College students taught, "if you don't know what LGBTQQIAP means, you're privileged"

White, male, heterosexual, Christian privilege is everywhere


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College teaches what life quickly unteaches


why don't women space suit makers just create a short wide spacesuit with a catheter and an auto tampon changer.


Well, to some being as naive as a Chr*stian might seem like a priviledge.

As opposed to women, who get paid whether they do work or not.

kick me, kike me
you'll never black or white me

Hi, paid jewish shill.

Im only 1/8 Jewish christcuck.

t. kike trying to keep whites worshipping semitic fantasy novels

false flag

The time for the final war is now.

Sage for gay thread.


what about if your a female identified but born male so the space suit actually fits bretty gud.

I'm trans and I don't even know what that LGTQWBWE**"Y"$Y"$" stands for. It probably unironically also includes a reference to "nomap" .

No, I'm Germanic for the most part. Check my nose.

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indeed i love that quote from the bible about genociding shitskins

I don't know anymore…I think the most feasible thing to do now (and of course there is ALWAYS the "stay neutral and merely observe clownworld") is to join them and sabotage the Jew agenda from inside. Not it!

Can't be the real you. No one would post even a selfie here. Or would they? Are there idiots amongst us here?? Is "amongst" a real word?

I'm just messing around because I live in a country with hate speech laws and I'm trying to get more social points because I said nigger a while back so now I'm not allowed to enter some buildings. For every right winger I trigger I get 0,05 social points.

unironically kill yourself

Daily reminder (((christianity))) is semitic cancer that literally worships a jew and the jewish religious system and has only DESTROYED western civilization. Kill yourself kike.


LOLOLOL! At last the kike reveals itself. Holy fuck this is amazin.

lesbian gay bisexual transexual queer queen?(fuck, don't know this one guess I'm going to reeducation camp) intersex asexual pansexual

Questioning, that's the second Q

if you don't know what GGGIGTSOTG means you're going in the oven

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Always kill degenerate abominations.

No, no, THIS is the full acronym.
Lesbian, Gay, Gender queer, Gender fluid, Genderless, Gynesexual, Bisexual, Bigender, Transexual, Transgender, Transvestite, Two-Spirited, Transitioning, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Agender, Ally, Androgenous, Androsexual, Pansexual, Pangender, Omnisexual, Omnigender, Demi sexual, Straight, Skoliosexual, Cisgender, Third-Gender, Boydyke.
I'm not joking.

Off to the Gulag with you; you left out "pedophile".

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Well that's true.

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You missed the second 'Q', so off to gulag user.

I know what the acronym means, but only because I've lived in clown world for so long. I wonder what my brain cells would have learned instead in happier times.

What do normal, everyday people think of the "hate speech laws"?

Hi, FBI!

lol it just gets more and more retarded

jews reusing the same tactics from the "French" revolution.
Meanwhile, they grab everything for themselves.
This time they just fractionalise the whole of society, including men/women so everyone is fighting amongst themselves, with their strongest obstacle being European males. With all of the others turned against the cornerstone of civilisation, they can crumble society until it is completely controlled by their parasitic tendrils.

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It's the shitskin part that has anons concerned, moshe.

Does this mean there are already tranny astronauts? Dear fuck.

They support laws prohibiting it sadly. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will be 10 times worse.

Colleges that teach these values should be refurbished with fire.

We are doomed.

Gee, I wonder what's in the exif data?


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Jew cultist privilege is the freedom to invent bullshit and pretend it matters more than objective reality.

better start donating to her patreon before she gets deplaformed.

it varies. here, some are clearly pissed that limited police resources are being diverted to tackle online hate speech and not for "actual" crime like robbery and violence. but i'd bet they're already garden variety "world's gone mad".

I used to be in charge of the accessibility and diversity departments at a University in Canada and I have no clue what IAP is for.

There is a lot of bloods so we may need the biohazard suits to protect ourselves when DOTR come.


Look on the bright side, this sort of identity politics and pissing contests to determine who the most oppressed is generally makes them completely ineffective in getting anything done.

Look up "progressive stack" and how it derailed Occupy Wall Street.

which brand of Christianity are you talking about?

the liberal "jesus loves everyone" so lets have open borders type..

or maybe the lets give Israel everything it wants because that's how we make Jesus come back type.

I think most people are always going to err on the side of being against anything described as "hate" because they don't know any better

chr*stiani(ns)anity is jewish blood magic

Self respecting whites are still going to college?
If you're not a phaggot or shitlib than going to college in the hopes of working for someone else its pointless. Unless you plan on living a life groveling in a corp where you'll end up being passed over anyways. America corps are now fronts just to maintain a presence in the west while the real devel is being done by subs overseas. The entire west is being taken down so theres no point in chasing a dream/lifestyle that doesn't exist anymore. Let the phaggots drown themselves in debt while spending the rest of their lives working in starbucks to pay it off.
If you must get what education you need online and/or start your own business. What does it really take to create something (electrical or wood based) half decent and sell it on amazon/ebay? Its never been easier.

the space suit one is just pure retardation. obviously each suit would be custom fit if you're going to send a bunch of guys up in a multi million dollar craft

I am biologically privileged

So they admit that there are only two genders.

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This isn't class struggle. The rich have consistently gotten richer in the United States for the past twenty years.

This is culture wars bullshit. Big companies can now fly a rainbow flag while paying shit wages and be considered "progressive".


Contrary to popular belief, you can't solve 1.5 million jews per oven.

The SJWs infiltrating and taking over OWS was intentional though. The critique of the banks, the Fed, of the economy was getting too close to the naming of the Jew. So a bunch of Marxist faggots showed up to drown everyone else out. Instead of economic slavery and Jewish control of nations, it became those damn white men using capitalism to profit off of the working class.

It means mentally impaired

You know, the freak is right, it would be a privilege not to know wtf these degenerates are talking about.

VERY strange that a faggot parade hasn't been attacked by a group like ISIS. You could EASILY kill 1000+.