What happened to the White Race in Mexico and how to avoid it here?

Mexico is a degenerate, backwater country of defeated, bastard shitskins but we forget it was colonized by a white European power. When the Spaniard set foot in Mexico, they started a colonial race for a slice of land in the Americas that became the foundation and spread of white culture and identity. The Native Americans dwindled and were too busy fighting each other to stop the Europeans. Except in Mexico, where a sizable amount were still alive. Because of the lack of Spanish women in Mexico, many Spaniard took Natives as wives and that gave birth to the Mestizos. It was such a problem that the Caste system was put in place by the Spanish government to prevent race-mixing, it worked for the most even if a sizable amount of Mexicans were already mongrelized. However, then came the Mexican Revolution and Mesitzos took power and eliminated white identity from the Mexican mindset and instead promoted the idea that all Mexicans were equal. Leading to the resumption of race mixing and many Spaniards considering themselves Mestizos as part of this new Mexican identity. Now Mexicans, even those white as snow, see themselves as a colored people and relate more to Niggers and Muslims than with Europeans and their Spaniard identity.

I bring this up because Mexico is an example of Marxist policies that gradually eroded white identity and unity which caused the immediate disappearance of the white race in Mexico and turned its people into mongrel, bastards that get high on drugs and are so apathetic to try and save their country that they decide, en mass, to settle in the United States. Where they can spread what had happened to them to the white Americans. Mexico is a warning what will happen if the United States continues to race mix and let in the Mexicans.

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The jews hijacked the colonial empire of spain and used catholic universalism to spread race mixing in mexico and south america.

The mexican latinos are a mix between niggers, kikes, whites and natives.

Goes to show you cucktianity doomed our race in the colonial era trying to "civilize the savages"

Fuck off beaner.

The native slaves and the negro slaves were kept…

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That first are American tourists, it's been disproved on Krautchan years ago, although there are legit Mexicans that are White AF.

The Mexican Revolution.
That's it.
The US backed both sides, instead of backing just the Europeans.
It was effectively a race war.
Many of the surviving Spaniards fled to the southern states, but the aristocracy was obliterated and replaced with mestizo underclass.
It was very similar to the fall of Rhodesia.

How do you prevent it?
Kill all non-whites.

Shit, I didn't know this. What else did it do? What caused it?


Boy you wasted no time in trying to make this a religious D&C thread, how utterly unsurprising to see in the first post

Yup, utterly shameless. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see it for what it is. Sadly though, plenty of idiots still take the bait.

Can you recommend any essential reading on the Mexican Revolution? I've honestly never gave it much study, but it seems important. Also interested in Woodrow Wilson's involvement.

Besides everything you see today in Mexico, Poncho Villa's raiders targeted the churches, and burned their records.
Those records were entire family trees, meaning if you were a European commoner living in Mexico your entire family history was destroyed.

The same old shit that caused the collapse of every other uplifted region where the violent indigenous were allowed to exist.
Some places of note:
Belgian Congo

On a side note: if any user from ~2014 knows where to find the blog where the author goes in depth into the collapse and hell of Congo, let me know.

I bring this up because Mexico is an example of Marxist policies
You mean Catholic policies.

I mean can you deny anything he said though? All D&C faggotry aside - that's a pretty apt assessment of the history mate.

As a spaniard myself i agree, but it’s good we left that shithole anyways. Now we’re fighting the niggers at Cueta.

I don't know of any good material.
And I would rather not say how I know what I know because of the faggot D&C slurping retards here.

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Spain itself was actually held back by the sudden windfall of Aztec gold looted by Cortez. It reinforced the aristocratic medieval feudal system of patronage where the caste system scorned certain forms of work and economic activity. Thus at the very moment in history where western Europe was rushing forward to embrace the modern world, the Spanish were trapped in an ass backwards caste system of patronage that forestalled their advance. This is one of the main sub texts of Cervantes Don Quixote; the entire picaresque novel is a lampoon of the clinging to late chivalric ideas and delusions, like Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, by the Spanish.

they mixed with the local populace instead of genocideing them it was their mistake.

Pic 4 is such bullshit, the mexican mennonites CAME FROM THE USA.

Interesting. I did not know that.


I feel bad for those who are left, but they are way behind enemy lines. The key it seems is to make themselves distinct from the larger non-White culture as a means to survive miscegenation. Those I've looked into lead very lonely lives.

I hate the Freemason Benito Juarez and how the United States funded his revolution to prevent a White Mexico.

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The person who drew the US border changed it because of white guilt.

What happened was racemixing. A lot (but not all of course) of those "white" hispanics were castizos, too.

To think he shares the name with THE Benito.
That Shitskin ruined so much.

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I've been looking into it, and there has certainly been a lot more to Mexican history than I thought. Racially they're mixed, although the north is a lot more white than the south. Although most of the whites basically live like whites in Brazil. They have a large Mennonite German population there too, a lot of Galicians as well.

Most of the Mexican aristocracy was wiped out (the Iturbides Basque imperial family and the French imperial family) by the revolutionaries. These fucks were basically all masons like Juarez, along with cooperation with the KKK, several mestizo presidents of Mexico were given honorary KKK status.

And what happened? The traditions of the land were broken, the people butchered in the Cristero war, that was the spiritual spine break for the Mexican people. Now because of the NWO they flood over our borders bringing their trauma with them. Drugs, violence, gang culture. They basically imitate negroes here in the US, because they have nothing else, they also, of course, hate whites. Most Mexicans you will meet will not say these facts.

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Dude. You haven't a clue. Before the revolution virtually all our leaders were colored, one of them was a literal pure blooded native american from a native, one was a half black mulatto, and another was half pure Indian and half white.

I'm not exactly in shambles about the racial condition of my country. I'm proud to be mixed. But it is MY country, not yours. You worry about yours. Viva Mexico.

Mediocre Mexicans migrate en masse to the USA because of the hollywood propaganda machine and materialistic cynicism. But I'd say the intensity of political life here is a pressure cooker for political heroes.

Had Synarchism won in Mexico things would've been much better

The Cristeros did not lose the war all together. Ever heard of the PAN party?

We are worried so could you do us a favor and tell all your border jumping cousins to fuck off back to MeHico since it's YOUR country and not OUR country.

I do that every chance I get. Hell, I hang out with all my favorite brown as a baked bean Indians and we all agree about how migrating to the USA is like the geographical equivalent of selling your soul to Satan. Not everyone is a Jew gold addled idiot.

Good, thank you.

I have a half-sister who's fairly white whose married to a 100% snow monkey and they have a child who's white enough to pass. They live in the USA. I talk shit about the brainless materialism of their lifestyle, but I'm not gonna convince them to move here any time soon.

My wife's German grandmother was in Hitler's youth and her Italian grandmother is genetically related to Mussolini.
Shout out to the Musso family.

The Itubides are actually still around in Australia, someone down the line married a German and it's now the von Götzen-Iturbide house. The current head is named after Maximilian and has two children: A son and a daughter. Can't find any pictures of the daughter but the son is the first pic.

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You are Mayano or Iberian. If mixed then pick one and cleanse your genepool faggot. If you are mixed with African then fuck off back to Africa.

Australian accent is Scots+Germanic
Canadian Accent is Scots+Francic

We would gladly fuck off from Mexico when you fucks stop flooding our borders with your kind.
I'm a Mestizo too but I'm not proud to be mixed, my heritage is spreading death and decay to the United States. I'd be prouder if Mexico stayed white and acted like Spaniards instead of pretending to be Aztecs and calling for Aztlan

Fuck you.


You're welcome.


*You're welcome.

Here's a question– why do so many like you, "proud to be mexican" not stay there then? It's not even the drugs and other shit that gets me so much as you immediately begin voting in spics. If you wanted to be led by incompetence, greed, and corruption, why not stay there? Alternatively, ask for a colonial gubment to come and rule you for IDK, 4% of GDP. It would have to be better than current situation, since you're going to sink both boats and have both of us as slaves to the chinks in 50 years.

i seriously doubt it unless she has a penis. It was "League of German Maidens" for girls and a very different thing from HY.

shitskins aren't known for their future planning

Lol. The Mexican economy is astoundingly resilient (took 4 years of Revolution to put a dent in it) and grows consistently almost ever year. I have no doubt that being a mixed nation is part of the explanation for the violence and corruption, but the violence mostly wipes out the bad genes, eventually the nation will be pure and in the mean time people will become more and more politically active to fight corruption and abuse of power.

Some people probably have legitimate reason for migrating. I would bet that they migrate back once the reason is fulfilled.

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you're living in a dream. spain's the nation that conquered you with 180 men and 14 horse, is now essentially a 3rd world nation themselves. As much as I hate the eternal anglo, at least they weren't race mixers. To this day we pay each day for spain's mistake.

And they themselves are mixed with Arabs. Whatever, it's our best shot. And we certainly don't suffer from the same disease of Spanish laziness and aristocratic pretentiousness.

Porfirio Diaz is the half-Indian I was referring to. Many political thinkers in Mexico at the time thought the reason for American greatness was Protestantism. I tend to agree, and the few Protestants I know have business acumen. But Catholicism has pretty cathedrals, so our architecture is pretty baller.

Those native american genes are economic red bull. The tribes here weren't just naked cannibal losers, they were sophisticated cannibal winners.



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the problem is
there was genetic selection for religiousity so there is now an ingrained biological need in many for some sort of communal religion, and the only practical providers is christian sects
so even though its jew worship, untill there is an alternative there will always be churchgoers

he cant be reasoned with

Pretty sure you're thinking of Benito Juarez.
The namesake of Il Duce funnily enough.

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Wait nevermind, just found a photo of his mom. That squaw looks like Frida Kahlo.

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then why are all 10 of the richest families foreign, starting with Carlos Slim?

Not the same poster but maybe I can help. One the biggest changes to a government would be its people. Culturally The united states of Mexico is a backwater. This is due to nescience of generations. Mexico did not really go past feudalism, until the 19th century with the revolution + some band-aid land reform and literacy rates were still low. It still had problems trying to unite. Christians wars, Fascist state takeovers, communist and fascist massacres(thanks U.S. lol). Mexico was united by more or less generals carving up pieces and working for the one-party state. Afterwards you still have pseudo-nobles and a shit ton of peasants that need modernizing and re-skilling. In order to keep the peasants from rising up again you may choose to instill a "victim mentality" type of anti-foreigner jingoism. This tends to lead towards a collectivist ideal as they tend to see the one most like themselves as favorable, regardless of policies(amiright AMLO). "Mexico is great if your rich" that is a common saying. I would know, my fam was part of the so-called miracle period and then later ousted lol. Also Mexico is a bit bigger than it looks on the map, large country = infrastructure delays and problems. Mexico needs a Kemal Ataturk and/or a social movement to break the paradigms as a start. P.S. I will go back right after I make 6 figures lol(soon). Also remember after the US deployed NAFTA, you had a huge influx of what? Mexican farmers(peasants)

They became the upper class




Texaschan is hispanic ♥


The upper class in Mexico are the stinking cartel leaders fag

Fuck off spic. The caste system literally promoted racial mixing. The fact that people could rise through social ranks with the more European blood they have is a incentive for race mixing. The caste system in some cases had over one hundred categories of possible variations of mixture, there should only be two: WHITE and NON WHITE. The Spaniards thought they could make the Natives more European thus they created one of the most disgusting races the world has ever laid eyes on.

"History furnishes us with innumerable instances that prove this law. It shows, with a startling clarity, that whenever Aryans have mingled their blood with that of an inferior race the result has been the downfall of the people who were the standard-bearers of a higher culture. In North America, where the population is prevalently Teutonic, and where those elements intermingled with the inferior race only to a very small degree, we have a quality of mankind and a civilization which are different from those of Central and South America. In these latter countries the immigrants–who mainly belonged to the Latin races–mated with the aborigines, sometimes to a very large extent indeed. In this case we have a clear and decisive example of the effect produced by the mixture of races. But in North America the Teutonic element, which has kept its racial stock pure and did not mix it with any other racial stock, has come to dominate the American Continent and will remain master of it as long as that element does not fall a victim to the habit of adulterating its blood. " - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 11, Race And People

When I say economic red bull I mean we're not lazy shits like the Spaniards. Mexicans admire work. What we're lacking in is ability to do business and the economic freedom to realize that ability.

It's better that they move back before DotR rather than get caught up in it. Your nephew/niece is not going to be "passing" for RWDS.

We have IDs here, fag

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It's because you have low IQs and a poor temperament, a high time preference which leads to poor planning. Your people will never escape this plight without cheap and widely available genetic modification technology that can alter your genetics on a pinpoint level. Basically as long as you're amerindian and mixed with god knows what, you're fucked. Sorry to say, really, it's a shitty fat I wouldn't wish on anyone. But since we're anonymous here I can be honest with you.

hi rabbi


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My pale skin and red hair is whiter than you, D&C faggot.

How could they not? They're awash in a sea of degenerate brown. They go out into public and they're surrounded by a completely different people. Imagine you live in Beijing with your family and every day, day in day out, your entire life, you don't see another white person outside of those related to you. It sounds utterly isolating and depressing. It can't be helped when you're the outsider, especially one that is seen as exemplifying the world's ills.

Who is Christina Tome?

Hi, Shlomo.

They need to migrate to the great plains and north west US with the basques.

Aren't most of their celebs, telenovela stars, tv presenters etc white or at least castizo?

Sure, there are a lot of castizos in the media, even some full on criollos, but on the streets where the every day man lives, it's mostly racially mestizo and indian. Plus, the culture Mexican media pushes is a mestizo culture, so even if the across and whatnot are white, what they're pushing is still non-white. It's no different US media using whites to push African culture.

*even if the actors

You’re reward for the trans-Atlantic slave trade 🔥

You albino niggers seem to forget the first Spaniards were black. White Europeans have only been around for 10000 years😏just saying. You cucks don’t even know the history of Andalusia

He's not wrong. Kikestianity is at fault, and was the biggest attack vector kikes had to trick whites into degeneracy and racemixing before the more modern methods came to be. Kike worshippers deserve the rope.

Retards do as they're told. That's how weak mind most people are. You just tell them enough times their x then even though y appears in the mirror, they default to what they were told because they're unable to think. It's a sad fucking state for much of humanity. Anyway, don't get caught up in what stupid people are doing.

For the gibs, user. For the White created gibs. They aren't proud to be Mexican either. They're fucking liars. What they're proud of is getting gibs from the White man in his White lands, but they can't stop there. They have to kill the host that sustains them. Their "reconquista". It's the natural end to their parasitism.

There was never much potential for a Southern European nation to establish a 'white' colony. Catholicism certainly did it no favors either.

This one asks the CQ, this one is woke.

It's not religious d&c, it's force feeding redpills to little children who still think the soul fairy is real. 😼

He's a christfaggot, mate. It's (((christ))), the (((chosen))) second, and then the truth comes in somewhere in the next eight of his top ten list.

On the other hand new world gold propped up economy in the rest of Europe providing necessary monetary base for trade and capitalism.

She's was, at least in 2017, a lonely White Mexican girl, born and raised in Mexico. It must have been strange for her growing up, but her same childhood could be the same as that of the future White children growing up in many of our lands.

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D&C faggot detected

Mike Duncan's "Revolutions" podcast has a segment on the Mexican Revolution that's pretty good.

The Mexican revolution of independence was effectively a race war. The 1910 Mexican Revolution was just spics being spics after the ruling spic strongman started waning from power.

The Southern Cone is a pretty neat place, although it would be better if all the Peruvian and Bolivian immigrants, plus their children, were removed.

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how much of a retarded you can be? I bet you don't know that she's not really a blonde lol

Her name is Grecia

you can tell she grew up in dog country and learned to be a dog …not white

I'm going to marry a white mexican some day

t. Texan

Only Japanese Imperial rule can fix Mexico ;)

Thank you for naming the Christ, user. CQ should not be avoided, just like the JQ.


Give details, Aryan knight.

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Benito Mussolini was named after Benito Juarez, funnily enough.