A class to teach rabbis how to draw swastikas

I would like to travel America teaching our Rabbis, Liberals, and anyone desperate for attention to the rising number of hate crimes that are definitely happening in the US since Trump was elected. We know these hate crimes are happening all the time, they just aren't happening hard enough.

With my training, everyone from Larry Silverstein to Lamont Jenkins will be able to properly draw a swastika for their own fake hate crimes. No more of that embarrassing "Morton Downey Jr. Scribble" look. Only the best, most aryan swastikas for our important work raising awareness.

For travel expenses, spray paint, and to keep me afloat during this journey, I will need 6 million dollars. If I make one more, or one less dollar, I will suspend the campaign and refund all the money. Has to be 6 million exactly.



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No one bump'ed yet your post.
So here is a based Tay Tay

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This is now turning into a based Taylor thread

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Please don't. There's something timeless and iconically retarded about the Hale Hortler.

Both ashkenazi jewish.

Why do you want to take away my fun. I love seeing hortlerkreuze in the wild.

They know how to draw a swastika, but screw it up on purpose because they want to make it look like Nazis/goyim are stupid.

For the same reason, it's easy to tell a shill because they misspell words on purpose, even the easy ones that any idiot would get right. They can't get over the cognitive dissonance of realizing that the goyim are collectively smarter, more eloquent, and more aesthetically gifted than they are.

Have a Mort

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They draw it incorrectly on purpose.
Much like they will throw in misspellings and poor grammar when writing fake right-wing blogs or posts.
It's all part of the "right-wing means low IQ" meme.

Shit, didn't read your post before making mine.
That's some creepy synchronicity, friend.

Jews also can't copy powerful symbols, it's like write god to them. Which is why they fuck the swastika and why write g-d.

William Burroughs wrote about it.
He described the Agent that fell for his own cover story and ends up being unable to escape.
They have spent so long pretending to be retarded neo nazis and a whole value set and future has been built around ensuring the success of the fake neo nazis.

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Why don't you Stormtards get out there and show them.

Nigga wat?

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