Hospital Withdraws Job Offer To Doctor Who Tweeted About Giving Jews Wrong Meds

A hospital in southern California announced Monday that it was withdrawing a job offer to a doctor who had posted a series of anti-Semitic tweets.

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To be fair, I don't want any doctor who wants to use that post to make a political point working in any hospital. She is an Arab QT though, and she should go back.

our girl?

Wasn't this like a year ago

I agree, every medical institution should be neutral and anyone taking advantage of an enemy because their allies did a shitty job at killing them is completely lacking in honor and a giant coward who only attacks the feeble.

Sounds like she shouldn't be hired and should probably lose her medical licence

All Jews are an eternal enemy. We are in a perpetual state of guerrilla warfare.


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Yeah old news. Plus, there's nothing wrong with killing pedophiles and the treasonous.

Yeah, but I guess they want to slide something, so why not use an old story?



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She's pale & pretty.

She should change her surname to thwart the Jews who stalk her career.

A literal shitskin, nice.

kikes mcgee

Shouldn't she at least be given a basic letter of commendation first though?

Fake news with tranny.
They use a "hot"tranny character in an attempt to get sexually frustrated young right-wing men to support the story, thus they can make further stories about how "right-wingers support the poisoning of jews by doctors" etc.
Transparent and weak.

This muslim Has already grovelled for forgiveness.

Lara Kollab Apology

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Pretty fucking based right here.

Vikings sold slaves to them, the prettiest Slavs and Celts they could get their hands on. Why? Money.

You posted this last week, moshe. Don't give a fuck about shitskins.

kek I'm sure they'll get right on that.

Nice quads, what's your point?

if she had joked about giving whites the wrong meds she would be getting thousands in donations

I should import her to Australia and make many babies

Arab cute
She isn't, remove her makeup and favourable camera angles and she is a 5/10 at best, would still plough and throw my jizz in her face though.

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Fucking this.
The only reason it's dishonorable to kill medics on an active battlefield regardless of who they're treating is because they're supposed to be neutral.

The reason you don't shoot enemy medics is that the enemy will then shoot yours, and you'll have less chance of surviving an injury.
It's not to be nice.
All the "rules of war" come from the jews agreeing with one another on the rules which should govern how goyim self-genocide.
Better treatment of officers, and officers cannot be forced into labor?
No, it's because the upper-class are allowed to be officers and they are ensuring their own protection.
The prospect of drowning in your own bodily fluids is shown to discourage goyim from signing up to die.

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she can start her own practice; muzzies will love her

I can smell the virgin from your post. You'd jizz your own pants if she called your name.

Yup. It's absolutely perfect for what a shithole this fucking place is these days.

kinda makes you wonder how many Jewish doctors are doing similar to Goyim out of general Jewish hate of other races, especially Whites.
IIRC the Greeks had laws to keep Jews out of their medical schools because they didn't want Jews learning about poisons.
Then their was that Lobotomy Jew. Thousands of Goyim but not a single Jew.

The Talmud actually forbids a jew from saving a dying "goy". I bet that even a lot here did not know that. Be very wary of a kike doctor.

what are you doing to exterminate the jews user?

you are a massive faggot. literally every other race is ruthless.

Sand nigger Mudslimes are one of the biggest threats to the survival of the White race, user. Stop thinking with that little pink worm and start thinking with that 98 IQ brainlet mind of yours.