Cardinal Sarah: Mass Migration Not Part of Catholic Faith
'It is a false exegesis to use the Word of God to promote migration'
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ROME ( - A cardinal is criticizing fellow Catholic leaders for promoting mass migration.
In an interview in Rome with French magazine Valeurs Actuelles, Cdl. Robert Sarah criticized Catholic leaders who use their authority to throw weight behind secular political causes. He told the magazine, "Today, many priests and bishops are literally bewitched by political or social issues."
Cardinal Sarah, the Vatican's chief liturgist, brought up the example of "men leaving their own country" — a reference to migration.
He returned to the subject of migration into Europe later in the interview, saying, "All migrants who arrive in Europe are penniless, without work, without dignity. … This is what the Church wants? The Church cannot cooperate with this new form of slavery that has become mass migration."
All migrants who arrive in Europe are penniless, without work, without dignity. … This is what the Church wants? The Church cannot cooperate with this new form of slavery that has become mass migration.
"If the West continues in this fatal way," Cdl. Sarah warned, "there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome was invaded by barbarians."
"It is better to help people flourish in their culture than to encourage them to come to a Europe in full decadence," the Guinean cardinal opined. "It is a false exegesis to use the Word of God to promote migration."

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The cardinal's comments come as Pope Francis has continued to speak out against building border walls. During an in-flight press conference on March 31, the Pope posited, "Those who build walls will become prisoners of the walls they put up."
During the interview, Cdl. Sarah addressed the crisis in the Church in general, saying, "The Church is going through a great crisis. The winds are of a rare violence. Rare are the days without scandal, real or false. The faithful can therefore legitimately ask questions. I wanted this book for them."
Valeurs Actuelles published the interview on the occasion of the publishing of Cdl. Sarah's latest book, titled Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse (Evening approaches and the day is now almost over). This comes from the disciples' words to the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus (see Luke 24:28–30).
Ignatius Press announced plans to publish an English-language version of Cdl. Sarah's book later this year.
Cardinal Sarah told Valeurs Actuelles at one point in the interview:
Today, I am not afraid to say that priests, bishops and even cardinals are afraid to proclaim what God teaches and to transmit the doctrine of the Church. They are afraid of being frowned upon, of being seen as reactionaries. So they say fuzzy, vague, imprecise things to escape criticism, and they marry the stupid evolution [read: "transience"] of the world.
Regarding how Catholics can address the problems in the Church today, the cardinal exhorted, "True reform is about our own conversion. If we do not change ourselves, all structural reforms will be useless. Lay people, priests, cardinals, we must all return to God."

He said that some Catholic priests — in his view, a minority of them — abandon authentic Catholicism and distort the Faith to accommodate the ways of the world:

Clearly, there is a strong majority of priests who remain faithful to their mission of teaching, sanctification and government. But there is also a small number that yields to the morbid and villainous temptation to align the Church with the values ​​of today's Western societies. They want above all to say that the Church is open, welcoming, attentive, modern. But the Church is not made to listen, she is made to teach: she is Mater and Magistra, "mother" and "educator." While the mother listens to her child, she is first present to teach, guide and direct, because she knows better than her children the direction to take.

The cardinal spoke at length about the damage that bad clergy have done to the Church, saying, "I firmly believe that the situation we experience in the Church resembles in every way that of Good Friday. … Judas betrayed Him, because the traitor wanted a Christ in his own way, a Christ concerned about political issues."

Cardinal Sarah told his interviewer that priests and bishop have much guilt for the problems facing the Church today:

I am convinced that the primary responsibility for this collapse of faith must be assumed by the priests. In Catholic seminaries or universities, we have not always taught doctrine. We taught what we liked! The catechism to the children has been abandoned. Confession was despised. Besides, there were no more priests in the confessionals! We are therefore partially responsible for this collapse. In the 70s and 80s in particular, each priest did what he wanted at Mass. There were no two Masses that looked alike; that is what discouraged so many faithful from coming there. Pope Benedict XVI says that the crisis of the liturgy has provoked the crisis of the Church. Lex orandi, lex credendi: as we pray, we believe. If there is no more faith, the liturgy is reduced to a show, to a folklore, and the faithful turn away. We were probably guilty of negligence. The desacralization of the liturgy always has serious consequences. We wanted to humanize the Mass, to make it understandable, but it remains a mystery that is beyond comprehension.

Valeurs Actuelles asked Cdl. Sarah for his thoughts on the sentencing of Cdl. Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon, for crimes of covering up clerical sex abuse. Cardinal Sarah replied that he has always thought highly of Barbarin and doubts the guilty verdict.

The cardinal talked with his interviewer about the two forces that he believes are the greatest threats to Christian culture: materialism and Islam.

"It is destroying a man to say to him: 'You are free to choose your sex.' It is really the freedom to destroy oneself," he said. "But God alone makes us free! Nowadays, only human destruction, under the pretext of freedom! In the name of this same freedom, many young people are destroyed by pornography."
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Here is an interview he did in French with integrated French subtitles, use the youtube CC translation to translate the french subtitles in English.

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Pope Urban II's European Tour

A Frenchman born near Paris, he went on tour to call for War against the Muslims.. He gathered and blessed Europe's Forces, and launched the First Crusade.

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Christianity is not about racial theory, any more than mathematics is. The arguments against miscegenation are scientific, not religious.

Usury is still condemned by the teaching of the Catholic Church, just like Sodomy.


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The pope has no authority whatsoever to change the teachings of the Catholic Church. Sodomy and Usury are condemned.

Then what does their faith even mean? Let's condemn genocide but not enforcing it…now we are the united nations. Christianity today is a terrorist organization creating suicidal slaves, who without empathy watch billions of humans succumb to enemies they sworn to oppose. I hope you condemn Mohammad's knife on the throat of your family a little harder then you did usury.

And you want socialism. Socialism = communism.

Communism = tyranny.

Marx called for the creation of vast conscripted armies of slave labor.

Hitler did this under National Socialism.

(Reichsarbeitsdienst der weiblichen Jugend - RAD/wJ).

The RAD was composed of 33 districts each called an Arbeitsgau (lit. Work District) similar to the Gaue subdivisions of the Nazi Party. Each of these districts was headed by an Arbeitsgauführer officer with headquarters staff and a Wachkompanie (Guard Company). Under each district were between six and eight Arbeitsgruppen (Work Groups), battalion-sized formations of 1200–1800 men. These groups were divided into six company-sized RAD-Abteilung units.

Conscripted personnel had to move into labour barracks. Each rank and file RAD man was supplied with a spade and a bicycle. A paramilitary uniform was implemented in 1934; beside the swastika brassard, the RAD symbol, an arm badge in the shape of an upward pointing shovel blade, was displayed on the upper left shoulder of all uniforms and great-coats worn by all personnel. Men and women had to work up to 76 hours a week.

They received no wages. Just food, clothing, a bike, a shovel and barracks to live in. Thus they became essentially what the Spartans called helots.

Eliminating unemployment by turning vast numbers of people into conscripted helots is a marxist idea. It's alien to the North American traditional mindset where every man is free.

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National Socialism = unpaid slave labor of conscripted masses forced to live in barracks under military discipline.

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You're confusing "unpaid slave labor" with currency that was based on labor. Workers still got paid and private businesses existed… The only reason the NSDAP used labor based currency is because all of their gold was stolen by greedy heebs.

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No they only got pocket money and they were fed clothed, given a shovel and housed in barracks. That is being a helot. They were unpaid slave labor.


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I've already said that the Pope has no power what so ever to change the teachings of the Catholic Church so the current Pope could say that Sodomy and Usury is OK if he wishes, but it has no value whatsoever, the teaching of the Catholic Church are eternal, even the popes don't have any power to alter it.

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This guy is right. A heretic canot be pope, and attempts to pervert former doctrines and dogmas are known as modernism - a condemned heresy by Pius X.

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I was quite clear in my original 2 posts giving links to a video and the wiki article on the RAD. It was conscripted unpaid labor up to 76 hours a week in exchange for a uniform, food, barracks, military disciplinea bicycle and a shovel. I've had this argument with Nat Soc types here before and it's really quite comical because they have been the first to say that working with a shovel was "slave labor".

You see all authorities have the same problems to deal with in running a society comprised of vast numbers of people and in the end it's always the same thing; it's like running a farm only not a farm where you raise goats or geese or chickens or cows…it's a giant farm where you raise humans. How do you run such a farm? Well when you run a farm for cattle the first thing you notice is that you don't need as many male animals as females. Females produce more cattle and they produce dairy products. You only need one bull for hundreds of cows. What do you do with all the other bulls? You castrate them and raise them as steers to be slaughtered in their adolescence for food. Well we don't do that with humans but what do we do with all that excess male population? They're troublesome, demanding, and prone to criminal acts of violence.

Someone on this thread has mentioned the crusades but why did we have the crusades? Because preceding the first crusade you had an excess male population particularly among the upper classes; there were no more fiefs and to be a knight you needed a fief, that is a parcel of land capable of producing enough cattle to purchase a war horse and a suit of armor. Second third and fourth sons were out of luck. So they started forming gangs that went to monasteries and they murdered the monks the priests and nuns and took their land and divided it up into fiefs so they wouldn't have to descend in the social order, and lose status. This created an emergency for the church so the Pope declared a crusade and sent the excess male population off to god knows where to get rid of them. And it worked.

Same thing with France in the 18th century. Over half the population of France was under 21 when the Revolution broke out. After endless street protests these troublesome young men were put under military discipline, and under Napoleon were marched off to Russia never to return. Problem solved. Napoleon did his job well.

Same with Hitler; too many troublesome unemployed young men. What to do? March them off to Russia never to return. Problem solved. Hitler and Napoleon served their masters well and everything was regulated according to plan.

Also, I've been here since at least 2015. Probably part of 2014 as well. You're just a schizo who's sperging. Not an uncommon sight here.

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How was wasting European blood to retake the kikes's Holy Land a good thing?

It was a good thing for the authorities running the show because it got rid of the excess male population that were creating murderous anarchic violence.

Excess male population, particularly males who refuse to descend in status because they won't inherit enough land to be members of the upper classes is one of the most pernicious hazards posed to a society.


Then you're talking about the soldiers. Be more specific, you disingenuous kike. You made a broad statement saying, and I quote:
You make it sound like everyone in Nazi Germany was forced into slave labor, which is obviously not true. I see shills like you doing this all of the time. If you were a successful business man in Nazi Germany, you could get as rich as you wanted, as long as your business never went against the interests of the nation (volk). The soldiers in the NSDAP were serving their nation, that's not "slave labor".

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No I'm not talking about soldiers, I'm talking about RAD which was not a part of the army.

I can see it's in your interest to play stupid and blind here but I posted ample links to this institution which was in total conformity to Marx's admonitions to raise conscript armies of slaves.
National Socialism = Socialism

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And as for Hitler needing to fight the Soviets, guess who trained Stalin's new officer corps after he murdered his first officer corps? Prussian officers sent by Hitler in exchange for allowing the German army to secretly train its armored collumns in Russia.

The Reich Labor Service was a service for the unemployed. It was a service and doesn't comprise the entire population.

Many countries have socialistic services within their nations, that doesn't mean they are socialists countries. Going by your logic, basically every country is a socialist country, including the USA. Like I just fucking said, the NSDAP allowed private businesses to thrive in Nazi Germany. This is why national socialism, in the context of the modern era, isn't socialism and it certainly isn't based on Marxism. You're just some indoctrinated faggot who probably learned about the NSDAP by watching PragerU videos on Jewtube.

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Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

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LIterally yes.
The Pope's confessor (yes, he has one) is also called caput nigrum due to the power he holds over the pope bhind the scenes.
That man is by tradition a Jesuit - guess what Francis Job was before he became pope himself.

Christ failed the Germans where Hitler succeeded.
Christ stood idle as Hitler fought for Aryan liberation.
The Cross was worn by those who firebombed Dresden.
The Church is a tentacle and its Priests a danger. We found a new faith and we will save ourselves.

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