfect, men are never good enough. Message received and rejected.

It's clear this shit is gonna continue. What will be the breaking report? Taking all bets!

Here at Gillette we PRAISE Papa Nurgle!

With your dick? {horror}


She’s a cheese factory. You’d never starve because you could lick cheese from her skin folds…chubbers milk!

Would you not?

Is this how the majority of American women look like? Or are they the same size but then blacker?

Ummm no user. No. Never.

It's a thing of beauty… unlike the hambeast.

Isn't (((gillette))) produced in isnotreal?

I wish

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Americans are too heavy. They need so good hard labor and a round or two with starvation. I will shape them up to something decent in the war. Land whales will probably be cannibalized by niggs though, to fat to run.

Post them! I’m banned from twerker.


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Fucking delicious. It doesn't get any finer!

What a very… pleasant advertisement image

It may be current_year+5 at this point but I don't think the left is at the cannibalism stage yet.

Fat people disgust me. I can't stand how obesity is touted as some kind of personality trait when in reality it is nothing more than a disease of excess.

Now is the time to push the fat shaming angle. I can't believe they are implying shes a dragon. I cant believe it. Im literally shaking.

Embrace it, its post birth eugenics.

Kikes take joy in unermining our society and culture. Note how they names ISIS after the ancient goddess ISIS, while at the same time
ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Also: Boycott Gilett and ALL jewish companies, icluding Pissrael

under rated post

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good analysis user!

Made me fuggen hungry. You are a piece of shit for activating my almonds and activating my saliva.

why would they go out of their way to do this

It hurts to know that we live in a world that celebrates individual degeneracy and unhealthiness as opposed to cultivating the best bodies and minds.

Just the opposite. They aren't trying to sell women's razors to you, they are trying to sell them to all women, including fat ones.

I once read a study, that people who had not enough food in their childhood were more attracted to obese women.

Did you always got your lunch in school, user?


Bingo. This is just more corporate propaganda to sell to sheep from new demographics first and foremost. The subversive angle is definitely present but the Jews care for cash before all

It is because of the jews.
They push every angle to weaken us.
Research and degeneracy and you will find a jew at the bottom.

We should have joined the Third Reich in their effort to free the world.

Jews care for power before money. To get the most power, they want to annihilate the white race.

Wrong. jews don't care about money, they can print infinity jewbux at the Federal Reserve and give them to themselves. Money is nothing to them, it's just an instrument for pushing their jewish propaganda. You see jews put money into losing campaigns all the time - how much money did Cisbusters lose at the box office? They don't know and don't care; for the jews, it's not about the money, it's about sending a message. They can always just print more money.

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Yes, also I have been into fat chicks since I was like 7

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You are disgusting and probably a jew. Put a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger until it clicks.

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I'm not jewish

I had a friend of mine who liked fat women, he always said fat girls need love to. I think fat women are beyond disgusting and should be put into camps to either lose weight or get purged, but damn if there isn't some kind of fucked sliver of the men population who actually like those hogs. It's just like those faggots obsessed with feet, I can't even begin to understand that mental defect.

Aw.. you hurt Herman's feelings.

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Little known fact - Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina while smuggled inside Goering's stomach.

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There is one for trans

What's next? One for furries? Pedos? Flat Earthers?

I thought is was Rohm's rectum?

Not at all.

They have found their new target market.

You can see she shaves the armpits and legs,

Betcha she shaves the snatch.

This is great. Got my puts in today and I’m going to make an ass ton of money off of them
Thank you Gillette

lol, that's hilarious.

Attacking them with "no reason at all" is probably a great way to spread awareness of Jews. Pair that with the 109 countries kicking these people out.

I grew up in an area without a lot of Jews, so it is really an abstract concept for most people to understand. In fact, I didn't even understand wtf a Jew was other than they were just like a different form of Christian.

Go back to reddit

Would fuck. Would probably die suffocating in a lard crevasse before reaching vulva though.

I agree man. Hygiene is probably a lot hard for a fat chick. But just the thought of things moving on her body that shouldn't be moving horrifies me.

And the worst part about dating a fat chick is you will likely spend your time sitting around eating ice cream watching netflix for the rest of your life until you become a ham planet yourself.

I am perma banned for spamming T_D with anti Jew shit. XD

Get the fuck out of here normie scum
You don’t belong here

tell us how is sexy time with a walruss? I am really intrigued? Is it more easy to pull fat chicks into bed?

Is this jewish beahviour genetic or talmudic cultural. Or a combination of both. I really begin to wonder.

How can these jews be gods chosen race, when everything they do and say resembles satan?

le funny memes!

I've been on pol longer than you have, newfag.



Whatever moishe, you are not welcome here and you should go back to hell, where you belong. Otherwise we must and will do gods own work.

Fuck off kike

fat chicks can be pretty

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Fuck off ( ( ( torpedo) ) )

'''Good to see others do their homework. You are welcome here. Just ignore the kikes and make fun of them. They are easy to spot. Always trying to subvert. They are mentally ill, but we are the doctors and know the final solution.
Become a doctor aswell!'''

How is the weather in Tel Aviv.

Great strategy. They know the sale plan here is poor. They’re just doing this to get some free publicity.

It feels amazing! Its easy enough to find one to hook up with but finding one that's gf material is even harder than with a normal girl

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I have no idea. In Utah so yeah. I promise you I’m whiter than you ( ( ( torpedo) ) )

so that we know that you are legit, rabbi

Well, well well user, these chicks are not fat, they are busty.

They do look very fertile, so would fuck.
But not a ham planet!

The holocaust never ducking happened , but it sure as shit should happen
Gas the fucking kikes end all semite abrahamic adamite filth. Ethnoglobe say it with me ( ( ( torpedo) ) )
Gas the kikes
Fuck the heebs
less than one hundred million people on this planet all of them white

My existence is validated. Thanks user.

The most jewish sentence on this whole thread.
Go and find another job, shill. You suck at this one.

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If you have access to food there is no reason the be attracted to land whales. Go get your food stamp you dirty (n?)wigger.

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More chunkers than fatties. Rubenesque.

Well, maybe i was mistaken about you, so take my apologies, in case you are not a semite.

So they're whaling. Literally. How many cartridges do they dull per leg? Think of the shekels.

I still don't understand how these fatties are able to physically consume enough food to become that fucking gigantic.

They got btfo by Jesus, literally called the synagogue of satan by him in revelations, and they're still asshurt to this day, europe embracing christianity didn't help.

The surface area!

They drink gallons of fat smoothies per day, look it up.

Accepted. No worries here. Fuck the kikes man it’s great to be white

get this list on your phone to make sure not to accidentally buy any

finally! i've been waiting for you guys to get on my level and start loving whales like i do!

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Venus is also committed to her gravity well

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Life is an absurd joke
what a whale of a time my cells are fucking dying of laughter

wich one of you nigglets did this?

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HaHaHa yes!

The kikes have an eternal inferiority complex to the aryan race, because we are the real chosen people. We made 97 percent off all ever recorded scientific discoveries and inventions since 800 BC.
We have the most beautiful people.
We are gods chosen people.

(((Satan))) must be brought back to hell. By all means necessary.

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Dubs and P&G is run into the fucking ground within the next two years
Kek mit uns

Oh my p$g are fucked hahahahahahaha


This is a dirty semitic jewish girl in the pic. The nose, the lips, the hair, the chin, the fat. All markers are there.

We need to reopen those camps, but this time we should fulfill (((their))) deepest desires.

fucking topkek
meme it

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They make oral b toothbrushes too.