Cargo Cult Right - Or how I learned to stop waiting and love activism

I wanted to have a discussion or at the very least spark a discussion regarding the "cargo cult" mentality that has plagued the "right wing" for a long time.
I'm sure there will be people who opt in for simply writing "cool blog, where can I subscribe?" but for those actually interested in the concept and the idea of talking about, here we go.
I think the right wing has been crippled through the cargo cult mentality that somehow things can get better without the individual's action. That our race will be delivered from the tyranny of ZOG because "someone has to come!"
I like the EH crowd, and even some of the pagans, but they're really falling for the same shit that the Christians are falling for these days. Ragnarok and the motif of the returning king who lies injured beneath the world, the foretold end of the Kali Yuga and the recycling of the world over.
Myths and tales told by our ancestors who were far wiser than us applied to the modern day. I like it. But has this poisoned the well of the far right?
I feel as though these concepts have been adopted by the slacking many who then proceed to present these ideas as "salvation". That it will come on its own.
Instead of manifesting the dharmapāla we have instead adopted the non-Aryan aspect of worshiping and awaiting such figures.
At the rate things are going I think a drastic change needs to occur. A recurring line thrown around loosely in the far right is that "tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire".
The same people that tout that appear to be doing the exact opposite. They kneel at the altar of ancestral iconography, totally in awe at the scope of our success as a race but do not manifest that same spirit themselves. Where is the flame?

What do you guys think?
Is the right wing plagued by cargo cultism?
How do we get guys in the "right" to start living AS their ideals and heroes rather than just appreciating them at the cost of their race?
Do we have a youth strong enough and fortified enough to even accomplish such a thing?

I know someone is going to read this and immediately want to sperg out about "blackpill this, blackpill that", but just realize something. Ignoring a problem doesn't solve it. I'm talking about things which I HAVE OBSERVED. If we can't talk about it and can't end up drawing a conclusion about the saddest of topics we're just putting our head in the sand and it'll cost us our neck when the negro hordes get uppity at the behest of their kike whippers.

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No, just jewish misdirection and manipulation.

dude just make money lol Then put it to use. Why be a poorfag relying on shitty (((ideals))) when people just need someone not to be a sperg faggot and a normal guy who is pro-White?

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the expectation that a messiah will appear and fix everything is not an integral part of the cargo cult mentality
Begone shill.

Oh child, if only you knew.

Embrace activism:

Yeah, shut up faggot. I am doing it right fucking now with others. Nothing has happened, you bullied beta haha

Vindex Is Coming
Imperium Is Coming

The right is plagued by "Cult of Personality" retards who worship people like Trump and never question his motives or even hold his feet to the fire on his promises. People in general are barely functional, intellectually speaking. We live surrounded by a mass of completely unsalvageable retards. But to the point, yes you are correct OP.

It's not the "Cargo cult".

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Fuck off with you Black Sun and other pagan symbols that dox Whites as "Nazis".


You will never ever get Zig Forums to embrace multicultural nations.

Kill yourself neckbeard

Gay faggot user strikes again

No one who is not retarded thinks that the whole returning king business is about salvation or that it will require no action. The return of a/the Führer is necessary and will mark the point at which the struggle becomes "real" (out in the open, for all the world to see).

You have shown your true face again, christcuck.

The Swastika isn't even a pagan symbol. It's a collection of crosses (the german word for it even has "kreuz" in it).
I'm a Christian and in my fair and frank opinion we need to kill all the invaders and Jews. If they were good men or even close to being worth mercy and forgiveness they'd be back in their own shitskin nations.

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Great job, you've accomplished what every teenager accomplishes when they make it out of mom's basement. If you think that makes you special or saves the White race, you're retarded. Also
I'd say you were a kike shill but I actually think you're a stupid summerchild instead

Holy shit

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The cross is a pagan symbol, you retard. It represents the sun. That you sometimes put a narion-wrecking kike on it doesn't change that.

Fool that you are, Whites saving their race is always illegal. If you're a coward and afraid to fight for your race, you're a nigger and might as well hang yourself. Fighting is the European man's way, you're useless and not even White.

It's a shame we're surrounded by retards.

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oh yes, just like the swastika is a "crooked bent cross". wew


It's a viking rune ya fuckwit

The right wing is plagued by a lot of things. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I'm sorry I offended you and your need for a messiah. Oh wait, let me fix that. Your need for a "מָשִׁיחַ".

Strength flows from action, anons.
Act before its too late.

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Ask your rabbi for a new game plan.

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The same applies very much to the left, see muh Obama, muh Bernie, muh Mueller for examples.

No, cargo cultism in the sense of the word is very much limited to the fringes like the MPC Goon brigade (hurr just infiltrate the GOP bro) and quasi-NRX weirdos like David Hines (durr just imitate leftist activism bro).
What they'd achieve (if they could simply wave a magic wand) would be a substitution of one kind of ineffective activism with another.


Everything you consider real is a dreamlike illusion that you are projecting outwards. It has no inherent existence.
How do you manage to study Eastern traditions and still miss the fundamentals? C'mon user, you can do better. Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead again, only this time realize everything it says applies to what you call life as well as death.

Why even bother responding to retards like this

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user, I completely agree. We all know what has to happen. Why wont somebody do something?

Then I realize, I'm not doing anything.

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Probably because everyone here knows that "doing something" will end in murder, even if it isn't personally us doing the killing, and no one except the completely depraved really relish that idea. I don't want people to die. I realize a lot of people are probably about to die. When I first came to /new/ and Zig Forums I wanted to prevent the coming genocide. I don't think it can be prevented. Just a few minutes ago someone I work with was calling Trump an idiot for not wanting more immigrants. I disagree with the guy but I don't want him killed, but sooner or later his mouth may get him hurt.
It no longer matters what we as individuals do; people more powerful than I am, with vastly more money than I have, are going to keep the buttfucking AIDS faggots rolling in money, more Somalis sent to middle America, and Trump is sucking Israeli dick.
You can't stop it. You can't even fight, because most whites will still fight for kikes. You will end up with 10 consecutive life sentences being buttfucked by Muhammad or Turone because Jews think that's funny.
It's no longer a question of murder. This calls for a response far beyond murder. I don't want that, the weight of that, on me, to save a race that 80% wants to be killed off and replaced by Spics.
This isn't even a blackpill. It's a "would you rather kill or be killed, choose quickly before you can't choose, and doing nothing is slow suicide" pill. I'm a Buddhist saying this. I'm supposed to teach compassion. I don't know what to say though. Gandhi's peaceful revolution only worked because white Brits feel shame. Kikes, Chinese etc are shameless. If China had owned India or Hawaii, there would be no Indians or Hawaiians alive today.
May the universe, or God, or Buddha, or whatever, have mercy on this pitiful world full of abused children who have grown up to become failed adults. I don't blame you for doing what you do anymore. May you forgive yourselves for what comes next, after it is done.

I want all of that. If someone says "I think we should let more browns in to rape your white women and kill your race" I don't consider him as someone I "wouldn't want killed", I consider him an immediate threat.
Codreanu logic.
A dirty bomb in the heart of NYC would be a good START.

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And there's the pilpul.

Thank you for your book. I value it as a Taoist.

You've made some mistakes in thought. It absolutely matters what we do as individuals. Manifest your siddhis and you will change the world.

Things certainly look bleak, but despair is yet another one of the weapons they use. Find the eternal peace within yourself that none can disturb and you will find you are able to overcome all propaganda and poison being thrown at us to shine as a beacon to those around you.

Many before us have engaged in the Great Work, though it seemed to them impossible as well. However, we today can see all that great multitude of bhodisattvas passing down their wisdom and teachings to us. Beyond the grave they shine for us that we can make a lasting impact, and no tyrants can stop us. The only person that can prevent us from achieving this power is ourselves.

Manifest your greatness, I know it is within you.

The people here and upright and just, so the idea of using violence to pursue our views is not considered unless they have no other choice. The constant attack on freedom of speech is what pushes people to the extreme of violence. That applies to all people. The issues must be discussed, they are causing the problem.

guilty as charged.

A symbol means whatever you want it to mean.

The spiritual path is a dream. You have fallen into spiritual materialism, thinking the path exists, we exist, etc as something other than a dream. The void you see when you close your eyes is much closer to the truth than this fake, illusory world. The problem is that even me telling you this is ultimately pointless, because you only exist as a dreamlike projection of mind. There's no one to talk to but illusions I'm creating. I don't like that, but I must accept it and let go of it.
Pretend to read this if you like, it addresses your problem directly.
Love us all very much forever.

I understand that you're a bit pretentious so let me spell it out for you:
I was taking the piss and had no interest in having any sort of meaningful conversation with the likes of you, jew worshiper.

The sun wheel is the last thing you see before reaching complete enlightenment, which is why it's use is so ancient and predominant across cultures globally. It is the third eye, the pineal gland, the cross formed by your eyes and nose, etc.

Thank you user

You have fallen into the trap of conflating the fact of our existence with the ultimate nature of our existence. That always ends badly, user.

Nice blog fag. But i did hit subscribe.

Inaction is impossible, even the anons from filthy basements under foot of mother - have impacted the world. Even those blindly following the (((status quo))) are having an impact, albeit negatively. Everything is always changing, and nothing remains the same. Our very awareness of this struggle gives strength to our opposition, I'm sure this is why (((they))) use deception and theatrics as (((their))) main form of control. You would be lead to believe, as a normalfag, that all these issues are manifesting organically - "its just how things are". But each white man that wakes up to what is being (((orchestrated))) is another man who will act differently than he did before, he will think differently. That has impact. Our very conscious observations impact the reality that is unfolding. How we perceive the (((orchestration))) of events is truly of consequence.

Have a little faith, user, (((kikel))) doesn't have a monopoly on that.

So let them be what they are, there's no need to waste energy even thinking about them.

MOM! The Christfags are changing history again! Its NOT FAIR! I WANNA CHANGE HISTORY TO SUIT MY AGENDA TOO!

You aren't from here.
All conceptualizations are equally false. All narratives a lie. Once you destroy those you are free to leave or stay. Those who stay are usually lunatic masochists who volunteer to live in this subtle hell to help illusory others for whatever reason. Absolute reality ("heaven" or "death" or "enlightenment") is very boring compared to here. There's no food, no sex, no beer, no pussy, no one to talk to, etc. Some prefer it there, some prefer it here.

Also, have you been playing Dark Arisen? You're aping it's talking points. That game got about 50% of it right. In that game you murder continually, steal a man's wife, you meet the seneshal in the absolute realm where no one else exists (your true nature, right now, is already the seneshal), you obtain a sword in the absolute realm which is impossible because objects are dualistic fixations which cannot exist in the absolute, and so on.
It would behoove you to ask for wisdom instead of failing to Teach. You are not yet capable of being my Teacher. Guest and host, you do not even understand those words, nor have you played the part of guest, so slow down before you condemn both yourself and those illusory beings foolish enough to listen to you by trying to wear the host costume.
Or not. Your choice. Stupid is as stupid does, and so on.


Irrefutable truth: you exist

Something being true and our recognising it as true are not the same thing but that doesn’t mean there is no such thing as truth. See above.

Buddhism used to be full of life not this anti life gnostic filth.

It wouldn’t matter to the enlightened.

ffs. Have you considered that the writers of the game had a source? Ask me how i know your a teenager that just read some Buddhism.

Your very words are trapped in duality, user. How can something be fake and another be real?

Both the void, which I spend time peering into daily, and the material world around me are real. They cannot exist without one another. They have produced one another. Like the Tai'Chi they occupy one another's negative space.

If you can entrust yourself to the universe without reservations then the universe can be entrusted to you. The nameless is the origin of heaven and earth, naming is the origin of the myriad things. Let go of desire and you will see the truth; retain your desires and you will see nothing but things. Both are the same.

Agreed with the first reply, satan jew please tie cinder blocks to your legs and jump off the golden gate.

Seems appropriate at this point, anons.

Ya better you let it be and continue the discussion.

>this is why (((they))) use deception and theatrics as (((their))) main form of control.

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