How you bear with degeneracy

IDK if this threat should be in /adv/ but the topic is related. Something similar happens to you, user? How you bear it?

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fuck off with your blog posting
sage and report

Its everywhere.
How do i deal with it?
Post here to let of steam a little.
Make stupid jokes.
Try and reconstruct the sane world view they deliberately removed from us so that i can try to make sense of it all.
wonder where i can get a firearm

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Unless you grow the balls to shoot up a Synagogue you should kill yourself

Commit mass murder in a synagogue or shoot up your class. Either will be great

Learn to love your enemies and have hope that some of those people will repent. Also staying away from degenerates and choosing conservative groups of friends might help, although staying with hypocrites and politically incluned people can be even worse. It was a prophecy in the bible that love would grow colder because of increased unlawfulness.

Just don't do anything stupid, because killing people will only turn you into degenerate yourself, Zig Forums recently barely usable because of violence worshippers.

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work out

Almost 8pm in yid aviv.

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Same. Op. I wouldnt be lonely if everything wasnt fucking degenerate. Maybe we outcasts should group up sometime. Of course, to talk about a certain (((problem))).

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Try coming up with better arguments and being a reasonable person, otherwise you're just degenerate yourself.

If people go into hysterics, just stand your ground. Be a man.

I don't suffer fools. I've gone as far as ghosting family members; no dramatic parting of the ways just silence. At a certain point they are nothing more than a liability and a corrupting influence, especially if you have children.

The other day, I met an old gentleman. I found him remarkable as I've not seen his like in 30 years. He was totally free of the signs of degeneracy, and he spoke the truth without fear.
I'm afraid that none of your generation shall ever know a man of principle as I did.

please don't get influenced by this bs

First off, don't kill a thread for your blogpost OP, put this kind of thing at the least in QTDDTOT if you're going to do this on Zig Forums. Lurk two years.

Secondly, you chose a profession that you knew ahead of time was pozzed af and only going to get worse all things being equal. So you went into it with your eyes open, why complain now?

I admire that you wanted to get a decent education and I especially respect the fact you desire to help kids, but unless you yourself manage to do something groundbreaking you are in a fundamentally hopeless field as far as being free from degeneracy.

I recommend you seek the face of God in your life OP. Only He has the wisdom to deal effectively with a situation like this, and ofc He knows exactly what it will take to help you out specifically.


Hey man, when in Rome. *Sniff sniff*

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Keep studying and write the deconstructing degeneracy. It's all a manifestation of the desire to remain in that rebellious period of youth. A la the children of the corn.

That meme was made to inspire hope user. Look at the date, I specifically added it to show just how fast things can change. That very same despondent and drained man ended up with a loving family and multiple children only 15 years later. There is always hope as long as we draw breath.

After blackpill there is another pill. Honkerpill.

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From your complaint of a blogpost I can tell you aren't standing out amongst your peers, being looked up to and influencing them for good. Who do you think has the responsibility to remind people of the moral obligations they have? Alot of your peers are lost sheep, looking once drawn to the light it clicks and they can't leave the path the have begun to walk.
t. former degenerate
Work out 6 days a week, dress well and stay groomed. Appearance is the first line of advertising.


Not your blog cunt.

t.moshe shekelberg

>>>/b/ with your retarded blog

I too would like some other anons opinions. Anybody with an IQ above 70 can see that various groups trying to erase white Europeans. (((Their))) tactics are getting more and more blunt to the point where I'm starting to seethe at how nobody in my social circle is even batting an eye at what is going on.

Are u an argie op?

Hope your right.

It motivates you to stop it.