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no more porky presidents


What's the point?
Nobody who actually addresses some working class problem -in his case automation- is going to even pass the primaries, the DNC will cheat again and some airhead retarded like Kamala Harris is going to win the nomination only to lose to Trump in the general election, the same shitshow we all saw in 2016.

It's time to stop

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Sure but having someone like that in debates will be good for class consciousness. Elections are political theater anyway, so we should treat the event according to propaganda potential rather than real political change.

You should try being more pragmatic so you can see the advantage in less than ideal situations.

Siphoning energy into an electoral campaign that could otherwise be used to build class power isn't pragmatic, it's weakening our position while legitimizing the state as a mediator of class conflict.

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Yes this, never trust the SPD.

Hes not trying to sneak socialism in the back door when he says 'UBI will be necessary to maintain capitalism', its actually true.

I havent read anything about this guy but hes asian so he must be from san fransisco and he likes ubi so hes a tech bro accelerationist globalist capitalist who wants to make put us all on company script and pay for it by continuing and expanding imperialist war

it would be kind of hilarious if they use MMT and just print double money to pay for UBI thus "taxing" the 1% by 50% of there value

watching them try to scramble to different currencies and assets as the world reserve plummets while relative purchasing power for the average prole goes up would be top meme

What else is the left doing?

A tech bro president would be even worse than a neocon.

idk at least it would make a change

At least he might do something on climate change.

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Literally the best thing about him is that he doesn't do any culture war shit. I'd vote for a right-winger if he at least brought attention to the right questions. Otherwise it's just transhijabi pussyfarts vs. war on christmas confederate heritage again.

change isn't inherently a good thing.

What does it matter?
Absence of other options doesn't actually make a shit option good. Noone cares if you're doing something.

Doning Nothing doesn’t help the cause.


Electoralism is a propaganda opportunity.

It could potentially be. If there was a candidate actually using the election as a platform for socialist propaganda, not limp-dicked 'socialism is about social programs' or 'ubi will save capitalism' fare.

according to how I looked at it, its literally the prologue to Fallout: New Vegas played into real life, and the aftereffects, same thing, the main story.

it doesn't matter either way, shit's gonna hit the fat no matter who gets voted in.

Performance art on twitter. If we're to understand the left as "genuinely revolutionary proletarians fighting to abolish capitalism" the better question would be "what should the left be doing?"

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they aren't doing anything.

Because "automation" is a fucking meme, pushed to distract people from the deleterious impact of outsourcing + mass migration.

And this is the problem. That the recent wave of strikes has happened with virtually no leftist influence or participation shows just how shit the left is. If "the left" isn't capable of being involved in the labor movement and can only shill for policy of the bourgeoisie state or argue over how bad historical state/leader was, then "the left" is no longer fit for purpose and should be abandoned by radical proles in favor of organizing their class.

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Vermin Supreme all the way.

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the dsa has been peripherally involved in some of the teachers strikes but tbh i think it's best that left groups, especially in their current form, don't try to hijack industrial action. not saying what they do now is much better but that the focus should be on building extra-parliamentary networks which can support organised labour instead of trying to sell striking workers a bunch of newspapers or whatever


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of course but being a Jacobin faggot doesn't help your cause.

real Sorel unironically.


The dsa communist caucus was involved in the Oakland strike, but they're a dissident faction and I wouldn't really associate them with the dsa proper. The only other instance of periphial involvement I'm aware of is some jacobin fag claiming the recent strikes are because of Bernie Sanders.
I don't think we should hijack them, but I think we need to be involved in them as it is an important front of the class war and where more working class people seem to be heading.
I agree fam, much of my dissatisfaction with the left is the continued use of such tactics and retreat into socoal groups and confrences instead of where the workers actually are.

And here I thought the juchefags were dumb.


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I can't because I actually have non-meme autism

we've been over this

proud retard, better retard than cuck

for the time being they have continued to associate themselves with the dsa, so it's not really up to what we think. anyway having done some quick google research it seems more like the dsa is controlled by unions rather than the other way round, which seems to fit the wider resurgence of organised labour in the democratic party via the pro-bernie faction

i wouldn't have a problem about individual leftists joining unions and seeking to advance class consciousness, im just cautious about the established groups themselves getting involved, as most really aren't about advancing the cause as they are about boosting the profiles of the leadership, meanwhile their rank and file is mostly students looking for a way to piss their parents off, not saying that there's absolutely no place for them in the left just that they might not be the best advertisement for socialism, although i guess you could argue that this is due to a lack of a base in organised labour


It is comforting only a mentally deficient fuckwit would adopt your ideology.

My point was that they're significantly different than the "mainstream" dsa and that we won't be seeing as much or as fervent involvement in areas where the dsa are mostly socdems.
Not exactly, a lot of the union power in the dsa are the more reformist types whose reactions to strikes and radical labor activity has been lukewarm.
Ah, see I argue a break from most established groups for this reason. When I say that we should be involved in them I mean we as a class fighting for class power, not we as leftist activists trying to rep an organization.

Is info about thorium reactors being suppressed? AFAIK, it's the safest/most efficient form of nuclear reactor.

India is building a whole load of them & China is testing a whole lot of implementations. Most countries are waiting for the research in `Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors' to become more complete so they don't jump the gun and have to either do a costly retooling or build new reactors to take advantage of efficency gains.

India isnt building shit all. They are just waving concepts around until they will ask an European company to "cooperate" an build one for them like always. China and Russia are the only ones building anything.

This is a blatant astroturf

Okay Mussolini.

it still represents a resurgence of organised labour in the democratic party, after the last 30 years or so of dominance by academics and "progressive" capital

seriously though i do think we should try get in on the whole yang gang thing to some degree

No but here's this anyway.

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Sorel liked Vladimir Lenin better so totes ma goats

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This, they're glorified phonefags who think they know (read: can dictate) how the internet works and what it needs, which according to them 90% of the time is more censorship, surveillance and turning everything into cancerous fedbook clones

Just smash computers

Is it me or is the Yang Gang repairing some of the damage Body Oder did? Zig Forums is much faster rn than its been for almost a year.

Not even close. The damage BO did is irreversible and left Zig Forums is doomed to slowly die instead of overtake left reddit like it could have if the autism was contained.

Trump has a new move.
Big changes are coming.
Turn away from the shills.
Follow the money.
Yang 2020.
Tao is the way.
Read Confucious.


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Im all for shilling Alunya along with Yang memes just to make her a more popular character. MAGAtards are shilling Yang too just to distract currently piling up backtracking by Trump and his failures to uphold campaign promises

I couldn't care less about this farce of an election campaign otherwise.

Zig Forumsack here. He seems to be creating an anti-boomer sentiment on 4/pol/. By anti-boomer I don't just mean the age group but the general "muh individualism, taxes bad, literally everything i don't like is communism" crowd. There might be some long-term "anti-capitalist gains" to be made if it helps deprogram more right-wingers from the shapiro-tier market worship.

Some of the far-left seem to hate him. In some way that's a good thing because it supports the case against the "he's a communist durrhurr" boomer cries.

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yang is a chink stooge

he's a techbro from amerikkka why would he support the chinese government

Boomer conservatard mutt detected

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t. ching chong ping pong

there's no leftists on this site or else they'd be talking about this shit

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Silicon Valley is China without the Marxist rhetoric.

The memes are aesthetically pleasing I give you that.

This video makes a great point. We already have UBI for seniors in the form of social security.
We have stupid amounts of production over capacity so we could definitely do with a large amount of the workforce idled.
This over capacity is why you aren't seeing any inflation even though there's been wage growth, falling unemployment and the federal reserve literally giving money away for free to banks.
Yes, education, healthcare and rent have gone up but that's not due to too many dollars chasing too few goods. That's due to monopolies, predatory lending and collusion.
I think Richard Wolfs idea of simply lowering the amount of hours in a work week is better than UBI. Having UBI will totally create lazy bored NEETs.

"It is every citizen's final duty to go into the tanks, and become one with all the people."

-Andrew Yang, US Presidential Debate, 2020

Yes Chairman, I am ready to become one with the Hive.

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Is noone talking about how encouraging it is that a faction of Zig Forumsfucks are aligning themselves, at least in electoral bullshit, with a platform promising material improvements in quality of life over delusional NutSac schizo shit?


We already have tons of lazy bored NEETs.
Also UBI will just be a little help, nobody will be able to live with UBI alone.

Kill yourself ubi jew

It is indeed encouraging that even idiots like who have no idea what people are talking about are still capable of recognizing their own material interests when they are presented with them.

Nice word salad, Capitalist

you guys will start killing each other and infighting once you run out of external enemies, fascists do this every time.

You first, boomer.

This video makes a great point. We already have UBI for seniors in the form of social security.
We have stupid amounts of production over capacity so we could definitely do with a large amount of the workforce idled.
This over capacity is why you aren't seeing any inflation even though there's been wage growth, falling unemployment and the federal reserve literally giving money away for free to banks.
Yes, education, healthcare and rent have gone up but that's not due to too many dollars chasing too few goods. That's due to monopolies, predatory lending and collusion.
I think Richard Wolfs idea of simply lowering the amount of hours in a work week is better than UBI. Having UBI will totally create lazy bored NEETs.

No arguments. Admit you’re a Jew-lover who wants to make people into state-slaves of the glorious dictatorship of the proletariat.

ubi is actually existing tankieism and therefore must be opposed

How is it "tankieism" or authoritarian socialism which I assume is what' s meant by "tankieism".

once people come to completely depend on the state for their basic subsistence through ubi tankiddiesm will be realized in the west
stalin's wet dream

You need to go back to Zig Forums and quit shilling that Slavic nationalist Bakunin.

It's not encouraging that anyone is aligning themselves with a porky trojan horse.

They are struggling, homeless and destitute because of the state's violent enforcement of private property. So they are already completely subjugated by the state.
Honestly this anti-UBI stuff seems like crypto liberalism accelerationism. You're advocating for the arbitrary suffering of poor people because of your ideology. That's only going to make people hate the left.

lookin gooood

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take your meds you senile old reptile

was waiting for somebody to make that joke, 'bout time lol

yeah, he'd give tax breaks to his buddies for """green""" energy shit

walk into traffic, pill-addled boomer parasite

Jews and NEETs>Boomers

No they fucking aren't you autistic faggot, MIGAtards are the ones who are crying non-stop over Yang having a presence on 4/pol/

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The latest meme technology

fuck you nigger

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watcha gonna do, not vote so that ton of people die of a common cold because of a "revolutionary act"?

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Thats not how shit works anymore dummy.

thats what the left does, only they do it before the fascists are even gone yet

Gtfo revisionist. You think you’re smarter than Marx? try again buddy


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